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Warning. This is one of the most unusual articles on this website. IT IS NOT FOR CHILDREN. The source of information for this article is souls that call themselves Planning Souls. Dr. Wilson is able to hear some of them, but not see them.









The sats or satans are a set of hybrid creatures. Each one is composed of a human being, many tiny fine matter creatures, a large fine matter creature similar to an angel, and electronic life support technology. For details about fine matter creatures, read Bodies In Space.


They are made by the group this website calls the rogues. Other names for them are the negs, trof, and the otros. The rogues are not originally from the earth, but came here about 20,000 to 30,000 years ago and have been here ever since. It is possible they have been here much longer.

Some say they are a “disease” in space. They are definitely scavengers and seem to feed on sick and dying earth human beings, animals and plants.

Trophoblast. They are still somewhat of a mystery. Their metabolism is different than ours and is somewhat similar to a tissue found in every living creature called the trophoblast. For details about this very interesting body tissue, read The Trophoblast.

The fluid. The more converted ones steal a “life fluid”, as they call it, from some beings in space must sip on it all day long. Finding the fluid is one of the best ways to identify sats. It is similar to sexual fluid.

The fluid is sweet and tastes fairly good. They mix it with vitamins and other things and store it in tanks wherever they are and wherever they go. The tanks are built into new buildings on earth, often in very secretive and unusual ways.

Like a cancer. Their physiology resembles that of cancer cells. Cancer cells do not require oxygen and instead live on sugars.

Their behavior also resembles cancer. They are invasive, destructive, and they seem to spread or metastasize easily. For details, read The Rogues.

Terminology. The word sat and satan is theirs. It is also found in the Hebrew Bible, but not found in many other earth books. The Bible is quite vague about them and basically attributes the problems on earth to them.

Religion. The religion of the rogues is pure power and control. They do not like the Bible and Western religions or values. They work to destroy these in hundreds of ways.

Languages. The sats speak all earth languages, but between themselves they prefer to speak a form of broken Spanish that a Spanish-speaking person can usually understand.

How many. There are millions of them on earth at the time we are writing this article in February 2021. They are being cleared as fast as possible, but the rogues bring in more of them when they can.


Some people seem to be more protected against the sats than others. However, no one, so far, is fully protected.

In Christian doctrine, Jesus was fully protected because he was without sin. The rest of us are working on this but are not sinless.

The wands. The protection can take a very unusual form. Small fine-matter rods that some call wands are around some people. They seem to keep the sats away. Most people cannot see them, however, and we don’t know who puts them there. We are told that the Guide Creatures bring some of them.

Children have more of them than adults, in general. We mention this because some earth legends say that advanced beings have a “magic wand” with which they do healing. Maybe this is not just fantasy.

Be unsexy. Thinking, speaking, dressing and acting in a non-sexy way seems to give a person some protection from the rogues. They often mention this to those whom they attack. They don’t like sexy behavior or dress.

However, a contradiction is that they sometimes force people to dress in a sexy way. They also force some women to be prostitutes and are very involved in human trafficking.

Speaking up. People who speak out honestly and are not intimidated by threats are often protected from the rogues, to a degree. We don’t know why. However, the rogues prefer to attack people who are fearful, timid, and will not speak up. They are the easiest people to manipulate.

Fearing God and becoming religious. People who fear God more than they fear anything else also seem to have some protection. One does not have to go to church or synagogue. However, one must realize that we are fully dependent upon a higher power than ourselves for our very survival, and one must act accordingly.

One must be sincere and truly spiritual, not phony, wishy-washy, luke warm, or superficial about it. It must dominate your entire life and lifestyle.

At times, when the rogues beat and rape a person, the attacker recommends that the person become religious as a way to prevent further attacks. They often recommend attending Christian or Hebrew religious services. They say it improves one’s character and the people of earth need it.

We believe there has been a decline in Judeo-Christian values on earth in the past 100 years. Along with it, we think the sats are more numerous and powerful on earth. Perhaps religion and a truly spiritual life is the best solution.



Three components of the first stage of sat formation are:

1. Tiny parasites. The rogues place very small parasites inside a person. Everyone is subject to this, regardless of age, health status or anything else we know of. The parasites cannot be seen with the naked eye or our microscopes because they are made of fine matter. They put the tiny creatures inside a person through the feet and slowly fill a person with them. Some can see them, but most people cannot.

2. Implants. The rogues place tiny, nearly invisible electronic circuitry or Implants mainly in the person’s head. They can do this while a person sleeps or at other times. They are beamed in and do not require surgery.

These are connected to various brain centers and give rogue leaders some control over the person’s behavior and thoughts.

3. Beatings. The rogues brutally beat and often rape the person repeatedly. They are experts at this and do it mainly secretly. We have written about it in the Rape, Rape Planet and Beatings articles.

The effects are to deplete the person’s nutrition and introduce toxic metals into the body, especially certain forms of iron, manganese and aluminum. These are revealed on hair mineral tests, but not on most blood tests.

Soul removal and replacement. They also remove some souls from the person’s body, which causes confusion and lowered intelligence. They replace these with damaged souls who follow their orders.

Flattened sulci of the brain. The beatings weaken and damage the brain. For some reason, the sulci or ridges of the brain flatten.

Fear. Another effect of the beatings is to instill terrible fear and anger in a person.

This combination of infection with the parasites, bionic equipment inside the head, and intense emotional upset is the basic makeup of the first stage of sat formation. Millions of them are present on earth today. They are both men and women of all ages, races, religions, and cultures.

They are often in positions of power – political power, corporate directors, cultural leaders, educational leaders and more. The rogues have thoroughly infiltrated all of these areas of life, and more.


In the second stage, a human being, now filled with the tiny parasites, is joined to a large fine matter creature. We think the fine matter creature looks like a human being and is the same size. The two are literally sewn together. If one looks very carefully at their fingers, one may see evidence of sewing such as tiny holes in the skin.

At this stage, the sulci of the brain are even more flattened so the brain has an almost smooth surface. This is one way to identify them. They also smell terrible. They are usually of a normal build or heavyset. In many instances, the women, in particular, have larger, turned out and often dried lips.

They often squint and stare at your forehead, and can read your mind. Some, we believe, are very old – thousands of years old. Yet they look in their 30s or 40s at times. Some look like children and others look older. We don’t know how the rogues accomplish this. However, they definitely use an electronic form of Life Suport.

They are very strong. They seem to have very little blood and we do not know how their bodies do without it. They must have some other circulatory system that we do not understand at this time.

The cords. They all have an extremely thin wire or cord running from their head to a communication base, most of which are in space or up in the air. Some are underground or on the surface of the earth. The cord is actually a fine matter creature.

This is not the same as the silver cord that all human beings have. For details about this, read The Silver Cord.

The shield. All of them at this stage have a protective electronic forcefield or shield around them. This makes them difficult to wound or kill. This topic is discussed below under below Handling The Sats.


The second stage sats are completely psychopathic. By this we mean that they blindly follow the orders of their superiors. They have absolutely no regard for human life or any of the standard human values such as honesty, dignity, rights, decency or respect for property.

In fact, their “values” are the opposite of Biblical values and typify the extreme of the Marxist slogan, “the ends justify the means”. Not surprisingly, they love Marxism and socialism, and teach it wherever they are. We believe Mr. Karl Marx was one of them. They oppose the Bible and all notions of personal freedom in any sphere of life.

They are also completely deceitful and prefer to operate secretly. They have no trouble lying continuously and expertly. This is one of their hallmarks, in fact.


Those dictating this article know less about the later stages of sat formation. However, at one advanced stage they look like the classic drawings of the devil in human literature: they are reddish in color, they grow a tail and horns, and have a devilish look to them.


Their protection. In the first stage of sat formation, the rogues implant boxes inside the person that create an electronic force field near the skin of the person. This can block many attacks, including most bullets. This makes the sats difficult to wound or kill.

Rehabilitation. We can rehabilitate some sats that are not too far along in stage 1. It is a lot of work and takes a number of years.

At this time, we are unable to rehabilitate those that are further along, in particular those in stage 2. We have no choice but to destroy them before they take over the entire planet. So that is the official policy of the earth police who are not “converted” or have not been taken over by them.

Destroying them. Bullets do not work well, even in the head if you can get one past the force field. This requires usually a 50 caliber bullet at short range. The bone structure is also very strong and protective. You have to shoot through the eyes, nose or ears to get through with most bullets.

Bullets to the heart also don’t work well. The heart appears to be extremely protected and bullets rarely penetrate into it.

Even if bullets penetrate them, they usually do not kill them, but just wound them. We are not sure why, but it may have to do with their lack of blood and because of the fine matter creatures inside them.

When they are wounded, we have observed that they can be taken back to a special rogue facility where they are rehabilitated and put them back into action.

The best way to deal with them is to club them or tie them up firmly using wire, preferably, to immobilize them. Then burn them in a crematorium or other high-temperature furnace. They seem most vulnerable to burning. Another method is to pour gasoline in their mouth, nose or brain and light it on fire. But this must be done correctly or it does not kill them.

They have begun an effort all over the earth to get rid of all crematoria for this reason. We urge everyone to vigorously oppose this trend.

Anti-sat weapons. We are told there are special weapons that disable and can kill sats. One is an EMP or electromagnetic pulse weapon. Note: this is a dangerous weapon because it will also ruin computers and all other electronic devices. Today this includes cars, phones, radios, televisions and some appliances.

Sound-based weapons can also disable sats. We are told these are being used and will be used more in the future by police and military personnel on earth.

More exotic anti-sat weapons exist, as well. I don’t have details about them at this time and we will update this article as we learn more.

This is an introduction to the sats. We hope to write more in the future.

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