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Definition.  The aura is the glow or radiance around all physical bodies - human, animal and plant.  It is very real, even though most people cannot see it.  It is not occult or strange.

The aura exists because life is not merely physical.  Life is also an electrical phenomenon.  For this reason, we all have an electrical field surrounding and within the body.  By understanding this, you will gain a much greater appreciation for yourself and for others.

Halos.  Some people can see the aura, and some artists have drawn it quite accurately.  For example, the halo that is often drawn around saints and other holy men and women is the aura.  The aura is easier to see around holy people because it is brighter.  A section later in this article discusses detection of the aura.

The brightness, color, size, shape, density and other qualities of the aura provide a tremendous amount of information about a person or creature.  These depend upon one’s state of health, thoughts, feelings, moods, and one’s level of development.  This article is a very brief introduction to this enormous subject.




While few people can see auras, everyone feels them to some extent when they interact with others, in particular.  Some also feel them when they enter a building or location, perhaps, or go to a party or gathering.

People often describe other people with words such as "warm", "cold", "intense", "bubbly", "hard", "soft", "strong", "weak", "open" or "closed".  These have to do with the aura or radiance of the person.

A look at the aura would reveal these traits actually exist in the energy field of the person.  In other words, these descriptions of a person are very real at an energetic level.  They are not figments of the person’s imagination.




A number of components blend together to form the human or animal aura.  In most people they are:

1. The radiance of the three dantiens.  These are three balls of subtle energy located in the head, the heart area, and the lower abdomen.  For details, read The Dantiens.

2. The radiance of the seven physical energy centers.  The energy centers are spinning vortices of subtle energy that are lined up along the midline of the body, from the groin area to the head.  For details, read The Energy Centers.

These two subtle energy systems actually form and maintain the physical body and the other energy fields, as well.

3. The radiance of what are called the subtle energy fields or “subtle bodies”.  In addition to a physical body, everyone is born with an astral energy field.  It is located in the same area as the physical body and gives off a glow that is determined by one’s emotional state and thoughts. 

Between the age of 10 and 30, everyone develops an etheric energy field or “etheric body”.  This is a more advanced subtle energy field, or energy body.  It develops as one uses the mind for constructive purposes and as a person overcomes hardships by using the brain rather than by “getting by” using cunning, cleverness, brute force or laziness.  For details, read The Energy Fields.

4. The radiance or glow of the physical body.  Each cell of our bodies is a tiny electric device that gives off a slight glow.

5. The radiance of the trillions of souls that are in and around the body.  Souls can be undeveloped, in which case they have less of a glow.  Some, however, are more developed and glow brighter.

Later in this article we discuss changes in the aura that occur when one develops.  These cause the aura to be much brighter and more beautiful.




            A healthy person has a larger and brighter aura.  People who are near death have smaller and dimmer auras.  One’s race, skin color or religion has nothing to do with the aura.

A healthy person also usually has an aura that is more beautiful, whiter, and lighter in color.  The aura of those who are ill is usually dull, darker, muddy looking, and often has a greenish or yellowish tint.  Near death, the aura almost disappears because it is so dark and small.




The aura of babies is unique because it is always somewhat bright and cheery-looking.  However, on earth this does not last too long.  Usually, by the time the baby is three years old, the aura has faded in brightness and dulled in luster.

This is always due to the use of vaccines, bottle-feeding instead of prolonged breastfeeding for up to 3 years, and due to giving babies antibiotics and other medical drugs.

Interestingly, if a baby is breastfed, then the baby’s aura always remains excellent until breastfeeding ends.  This is just one reason to continue breastfeeding for 3 years, or even longer if the baby wants it.




Development, as the word is used on this website, is fulfilling the complete genetic potential of a human being.  It brings much better health and the possibility of a longer lifespan.  It also brings with it a calmer personality and a much sharper mind.  Memory improves and many other aspects of the personality develop as well.

One also develops more abilities, more talents and more intuition.  At a point, one can access guidance, which helps one survive and succeed in life.

Development has a great effect upon the aura.  It causes other components o enter into the formation of the aura.  These include:

1. The dantiens glow more brightly.

2. The seven physical energy centers grow larger and glow much more brightly.

3. The etheric energy field grows much larger and glows more brightly.  In addition, five other energy fields develop, each of which glows as well.

4. At a certain point in early development, a spherical energy field appears around a person.  For details, read The Merkaba.

5. With continued development, rays of energy begin to emanate from the top of the head.  For details, read The Plumes.

This is a wonderful achievement that few accomplish, although it is within the realm of possibility for anyone who is reading this article.  For details, read Introduction To Development.


The sequence of development. At first, the higher energy fields or bodies take form, but are not active.  Then, at a certain point, each of the higher bodies fills with etheric energy that activates or “glows” the bodies.

This means the higher energy fields or “bodies” are now usable.  This is the basic sequence of early development of a human being.




Some people naturally see the aura to varying degrees.  They are usually born this way, although occasionally a person develops the ability later in life.

The rudiments of the human or other auras can also be measured and photographed using electro-photography, also called Kirlian photography after the Russian scientist who invented the basic technique.

Dr. Kirlian found a way to place objects or a person’s hand, for example, in a strong electromagnetic field that reveals some qualities of the aura.  One can buy such equipment via the internet.




The aura reflects and reveals ALL of the activities of the person, from his thoughts and emotions, to the food one is digesting, to the state of health and the state of the energy centers and much more.

It is so much that it causes information overload.  Developed masters who can see the aura spend years and years learning about its meaning.




There are a number of books written about the aura written by people who can see the aura.  Among the best are those by Barbara Brennon such as Hands Of Light.  An older book that is very good is The Human Aura by Kilner.

The internet also contains a number of articles about the aura.


To be continued…



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