by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is only the opinion of the authors and is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


There exists a set of spinning vortices of subtle energy that runs along the central vertical axis of human and animal bodies.  These energy centers have much to do with one’s health.  When the centers are weak, damaged, or spin incorrectly, there is disease in the body.  For general information about the centers, read The Energy Centers and Raising Girls (women’s centers are somewhat different).


Detecting the energy centers.  Most people cannot see the energy centers.  This is why conventional medical science denies their existence.

The energy centers can be detected to a degree with a special photographic system called Kirlian photography or electrophotography.  Essentially, a photograph of the body or part of the body is taken while the body part is in a strong electromagnetic field.

As one develops, the ability to see the centers often increases.  For details about development, read Introduction To Development.

The levels of the macrominerals on a hair mineral test can indicate imbalances in the seven physical energy centers.  This is the subject of this article.  

Below is the basic correlation of the minerals with the first seven energy centers.  Hair samples must not be washed at all at the testing laboratory for accurate mineral readings.






The first energy center is located between the legs, starting about one inch inside above the anal area.  It has a funnel shape that points more or less downward.  This center is all about staying grounded and centered, and it is about survival and life itself.  It connects a person with the earth, which is vital for our life and health.


Calcium is called the life mineral.  It is a key part of materials such as cement and concrete.  These materials are hard, “calcified”, “grounding” and tough.  Calcium forms our bones, which maintains the body structure and forms the blood, a very basic aspect of life.


Cancer and the first center.  Grounding is somewhat the opposite of cancer.  Those with cancer are on their way out of this world.  If one becomes sufficiently grounded, cancer usually goes away or gets much better.  The first energy center is very important for anyone with cancer.


First center calcium foods.  The following foods tend to strengthen and balance the first energy center:


1. Cooked vegetables.  Vegetables must be cooked until they are soft.  Humans, and some animals such as dogs, cannot absorb enough of the minerals and other phytonutrients from raw vegetables.  We cannot break down the fiber in raw vegetables.  Also, raw vegetables are quite yin, which is not helpful.  For details, read Raw Foods, Fifty Reasons For the Cooked Vegetable Diet and Food For Daily Use.

2. Roasted almond butter.  This is an excellent source of some calcium compounds.  It works better than raw almond butter because the roasted butter is more yang.  Eating almonds is also not as good because almonds are difficult to chew well enough to absorb the nutrients from the almonds.  For details, read Almond Butter.

3. Sesame tahini.  Just eat about one tablespoon daily.  Alternatively, you may eat about 2 tablespoons of hummos daily.

4. Plain Goat yogurt.  This is a newer dietary recommendation that also contains excellent calcium compounds.

5. Carrot juice is another excellent source of calcium.  Do not have more than 10-12 ounces of it daily, however, because it is quite yin.  For details, read Carrot Juice.


Problems of the first energy center.  These usually show up on a hair mineral test in one of two ways:

1. Hair calcium of about 20 mg% or less, that occurs in some fast oxidizers, OR

2. Hair calcium of about 100 mg% or more, that occurs in some slow oxidizers.  Many cancer patients have a very high hair calcium level because calcium is being lost to the body and is depositing in the soft tissues such as the hair.


Women and the first energy center.  Problems in the first energy center are more common in women, today.  This contributes to a number of health problems, including depression, anxiety, spaciness, osteoporosis and osteopenia.

This is partly due to unhealthful lifestyles.  This includes wearing high-heeled shoes, showing off their bodies, and if they work or live in high-rise apartments or other high-rise buildings.  All of these make grounding more difficult.

Emotionality also opposes grounding, and many women are more emotional, at times due to a higher copper level than men, or for other reasons such as greater sensitivity.

Women also have more difficulty with the first center due to a peculiarity of their energy centers that makes the first center more difficult to develop for a woman than for a man.  This is explained in Women And Development.

This is one reason we strongly the Pulling Down Exercise for all women.  For fast development, we also suggest avoiding all other meditation exercises because they don’t move enough energy downward into the first energy center.


Activities that help the first energy center.  In addition to the pulling down exercise, walking, gardening, farming, and wearing low shoes are helpful for the first energy center.





The second energy center is located in the front of the lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the belly button.  It also extends out the lower back at the same level.

It has to do with the emotions and with sexual relationships.  It also has to do with taking sides and learning right from wrong.


Potassium in the body opposes and balances calcium.  The energy center system is based on alternating qualities that oppose and complement one another.

While calcium builds, potassium is a solvent and tends to separate or destroy things.  It is a polarizing mineral in this sense.  Learning right from wrong and taking sides means moving apart from some ideas or even people and becoming a more ‘polarized’ person. 

This is an aspect of maturity that is difficult for many people who find it easier to just go along with others.  For details, read Potassium.

Potassium is also the death mineral.  This is because it dissolves things (and not because it kills things).  Sex has a way of dissolving certain kinds of tension.  This is a major reason people like it.  Ordinary sex with orgasm depolarizes the body depletes nutrients.  For these reasons, it is unhealthy on a physical level.  This is one reason we only suggest Down Sex, which powerfully heals the body.

Potassium is also an emotional element.  It is associated with the dissolving quality of real love.  Often, a very low potassium level on a hair mineral analysis rises when one falls in love.  The reason is that the person is very happy.  This causes the autonomic nervous system to relax and balance.

 Note: The hair sample must not be washed at the laboratory to obtain accurate potassium readings.  Washing the hair while it is on the head does not have this effect because the sweat and oil glands replenish the potassium quickly after showering.  Most hair testing laboratories wash the hair, making potassium readings unreliable. 

Also, the information in this article does not apply to blood serum potassium or other serum mineral levels, which are regulated by different mechanisms than the tissue minerals.


Cancer and the second center.  Cancer patients are generally unhappy and often not properly polarized.  In many instances, this decreases their tissue potassium level.  Cancer patients need plenty of the right kind of potassium in their diets. 

Second center potassium foods.  Many potassium compounds exist.  The kind found in cooked vegetables is of a type that seems to be best for this energy center.  It is also found in roasted almond butter and in some dairy products.

In contrast, we do not like the form of potassium found in potassium supplements or in fruit.  Fruit takes up a lot of the toxic potassium found in superphosphate fertilizers, also called N-P-K fertilizers.  This is a cheap, toxic form of potassium that is a growth stimulant for plants, but is not good for our bodies. 

All fruit tends to be fertilized with N-P-K fertilizers, even organically grown fruit.  Vegetables are also grown with this fertilizer, but they don’t absorb as much of it, perhaps because they are more yang than fruits.


Toxic potassium and the second center.  The potassium in the N-P-K fertilizers seems to have an affinity for the sexual organs, because we also find toxic potassium in people who have a lot of sex, in homosexuals, and in babies who have just emerged from their mothers’ sexual organs.  Perhaps this is related to the fact that potassium is the primary second center mineral.  For more details, read Toxic Potassium.


Problems in the second energy center.  These are often revealed on a hair mineral analysis.  Problems with potassium show up as either:


1. A low potassium (less than about 4 mg%), as occurs in many slow oxidizers OR

2. High potassium (greater than about 15 mg%), usually with a low sodium/potassium ratio.  This usually occurs in fast oxidizers, and occurs more often in men.  A fast oxidizer with a low sodium/potassium ratio is also called a burned out fast oxidizer or a fast oxidizer with an inversion.  It often indicates imbalance in the second energy center.

Most babies have a fast oxidation rate with a low sodium/potassium ratio.  This is due to impaired health, however, and not a specific problem with the second energy center.

Activities that help the second energy center.  Down sex is very good.  For details, read Down Sex.  A healthy, heterosexual marriage is very good.

Ordinary sex with orgasm weakens the center.  Have it as little as possible, and no more than once a week.  Also, keep your thoughts pure in this area.  This means avoid pornography and sexy movies, books, photos and other activities.

All the grounding activities listed for the first energy center in the section above are also very good.





The third energy center is located about one inch above the navel on the front of the body, and also extends out through the mid-back.  This center has to do with power and control.  It also has to do with proper digestion in the stomach and small intestine, with help from the liver and pancreas.

It also has to do with basic mental functioning and dissolving the ego structure of man and woman.  It is quite deranged in most people.


Sodium.  This important mineral is a synergist and an antagonist with potassium.

Sodium we call the volatility element.

Aldosterone, an adrenal hormone, causes sodium retention in the body.  Low sodium can be caused by reduced adrenal activity.  That is, there is little volatility, and indeed there is little physical strength or activity at all.

Sodium is also a powerful solvent mineral.  This is because it is a monovalent element, as is potassium. 

The solvent nature of the right sodium compounds helps dissolve the ego structure as a person advances spiritually.  Enough of the proper sodium is required as one develops or one will feel weak and sickly.

The medical advice to “avoid salt” because it causes high blood pressure is usually incorrect.  Even recent medical studies indicate that avoiding all salt is harmful.  We suggest avoiding common table salt, which is a refined junk food.  Most of the beneficial trace minerals in the salt have been stripped away, leaving an unbalanced and deficient food.

In addition, aluminum, a toxic metal, is often added as a flowing agent.  Natural sea salt, however, usually does not raise the blood pressure, and is very necessary for everyone today.


Third center sodium foods.  Sodium compounds needed for the third center are also found in meats and in kelp, a sea vegetable.

In contrast, the sodium compounds in celery and in regular table salt, by itself or added to most processed foods, are not as good.  A little is okay.  Too much interferes with the absorption of the proper sodium compounds found in meats and good quality sea salt.


Cancer and the third center.  Cancer can have to do with holding on to the ego structure.  This is why faith is often helpful for healing cancer.

When a deep change occurs in the third center, a full-blow cancer can recede within a short time without any medical or natural healing intervention.  Unfortunately, this is rare.


Problems with this center.  Most people have a reversal of the spin of this energy center.  This is due to their upbringing and to emotional traumas that affect their thinking.

In most cases, these imbalances contribute to a low hair sodium level.

Many people also have nutritional depletion of the adrenal and thyroid glands, along with toxicity of these glands.  This causes or contributes to adrenal exhaustion, also sometimes called adrenal insufficiency or adrenal fatigue.  This causes a low hair sodium level.

Relatively few adults have a high hair sodium.  This is usually due to metal toxicity, an aggressive personality, or anger.  Babies and young children often have high hair sodium readings because they are healthier and have a lot of etheric energy, which stimulates the adrenal glands.

Note: For accurate hair sodium readings, the hair sample must not be washed at the laboratory at all.  This is very important.  Washing the hair washes out sodium easily!  However, washing the hair while it is on the head does not have this effect because the sweat and oil glands replenish the sodium quickly after showering.


Activities to help the third center.  These include spiritual reading such as the Bible.  They also include service to others, including jobs or careers in which you assist others, and not just yourself.





Calcium.  The fourth energy center is associated with some different compounds of calcium than the first energy center.


The fourth energy center is located in the middle of the chest, around the level of the heart.  The fourth energy center during development has to do with bringing other people into one’s life in a healthy and productive way.

This center also has to do with give and take, friendships, casual and business relationships, and with letting go of too much intensity and seriousness in your dealings with other people.

To have a healthy fourth energy center, you need a good calcium structure to hold you together as you interact with others in the world.

The fourth energy center also represents the beginning of the spiritual life.  This is a new ‘life structure’ for a human being, and calcium is the basic life or structural element.


Fourth center calcium foods.  Although some of the compounds are different, the same foods listed for the first center contain the needed forms of calcium to help develop this center.  These are cooked vegetables, carrot juice (but not more than 10-12 ounces daily), roasted almond butter, sesame tahini, and a little plain goat yogurt.


Cancer and the fourth center.  In many cases of cancer, the fourth energy center is not developed adequately.  A person is too physically oriented and not able to move on to a more spiritual life.

With cancer, the hair calcium leve is also often too high and biounavailable.  This means there is too much calcium in forms such as oxides that cannot be used properly by the body.  For details about oxides, read The Amigos – Manganese, Iron And Aluminum.

In these cases, sesame tahini, an excellent source of fourth center calcium, may help reduce estrogen and thus block some cancer.  The Johanna Budwig protocol for cancer happens to be high in calcium, (from cottage cheese and perhaps flax seeds), and this may be one reason it is helpful in some cases.  Flaxseed oil is also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential in many cases of cancer.


Problems with the fourth energy center. Derangements of the fourth energy center often have to do with what is called biounavailable calcium.

The biounavailability has to do with the compound of the calcium.  Calcium can bind to oxygen or to phosphorus, for example.  Neither of these compounds are too active in the body.  They can build up in the body just like a toxic metal, causing calcification of the arteries and other tissues.


Activities to help the fourth center.  These include meeting people, learning how to be social, relaxing with people, letting go of hesitation with people, and work or personal situations in which you interact casually with people.  Many work situations are excellent for this, such as working in a store or in an office with others.

Women often have more trouble with this center mainly due to fear.  Very social behavior of a woman can lead to rape, so many women hold back in this area.





The fifth energy center is a double funnel with the closed ends connected to each other.  One of the funnels opens forward at the level of the Adam’s apple or thyroid gland.  The other funnel opens behind the body at the base of the back of the neck.

The fifth energy center has to do with expression of all kinds.  It is located at the level of the vocal chords, but it has to do with many kinds of expression, not just speaking or singing.  It also has to do also with writing, musical expression, art, engineering and science, and other types of expression.

The fifth energy center is one of the more advanced energy centers that is not too active in many people.

The fifth energy center also has to do with dissolving a special part of the ego of mankind.  The ego can be divided into two parts.  One part is dissatisfied with life and wants to develop spiritually.  The other part is more immature and does not want to change at all.  The fifth energy center has to do with dissolving this laggard part of the ego.

The fourth energy center admits others into one’s world.  The fifth center has to do with obliterating selfishness to a greater degree, as does each succeeding energy center.


Sodium.  The development of this energy center requires a different sodium compound.  This sodium is associated with a certain power and ability to express oneself clearly and forcefully without much effort.


Fifth center sodium foods.  These are the nut and seed butters, mainly.  This form of sodium is not found in kelp, meats or sea salt.

However, most people are not ready for this food and don’t need it.  Therefore, we do not recommend eating much seed butter except for a little sesame tahini.  In fact, eating more than this is harmful it is slightly toxic. 


Cancer and the fifth center.  Cancer can occur due to problems in the fifth center, which are more common in women, although they occur in both men and women.  Women have a greater tendency to suppress expression than most men, although this is changing as women work more outside the home.

The special type of sodium needed for the fifth energy center is often missing in cancer patients.  This may be another reason that the Budwig cancer protocol is helpful, since flaxseed oil and other seed oils may contain some of it.  Other anti-cancer products such as Cantron or Protocel may also work by changing this energy center by supplying a correct form of sodium.


Problems with the fifth center.  Hair mineral tests may not reveal this form of sodium.  More research is needed on this topic.


Activities that help the fifth center.  These include any activity in which a person expresses himself or herself.  Examples include playing music, singing, writing, public speaking, doing artistic work, building things, or other forms of expression.  Most creative thinking and many kinds of work are helpful for this center.





The sixth energy center begins near the pituitary gland, which is more or less in the center of the brain.  It is shaped like a double funnel with the two closed ends joined together.  One funnel opens forward on the front of the head at the level of the eyebrows or just above.  The other funnel opens at the back of the head, about halfway up the head.  The sixth center should widen out a lot as it moves away from the pituitary area.


Silicon is a mineral associated with the sixth center.  Silicon is an advanced feminine mineral associated with knowledge, wisdom and mental development.  Perhaps it is no accident that many of the computer chips are made of silicon.

Silicon is a powerful semiconductor.  This simply means that it can change from a conductor to a non-conductor easily with the right stimulus.

Silicon also gives a person impact.  This is also related to the semiconductor aspect of silicon.  It can “switch” on you quickly, sending an impulse through the brain and elsewhere. 

At the same time, silicon has a quality of smoothness or silkiness.  Indeed, silk is quite high in a form of silicon, as is glass, another smooth substance.  For details, read Silicon.


Sixth center silicon foods.  The special form of silicon needed for this center is not found much on earth today.  Supplements are not a good source, so far.

The right forms of silicon are found to some extent in sardines, blue corn and mustard.  For this reason, these foods should be considered special gifts to humanity from the advanced souls who helped create this planet.


Cancer and the sixth center.  The sixth energy center is not well-developed in most people.  This can contribute to cancer if a person’s ideas and beliefs are wrong, causing a person to live incorrectly or unwisely.  Cancer rarely occurs when this center is active, but that is rare today.


Activities that help the sixth center.  These include learning, such as reading this website (excellent).  At the same time, one must avoid reading or studying material that is false, fake, or incorrect.

Any studying, however, can be helpful, especially if one uses the power of discernment to try to figure out if the material is correct and how to use it.





The seventh energy center is shaped like a single funnel.  The closed end is at the pineal gland, and the funnel opens upward and slightly tilted back.  This is at the crown of the head.  It is not too active in most people, especially children.

This center has to do with religion and wisdom of a spiritual nature.  This center allows a person connect with the higher self, the Holy Spirit, or God in order to obtain information and answers to deeply-sought questions.


Selenium is an advanced male mineral associated with development.  It is also a semiconductor.


Seventh center selenium foods.  Just as with silicon, the chemical compounds of selenium that are needed for this center are rather special and not found much on earth today. 

They are found to a degree in sardines, blue corn and mustard.  The proper selenium compounds are not found in most other sources of selenium such as brazil nuts, nut butters or elsewhere.  Supplements help a little, but not too much.


Cancer and the seventh center.  Many people today have a seventh center that is just slightly open.  This means that the center is small and narrow.  This can open a person to some forms of cancer.

If this center is wide open, cancer arises less often.  This is because the person has enough development to ward off the trophoblast transformation, as some call it.  This has to do with having enough etheric energy flowing through the body, which prevents the trophoblast from growing when it is not supposed to do so.  Cancer is trophoblast tissue that arises in the wrong place or time.  For details, read The Trophoblast.


Problems with the seventh center.  Hair mineral testing may or may not reveal a low selenium level in people deficient in the particular forms of selenium needed for the seventh center.  We don’t believe that the hair test, as it is currently performed, can distinguish between the compounds of selenium.

The main problem of the seventh center is that it is not well enough developed in most people.  This is because many people are not sufficiently spiritually oriented.  This problem has become worse as the traditional religions such as Judaism and Christianity have come under assault in the past 100 years on earth.


Activities that help the seventh center.  These include attending church or synagogue, and praying.  Also, doing the pushing down exercise is excellent.  Avoid most other mental exercises and practices because they move energy in the wrong direction.

Other spiritual activities may also be helpful, such as reading other spiritual texts and going to spiritual centers for healing.




These reside off the physical body, above the head.  These are also related to sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.  These, also, are usually quite out of balance in those with cancer.




We have not discussed another critical mineral, iodine.  However, most everyone needs more iodine today.  The reason is that the planet is full of iodine antagonists.  These are chlorine, fluorine and bromine.  They are abundant, and compete with iodine for absorption.  This damages most people’s thyroid gland and many other tissues, eventually.  Iodine deficiency is also associated with cancer initiation, especially breast and prostate cancers.

We don’t like iodine supplements, which are all a little toxic.  Kelp works better, and we find everyone needs it.  We receive some complaints about adverse effects when one takes it.  Upon investigation, however, these effects are healing reactions that occur as the iodine begins to detoxify the body of other toxic metals and chemicals.  Eventually, they stop.




We have not mentioned magnesium, so far, but it is involved in all the energy centers.  Magnesium is a critical mineral that is deficient today in almost everyone.  The reason for this is that there are few good sources of it in our world.

For example, whole grains contain some magnesium, but not enough.  This is due to modern industrial agricultural methods that do not replace enough magnesium on the soil.  Also, worn out soil does not contain enough that is usable, even if it is added.

Magnesium is literally the spark of life.  We call it the bright and shining element because it is needed for so many enzymes that give us life and love.  Without enough, cancer develops easily in most people.  So do not forget this mineral.  You can find plenty of it in kelp, for example, and in the preferred cooked vegetables that we recommend in the Food For Daily Use article.




We have not yet discussed zinc, either.  However, zinc is a critical nutrient for everyone today.  It is needed for hundreds of enzymes in the body, and it ‘shepherds’ or assists the removal of many toxic metals out of the body.  It is also required to prevent and help correct cancer, in all cases. 

There is not enough zinc in our food, so we always supplement it.  In our experience, the amount needed must be determined from a hair mineral test.  A good food source of it is very lightly cooked or rare organic ground beef.  The Food For Daily Use article discusses how to cook it properly.

Zinc is more associated with an even more advanced energy center than any mentioned so far.  This center is developing today in many people, especially those on a complete development program.




We wish to reiterate that one must cook vegetables until they are soft.  Pressure-cooking them for about three minutes is best, provided they are in small enough chunks or slices to cook through.  For details, read Pressure Cooking.  The main troubles with raw vegetable salads are:

1. Our bodies cannot break down the tough vegetable fibers, no matter what anyone claims.  As a result, even if you eat magnesium-rich foods such as whole grains or vegetables, if you eat them raw you will not obtain much magnesium, zinc, calcium and other vital minerals.

In a way, the food analysis charts are wrong! They list all the wonderful minerals and other substances in vegetables and some fruits.  However, they don’t tell you that if you eat the food raw, you will not receive nearly as much of all these wonderful nutrients.  The reason is your body cannot break down the tough vegetable fibers, within which are most of the nutrients.

2. Raw food is much more yin, and this is a problem because today’s bodies are already very yin.  The bodies are more yin today due to:

- Exposure to ionizing radiation from atomic bomb fallout and other sources

- Eating food grown on mineral-depleted soil, which is most all of it.

- Diets of junk or refined food.

- Toxic chemicals and toxic metals everywhere.

- Electromagnetic stress from cell phones, cell phone towers, computers, televisions and other electronic devices that are also everywhere today.

So we suggest avoiding salad, and all fruit, trail mix, granola, raw muesli, and most other raw food except for raw dairy products.  We allow four ounces daily of raw dairy, but dairy products are not needed for development.  This is important today for full recovery from cancer and most other diseases.


The real environmental movement.  This is the effort to clean up the toxic mess on earth, including mercury in the oceans that makes most fish dangerous to eat.  For details, read Fish-Eating. 

It also involves building up the depleted soils on earth.  For details on that topic, read Agriculture And Nutritional Balancing and Organic Agriculture.

The real environmental movement is not about global warming or climate change.  The latter is a sinister political movement to control people and nothing more.  The climate is always changing.  It has nothing to do with burning oil or coal.  Our climate is regulated by advanced souls and beings who speed up or slow down the planet which causes it to move a little further away or a little closer to the sun.  This varies the temperature on earth to best satisfy the needs of trillions of plants and animals.


Why not lots of juices for cancer?  Problems with juices iare:

- They are extremely yin in macrobiotic terminology.  As a result, even if you get the magnesium and other elements, they throw the body far out of balance eventually.  They are okay for a month or two, but no longer.

- Juices are also hard on your digestion.  If taken with a meal, they contain too much liquid, and often contain a lot of sugar that is upsetting to the body.


Smoothies are even worse.  Many people want to get their nutrients from smoothies and shakes, today.  However, these are also extremely yin because they contain isolated or fractionated foods.

They also usually contain too much water for our digestive tract to handle, often too much sugar or sweetener, and often contain poor food combinations such as protein powder with sweets and vegetables.  This is quite hard on the digestive tract, even if it tastes and feels very good.

So please do not eat fruit and salads, and do not have smoothies or shakes or much juice.  We allow 10-12 ounces of carrot juice only.  Carrots are a little more yang because they are a root.  Even this much upsets some people’s digestion, however.  Always drink it alone, and not with a meal.

Al alternative is one or two ounces of wheat grass juice, and this is fine about two days a week.  The rest of the time, have carrot juice.


Green drinks and green juices.  We do not recommend these because they are very yin.  This is because greens are very yin vegetables.  Also, green powders go rancid easily, and this is not helpful.  Capsules of green vegetables are more costly, but better.


            For more on cancer, read Cancer And Alternative Therapies.



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