by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© July 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


This website cooperates with groups that are attempting to clean up planet earth quickly and thoroughly.  The groups have issued some new rules and warnings:


1. For your safety, avoid all alcohol and all recreational drugs.  Also, avoid prescription and over-the-counter medical drugs unless absolutely needed.

We know this is harsh.  However, it is necessary at this time (July 2019).  Use of these substances, especially alcohol and recreational drugs, opens one’s energy field to attack by rogue souls or entities that are very harmful to oneself.  It also makes collection of these souls more difficult for those who are helping to restore planet earth to the sacred planet that she is.

This is a temporary rule until these entities are cleared from the earth.  For details, read Entity Attachment And Release.


2.  Avoid loose or casual sex.  This is never a good idea.  Among its harmful effects are that one picks up stray rogue souls or entities.  These can destroy your life.  This also makes it difficult to collect these souls to remove them from the earth.

For the same reason, avoid all homosexual sex and even homosexual thoughts.  This may sound harsh, but is needed if you want to stay safe.


3. Avoid loose or dirty sexual conversation and even dirty jokes.  The reason is the same as above.  It can open the energy field, permitting the attachment of stray rogue souls or entities to oneself. 


4. Live a wholesome lifestyle.  This means all of the above.  Other rules of lifestyle are:

Avoid getting no exercise and also avoid so much exercise that you exhaust the body.  We assert that vigorous exercise is never needed or helpful, even if it feels good. 

We know about the proven benefits of exercise.  However, too much wears out the glands and weakens the body.  You can lose weight without a lot of exercise by carefully following the development diet.

Eat only good quality food and drink. This means avoid sugar in all forms, including most fruit.  Also, avoid eating white flour in any food. 

Avoid raw food diets and vegetarian diets.  In addition, avoid most refined and chemicalized food, very spicy food.

Feed the body correctly.  We assert that this means to follow the Development Diet with plenty of cooked vegetables, and not raw salads.  

Avoid most other diets, especially all raw food or vegetarian, fruit eating, and excessive fat such as in the Weston Price diet.  Especially avoid any diet that omits or limits cooked vegetables.  Cook all vegetables until they are soft, but do not overcook them so they have no color and become mushy.


Drink plenty of water.  This is critical at this time.  Do not drink much coffee, tea, soda pop or any other beverages.  Completely avoid strong coffees, strong tea or other stimulants such as maca, kombucha tea or others.

Go to bed by 9 PM and sleep eight or more hours per night.  If you do not sleep well, go to bed early, do your best, and nap during the day to make up your sleep.  For many sleep tips, read Sleep And Rest.

Keep the body clean and warm.  Wear socks most of the time.  Avoid “cold” fashions such as bare shoulders, bare midriffs, dresses unless they are full length, shorts, no socks, flip-flops and other habits that do not cover up the body and keep it warm.  The reason is that even though the weather may be warm, some locations such as food markets are quite cold.

Change your clothes often.  Wear only light-colored clothing so you can see the dirt.  For details, read Clothing.

Shower every day.  While in the shower brush the skin with a body brush and soap to remove toxins.

Use plain castile soap and not detergent in the washing machine at this time because the detergents are toxic and causing problems.  For details about this serious problem, read Detergents.

5. Act always in a careful and thoughtful way.  This means to think safety first, before fun, excitement, adventure, “learning” or even seeming necessity.  For example, do not work at a job that is dangerous, toxic, dishonest or has other problems, no matter how much it pays or other benefits it provides.  For women, do not go on dates unless you check out the date carefully beforehand.  Phone dating is always the best way to begin a relationship.

This is a type of training that is not taught enough on earth.  It can sound boring, but can save your life, your dignity and much more.

6. Exercise care with your thoughts and emotions.  Keep your thoughts uplifted and positive, as best you can.  However, stay grounded and in reality.  The Pulling Down Exercise is most helpful to assist with this task.

Learn to observe and control your emotions.  Better health is required to do this for many people.  Do not wallow or “indulge” your emotions, either for effect or as a habit.  This is always harmful. 

6. Friendships.  These are good, but only with quality people and only with good boundaries to protect your health and not waste your time.  Also, always have some alone time each day.  Do not always be around others and do not ‘follow the crowd’.

7. Recreation is good, but only if it is wholesome, safe and moderate only. 

8. Be a leader.  This means to always live sensibly and point out stupid and unhealthy habits to others in a polite way.  If they resent or reject your advice, that is their issue, not yours.

Pointing out the errors of others in a gentle way is not “offensive” or “pushy”, as some teach.  Make sure the goal is only to assist others who act in a thoughtless or careless way.

Definitely correct your children at all times.  Letting children “get away” with sloppy or sexy dress, sloppy talk, sloppy thinking, lying, stealing and other bad habits means you don’t care about your children.

9. As you help others, always keep yourself in the circle of your love.  This means never forget your own needs, especially in the areas of safety, diet, rest, and peace of mind.  Anyone who violates these or tries to do so is not a friend and should be avoided.  They can destroy your health and could cost you your life.

If the source of the problem is a family member, one must still distance oneself from him or her enough so that your life is not compromised.  If it is a marriage partner, one must go for counseling, if needed, to figure out what to do.

All of these rules are needed to avoid the attachment of stray rogue entities to your energy field and to allow those who are assisting the earth to remove these entities.




For the body:


1. No showing off or sexy dress, behavior or words.  This is difficult for women because it is so easy and ‘natural’ for them.  For details, read How And Why To Be Unsexy.

2. No manipulation using the body.


The brain:

1. No zombie behavior (no lockstep).  Instead, think independently.  Look, listen, reason.

2. No fawning and slavish attitudes. Think more and think critically.  Question everyone and everything.  No sacred cows. 

3. No anger and resentment.  Let go of your grudges and your anger.  Forgive – even when this is difficult.  Read Forgiving.  Realize that anger is fear that one projects, and that is all it is.

4. Help out.  Do not get caught up with yourself or be lazy.  No self-isolation.

5. NO ARROGANCE or mental rigidity.


The spirit:

1. No lying or exaggerating.

2. No stealing, which includes rape and seduction.

3. Go with God and no one else.

4. Ask often for help from of the Father, or God, or The Radiant One.  If you do this sincerely, you will get help, although it may come in an unusual form or manner.

5. Do your best to stay out of fear.  Focus on love, instead.  Love God and love others, and put that ahead of your fear at all times in order to become very happy.

6. Do not covet.  This means do not envy others with the secret desire to have what is theirs.

7. Turn your life over to God.  For details, read Turning Your Life Over To God.

8.  Live in integrity.  This means all aspects of your life from your diet and lifestyle to your friendships, sexual life, social life and thoughts must be integrated and consistent. For details, read Integrity.

9. Practice “Thy Will be done through me.”  For details, read Thy Will Be Done.

10. Every day, do the Pulling Down Exercise.  Do not skip it and do not substitute other mental exercises, prayers or meditations for it.



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