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Literal Meaning



A Genetic Potential

Requirements To Form The Merkaba



When Does It Form?


Further Growth

The Generator

How It Works

Spiritual Significance



Protection or Safety



Prolonging Life




New Abilities

Better Broadcasting



Why A Development Program And Not Other Programs?



The Merkaba In The Old Testament Of The Bible

Radiance Of The Merkaba

Modern References To The Merkaba

Meaning Of The Star Of David Or The Six-Pointed Star





The subject of the merkaba is clouded in controversy because the Biblical discussion of it is rather vague.  This article is an offering of information supplied to the author by his medical team.  I hope it does not offend anyone, as that is not its intent.


Definition.    Merkaba is a Hebrew word mentioned 44 times in the Old Testament of the Bible.  According to what the author has learned, the merkaba is a special aspect of the energy field of a human being.  It begins to grow when the person reaches an early stage of development.  For details about development, read Introduction To Development.

The merkaba is located in the middle of the lower chest area, and more visible from the front of the body.  Most people, however, cannot see it because it is part of the aura or energy field, and is not a physical part of the body.


Literal meaning.  The word merkaba means a vehicle in the ancient Ebre language.  Some books translate it as vehicle of light.  Others translate the word merkaba to mean a chariot. 






Formation of the merkaba is built into the genetic code of every human being and animal.  This is most important to realize.  The only reason it does not occur is that the bodies are too malnourished and sick.

Part of the junk DNA.  The part of the genetic code that guides formation of the merkaba is today called “junk DNA”.  This is an arrogant term used by geneticists to refer to the 98% or so of our DNA that they have not yet decoded.  The public is told the lie that we understand the genetic code, when in fact we understand very little of it.

Children of extremely well-nourished mothers are born with some merkaba development.  The rest of us – over 99.9% - are born with a sort of birth defect in that the merkaba is unable to form in utero due to nutritional deficiencies.




The merkaba does not form in and around the bodies of most people today.  This is because they are not healthy enough, and have not fulfilled the other requirements for it to occur.  These requirements are:


1. Pushing down.  Merkaba development also requires spending at least one to two hours daily doing the pushing down mental exercise.  This is an important reason why this particular mental exercise – and no other - is included in all development programs.

This mental practice is ancient, and has been taught to aspiring students of spiritual science for thousands of years.  For details, please read The Pushing Down Exercise.

The traditional Hebrew practice of davening has this effect, to a degree, if it is done correctly.  Other forms of prayer can also have this effect, although they are usually not taught properly.


2. Excellent nutrition. The construction of the merkaba requires a level of physical health that few have achieved on earth.  Most bodies today, even those of supposedly well-fed children, are low in specific minerals needed to form the merkaba.  They are specific forms of zinc, manganese, chromium selenium, silicon and perhaps other elements, as well.

Nutritional problems of most people begin before birth, and are due to deficiencies in their mothers’ bodies.  The nutritional problems become much worse as a child grows up due to poor quality diets, a nutritionally-deficient food supply, toxic metal and toxic chemical exposure, and giving children vaccines and medical drugs that are toxic and harmful for the body.

The diet for the development of the merkaba is the diet recommended on this website.  It is very high in well-cooked vegetables, includes some animal protein twice daily, and includes some toasted almond butter and blue corn daily.  These foods, and not others, contain the chemicals needed for the merkaba.

Equally important are which foods and diets to avoid.  These diets include vegetarian, low-animal protein diets, and all raw food diets.  Fruit is harmful for this reason, as are eating any sweets at all.  Salads are useless except for fiber, which is best obtained from other foods such as blue corn.  Food needs to be fresh, not frozen, for best results.  For details, read Food For Daily Use and other articles about food on this site.


3. Plenty of rest and sleep.  This is a critical factor.  One must go to bed early and sleep 8 or 9 hours each night.


4. Sexual restraint.  For merkaba development, one must hold on to one’s sexual fluids.  Down sex is excellent because one does not lose much sexual fluids.  Ordinary sex with orgasm is not helpful because it depletes both the man’s and the woman’s sexual fluids.




While the following are not strict requirements for developing a merkaba, they can be most useful and helpful for this task:


1. A desire to FULLY heal the physical body.  Many people are content to just “feel okay”.  Instead, one must want full healing of the physical body, even if you believe the body is already in good condition.


2. Good works and an intent to help others. This is quite important.  It includes how you handle your job or career, and how you care for your family and friends.

It is also the intent or desire to help others and be of service, and not just live selfishly.


3. Avoidance of yin lifestyles and yin healing methods.  Yin lifestyles include the use of all drugs, including alcohol and marijuana, sexual excess, low moral and sexual standards, promiscuity, homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender thinking.

Healing methods that are decidedly harmful for merkaba development today are all homeopathy, most hormone replacement therapy unless the gland has been destroyed, chelation therapy because it depletes certain nutrients, and most herbal therapies due to toxic metals and toxic chemicals in these products.

We also suggest avoiding all the other methods, therapies and products discussed in the Warnings Section of the articles on this website.




The layers.  A merkaba consists of layers of subtle or etheric energy.  They intertwine around each other in a way that eventually forms a tight matrix.


Size.  A merkaba begins as a tiny double tetrahedron shape in the middle of the chest.  As more layers develop, it becomes larger and more spherical.

After a 6-12 months of development, it appears as a sphere of light around a person, about 1 foot larger in diameter than the height of the person.  This means that for an average-sized person, the merkaba is a sphere about 6 to 7 feet in diameter.


Further growth of the merkaba.  If a person continues to develop, more layers are added to the merkaba.  Each layer is offset a little from the ones below and above it.  Thus, it becomes thicker as it grows.


The generator.  A type of generator exists in the center of the chest of every person, from which these energetic layers emerge.  It is a small mass of nerve tissue that is not readily apparent or distinguishable from other tissue located near the heart and lungs of every person.


Appearance.  A merkaba cannot be seen with the naked eye, unless a person has special abilities to see the Aura or energy field.  This is quite rare in Western societies. 

If a person can perceive it, it appears as a whitish globe or sphere as it develops.




The merkaba interacts with the ether field that exists around the body, and in all space.  It acts as a transducer of etheric energy.  This means that, due to its structure, it is able to extract and bring into the body a lot of etheric energy.

This new source of etheric energy assists with the healing of all illnesses, protects the body from some harm, and prolongs the life of the body.  The merkaba also helps with many other activities that are described later in this article.




The most important significance of the merkaba is that it is the beginning of the growth of the monad, or spiritual man or woman.  Another way to say this is that it is the beginning of the creator man or woman.

Most people do not realize that human beings can develop and change themselves from a purely physical creature into a creator being.  Some call this a god being.

This being not only lives a long time, but develops unusual abilities.  These include telepathy or clairaudience, clairvoyance or extended sight, and other abilities. 

As this occurs, the person gains in health and happiness, which he or she naturally spreads to others, radiating blessings, joy and love to all the world.  This is the ultimate human experience!




Time.  One of the problems is the race against time.  Building the merkaba takes some years, and time is limited because the body ages and won’t last forever.  For this reason, the younger one begins a development program, the better.

An old tradition in the Orient, for example, is that parents would bring a child to a monastery at age 3 or 4 to begin the process of development at this age.

Boredom or tedium.  Another problem is a certain boredom or tedium early on because one must stay with the development program in order to move at a decent speed.  If one lacks discipline, becomes distracted, or becomes lazy, the process of merkaba development slows or stops.


Purification reactions.  A further problem is that as one heals deeply, most people will go through the process of retracing.  Part of the process is that old illnesses, infections, injuries and traumas will flare up as they heal.

This can produce upsetting symptoms that dissuade some people from continuing.  It is one of the main reasons that a Helper is almost always required with a development program.

Purification reactions and tedium usually fade, as one advances and life becomes more interesting.


Safety.  Women, in particular, have more difficulty with safety as they develop the merkaba.  This occurs because a woman becomes much more attractive sexually as she becomes healthy.

This attracts the wrong kind of attention and can be dangerous, even for older women.  For this reason, most women prefer to be in a convent or other protected environment when they develop.




1. Safety. A merkaba helps a person to stay safe.  It does this in at least three ways:

a. Protection from entities (which are souls that can attach to human beings).  Once a merkaba grows to about 100 layers, souls cannot easily penetrate it.  This is not a guarantee of safety from entities, but it is quite helpful.

b. Some protection against physical assaults.  This is because the merkaba is a type of protective shell around a person.

c. Some protection against other attacks, such as harmful electromagnetic fields.


2. Travel.  Once it is sufficiently developed, the merkaba can be used to transport the body from place to place.  This is somewhat esoteric, but it is discussed a little in the Hebrew Bible.

Some of the Hebrew patriarchs used this method to ascend, which means to take the body with them when they left planet earth.

3. Healing and regeneration.  The merkaba is able to help regenerate the souls and the physical body.  This healing begins to occur soon after the formation of the merkaba.  Some people will feel nausea, pain or tenderness in the liver area, and perhaps other sensations, as this occurs.  This is never a cause for alarm.

Healing mechanisms.  The merkaba has a healing effect for several reasons.  The etheric energy it brings in helps with healing.  The merkaba also attracts certain souls that have a healing effect.  Also, the merkaba interacts with the subtle energy fields of a person such as the etheric energy field in a healing manner.


4. Prolonging life.  The healing effects of the merkaba described above help prolong life.


5. Signaling.  The merkaba carries souls with it that communicate easily with other souls in other locations.  In practice, this means that a merkaba can be used as a communication device that has special properties.  These include:

a. One can communicate over very long distances.

b. The communication is very difficult to interrupt, corrupt or stop.


6. Sensitivity.  Development of the merkaba tends to increase a person’s sensitivity to all sensations.  This has positive benefits, although it can be annoying.


7. Joy. People with a developed merkaba are usually happier people.  This is due, in part, to their improved health and higher energy level.  They have earned this joy and they usually express it in some positive, helpful way.


8. New abilities.  As the merkaba grows, a person may develop special abilities.  These may include a better memory, mental telepathy, or other abilities.


9. Better broadcasting. Developed individuals are able to broadcast or radiate energies to others and to the world.  The merkaba helps this ability tremendously.  For more on this subject, please read Broadcasting.




In most people, the merkaba does not develop due to impaired nutrition of the body.  The cause of these deficiencies is our modern agriculture, food processing, improper diets, stressful lifestyles, electromagnetic stress, and toxins in the environment.

Just eating a healthful diet and taking nutritional supplements is not sufficient to change this situation.

All aspects of a development program are important for merkaba development.  However, key features of the program that seem to be most important are:


1. The diet.  This is very high in certain well-cooked vegetables and contains animal protein every day.  Also, the diet completely avoids wheat, fruit, and most raw food.


2. The nutritional supplement program.  This must be of a certain design to balance the major mineral levels and ratios on a properly designed hair mineral test.  Other testing, such as blood or urine testing, does not provide the correct information.


3. The procedures.  Coffee enemas, reddish “heat lamp” sauna therapy, foot reflexology, the spinal twists and the pushing down mental exercise greatly enhance the body’s ability to form a merkaba.

Other detoxification and healing procedures such as fasting, cleansing diets, and other common methods get in the way of merkaba formation.


4. A wholesome lifestyle and proper thinking.  For example, Judeo-Christian values such as following the Ten Commandments of Moses and the Golden Rule are most helpful.




A development program may resemble other nutritional healing programs.  However, development programs have a particular design that makes the body much more yang in macrobiotic terminology, moves energy in a downward direction, restores certain minerals, and more.  This is what merkaba formation requires.






The word merkaba is mentioned a number of times in the Book of Ezekiel of the Old Testament of the Bible.  However, the descriptions are quite mystical-sounding. 

Rabbis have discussed the meaning of these passages for several thousand years.  In fact, a mystical school or branch of Judaism grew up about it called Ma’asei Merkaba.  For more information that may relate to the vision of Ezekiel, read Controllers And Other Guide Creatures. 




The merkaba, at one level, is the radiant body or light body spoken of in some religious and mystical traditions.  It has a light around it that is a special type of radiance.  It is a whitish color, and it grows even more white as the merkaba thickens.




The Wizard Of Oz. The popular 1939 movie, The Wizard Of Oz, contains a Hollywood version of a merkaba.  In the movie, the good witches always show up in a whitish bubble of light that is slightly larger than their physical bodies.  The bubble transports them from place to place.  This is the same as idea of the merkaba.


Mother Miri.  A television program the author watched a few years ago discussed an appearance of Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, as she appeared to worshipers at Fatima.  She slowly floated to them in a “whitish bubble of light” that surrounded her body.  When she ‘landed’, the bubble dispersed, leaving her standing in her glory, just as with the white witches in Wizard Of Oz.




The six-pointed star of David and the flag of Israel.  The most basic structure of the merkaba is two tetrahedra with one facing upward and one facing downward.  When viewed from the side, this looks like a six-pointed star or Jewish star.

I believe this is the hidden meaning of the six-pointed star symbol used by Hebrew people throughout the world, and used by the State of Israel on their national flag.  It is a powerful symbol because it is a true symbol of spiritual development of a human being.



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