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Chemical Structure


Positive Roles

Why Call Them Amigos?



Detection Principles With Hair Mineral Analysis


Removal Is Not Easy

The Development Program Needed For Amigo Removal

The Need For Rest

Example: Iron

Should One Take Anti-Oxidants?

Supplementing When Hair Levels Of The Amigos Are Elevated


Valence And The Amigos

Electron Transport And The Amigos

Development And The Amigos

Transmutation And The Amigos

Getting Help Pattern And The Amigos

Elevated Serum Ferritin And The Amigos



Definition of the amigos. The amigos are toxic oxide and carbonate forms of common minerals such as iron, manganese, copper, aluminum, chromium, selenium, calcium, magnesium, boron and vanadium. Others are nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, potassium and lithium. There may be other minerals that can form these toxic compounds, as well.

Importance. I am told that accumulating these toxic forms of minerals into the body is one of the most important adaptive mechanisms of the body. They help keep weak and sick bodies looking and functioning fairly normally.

Instead of functioning correctly on its own energy, when the body is weak it absorbs the amigos and these stimulate the glands. They give one a less desirable type of energy that is more difficult to control. This assists others – the rogues – to have more control over us.

Sources. Today, most children are born with some of these mineral complexes from their mother’s bodies. Sexual fluid is also rich in these mineral compounds.

They are also found in all foods today due to chemical and industrial agricultural methods. This includes organically grown food, although this may have less of them. In addition, some are found in common household products.

Chemical structure. These chemical compounds are either oxides or carbonates. Both are highly alkaline compounds.  Examples include MnO6, FeO2, FeO3, and AlO2.

Toxicity. The amigos are quite toxic.  They cause oxidant damage. This causes inflammation that irritates the tissues. The irritation often has a stimulatory effect on the adrenal and thyroid glands.

Uses by the rogues. The alien group we call the rogues look for the amigos in the earth people. We believe they can use them to communicate with us without our knowledge or understanding of how they do it.

We also believe they encourage a lot of what we call ordinary or up or yin sexual activity because it can increase the levels of the amigos in the body. For details about the types of sexual activity, read Down Sex.

Positive roles in the body. Even though the amigos are toxic, they have positive effects upon weakened, toxic and nutritionally depleted bodies. These are:

1. To stimulate adrenal glandular activity.  This occurs because the amigos are irritating.  However, it has a balancing effect upon the sodium level in the tissues, and upon the sodium/potassium ratio.

In other words, it is a crutch that holds up the sodium level and the sodium/potassium ratio.

2. To balance the pH of the body when the body is too acidic.  Most everyone today has a deficit of alkaline reserve minerals. This causes an acidic condition of the body tissues, which is very harmful. The amigos are alkaline mineral compounds to temporarily help acidic bodies survive.

3. The amigos help stabilize the nervous system, especially calcium and magnesium oxides. This is very important for sick and malnourished bodies.

Other. The amigos sometimes stimulate brain activity. The amigos help keep the brain functioning, even though it is through stimulation, and not nutrition.

Why call them amigos?  One of our consultants noted that these minerals often leave the body together - like friends.  The word in Spanish for friends is amigos.



The amigos contribute to many, if not most health conditions, both individually and collectively.  Let us begin with the collective effect.


One of the main effects of the amigos is inflammation.  This, in turn, can result in hundreds of symptoms and diseases from arthritis and headaches to PMS, high blood pressure, cataracts, kidney disease, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, arteriosclerosis and cancer.  The list of conditions caused by inflammation is very lengthy.

Another effect is infection in the body.  This occurs, in part, because iron supports bacterial growth.  It also occurs because an imbalanced pH supports damaging microorganisms in the body including parasites, bacteria, and fungi.

Another effect is cancer due to iron accumulation.  To help reduce iron when cancer is present, we suggest avoiding red meat and eggs until cancer is in remission.  High iron is also associated with Type 1 diabetes.

The amigos cause a reduction in aerobic metabolism because this requires the right forms of iron and copper, in particular.  This causes fatigue, and can contribute to many other health conditions.

The amigos can have a curious effect on the personality.  There is a toughening of the personality, with more anger and less clarity of mind due to iron, manganese and aluminum toxicity.

Excessive levels of aluminum and other toxins are also associated with dementia, a condition that is becoming far more common today.

Copper and other minerals in amigo or oxide forms contribute a lot to scarring and adhesions.  These conditions are related to inflammation of a certain type.  Scars and adhesions tend to improve as one eliminates the amigos from the body.

A more long-term effect is aging of the body.  Inflammation through oxidant damage slowly destroys the tissues, dries out the body, and eventually kills it.


POTASSIUM.  This is one of the most important of the toxic forms of a vital mineral found in our food supply.  It has various effects on the body.  For details, read Toxic Potassium.

IRON.  Iron toxicity is very common today.  It can deposit in the pancreas and contributes to many cases of diabetes and hypoglycemia.  This is known in medical science, but doctors rarely look for it.  They would need to biopsy the pancreas to find it.

Iron is also known to deposit in the heart and the arteries leading to hemochromatosis and hemosiderosis, among other conditions.  It can also build up in the joints, where it causes arthritis.  It also favors the growth of certain bacteria and contributes to infections.

In the brain, iron settles in the amygdala and is associated with the emotion of rage or anger.  For more details, read Acquired Iron Toxicity and The Iron Personality Type.

MANGANESE.  Toxic manganese tends to settle in the brain.  Symptoms may include dizziness, ringing in the ears, Meniere’s syndrome, Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

Manganese toxicity may also contribute to skin disorders, emotional issues, joint problems, muscle twitching and disturbed sleep.  As the manganese comes down, these often improve.

A manganese personality type.  Some people with high manganese have the following qualities: highly intelligent and sometimes quite intellectual, non-emotional or somewhat emotionally detached or even a schizoid, somewhat irritated or irritable, and perhaps somewhat arrogant.  This, of course, will change as manganese is eliminated.

Manganese madness.  Very high manganese is associated with a form of schizophrenia or detachment if mild, and other anti-social and at times violent behaviors.  Manganese miners are subject to a condition called manganese madness.  Psychopathic murderers were found to have high levels of hair manganese, as reported in Toxic Metal Syndrome, by Casdorph and Walker.  For more on manganese, read Introduction To The Minerals.

Also, we have found one hair product, Phomollient Styling Foam by Aveda, that is high in manganese.  Do not use this product, especially just before sampling hair for a hair mineral analysis.  Manganese compounds are also found in gasoline.

ALUMINUM.  Aluminum compounds in the brain are known to interfere with cognitive activity, memory and other mentally-related functions.  Aluminum also has an affinity for the skin, and can cause symptoms there.

Aluminum can replace some calcium in the bones and is a cause of weak bones, fractures, osteopenia and osteoporosis.

NICKEL. Nickel is often associated with feelings of anger, depression and, at times, suicidal thoughts.  When the nickel is removed, these thoughts tend to go away. 

AMIGO COPPER.  Copper can cause hundreds of symptoms.  These are discussed in the article entitled Copper Toxicity Syndrome on this website.

CHROMIUM AND SELENIUM.  At times, chromium and selenium also accumulate in oxide forms.  They can cause blood sugar problems, fatigue, weakness and other symptoms.


1. Most everyone has plenty of amigos.  It does not matter if they appear elevated or not on a hair test.

If they are not revealed on an initial hair mineral test, they are simply hidden within the organs of the body.  In this case, if one embarks on a development program, the amigos will be revealed on a future test as they are removed from the body.

2. If one amigo is elevated on a hair mineral test, (iron, manganese or aluminum), the other two are present in excess, as well. 

The level of aluminum that I consider elevated is greater than 0.4 mg%.  An elevated level of manganese is above 0.04 mg%, and an elevated level of iron is above 2 mg%.

Hair must not be washed at the laboratory for accurate readings.

3. Many people have extremely low levels of the amigos on their initial hair mineral test.  This pattern is called a poor eliminator.  This means the body cannot eliminate the amigos properly.  As a result, they build up inside the body. 

Animals and the soil can also have poor eliminator patterns of minerals.  To learn more about this important indicator, please read Poor Eliminator Pattern.



The main reason is that the amigos are adaptive.  This means they perform essential functions in a weakened body to support the adrenals, balance the pH, and assist the brain.

To remove them, one must remove the need for the adaptation. This involves balancing the oxidation rate and the sodium/potassium ratio.  This allows their removal.  This is a principle of development science.


A complete development program is the only method of which I am aware, that can remove all the amigos safely and deeply.  The way the program works is as follows:

1. The program makes the body more alkaline.  This can only be done properly by replenishing the alkaline reserve minerals.  These include zinc, chromium, selenium, manganese and perhaps a few others, in their proper forms.  These are found in cooked vegetables, mainly, and nowhere else.  It is the main reason why the diet we suggest is very high in cooked vegetables.

The bodies must be made more alkaline because otherwise the amigos, all of which are somewhat alkaline, will remain in order to help balance an overly acidic body chemistry.

2. The program must improve the activity of the adrenal glands.  The reason for this is that if this does not occur, the amigos will stay in the body to help balance the sodium level and the sodium/potassium ratio.  This is necessary to maintain life in many people.

The amigos are needed, in other words, if the adrenal glands are exhausted.  To remove the amigos, one must get rid of the need for the amigos as a compensation for weakness of the adrenal glands.

In many cases, sauna therapy or coffee enemas are required in addition to diet and nutrient therapy to release stored iron, manganese and aluminum. 

3. The program uses antagonists.  Calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese and perhaps other supplements appear to help antagonize and remove the amigos.

4. The program is designed to balance the key mineral ratios on a properly performed hair mineral analysis.  This is also required in most cases to eliminate most of the amigos.  Only development science focuses on this aspect of healing, that I am aware of.

The healing described above begins as soon as one begins a development program.  The amigos may start coming out quickly, or a few years may be required to rebuild the body and then the hair level of iron and/or manganese or other amigos will elevate for a while as deposits of these metals are eliminated from the body.


The amigos are stimulants.  When they come out of the body, the stimulation stops and one becomes very tired!

If one continues to work too hard or run around too much, the process of amigo removal slows or even stops.  This is an important reason why people become or may remain tired while on a development program.  It is imperative to rest a lot more, and not to worry about feeling tired when on a development program.


Excess iron is not easy to eliminate from the human or animal body.  Standard medical methods are bleeding the patient on a regular basis or the use of an iron chelating drug such as deferoxamine or Depen.  Neither of these methods are totally satisfactory.

Bleeding removes many other vital nutrients.  It also removes a lot of bioavailable iron, which is not desirable.

Deferoxamine has many toxic side effects, and for this reason, is rarely used.  The toxic effects may stem from the fact that chelating agents always tend to remove vital minerals such as zinc, along with the iron.

A development program can eliminate toxic iron fairly rapidly and deeply without any side effects.


Many doctors recommend taking anti-oxidants to counteract the effect of inflammatory substances such as the amigos.

Development uses cooked vegetables as the main source of anti-oxidants.  You will get plenty of them this way.

We do not recommend taking most anti-oxidant supplements, however.  The reasons are:

1. They are extremely yin in macrobiotic terminology.  No matter how good they are to eliminate symptoms, they make the body too yin, and in the end this is very harmful.  It stops development and can even shorten one’s life.

2. They are a very partial solution, and not that good.  They can reduce some inflammation and oxidant damage.  However, they do not fix the problem at a deep level, so some damage continues.  The real solution is to remove the amigos or oxidant forms of the minerals.


At times, one must supplement manganese, iron, calcium, magnesium or other elements, even when the hair levels are high.  The most common reason for this is that the high levels represent toxic forms of these elements.

In fact, these need to be removed from the body with a development program.  They do not represent high levels of bioavailable forms of the minerals, so supplementation may be needed for a time.



The amigos tend to have a valence of +2 and +3.  This is important for the compounds they form.  This topic is discussed more in the article entitled Valence Of Minerals And Development on this site.


The amigos tend to replace iron and copper in the electron transport system, and this always impairs biochemical energy production. This can cause fatigue, yeast and fungal problems, and may even play a role in the development of cancer.  

It also substitutes a more “stimulated” type of energy for the healthier natural energy a person should have.  This has a lot to do with moving from a healthy fast oxidation rate to a more unhealthy and stimulated fast oxidation rate or a slow oxidation rate.  For more on electron transport, read Electron Transport And The Work Of WF Koch, MD on this site.


The presence of a lot of the amigos in the body slows or entirely stops the process called development.  This is a fascinating process that involves growth of the subtle human energy fields.  It requires proper nutrition, but also a proper pH of the body and the right intestinal and other flora throughout the body.

Hastening development is another reason to embark on a program to remove the amigos.  For more about development, please read Introduction To Development and the many other articles about development on this website.


Transmutation of the elements within the body requires the presence of the correct intestinal flora.  Also, certain microorganisms in other locations are also required, as they actually perform the transmutations.

The amigos get in the way of the proliferation of these microorganisms by upsetting the pH and other aspects of body chemistry.  For more about biological transmutation of the elements, please read Biological Transmutation on this site.


A very favorable hair mineral analysis pattern is called getting help.  Evidence of it consists of a steep rise in the level of magnesium or other macrominerals on a retest hair mineral analysis.

The guide creatures. These are small fine matter beings who arrange themselves around a human being to help a person's health and well being. One of the activities of the guide creatures is often to help remove the amigos.  The method they use is to raise the sodium/potassium ratio and the sodium and potassium levels. I am told they use other methods, as well.

Then, and only then, the body can remove the crutches of iron, manganese, aluminum and often other minerals that are in an oxide or carbonate form. 

Raising the sodium/potassium ratio and levels is needed because when the amigos come out, the ratio and levels of these minerals will fall.  If they are high to begin with, they can decrease more without endangering health.

In addition, the guide creatures try to raise the calcium/magnesium ratio and perhaps the calcium and magnesium levels.  This is what we call a doubling pattern and it, too, helps allow the body to remove the amigos or irritants.

Case history.  To view the graph of this case, click here.  Joel’s new hair mineral test revealed a very large elimination of iron, manganese, aluminum and nickel.  One can ask, how was this possible?

The answer is found in his previous hair mineral test from several months ago.  We see that the sodium/potassium ratio had risen significantly to 9 (ideal is 2.5). 

Also, the levels of sodium and potassium were somewhat elevated.  Also, the calcium/magnesium ratio had risen significantly to 14 (ideal is 6.67).

One can say this was a setup or an excellent plan that would allow the body to eliminate a lot of iron, manganese, and aluminum because it would allow the ratios and possibly the levels of sodium and potassium to decrease a lot without endangering Joel’s health. 

For more details, read Crutches and Controllers And Other Guide Creatures.


The level of ferritin in the blood may rise when a person follows a development program.  The reason is that the body is eliminating excess iron and requires more ferritin to transport the toxic excess iron through the bloodstream.

This serum imbalance during a development program is of no concern and can be ignored.  In fact, it is a sign of healing.  So far, in all cases, elevated serum ferritin imbalance corrects itself when the iron elimination is over.


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