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Drastically Enhancing Nutrition

Avoiding Toxins And Detoxifying The Body

Making The Body More Yang

Increasing Etheric Energy

Releasing Traumas And Improving Attitudes



Vicious Cycles That Lead To Death

Building A Base Of Health

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Many reasons are put forth as to why some people live longer than others.  They include genetics, lifestyle, diet, luck, joy in life, and the quality and quantity of medical care.

Development science offers a more detailed understanding of how to extend life and reverse the aging process.  Basically, it involves the following:

1. Superior nutrition.  This is very specific and today requires eating a lot of cooked vegetables with each meal, among other things.

2. Toxin avoidance and reducing the toxicity of the body.

3. Making and keeping the body much more yang in macrobiotic terminology.

4. Maintaining and enhancing the amount of etheric energy in the body.  This is done with the diet, but also with lifestyle, attitudes, and the Pushing Down Exercise described on this website.

5. Releasing traumas and maintaining a positive view of life.

6. Plenty of rest and holding on to one’s sexual fluids.

Let us discuss each of these in more detail






Nutritional deficiencies are a major cause of shortened life spans on earth today. These deficiencies affect the overfed, such as many Americans, just as much as it affects those who live in undeveloped nations who do not have enough to eat. 

The worst deficiencies are often minerals.  This is due to modern agriculture, and especially the use of N-P-K or superphosphate fertilizers all over the planet.  These are growth stimulants that produce more pounds of crops, but the crops are much lower in minerals than crops grown with traditional fertilization.

Today, many crops are hybrids that are well-adapted to the NPK fertilizers, so the older plants are not even available any more.

In addition to our mineral-deficient food, many people live on processed food such as white flour and white sugar that have had the minerals stripped out of them.  In addition, digestion weakens as one ages and is worse in those who use medical drugs.  Most people have weak digestion and do not absorb much nutrition from their food.

Also, many people have bad eating habits such as eating on the run or drinking liquids with meals.  Traumas also can deplete nutrients.  Some people cannot or just do not chew well.  Others just do not eat enough for various reasons.  All this contributes to nutritional deficiencies, hastening death.

Many, if not most people around the world die of malnutrition, even if the immediate cause of death is listed as a heart attack, stroke, cancer or some other disease.   The underlying cause is often malnutrition.

The answer is not primarily vitamin and mineral pills.  Renourishing the body requires much more than this.  It requires a special diet and other methods, all applied at the same time.

A complete discussion of the ways used in development to enhance mineral nutrition is found in the article Remineralizing The Body on this site.




Aging and toxicity of the body always go together.  We live in the century of toxicity.

We are surrounded by toxic metals, toxic chemicals, radiation toxicity, electrical and electromagnetic toxicity, and biological toxins.  The latter includes viral, fungal and parasitic infections that are everywhere. For details about handling infections naturally, read Boosting Your Immunity.

One reason malnutrition and toxicity go together is that a body that is low in vital minerals will absorb more toxic metals.  This is called the concept of preferred minerals.  It is discussed in separate articles on this website and in the textbook, Development Science And Development Programs.

The development program uses at least 20 methods at the same time to remove toxic substances from the body.  In our experience, nothing less will do.

Chelation is not nearly enough, for example, and is not needed and somewhat harmful.  For details, read Toxic Metals and Chelation on this site.

Autointoxication adds to toxicity as one ages.  Autointoxication is an older medical term that refers to highly toxic substances generated inside the body.

It increases as one ages mainly because digestion weakens.  Impaired digestion always causes more of one’s food to ferment and/or putrefy, instead of digesting properly.  These processes result in the formation of cadaverine, indols, skatols, alcohol, ammonia, acetaldehyde and other toxic chemicals.  These chemicals eventually poison all the organs of the body.

            Development focuses heavily on this problem of aging using: 1) the development diet, 2) supplements such as GB-3, a powerful digestive aid, 3) coffee enemas to clean the colon and liver, and the rest of the program.




            This anti-aging concept is not understood in the Western nations.  However, in our experience, all bodies today are too yin.  This means they are cold, expanded, flaccid and often infected with yeasts, fungi, and often parasites and other infective organisms.

            As bodies age they become even more yin, until the body succumbs to death.  A key to anti-aging is to change this situation.

It is done with the diet, and by limiting the number and type of supplements.  Avoiding and removing toxins of all kinds also helps.  Avoiding medical drugs, and especially avoiding homeopathy, herbs and most electronic healing machines also helps because these all tend to be very yin.  For more details, read Yin Disease and Yin And Yang Healing.




            A basic reason everyone ages and dies is reduced etheric energy in the body.  This fact is largely unknown in Western nations.

We are born with a fixed supply of a subtle energy called ether or etheric energy.  As this runs down, the body begins to age and finally dies.

              The development program helps to:

1. Conserve the ether one is born with, sometimes called intrinsic etheric energy.

2. Absorb more etheric energy from wholesome food, air, and water that we take in.  This is sometimes called environmental etheric energy.

3. Greatly enhance the amount of etheric energy entering the body. This energy is sometimes called new etheric energy.  The most powerful way to do this is to do the Pulling Down Mental Exercise for at least two hours daily, and preferably more.  For details on this subject, read Etheric Energy.




The psychology of aging is a very important topic.  Many people expect that as they grow older and reach a certain age they will die, regardless of their health status.  This is an important factor for millions of people around the world.

Here are some reasons why people “choose” to die as they get older:

1. One’s father or mother died or became very ill at this age, so one can “expect” the same fate.

2. Doctors subtly inform people who are over the age of 50 or 60 that there is really little to be done about their health problems because, after all, they are close to death.  I call this Medical Disease.

3. In a time of rapid technological change, some older people feel left behind and out of touch with new technologies such as computers, video games or devices like cell phones and I-pads.

They falsely believe that young people are smarter than they are because they know how to use the new technologies.  This also contributes to a death wish in some older people.

4. As one ages, some are less capable of working.  Such people may feel like a burden to their family and to society.  Even the government may subtly inform the people that at certain age they should “get out of the way” to make room for the younger generation.

5. As one ages, friends and family members die off.  This makes most people feel lonely, and often helps one decide that it is time for death for oneself, as well.

6. A person who is older may not like all the changes in society that have occurred during their lifetime, even if some are for the better.  This can contribute to depression and hasten death.

7. Many older people cannot “have as much fun” as when they were young.  They may have more difficulty staying up late, partying, drinking alcohol, running around, having sex, looking sexy, traveling, and more.  This makes some people want to just give up their life.

8. Many people who retire from work do not live long afterwards because they lack meaningful work, and other benefits of work such as earning money, social interaction and keeping a regular schedule.




Other critical factors for life extension include plenty of rest.  This is required for development and for repair of the body.

Another important factor is to keep your sexual fluid.  This can be done fairly easily by limiting ordinary sex and, if you wish, by doing Down Sex instead of ordinary sex.


Together, the above leads to development.  This is the growth of the Subtle Energy Centers and the Merkaba of a human being.  It is somewhat esoteric, but true and leads to a longer lifespan.  For more details, read Introduction To Development.






Vicious cycles are downward spirals, in essence, that unbalance the body until it can no longer function.  This is a very useful model with which to examine and understand aging.  Here are some examples:


1. Lack of joy. As people age, they usually do less, look worse, feel worse, have more bodily symptoms, and are therefore less happy and joyful.  This tends to predispose them to more problems, which lessens their joy further in a vicious cycle.


2. Medical interventions, especially drugs.  Some medical interventions such as emergency surgery extend life.  However, the mass drugging of the people today often sets up a vicious cycle that hastens death.  Instead of addressing the true causes of disease, which are often related to the diet and lifestyle, doctors prescribe toxic drugs.

These may help relieve symptoms.  However, they poison the liver and kidneys, and often have other adverse effects.  One may not recognize these, but they always occur to some degree when poisons are put in the body.

The drugs reduce health, which leads to more symptoms and diseases.  Often, more drugs are given to counteract the new symptoms.  These further poison and unbalance the body.  This becomes a vicious cycle that today often shortens the lifespan.


3. Weak digestion.  A common denominator of aging is that digestion weakens.  As this occurs, the body absorbs fewer nutrients, and this further weakens digestion as the liver, pancreas and all organs related to digestion begin to function even worse.

This sets up a vicious cycle that often leads to death.  It is made worse by a common lack of hunger as one ages, low digestive enzyme production, lack of energy or desire to prepare good meals, and inability to chew properly in some cases.


4. Low body temperature.  As one ages, often the adrenal and thyroid glands, which largely maintain the body temperature, become underactive.  This lowers the body temperature a degree or two.  This, in turn, impairs the activity of the organs and glands even more.  This can lead to an even lower body temperature and can form another vicious cycle that hastens death.

Hormone replacement therapy can slow this cycle, but is not the same as healing the glands, which is the method used in development.




            Another important anti-aging concept used in development science is to build a basic level or foundation of health in order to extend life.  It is a most important concept.

It differs from what may be called symptomatic anti-aging strategies.  These focus on specific causes of aging, such as a weak heart, weak or clogged arteries, mitochondrial damage, preventing or treating diabetes and cancer, and other approaches.

            In contrast, building a foundation of health focuses on the whole body system.  It includes eliminating latent or sub-clinical diseases, for example, such as hidden aneurisms, hidden liver and kidney toxicity, and more.  This is much more preventive in nature.

It also requires very superior nutrition, continuous detoxification with coffee enemas, red heat lamp therapy, and the rest of the development program.




An excellent start on a life extension program is to do everything that is suggested in the article on this website entitled The Healing Lifestyle.  Here is the link to this article: LIFESTYLE.htm.



1. Do not add other products to this program.  Adding other vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics, hormones, drugs or anything else slows your progress and often ruins the program completely.

2. Do as much of the program as you can.  Anything is better than doing nothing.

3. This “free” program above is a good start.  However, it is best to embark on a complete development program.  To do this, contact one of the practitioners on the Approved Helper List.  These are the only practitioners I suggest!  I set up their programs.  They will oversee and guide your life extension program with you.



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