by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© February 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            The following are a few simple suggestions that will keep anyone much safer and happier in this world.  Perhaps you will not agree with all of them.  However, in our experience they will still keep you far safer, regardless of your belief about them.

At the end of some of the sections are links to articles you can read for more information about these important areas of life.

Teens are particularly susceptible to the lies of society, so please listen and read carefully if you are a teen.  Teens often believe they are mature and knowing, when they are not.  However, they often figure this out too late to save their health, their honor, and maybe their life.  So please listen to the following rules for survival today.




            Rule #1. Watch your health carefully.  It is a health jungle out there.  Health is far more important than your wealth because if you have your health you can always get another job, another career and so on.  If you lose your health, however, you are in serious trouble in every area of life.


Rule #2.  The most important aspects of health are not often discussed by the mass media.  Health is not primarily about checkups, flu shots, vaccines, and mammograms. (In fact, flu shots and vaccines worsen your health.  See Vaccination.)

Health is primarily about your daily living habits such as what you eat, the water you drink, the company you keep and how much rest you obtain.

In fact, the way to find the truth is to stay away from the media, in general.  Hopefully, this will change some day.


Rule #3. Rest is all important – up to 10 or more hours daily if you feel you need it, and go to bed by 9 PM.  Sleeping during the hours before midnight provides much more rest than the hours after midnight.

This is not “running away from life”. Most people are very overtired.  This weakens your mind and your body, and leads to disease, depression and even suicidal thoughts.  So record your favorite TV shows if you must and go to sleep! (see Rest And Sleep.)


Rule #4. Drink 3 quarts or 3 liters each day of only spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water.  Other types of water, and other beverages like coffee, tea, soda pop, juices and others will not hydrate the body and should not be used much.  Also avoid alkaline water machines and other designer waters, most of which are not that good at all. (see Water For Drinking.)


Rule #5.  Stay away from all extreme diets, including all vegetarian diets and all raw food regimens.  Instead, eat lots of cooked vegetables with every meal.  Also, eat some meat every day, but do not eat animal protein more than twice a day.  Also, the portions of meat should be only 4 to 5 ounces for adults.  Also, men can have only up to 8 eggs per week, and women need only up to 6 eggs per week.  More than this are somewhat toxic.

This diet may seem extreme, but today it is the only way to obtain even the basic nutrients your body needs. (see Food For Daily Use.)

Also, try to drink 10-12 ounces of fresh or bottled carrot juice each day. 

Also, stay away from all fruit and do not eat sweets, dried fruit, fruit juices and other sugary foods.  They are not needed and interfere with calcium metabolism and blood sugar regulation.  They are also too yin and will eventually make you sick.  Read Fruit-Eating for details.


Rule #6. Junk food, pot, a drink of alcohol or two, or other dietary indiscretions, are not worth the thrill.  Someday, you will realize that what most people consider “living it up”, “partying”, and “having fun” is not at all worth the thrill or momentary pleasures.  They pay for it, often the next day, but definitely the next year or later on.  Try not to make excuses for eating and living incorrectly for any reason at all.




Rule #1. Don’t tell anyone about your finances or the financial situation of anyone else, unless required by law.  In other words, keep money matters as private as possible.  This includes safeguarding your passwords, identification numbers, important documents, and all else connected with money.

Also, do not reveal any information you know about other people’s money.  This is a dangerous form of gossip.  Millions of thieves are just waiting to steal your money, and that of everyone else.  All they need is for you to loosely mention that you have some cash at home, or some expensive jewelry, or anything else worth stealing.  Talking loosely about the finances of others can easily cause problems for that person, so avoid this kind of gossip always.

Keep valuable possessions well hidden, locked away in a safe hiding place, or even buried in the yard.  Do not leave valuables around the house where cleaning and repair people can notice them, for example.  I would suggest you do not buy fancy, expensive jewelry and wear it.  It is just too tempting for some thieves, and you can be mugged, raped, or murdered for this reason.  Keep your appearance plain and simple, even if it seems boring.  I would not even associate with people who flaunt their wealth too much, as you may be branded as “one of them”, even if you are not, and this puts you in more danger than you may think.

Desperate people are stealing more and more, unfortunately.  This also has to do with a reduced sense of personal property rights in America, nutritional imbalances and other forces at work in society at this time. 


Rule 2. Learn to live simply.  Learn to get along on minimum expenditures for everything.  This does not mean to skimp on good food, pure water, a safe, clean place to live, and other necessities. 

However, it means do not shop all the time, and do not want and wish for all sorts of items that you don’t really need like fancy clothes, cameras, electronic gadgets, fancy computers and more.  Most are not needed, and they just clutter the house.  Times are becoming tougher for some Americans, and in many other nations as well.  Living simply is one easy answer.  Be prepared with cash reserves and a no frills lifestyle.  It works, while the materialistic lifestyle will not work as well, and causes far more stress.


Rule #3. Money can cause stress or alleviate stress.  Money is basic.  Don’t live hand to mouth for any length of time, if you can help it.  It is not worth the stress.  Many young people think it is cool.  It is not cool for most people.  Stress of any kind makes people sick and even kills them.  Don’t be a fool with money.

On the other hand, skimping on basic needs when this is not required is also silly.  Especially care for your health naturally and buy the best food, water and so on that you can.


Rule #4. We are in inflationary and somewhat uncertain times.  Try to get out and stay out of debt or you may lose your house, your car and more.  Instead, pay off debts and sit tight with what you have.  Don’t overspend, as economic times may be rocky for the next 10 years, at least.  As for investments, gold and silver are probably best in an inflationary world.  Other investments are not nearly as safe, as a general rule.  You can buy a few coins and hide them carefully.




Rule #1. Keep your finances to yourself, along with all credit card numbers, social security numbers, driver license numbers and other identification information.  Never give these out, for example, at a doctor’s office, for car loans or anytime, unless you are sure it is absolutely required.  If you are asked to write down or give these numbers, always ask if this is absolutely required by law.  In most cases, it is not, and prying busybodies love getting hold of your private financial and identity information.  Do not be stupid about this, as it can cost you dearly today.


Rule #2. If possible, do not use credit or debit cards.  They will always be somewhat risky.  Do not be lured in by frequent flyer miles or other “benefits”.  These would mean nothing if you had an identity theft.

 It is fine to have one credit card, but do not use it any more than absolutely necessary as a backup for cash or checks or perhaps Paypal, which I believe is a very safe system that is gaining momentum around the world.  I believe the American Express card is a little better protected than other credit cards such as VISA and Mastercard, though I am not positive about this.


Rule #3. Don’t make a habit of talking about credit cards to anyone.  You never know who is listening.


Rule #4. Don’t carry with you any more identification, or credit or debit cards than absolutely necessary.  It is a pain in the neck when these are lost or worse, stolen.


Rule #5. Carry some cash for emergencies, but not more than $100.00.  Cash is always best for emergencies.  You can even hide a $100.00 bill somewhere in your car for such emergencies.  However, don’t carry lots of cash, either, as it can make you a target for thieves if they even suspect you have it. 

Airports have cash detectors these days, so definitely don’t carry a lot of cash on a plane, as it can arouse suspicion in the authorities.


Rule #6. If possible, limit online banking, online credit card purchases and other online services that require that you give out sensitive personal information.  I realize this is hard for some people, as the online banking is so convenient.  It is just that computers can easily be hacked, at times, as can websites, exposing you to identity theft.




This section will sound very “negative” or paranoid, or perhaps silly.  It is not.  I know of what I speak.  Sixty to seventy percent of all women are raped.  This is not a lie.  They just don’t want to talk about it. 

It happens all the time.  I listen to the sad stories about rape, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancies, and even beatings and other horrors every day.  We try our best to help and we do help, but prevention is far better, even if it sounds paranoid or silly.  Please, if you think I am being paranoid, read the article on this website entitled Rape.


Rule #1. All girls and women must always think of themselves as “prey” when on a date and, in fact, all the time.  The reason is that when most men see a woman, they think about having sex with her.   Some of this is instinctive mating behavior, unfortunately, but it is still the truth.

For most men, “love” means having sex with you, even if he doesn’t know your name and knows nothing at all about you.  He might as well have sex with a hole in the wall!  That is the truth, and there are few exceptions.

A man may call a woman attractive or lovely, but the sexual innuendo is often  present.  Women often mistake this attention for “love” or that she is just liked for herself.  This is probably the single most important error women make.

The prey situation is much worse if you accept a date with a man.  Just your acceptance of a date is evidence, for many men, that you secretly want his penis inside you.  Women must realize this.  It is called signaling.

Young women, in particular, do not realize that every word you speak, the way you wear your hair, and of course your dress  - is all signaling.  Boys and men know the signals, as they call them, even if you don’t.  Of course, they may make them up as they go along to favor their interests, but it doesn’t matter much. 

You may have accepted the date because you genuinely like the boy or man, or because it is something to do on Saturday evening, or because you are competing with your friends to see who can get dates.  You might also want some “experience”, but not the same type as he wants.

Very few boys and men are wise and kind when young.  Most are anxious to become “experienced with girls”.  They are looking for a “conquest”, which means sex.  It might take a few dates with a “stubborn one”, but if you are pretty or if he is in a “mood for love”, he can be patient.

He often “likes you” the way he likes a stiff glass of beer, or a football game.  In other words, you are the “goal” – having sex, and he has prepared his “team” well.  He knows how to speak softly and gently to you, how to stroke your hand or your chest, and then how to leap onto you or pull off your pants, when the time is right.

This is what I mean by “you are prey”.  It applies to even the nicest and most innocent young women.  Teens are especially at risk.  The more innocent, in fact, the more fun it is for some boys.


#2. Women, investigate any man you don’t know well before going out with him.  Talk first on the telephone and ask a lot of questions.  Make sure everything he says “adds up”, as they say.  You can tell him that you always check out your dates. 

Ask where he lives, where he works and what he does for a living.  Ask if he goes to church, and if so, where, so you can have a chat with his priest, minister or rabbi.  Ask if he has any brothers and sisters with whom you can chat a little.  Ask about his friends, and what he likes to do. 


Rule #3. Always take the trouble to thoroughly confirm all information a stranger who is interested in you gives you.  It is worth calling the person’s boss, church, friends or family.  If it seems like you are overly suspicious, that is okay. This can save your life and protect yourself from sexual predators, rapists and other ratty people.


Rule #4. Before going out with someone you do not know well, always ask them about sex.  Ask if the person likes girls or boys, or both.  Ask if he or she has any sexual diseases, and whether the person wants to get married soon.  These may seem like very personal questions, but today they are necessary – even for handsome young men, as there are female predators as well as male predators.

You may be shocked at what some people will tell you about themselves.  When you ask these questions, try to sound relaxed and open-minded, even if you are terrified of asking the questions and disgusted by the answers.  It is far better to know the answers now, rather than later.

Beware, of course, that predators will lie if they really want to go out with you, and they will try to say what they think you want to hear, so don’t give them any clues, and try to catch them in their lies. 


Rule #5. Do not give out personal information to strangers at all.  An old trick of predators and rapists is to find out what you like, and then give it to you so you will go out with them, for example.  They may also find out where you go to church or hang out, and then lie in wait for you to harm you.


Rule #6. I would suggest no sex until marriage, and aim for marriage.  Fooling around is not wise today due to the sheer number of sexually transmitted diseases out there.  At the very least, do not engage in any sexual activity unless you have known a person for a minimum of six months and dated at least once a week for six months.

I know many young people will say this is boring, no fun, and too old-fashioned.  However, it saves lives, at times, and definitely avoids some sexually transmitted diseases, and a lot of heartache.

Men, do not be tempted by pretty girls with low-cut dresses, short shorts, thong bathing suits, topless dancers, or anyone else.  It is not worth it.

Ladies, try not to be tempted by sharp-talking “players”, who are young men who specialize in seducing women with a combination of flattery, insults, tickling, jokes, lies, of course, and a host of other tricks.  This cannot be overemphasized today.  Most people have no idea of all the diseases out there, and over one-fourth of the teens are already infected due to loose morals and loose living.

Women, in particular, need to stay away from the bar scene where it is too easy to slip a drug into your wine or even your water glass, and you wake up the next morning lying on the road or in someone’s apartment after having been raped.  If you must frequent such places, go with girlfriends you trust and don’t eat or drink anything at all.  Eat and drink before you go in so you are not tempted inside.  Drinks and food are easy to poison with date-rape drugs.

            Parents, keep your children home on weekends and always know where they are and with whom.  All teens need a curfew no later than 11 PM at the latest, and much earlier on week nights.   Camping trips overnight with boys and girls are a terrible idea, for example.  I don’t care if it is a church-sponsored trip, unless there are enough counselors who are mature enough and known in the community to be very strict in this area.


Rule #7. Also skip oral sex, known as blow jobs in common language. Some young people think this is safer and better than regular sex.  It is not better today.  It still transmits plenty of disease and is not worth it.


Rule #8. Anal sex, for men or women, is even more dangerous.  I know this offends some, but it is the truth.  It spreads lots of disease.


            Rule #9. Kissing your dates and others on the lips is not a wise idea today.  This is unfortunate, but it is the truth, due to the widespread presence of diseases today that are easily transmitted by all body fluids.  So unless you like oral herpes, cold sores, gonorrhea and many other ailments that will often last your whole life, do not kiss, other than your wife or husband.

Hugging is better, but I would also avoid hugging those you do not know well.  There is no reason to mix your energy with that of others, especially those of questionable health or morals.  Too often, if you allow another to hug you, the person suddenly reaches out and kisses you on the lips before you can resist.  This is an old trick used to spread diseases like herpes.


Rule #10. Girls, in particular, do not have a boyfriend in high school.  This may sound like no fun, but it will keep you from being raped better than anything else.  Too many boys are just a little mean and stupid, and they talk among themselves and may “experiment” a little on you.  This can and will ruin your entire life in some cases.  I mean this.  It is not paranoia, as I listen to the stories of teenage rape every day.


Rule #11. Be careful of sex, drugs, and alcohol in colleges today.  College has become a haven for bad behavior and horrible morals, today.  Do not live in coed dorms, for example, always dress modestly, and do not take chances.  Women are at the greatest risk, even if they try to be careful.

In fact, college standards, in general, today, are so low and so much of the information imparted is socialist and liberal nonsense that any wise young person must think carefully if attending one of these overpriced universities is worth it.  I suggest going to college online only, and live at home with your parents or with a roommate of the same sex, perhaps.  Alternatively, just enter the workplace, and wait on higher education until you are older, perhaps, knowing that much of college today is a waste of time and dangerous for your health and your well-being.


For more on this important subject, read Sex And Modern Living.




            Rule #1. Families can be very wonderful, but some families are quite dysfunctional, so you must use good judgment around your family.  If you are fortunate enough to have come from a stable, moral, honest household, then maintaining good relations with your family is probably a wise and wonderful idea.  However, in many cases, people hold on to their family of origin when it is definitely harmful.

Your family of origin is mainly important for the raising of the children.  This means that once you are grown and have left home, often it is not wise to become overly involved in your family of origin.  This is not a hard and fast rule.  Many people worship their family of origin and this is simply not wise in many cases.  A good family, however, is always helpful.  For more on this important subject, read Families on this website.




Rule #1. Know your friends.  Do not use the term “friend” lightly.  Let us review the definition.  A friend is someone you have known for at least a few months or more, and someone whom can trust implicitly.  This means that you would put your life in their hands, if necessary.

A friend is not a drinking buddy, and it is not someone to go to the movies with, a sex partner whom you are not in a committed relationship with, or just someone you meet and chat with at a party, gathering, church or online.  These people are acquaintances or just someone you met.


Rule #2. Real friends care about you and don’t let you just do what you want.  You can tell who are your real friends because they should be your conscience when you step out of line.  They should speak up firmly when you lie, cheat, steal, act stupid, act mean or nasty, or do anything else that is not in your highest interest.  They should say “You look tired. Let’s go home early”, instead of thinking only of themselves.

Unfortunately, most young people run from this type of friend, who is often a parent or some other adult.  But this is how you should judge anyone you are thinking of calling a friend.


Rule #3. Real friends stick with you through good times and bad.  This is another way to tell who are your real friends.  A friend should not disappear when you are down and out, or when you won’t go to the bars with him or her, or won’t go along in some other way.  A friend is there for you, in other words, through thick and thin.

Also, your boyfriend or girlfriend must be a friend first, not just a date, or a sex partner, or anything else.  Your life will go much smoother if you learn who your real friends are.  However, if you are sloppy and do not know who really cares about your well-being, you are likely to be used, abused and will end up lonely and depressed, and perhaps raped.


Rule #4. Get to know anyone you are thinking of rooming with. This is more important today then ever before.  Get references if needed.  Do whatever it takes to feel reassured you will not be burglarized, go to jail for a drug bust, or left with thousands of dollars of unpaid bills.  Women can even get raped by the roomate’s boyfriend, for example, who gets a key to the house or dorm room and brings over his drinking buddies on a Saturday night.

Too many irresponsible people rip off good people who are not careful enough about screening their roommates, along with their friends, their dates, and even marriage partners.




Rule #1. Don’t flaunt it.  This is more for the girls and women.  Flaunting your body can get you into serious trouble with rapists, burglars, peeping toms, stupid hormone-driven boys and men, and other malcontents.  So be wise and always dress modestly and conservatively.  Always keep your thighs, legs and shoulders covered up if you are wise.  Also, do not wear clothes that flatter your figure unless you want the man to marry you.  Keep the good stuff for your husband. 

It is true that if you do this, some other girls will get more attention than you, but it is still a wise idea.  You will gain the respect of good men and wise women, as well.

Parents should insist upon this, and not let their teenage daughters out of the house if they not dressed modestly.  If a young woman is caught not dressing modestly, her parents should ground her for a month, at least.  This is how important dress can be in society today.

It is also wise for young women to wear running shoes or good quality shoes at all times, so you can run if you have to.  Too many young women now go around in flip-flop shoes that are really not designed for action, even though they are comfortable.

Also, do not flaunt a lot of jewelry.  It is just stupid and attracts the wrong kind of attention.  Also, do not use a lot of makeup.  If you believe you are really unattractive, go on a nutritional balancing program and your looks will automatically improve.  Read the article entitled How To Be Sexy on this site.


Rule #2. Keep warm.  Some people find it ‘cool’ to be cold.  They do not think much about warmth when dressing for the day or when going out.

Allowing the body to be cold stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and wears out the body very quickly.  Catching a cold or pneumonia is no fun.  Always bring or wear clothing warmer than you think you will need.  Also, keeping a sweater or jacket in your car is an excellent idea.


Rule #3.  This is less critical, but it is not very wise to wear your friend’s clothes.  I know this is a popular idea, but your own clothes are likely to be cleaner and better for energetic reasons as well.




Rule #1. All alcohol and all drugs, including pot, are very toxic and dangerous, with no exceptions.  Alcohol depletes zinc, magnesium, B-complex vitamins and much more.  It kills cells in your liver and your brain.  It will disable your mind and may damage the mind and body of any children you ever have in the future.  Stay away from all of it, preferably.

Marijuana is one of the worst drugs today.  Skip it altogether and do not listen to the “medical marijuana advocates”, who are often agents wanting to put the entire population on drugs.  The same goes for all other legal and illegal recreational drugs.

Also, skip all over-the-counter and prescription medications, unless absolutely needed, which is rare.  Most are poisons that derange the body and the brain in many unpredictable ways.  Keep them from children as well, who can usually be cured with natural methods faster and safer.  These patent remedies are mostly all quite toxic and should rarely be used, ever.  This includes Tylenol, Aspirin, Aleve, Excedrin and dozens of others that some people think are harmless.  For example, Tylenol is now a leading cause of liver and kidney failure in the USA.


Rule #2. Alcohol is dangerous to your mental health as well.  Alcohol and other drugs also take away your inhibitions and affect your judgment.  This goes double for women, meaning that women’s bodies seem more affected by all drugs, in general, than boy’s and men’s bodies.  If you have a brain left, do not drink or use illegal drugs at all.  It is not worth it.

Ladies, never try to “keep up with the boys” with drinking alcohol, smoking dope or anything like that.


Rule #3. Alcohol and other drugs of all kinds stop spiritual development, perhaps for life.  This may seem unimportant, but life is not just about finding a job, getting married and having a good time.  The human brain is an amazing device that can provide you with great gifts and abilities, if you develop it properly.  This takes some years, but is easy, in fact, with a nutritional balancing program.  So do not abuse it and damage it.  Even a glass of wine or other “social drinking” or “social drug use” is thoroughly stupid, though it may not seem to hurt.  If you are smart, skip it totally, especially women.

Using illegal drugs is just plain stupid.  I have worked with numerous people who are now spending a fortune to attempt to regain their brainpower destroyed by their own or even just their parents’ alcohol and drug use.


Rule #4. Avoid toxic cosmetics, hair dyes, most smelly shampoos, nail polish, and other toxic skin care products.  This applies more to young women, but to some men as well.  These are all quite harmful for your body, no matter how soft and beautiful they make your hair feel.  Especially if you ever want to have children, do not filth up your liver and kidneys with toxic chemical cosmetics.  I would not even trust some products in the health food stores.  Instead, use only a minimum of all-natural skin care products.




Rule #1. Wash your hands more frequently when traveling, especially in public places.  These include restaurants, trains, planes, buses, hotels, waiting areas, or any public places.  Also, always wash your hands when you return to your hotel room after sightseeing or other activities.  Showering after being out and about is also not a bad idea to stay clean.


Rule #2. Try to bring your own food and water.  This is because most restaurant fare is of poor quality.  If you eat in restaurants, do not eat raw food, even salads or fruit, and insist on what you want to eat.  Ask for double portions of cooked vegetables, for example.  Walk out and go elsewhere if they don’t serve them.  Another good food is soft boiled or poached eggs – but not scrambled eggs.  Scrambled eggs can be faked with “egg beaters”, lard, hydrogenated fats or other ingredients added without your knowledge.


Rule #3. Get extra rest and sleep, if at all possible, especially after traveling by air.  Travel is stressful, even if you “feel fine”.  Most people, sadly, get less rest on vacations and travels.  They are anxious to run around and see everything or everyone.  Try to travel in a generally leisurely way if at possible, rather than engage in the “jet set” mentality, or having to “take it all in”.


Rule #4.  When traveling, go to bed early and try to maintain your regular habits and routine as much as possible.  For example, if a clean sauna is available, use it.  If you can do coffee enemas, do them.  Do not stay on “home town time”, if it means going to bed late, even if you sleep in the morning.  When traveling, sometimes one must follow other’s schedules at times, but your health and your mental development is most important, so try to stay on your health program as much as possible.


Rule #5. Travel lightly and simply.  Wear and bring only the most comfortable clothing possible, rather than high fashion clothes and accessories that are not comfortable.  Also, travel simply.  For example, bringing valuable electronic devices is not wise, as you must then watch and worry about your luggage more.  For safety and enjoyment, the simpler, the better.

Use other people’s computers, for example, if at all possible.  Leave the fancy cameras, ipods, jewelry and other valuables at home, if at all possible.  Also, I suggest always wearing a hidden pouch under your shirt containing your money, credit card, passport, airline tickets and other valuables.  Nothing ruins travel more than having these stolen.  If you are held up, be prepared to lie and say your valuables are at the hotel or somewhere else. 


Rule #6. Travel by car, if possible, rather than fly. Sadly, air travel today is by far the most toxic and the most stressful of any type of travel.  The airports are full of x-ray machines and other types of scanners, of which you may not even be aware.  You are photographed, scanned and irradiated many times, sadly, just on one trip.

Also, you breathe impure air in an airplane, often for hours, with no recourse.  Many planes are sprayed with pesticides, and any public transportation is not too clean, anyway.  Also, the electromagnetic stress of sitting next to a large jet engine for hours is quite intense.  Radar and radios on the newer planes are also much more powerful, adding more electromagnetic stress.  Many people sit and work on their laptops, adding more radiation.  Flying at high altitude adds a little more radiation, though this is not too bad.  Even just the speed is a bit stressful for most people.

If you must travel on planes, drink a lot more water.  This means you may need to use the bathroom more, but at least you will not dehydrate.  Bring your own water or ask for spring water only, and never soda pop, for example.


Rule #7. Auto travel, train or bus is best.  Traveling by car is generally best because you are on your own schedule and are not exposed to billions of germs from others.  Trains or even buses, however, can be quite leisurely, which is nice.  Train travel may return and used to be a dignified and pleasant form of transportation.




Rule #1. Your house, your room and your car should be clean.  Not spotless, but neat.  If they are not, they are telling you that your mind is not alert, organized and thinking clearly.  Observe this with your friends and even family members.


Rule #2. Keep the body clean. Bathing each day is not necessary, however, if you prefer to bath every other day.  Sadly, bathing all the time exposes you to a lot of chlorine, fluorides, toxic metals, pharmaceutical drug residues and perhaps other toxins that are in the water.  For this reason, showers are often better than baths, although baths are more relaxing, and this is good.


Rule #3. Stay out of all hot tubs and almost all swimming pools, especially public pools and hot tubs in hotels, spas, and YMCAs and other public places.  Most are contaminated with germs, and chlorine and other sanitizers cannot kill them all.  Hot tubs are terrible this way, even those of your friends, since you do not know who was in the tub before you.


Rule #4. Watch others for cleanliness, and avoid people who are unclean and ill-mannered.




Rule #1. Vote Republican or Libertarian, rather than Democrat.  In Europe, vote for the “right-wing” party rather than for a liberal or socialist party.

I know this will anger and upset many.  So let me explain.  This has everything to do with spiritual principles.  Socialists, communists, liberals and left-wing people, in general, want the government to save them and make all their decisions for them.  This is not wise, ever.  You are much smarter than most bureaucrats, and much better able to run your own life.  The citizens are best making the decisions and taking responsibility for health, education, welfare and most other things, not today’s bureaucratic and corrupt governments, anywhere.

No political system is perfect.  However, free enterprise capitalism is far better than socialism.  Anyone who speaks otherwise is living in their utopian head, unaware of the history of the Soviet Union and Nazism, or just exploiting or manipulating you.

Socialists also want government-controlled health care, an unmitigated disaster, spiritually.  People should be paying for their health care so they learn to take care of themselves.  Having the state do it for them just makes them lazier, as is seen in Canada and Europe.  Also, there is no way a bureaucrat thousands of miles away knows more about the health care you need than you do.  This is the essence of the problem.

Sending billions of tax dollars to Washington, DC or some other capital, and then having the bureaucrats steal some of it and send a little back to you in the form of “benefits” is extremely inefficient and wasteful, and almost always very corrupt.

Socialists and most democrats in America also want to outlaw gun ownership and gun use by private citizens.  This is not helpful at this time for freedom in our world.  Dictators hate guns in the hands of the people for this reason.  Guns in the people’s hands is a control on the power of the government, and it is still needed for a while.  Eventually it may not be needed, I would hope, but it is a good thing, no matter what you hear on TV.  Gun ownership by private people, especially women, saves thousands of lives and prevents thousands of rapes each year.  This does not make the news, as it is not considered politically correct by the socialist-leaning media in most cases.

Socialists and liberals often want no more oil drilling.  This is not best at this time, and is just driving up the price of energy around the world.  Many liberals and socialists are environmentalists who say the earth is dying and mankind is to blame.  Both statements are totally false.  The earth cannot be killed so easily.  In fact, there are more trees today than there were 100 years ago, and many lakes and rivers are getting cleaner, especially in the United States.  Driving your car and burning oil are not harming the climate at all.  This has been exposed as a lie, but it is a myth that is dying hard.  If CO2 rises a little, more plants will grow to balance the oxygen and CO2.  Global warming is thus also a lie.  Read the article on this website entitled Global Warming. 

These viewpoints do not entitle people to be cruel to animals, plants or anything else.  It simply means that one must respect people’s freedom first, and not go overboard saving the whales or any other species first.  Millions of people are starving in Africa and elsewhere.  This should and must be our primary humanitarian effort, not saving rats or fish somewhere.

We all want a clean environment.  However, the environmental “movement” is often a pretext for more socialism and more government control.  Those advocating often it do not hesitate to bend the truth to further their socialist goals.  Too many of them hate humanity and hate industrial progress, even though that progress is curing disease, and bringing about a much, much better world.  So do not support these people and be wise to their lies.  For more on this topic, read Yin Disease, which begins with a section on left-wing politics that is a bit shocking, but true in my experience.



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