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              A primary goal of every development program is to replace missing vital minerals in our bodies.  Everyone today is low in these important nutrients.

Most everyone has mineral starvation, no matter how many calories or how much protein or other food one eats.  This is due primarily to modern N-P-K agriculture, which is the use of superphosphate fertilizers and associated changes in agriculture that occurred in the past 80 years around the world.  For details about this, read Organic Agriculture.

Replenishing minerals is not that easy.  Medical books say that to just replenish one mineral can take 9-12 months.  We seek to replenish at least 25 minerals, so this is an involved process.

However, there are ways to speed up the process.  Some may sound unusual, but they work.  This is the subject matter of this article.

The article is divided into:

I. Remineralization concepts.

II. Specific steps to implement each concept or principle.




            Remineralizing a body quickly requires much more than just supplying the body with plenty of minerals.  Here are the remineralization concepts used with a development program:


1. Provide the correct minerals.


2. Improve digestion so minerals will be absorbed and utilized better.


3. Help the body conserve the minerals it has.


4. Balance the autonomic nervous system.


5. Increase adaptive energy production.


6. Remove the need for adaptation.


7. Improve biological transmutation.


8. Improve hydration, oxygenation and circulation.


9. Eliminate intestinal infections and parasites.


10. Use placeholders.


11. Move The Body Toward A More Yang State


12. With all the following, always keep the body in a balanced oxidation state with a balanced sodium/potassium ratio for maximum healing power.


13. Take care of other problems, as needed, such as structural blockages or dental problems.






              All of our food today is lower in minerals than it was 100 years ago.  This is due to modern agriculture and the “green revolution”.  Obtaining enough minerals from the food is thus difficult, even if one is very careful about the diet.  We are acutely aware of this problem, which is why remineralizing the body is so important today.

            Methods used to provide enough minerals are:


1. Lots of cooked vegetables.  Food contains forms of minerals that are not easily available from pills and powders.  The program focuses on the diet.

Cooked vegetables are important because Minerals are not absorbed nearly as well from raw vegetables and raw grains.

2. Some meat and whole grains.  These also supply needed minerals.

3. Some dairy and beans, but not too much because they are yin and low etheric.

4. Whole foods.  Minerals are generally removed from processed and refined foods.

5. Organically grown food, if possible.  In a number of studies, organically grown food contains more minerals than commercially grown produce and other crops.

6. Drink mineralized water (either spring water or carbon-only filtered tap water.  Also, one must drink 2-3 quarts daily.

7. Sea salt, used liberally.  Table salt has had most of its minerals removed.

8. 10-12 ounces of carrot juice daily or one-two ounces of wheat grass juice daily – and no other juices.  These also help supply needed minerals.

9. Supplements of 4000 mg of kelp daily.  This is very important, as it contains a lot of iodine, a mineral everyone needs today due to the presence of iodine antagonists in the environment.  It also supplies many other minerals in an easy-to-use form.

Kelp contains some mercury and other toxic metals.  However, it also contains a lot of alginates, which bind and prevent the absorption of most toxic metals in the kelp.

10. Supplements of chelated calcium, magnesium and zinc.  These are placeholders, but very needed for most everyone due to low levels in the food or soil.

11. At times, other chelated mineral supplements.

12. NO colloidal minerals, fulvic minerals or humic minerals, all of which contain too many toxic metals.  Also, we formerly suggested using bone broth.  However, this, too, was found to contain too much lead.

Trace minerals from the sea and fruit or fruit juices do not contain the right balance of minerals.   Distilled and reverse osmosis water are devoid of minerals.  Chemicalized food, refined food, fast food and other lower quality food is generally much lower in minerals.




            Most people have weak digestion today.  Restoring excellent digestion is an important goal of all development programs, and requires a number of years, in most cases.

              This is done with:

1. A diet of easy to digest foods.

2. Very simple food combinations.

3. A powerful digestive aid with all meals.

4. Probiotic foods – but only a little yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, and miso.  Only a little because they are all yin, and no others because others contain aldehydes or other toxins.

5. Healthy lifestyle, with plenty of rest and low stress.

6. Healthful eating habits.

7. Use of a red heat lamp or better, a red heat lamp sauna.  The light needs to shine  on the abdomen daily.

8. Coffee enemas.  These help greatly to restore the liver and colon.

9. Restoring all the digestive organs.   This requires every aspect of a development program – the diet, lifestyle, supplements and the procedures.

10. Avoid anything that interferes with digestion.  This includes:

- Food Additives

- Toxins found naturally in some foods such as most herbs, nuts, seeds, sprouts, spirulina, chlorella, nightshade vegetables.

- Toxins in medical drugs and over-the-counter items

- All smoothies, shakes, and juices except for some carrot juice or wheat grass juice taken alone, not with meals.  The reason is that smoothies are usually very bad food combinations, are too yin, and contain liquid which always interferes with digestion of food.

- Avoid eating when upset, and eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and eat very simple food combinations.




            This is also very important.  It is done by:


1. Reduce all stress on the body.  Important ways to do this are:

- Lifestyle – such as getting enough rest, and not too much exercise. 

- Maintain healthy emotions and thoughts.

- Eat a low-stress diet, which is the type of diet we recommend.

- Balance the oxidation rate and the sodium/potassium ratio.

- Drink enough of the right kind of water, and avoid stimulants.


2. Restore the kidneys.  Some people excrete minerals if the kidneys are weak.  A development program will slowly restore the kidneys.



- Chelation therapy.  This may remove some toxic metals.  However, it also often removes some vital minerals.

- Giving blood.  One loses a lot of minerals when giving blood.  For hemochromatosis and iron overload, giving blood is not needed if one follows a development program.




            This is very important to remineralize the body.  The reason is that digestion and absorption of nutrients require activation of the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system. 

Many people live in a condition we call sympathetic dominance.  This means they overuse the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system.  This inhibits the parasympathetic branch because the two branches are antagonistic.

As a result, digestion is weak, and will remain weak, no matter what is done to the digestive organs.  The digestive system simply does not receive enough nerve energy or vital force because the body’s energy is directed to the brain and the muscles – and away from the digestive organs - by the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system.  For more on this important subject, please read  Sympathetic Dominance on this website.

The ways we balance the autonomic nervous system are:


1. Proper diet with loads of cooked vegetables and no fruit or sugars.

2. Proper supplementation that relaxes the nervous system and nourishes the parasympathetic system.

3. A healthy lifestyle with plenty of rest and going to bed early.

4. Not too much exercise.  Exercise powerfully stimulates the sympathetic nervous system.

5. Daily use of the red heat lamp sauna.  This powerfully shuts down the sympathetic nervous system in a number of ways.

6. The pushing down exercise.  This is very balancing for the body and brain.




              Our bodies are energy-producing machines.  Without enough energy, nothing much happens in the body.

One can eat enough minerals, fix the digestive system, fix the autonomic nervous system, and eliminate toxin exposure.  However, if one’s energy level is low, remineralizing the body will occur slowly, or not at all. 

The car analogy.  An analogy is that our bodies are like a modern automobile that has power steering, power brakes, power windows and power door locks.  If anything happens to the power, you are in trouble! 

A friend had this happen.  He had to leave his fancy car by the roadside with the doors unlocked and the windows open because the car’s power went down.

            Improving the adaptive energy level of the body is not the same as giving a person lots of energy to run around.  You can do that with drugs. 

Restoring adaptive energy is more subtle.  It requires:

- Balancing the oxidation rate on a hair analysis that is properly performed and interpreted.

- Balancing the sodium/potassium ratio.

- Make the body much more yang.

- Restore the energy pathways of the body.  To learn more about this, please read Increasing Energy on this website.




              This may seem unusual as a way to remineralize the body.  However, it is essential.  Here is how to understand this idea.

The body holds on to certain toxic metals and/or toxic forms of minerals because it must have them to keep the sodium level and adrenal activity adequate.  This was a research finding of Dr. Paul Eck, who taught me this science.

            Therefore, in order to eliminate these toxic metals, and replace them with the vital alkaline reserve minerals, one must eliminate the body’s need for the adaptation of holding on to the toxic metals. 

One can supply minerals, improve digestion, and fix the autonomic nervous system, and all that is good.  However, to release certain metals, one must also get rid of the need for adaptation.  Once one does this, the toxic elements release quite easily.  The way this is done in development is:

- supplements that support adrenal activity and the sodium/potassium ratio.

- a healthful lifestyle with plenty of rest and sleep.




              This is another unusual measure.  However, human beings can transmute some minerals or elements into other elements.  This can be very helpful to remineralize the body.  Development programs help restore this ability of the body.

            In order to do so, the program does the following:

- Supply certain minerals that will be transformed.

- Increase the adaptive energy or vitality of the body.

- Restore the digestive system, especially the intestinal flora, sometimes called the microbiome.


            When all this is done properly, biological transmutation begins to occur more rapidly and thoroughly.  For much more on this subject, please read Biological Transmutation on this website.




              This is also needed for remineralization. The blood must circulate well to carry the new minerals to where they belong, and to remove toxic metals and other toxins that are in the way.  Excellent hydration and circulation are thus essential.  These are weak in most people.

            The way they are improved with a development program include:

- The proper type and amount of drinking water.

- Some exercise, preferably daily.

- Use of a near infrared lamp sauna daily.

- Foot reflexology daily.

- The Pulling Down Exercise.




            These often occur in the intestinal tract and can impair digestion and absorption of nutrients.  These infections are different from having incorrect flora in the intestines.

These infections can be viral, for example, such as chronic hepatitis.  They may affect any of the organs and tissues of the digestive tract.

Parasites are quite common, especially liver flukes.  They can affect the absorption of nutrients depending upon which one(s) are present, and how severe is the infestation.

Fortunately, a complete development program slowly gets rid of all intestinal infections, and all parasites.  No anti-parasitic or anti-infective herbs or other products are needed.  Most doctors cannot believe this, but it does occur for the following reasons:.

1. The more yang diet does not support infections and parasites.

2. GB-3, which contains ox bile and pancreatin, has an anti-parasitic effect.

3. Red heat lamp therapy has a beneficial effect.

4. Coffee enemas are excellent to help rid the colon and the entire digestive tract of infection and parasites.

5. Balancing the oxidation rate, the sodium/potassium ratio, and making the entire body more yang have powerful healing effects.




            The placeholder concept is that one can give supplements that are not the perfect mineral, but they are good enough that they “hold a place” in the body until the body can obtain the proper mineral compounds.

            For example, we use chelated calcium, magnesium, zinc and sometimes other chelated minerals such as manganese and copper.  

I don’t believe these are the ideal mineral compounds for the body.  However, they seem able to correct the mineral balance and therefore they allow the body to heal at deep levels.  Over time, the body will obtain the proper mineral compounds from the diet, and these will be substituted for the “placeholder minerals”.

An analogy is building a scaffolding around a building while it is being erected.  Once the building is complete, the scaffolding is no longer needed, and is removed.




Yang means warmer and more compact.  Making the digestive tract more yang helps get rid of “cold” infections, which include many intestinal infections and parasitic infections.

Moving the body toward a more yang state is also necessary to heal some cases of “leaky gut”. This is the common condition in which partially digested food or other chemicals are absorbed into the body through the intestinal wall.  This is a common cause of food allergies, fatigue, and other symptoms.

A leaky gut can be due to infection, inflammation or other problems with the intestine.  An important cause, however, is a yin or expanded condition of the intestinal tract.  It means there are too many spaces or openings in the intestinal lining through which chemicals and other foreign proteins can be absorbed.




As all of the above proceed, they must be done in a way so as to keep the oxidation rate and sodium/potassium ratio balanced.  Otherwise, the healing energy or adaptive energy of the body decline and remineralization slows.




For example:

- We recommend chiropractic care for everyone because keeping the spine limber is important for proper digestion.

- Dental problems need to be solved if they interfere with chewing.  Root canal-filled teeth should all be removed because most are infected with deadly germs.


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