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I. Introduction

II. Basic Differences Between Women And Men

III. Consequences Of The Basic Differences Between Women And Men

IV. Related Topics

The Rogue Agenda



There exists today a completely false and extremely pernicious teaching in the media and elsewhere that women are mostly just like men and should be treated the same. This is not true at all!

Below are the reasons why women are not like men. The reasons are divided into basic anatomical and psychological differences. This is followed by reasons that are consequences of the first set of reasons.

A critical reason for this article is that understanding the differences between men and women is a key to understanding the rogue agenda for the earth. See the section below on this topic.

We believe the information below is deliberately withheld and needs to be spread widely. Please help do this by reposting this article.


Women are smaller and weaker. Most men are significantly bigger and stronger than most women.

Female bodies contain more copper and less zinc. This is an observation first made by Dr. Eck. We believe the women should have more iodine, but both men and women are very deficient in iodine. Copper seems to be a less preferred mineral that can replace some of the iodine in certain enzyme binding sites and elsewhere. For details, read The Concept Of Preferred Minerals.

Zinc has a calming effect and is one of the “spiritual minerals”. Copper is associated with fear and more emotionality.

Slower oxidation rate. Men, in general have a faster oxidation rate than women. This gives them more energy and causes them to be slightly healthier than women, at least in this regard.

More sensitive. In general, female bodies are more sensitive to touch, sounds, and odors than are male bodies.

Sexual response. Women’s response to sexual stimulation is very different than that of men. In men, the response is largely limited to the genital area. In women, the response involves involuntary muscle contractions of the entire body.

Also, men do not easily lose control of the body during orgasms. Women easily lose control of the body when they begin to orgasm. Rapists and others use this qualities against women during sexual activity.

Also, a woman’s energy field opens up very widely when she has orgasms, which can easily be multiple and can go on for an hour or longer. This does not occur to nearly the same extent in men. The result is that woman much more easily absorb the vibration of their sexual partner than do men. This makes it easy to “attach” women, meaning to influence them mentally, using sex. Rapists and others use this against women all the time.

Also, when men orgasm, they do not give off much of a type of life energy called yin energy or dark energy. Women give off more of this energy during orgasms. Rapists and many men use this against women to steal yin energy. The sats or satans, in particular, need a lot of this energy and it is one reason they rape often. For details, read Yin Energy and The Sats of Satans.

Pregnancy. Men don’t worry about becoming pregnant. Pregnancy is always risky for one’s life, whether it is by choice, by accident or by assault (rape). Pregnancy also involves a long-term responsibility to raise a child or the need to give away a child, or possibly the choice to kill the child inside. We believe this is always somewhat traumatic for a woman, although we know some disagree. For details, read Post-Abortion Syndrome and Killing Babies. Menstruating women worry about all of this all of the time.

Often more problems with sexually transmitted diseases. The design of men’s sexual organs causes them to be much better protected from sexually-transmitted diseases than women. It is also much easier to see lesions on men’s genital organs because they are exposed. Also, in women the germs have a warm, moist, protected area in which to take hold and grow.

Less sex drive. Most men have higher levels of sex hormones than most women. It causes men to be more focused on sex during dating and at all times. Sex is a selfish, and more physical motive for dating and everything else. Women very much need to understand this difference between them and men.

The menstrual cycle. - Men don’t have a menstrual time of the month. For millions of women, this time of the month is somewhat painful and uncomfortable. Also, her emotions are less in balance and she is less able to think clearly. This can limit her happiness and activities at this time and makes life more dangerous at this time of the month.

More delicate bodies, especially the sexual organs. Women’s bodies are more delicate than those of men, especially the sexual organs. The male sex organ is very hardy. It is also exposed and knocks into things all day long. This further toughens it.

In contrast, women’s sexual organs are extremely sensitive to any touch at all. This is also true of the breasts and inner thighs.

For this reason, women are much more prone to unwanted and, at time, unintended sexual stimulation. They are also much easier to influence and control using rape, beatings and other bodily tortures.

Reduced ability to handle alcohol and drugs. Most men can tolerate more alcohol and drugs without distorting their thinking or losing consciousness than can most women. This is probably due to their faster oxidation rate. For example, men often use this to advantage during date, at parties, to lure women, and anywhere people ingest alcohol or use drugs.

Much more suffering due to the false narrative that “women are just like men”.  This is a complete lie that harms women and exposes them to horrors every day.

Less well coordinated. Men and boys generally have better muscle coordination than women.

More suffering from some Bible teachings. This is very controversial. However, we believe that two basic Bible teachings are either not quite correct or have been misinterpreted. They are: 1) that God is a man, and 2) that men should be in charge.

1. Who is God? God, the Father, is not a man. God, the Son, is a man and the word God here means an advanced being. This does not contradict any Christian teaching.

2. The sexual order. There is a concept in Christian thought called the sexual order. It suggests that the man in a family is the leader and the woman is his helper, somewhat like the Adam and Eve story.

However, this concept is not always taught and handled properly. In some families, the man pushes the woman around and that is not the concept of the sexual order. Some of those who do not teach the concept correctly are leaders, and this needs to change. For details, read The Sexual Order.

More attractive. Women’s bodies are prettier, cuter, and more attractive than those of most men.  Attractive means dangerous because one does not know what or whom one will attract. Men do not worry about this problem nearly as much as women.

Much less rape. Many more women have experienced rape. The truth about rape is not taught or well understood. It is an extremely violent, humiliating, horribly invasive and trauma-producing assault on the most delicate area of the body.

Prone to rape. Women all worry about this all of the time, even if they deny it. Even if a woman has not experienced rape, most know about it from friends and family members. As a result, almost all women are much more traumatized by rape either by direct experience or fear of it than are men.

Most men know little to nothing about the violence, beatings, anger, pain, shame, pleasure, horror and mixup of rape - unless they do it. For details, read Rape, The Rape Planet, Beatings and Healing Rape.

To make matters worse, many rapes today are carried out in a thoroughly professional, secretive and truly disgusting way by the group called on this website the rogues. Their goal is nothing less than total control of the people of the earth. They rape millions of women and some men for at least 20 purposes. For more details, read Rape and The Rogues.

Fewer beatings. Many more women than men have been beaten. The beatings occur in families, in marriages and often the worst occur during professional rapes and some molestations.

This is not well known, but it is true. When women are beaten, often they are told they must not tell anyone, ever. As a result, the truth is not widely known. The beatings add to the reasons why women are far more traumatized and damaged than are most men today. For details, read Beatings.

Women often have less money than boys and men.  In part, this is because women tend to stay at home with children and men earn the money.

More money gives men more control over many situations. For example, a boy is more likely to have a car for a date than is a girl. A man is more likely to hide money during a divorce.


Less fearful and happier. In general, men are much safer, less fearful, less traumatized and happier than most women.

This is critical for everyone to understand. It follows from the section above. There are very few, if any, exceptions. It occurs regardless of one’s age, race, size, wealth, social class, nationality or any other variable.

More safety conscious. Men are less concerned with safety and security than women. Men simply have fewer safety issues than women.

This can be positive. For example, in general, men vote much more often for liberty and freedom than women. Women tend to vote more for government welfare schemes and other socialist (big government) programs.

However, men also take more chances with their health and their life. For example, men are less likely to follow healthful diets. This is one reason women tend to live longer than men.

Women are less interested in sex with orgasm. Reasons for this include lower sex hormone levels, orgasms are more exhausting for women, and fear of rape. Other reasons are more fear of diseases, fear of pregnancy, and fear of embarrassment and humiliation.

Still other reasons are fear of loss of control, fear of death, and fear of mental and emotional mixup because a woman’s energy field opens up so much during orgasms and she picks up the man’s energy quite deeply. For all these reasons, we only suggest Down Sex for women and for men.

Dependency upon the medical profession. Younger women are much more dependent upon the medical profession to help them deliver babies. This might not seem important but it is a worry of many women because childbirth is always somewhat life-threatening for women and medical care varies in quality.

Problems with dating. Women are at much greater risk whenever they go on dates than are men. For details, read Dating.

Removing clothing. Men are more comfortable with their clothing off than women. This might not seem important, but it is very important to prevent fear and in some situations, such as dating, at parties and elsewhere.

Better informed. Boys and men are often more informed about dating and sex than are women. The reason may be that boys and men have more sex drive than women and less fear about it.

Lying. Boys and men verbally lie more easily in matters of dating and sex than do most women. This is because they have more sex drive and are usually more focused on obtaining sex than are women.

However, women lie using their bodies more than men. They do this because it is so easy to influence men with one’s hair style, dress, and gestures. We believe this is an extremely important problem for women.

Many women just think it is fun to show off or “show a little skin”. We believe it is lying and stealing, and it gets women in terrible trouble. It harms men, it harms other women, it harms marriages and families, and it harms society.

Most men are less romantic than most women. This may be due to more sex drive in men, higher zinc levels, lower copper levels, and perhaps other biochemical reasons, as well.



The information in this article is vital to understand because it is a key to the rogue agenda for the earth. This agenda includes:

- Voting out freedom and liberty and voting in socialism, which is tyranny and authoritarian government.

- Hiding the horror of professional rape from the general population, especially from men, by teaching women to keep silent and by teaching that rape is just mild sex.

- Making sure that most people in the society have multiple sexually-transmitted diseases (due to rapes and loose sex) that weaken the brain, the body, the will and more. For this to occur, women also need to be and dress and act sexy to spread the diseases around more.

- Making sure all children are born diseased and terrified by sickening and terrifying their mothers. This makes the children much weaker and makes the entire society much easier to control.

- Setting women against men. This weakens man-woman relationships, marriages, the family unit, business relationships, and much more. It is the old “divide and conquer” strategy to defeat a civilization.

- To secretly fill society with anger and hatred. They accomplish this by 1) teaching a false doctrine of the sameness of men and women and 2) by causing the passage of lax rape laws and other bad laws that do not protect women because there is not enough understanding of their needs.


Recently, the false teaching that women are just like men has become even more false and bizarre. Some now teach that gender is all societally induced, and that it is changeable – day to day and hour to hour if one wishes. We consider this quite insane, but it is now taught in some colleges and in the media.

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