by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            This is an advanced relationship article, and an important one about how most men and women tend to interact energetically.  By understanding this article, you may improve your relationships with those of the opposite sex.

To understand this article, one needs to know there are seven physical energy centers of a human being.  In general, the energy centers on a man spin in the opposite in-and-out direction from those of a woman.  This is associated with some differences between men and women.  Understanding this and using the information to advantage is the subject of this article. 




            While not discussed often in Western scientific literature, every physical body has a series of energetic centers on and off of the physical body.  This is not “occult” or devilish, but simply science that Western science has not learned much about because they are not visible to the naked eye or with a standard microscope.

They appear as funnel-shaped vortices of energy along the midline of the body, with the first being lowest on the body in the area of the anal opening.  Their exact locations and much more information about them is in a separate article entitled The Energy Centers.


Men’s energy centers that spin outwards.  In most men, the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th centers spin outward.  This helps men to connect to the earth and to the heavens.  The basic activity of these energy centers can be summarized as:

1 = grounding

3 = will or ego

5 = expression

7 = connecting with God. 


The pole.  The activity of the first and seventh centers may be seen as the two ends of a vertical pole.  The first center sends energy downward to the earth, and the 7th sends energy straight upward, more or less.  These act like anchors to keep men balanced, centered and grounded in certain ways that are not as easy for women, although they can do the same thing if they develop.

As a result, good men have the quality of a sturdy, steady pole.  It stands tall, stands up for what is right, protects women and children, and can be “climbed upon” by a woman, or by anyone, for that matter.

            Man’s other two outward-spinning centers are the 3rd and 5th.  These have to do with power and control (the 3rd) and expression (the 5th).  These are also qualities of mature men who are not afraid, and not hesitant to speak out when needed. 

To summarize, mature men are steady, somewhat inflexible (which is good), sturdy, steadfast, uncompromising on principle, willing to express themselves, and possess some personal power, which is not the same as having big muscles or a lot of money.  It is more about who they are and what they believe in.

This energetic configuration gives rise to the phrase that “good men are like poles”.   They are sturdy, rooted in the ground, or grounded, and steady because they are also rooted in the heavens above.

            Sadly, there are not enough of these kind of men around.  Following a properly designed development program will help any man become more like this.


Men’s 2nd, 4th and 6th centers. Most men’s 2nd, 4th and 6th energy centers spin in an inward direction.  As a result, men tend to be a little weaker in these areas of life, which are explained below. 




            Women’s energy centers that spin outward.  In mature women over the age of about 30, the 2nd, 4th, and 6th energy centers spin outward. (2 = close relationships, 4 = will to love and connect with others, and 6 = connecting with people at higher levels (sometimes called intuition or wisdom).          Let us examine these in more detail.

The second energy center.  This has to do with intimate, one-on-one relationships.  Women tend to connect deeply with sexual partners.  This does not always serve them if the relationship is not good, or if it is not a deeply committed relationship.  It also causes severe problems when rape occurs.  Men do not connect as deeply as women do during sexual relations.

In part, for this reason, we strongly urge all women to avoid having boyfriends.  This arrangement does not work well for women.  Sex tends to attach a woman to a man, and while it is excellent to attach to a good husband, it is not healthy to attach to someone you are not married to and when there is little commitment.  This always hurts women, much more than it harms the man.

So if a man does not want to marry you, and just wants sex, tell him to find himself a whore.  You find a better man, and they are out there.

            The fourth center.  One may call this the social energy center.  While the second energy center has to do with one-on-one or intimate relationships, the fourth center has to do with friends, colleagues, work relationships and other social relationships.  This is another area of great interest to many women, and less so for men.

              Women today have deep problems with this center because it is not safe for women to be too much “out in the world”, in many cases.  They call it “the man’s world” because the social world is often the realm of men.  This is a dilemma for all women, at one time or another.

Being married is helpful, because a man and his wife can more safely be “out and about” rather than a woman being in the social world all alone.  Several women can also go out together, but this is still not nearly as safe as being with one’s husband or a male friend. 

            The sixth center.  This is a connecting center, once again.  But it has to do with connecting at a “head” level, not a heart level or a sexual level.

Many mature women are very intuitive and understand life very deeply.  This is an active sixth center.  They may accuse men of being somewhat “dense” or “slow” in these areas because it is not men’s strength area. 

A strong sixth center may also be one reason why girls are out-performing boys in school, these days, and actually their rate of college graduation is exceeding that of men.  So these are the areas in which women tend to have more interest.  Men and women can complement each other well, for this reason.

The sexual order.  Just because women are good at figuring out people mentally does not mean they make better decisions than men.  This is very important for marriages. 

The reason they do not do so, in general, is that women are much more fearful than men, afraid to stand out, and often more influenced by superficial characteristics than men.  For details about this controversial idea, read The Sexual Order.

            At the same time, women lack the outward-moving 1st and 7th energy center that men have, so women, especially today, tend to be less grounded, less centered and less easily connected to the Creator.  This is not a judgment, but just an energetic truth.  They are also generally weaker in the 3rd center, which has to do with power and control, and in the 5th center, which has to do with expression in the world.




This also means that a man can be helped by a woman in his weaker areas such as intimacy, social life and sometimes intuition or mental understanding.  Meanwhile, a man, especially in a marriage, can assist a woman in her in her weaker areas, which include grounding and centering (1st), a sense of power (3rd), expression in the world (5th) and a close connection with the Creator (7th).




Because of men’s energetic configuration, it is said that men are more like poles and women are climbers, meaning that smart women latch on to a man and obtain his qualities, and thereby progress very quickly.

This is a level of relating to the opposite sex that is grounded in energetics and often works well.  There is more to this energetic interaction, however, that involves another set of energy centers.  For more details, read The Energy Centers.



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