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Development science is mainly designed to build excellent health over a period of years in order to cause development.  This is a special process that is not well known or taught much, but is very real and involves fulfilling the complete genetic potential of a human being.  For details, read Introduction To Development.

Aspects of development science are also extremely helpful for situations in which a person is not following a development program, but experiences an acute health emergency.  This makes up most of the cases brought to the emergency room of hospitals and urgent care centers.

These emergencies range from heart attacks and strokes to panic attacks, acute infections, injuries and accidents, drug overdoses, other poisoning, and more.

Below are some principles of acute care based upon development science.  Following is a list of common acute health emergencies and how one would apply the principles of development science to them.




1. Multiple nutrient deficiencies are either causing or aggravating most acute health problems.

The worst of the nutritional deficiencies is a diet very low in properly-cooked preferred, organically-grown vegetables.

A healthy meal.  Even giving patients one meal of 12 or more of the preferred vegetables (see Food For Daily Use), properly-cooked, can make quite a difference in the way a person feels.  This would be part of every emergency room visit.

Nutritional supplements.  In addition, we find that most everyone is low in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iodine, selenium, chromium and manganese.  We would always give patients a supplement of these, preferably tailored to their oxidation type and sodium/potassium ratio.


2. All bodies contain excessive amounts of two dozen toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals.  This is also one of our findings.  If a person visits an emergency center for any reason, we would begin a simple detoxification program at once.  The diet and nutritional supplements above are part of it.

Detoxification procedures.  The other part is the use of detoxification procedures, at least in many cases.  These include making sure the spine is properly aligned, foot reflexology, exposure to red heat lamp energy and preferably time in a red lamp sauna, coffee enemas or colonic irrigation, and perhaps other detoxification procedures depending upon the situation. 


3. Every person has a number of chronic infections that are not apparent, in addition to any of which one is aware.

The diet, the nutritional supplements and the detoxification procedures immediately help address this common problem.


4. Many people have other important biochemical imbalances that are not revealed on blood and urine tests, x-rays, scans and other standard medical tests. 

Among the most important are an unbalanced oxidation rate and an imbalanced hair tissue sodium/potassium ratio.  These can only be detected with a hair tissue mineral test, which is a biopsy type of test.  We would make this test standard with any hospital admission.





This can have many causes that need to be ruled out.  However, doctors usually miss an extremely common cause:

Copper anemia. This mimics iron deficiency in that it is a microchromic, microcytic anemia, and usually mild.  It is usually misdiagnosed as iron deficiency.

However, iron does not correct it very well and actually makes the person more ill.  The reason is that excessive iron in the body is very common today and made worse by taking iron supplements or an iron infusion.

A hair mineral test can sometimes identify other causes for anemia.  For more details, read Anemia.

A common cause of anemia among menstruating women is heavy menstrual bleeding.  We find this is often associated with eating a vegetarian diet, although we don’t know the reason for the correlation.


Anxiety, severe or anxiety attacks.

This can have many causes.  However, a very common cause is nutritional imbalances that are not revealed on blood, urine or other standard medical tests.  Examples are:

- Low hair tissue calcium, magnesium or zinc.

- Excess or biounavailable tissue copper.

- A four lows hair mineral pattern.

- A fast or very slow oxidation rate.

- A need for supplementary lecithin.

- A low cellular sugar level.  This is usually due to a faulty diet, but can be the result of other nutritional imbalances.  The blood glucose level can be normal or even elevated. 

In these cases, we would seek to correct the underlying nutritional imbalance, which often works better than just giving tranquilizing drugs.


Bleeding, acute.

Current medical methods are quite good in these instances.  Natural substances that many be needed to help stop bleeding are bioflavinoids and, in some cases, supplementary vitamin C.


Burns and all trauma

Acute stress quickly depletes calcium, magnesium and zinc from the body.  Replenishing these minerals can hasten healing of all traumas.



For any woman who presents at a hospital or emergency center in labor, we would:

1. Feed her an excellent meal, as described above.

2. Give her a set of basic nutritional supplements.  Unfortunately, pre-natal vitamins often do not contain enough of the nutrients needed by pregnant women and their babies.

3. We would administer an enema or colonic irrigation to thoroughly empty the large intestine.  This is simple, safe and can assist in making delivery as painless as possible.  Giving a laxative does not work as well.

4. Women ready to give birth all need a thorough foot reflexology session, excellent chiropractic care or the spinal twist exercises, red heat lamp therapy and perhaps other detoxification procedures.


Constipation/Impacted bowel.

This one is easy.  A colonic irrigation is safe, fast and much more effective than laxatives.  Enemas and colonic irrigation used to be standard at hospitals, but not any more.

Once the colon is clean, one can address the causes of constipation.  Major causes are:

- Not drinking enough water.  Adults need two to three quarts or two-three liters of water every day, and perhaps more in hot or dry climates.

- Drinking the wrong type of water that does not hydrate the body.  Among these is often reverse osmosis water, sold a “purified water” or “drinking water” and often mixed in the supermarket section with spring water, a very different and usually better product.

- Failing to eat enough properly cooked vegetables.

- Eating fruit, sugar or other sweets, including sweet juices.  These upset the normal bowel flora and can sometimes cause constipation.


Dehydration.  This is fairly common, especially in warmer weather.  Symptoms may include a dry mouth or lips or tongue, fatigue and less often, other symptoms.

Often the reason is drinking water filtered by reverse osmosis.  For some reason, this type of water does not hydrate the body well no matter how pure it is.  It is sold in machines and in water stores, and often called “drinking water” or “purified water”.  Some of it has fancy names such as Dasani and Aqua Fina.

One can rehydrate the body at home by drinking tap water in most instances.  It is best if it is carbon-only or sand-only filtered, but this is not necessary for rehydration.  One can also rehydrate at home using an enema or a bath.  Emergency rooms use intravenous drips to rehydrate the body.  We find this is often not needed.


Depression.  This is often due to nutritional imbalances, although it can be due to other circumstances.  Taking a B-complex vitamin of about 50 mg of each B vitamin is a quick fix and we believe it should be tried first before taking an anti-depressant drug.

For longer-term correction, we recommend a complete development program to correct deeper nutritional imbalances that often cause depression. 


Digestive disturbance.  This is often due to improper diet, food poisoning, overeating, eating when upset, eating too fast, bad food combinations or an intestinal infection.  Asking a few questions can often narrow down the cause.

Procedures that are excellent for digestive disturbance are foot reflexology, use of a reddish heat lamp, the genital bath repeated every hour and a coffee enema.


Drug Or Medication Overdose.

Emergency rooms do well with this problem by washing out the stomach.  Other possible methods are the use of foot reflexology and coffee enemas.


Electrolyte Imbalance.

              This can be due to dehydration, bleeding, or another illness.  If the diet is poor, we would first try to correct the problem by feeding excellent food including many cooked vegetables three times daily.  The basic development supplements may also help.

            We would suggest intravenous electrolytes only in a life-threatening situation.



The medical approach is quite good for fractures except that they should include the development diet and at least the basic development supplements to assist healing.  Otherwise, some people experience non-union of fractures or other impaired healing. 


Heart attack or stroke. 

            Besides rest, vitamin E about 400 iu daily, is excellent to help develop collateral circulation.  In case it is a fast oxidizer heart attack, we suggest giving 5 mg of copper,  750 mg of calcium and 450 mg of magnesium daily until you get a hair mineral analysis back.  This can save a life. 


High blood sugar.

Studies indicate that mild blood sugar level elevation – up to about 150 mg/dl can be left alone and attention directed to improving the diet, losing weight and other more conservative measures.  Giving insulin if the sugar level is less than about 150 mg/dl is not needed.

In a hospital or emergency room setting, stress alone will cause an elevated blood sugar level.  This is not the same as diabetes.  Pay attention to the causes of the stress. 

Improvement in the diet and a development program will often correct a high blood sugar over time.


Hypertension or high blood pressure.

In an emergency room or doctor’s office, this can be caused by stress.  Renal toxicity is the other major cause of high blood pressure.

If the blood pressure is not above 160/100, we would not give drugs.  Medication is helpful for higher blood pressure to prevent a stroke.

In addition, a development program will usually permanently reduce blood pressure by removing toxins from the kidneys.



Before giving medication, we would give 500 mg of calcium, 300 mg of magnesium and about 7200 mg of lecithin or 6 tablespoons of lecithin granules.  We would also perform a hair mineral test to perhaps find other nutritional causes such as toxic metal poisoning.

Foot and hand reflexology, and massage of the shoulders may also be very helpful to calm a person down.  We recommend these measures before giving tranquilizing drugs.



Immediate measures are to give two tablespoons of either Arabesque brand or Sovereign Silver brand colloidal silver.  Other excellent natural remedies are a few capsules of bee propolis and 50,000 iu of vitamin A.



Emergency rooms do well with many kinds of injuries. 

An important addition to their procedures is to realize that most everyone is malnourished and toxic.  They will all heal much faster and better if one pays attention to nutrition and proper detoxification.

Everyone requires meals with lots of cooked vegetables that we call the preferred vegetables.  The diet is discussed above.

They also all need the basic development supplements.  These are listed at The Basic Development Program and include kelp, TMG, fish oil, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, zinc and selenium.



A very common source of pain that is overlooked by medical personnel is inflammation due to a deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and/or zinc.  These are very common nutritional deficiencies.

Another common overlooked cause of pain is inflammation due to the presence of oxide forms of minerals that are tissue irritants.    We call these The Amigos because several are often found together.

Another somewhat common source of pain are toxins in the colon.  A coffee enema or colonic irrigation will often relieve this pain.

Anyone in pain should also be checked for subluxations of the spine and other chiropractic-related problems.  In fact, we would make this part of every emergency room visit, but especially if one is in pain.  For more details, read Pain.



Coffee enemas are excellent for some types of poisoning.  Washing out the stomach, as is done in emergency rooms, is also very good. 

In some cases, charcoal tablets can help, but are less powerful.  Moving subtle energy downward from the head to the feet is very helpful because poisons tend to move subtle energy upward.


Panic Attacks. See anxiety above.



Psychiatric medication on a short-term basis helps some people.  Nutritional therapy may also help a lot if one can figure out what is needed.

While it sounds unusual, cleaning the colon can be helpful.  Toxins can build up there that affect the brain.



Rapes vary a lot in intensity.  It is always at least a somewhat complex situation with physical, emotional and mental aspects.  We believe it requires a complete development program for deep healing.

Immediate measures can include a chiropractic examination, hydrogen peroxide baths or other applications such as painting garlic juice on the vagina to kill STDs, and supplements such as lecithin for anxiety.  For many more details, read Healing Rape and Rape.



Emergency room therapy for sprains (x-rays, applying cold, and the use of splints, slings or crutches) is often good except it usually ignores nutrition.  There should be a review of the diet and suggestions for improvements.  Basic supplements are also excellent.


Subluxations of the spine.

These are small dislocations of the vertebrae that pinch the spinal nerves.  Other bones of the body can also have this problem.  These are very common and can be corrected with the Spinal Twist exercises or with good quality Chiropractic or osteopathic manipulative therapy.

Unfortunately, subluxations are not understood or recognized by the majority of medical personnel.  As a result, millions suffer needlessly with back, neck, sciatic and other pain.  Subluxations also block development and affect the organs enervated by the nerves.  As a result, they can cause hundreds of symptoms and contribute to all chronic illnesses.


All surgery carries a number of risks.  In many cases, much can be done using development science in order to avoid surgery.

If you must have surgery, you can reduce the chances of complications and problems by nourishing and balancing the body before surgery.  For details, read Surgery. 


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