by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            This article is about a general method the body and brain use to enhance survival called layering.  Layering is a natural defense process that consists of armoring the body in various ways.  In response to stress, basically, the body builds up layers of tissue around the bones in an attempt to insulate or isolate the body from further stress.

            Unfortunately, there is a price in one’s health and one’s sanity by doing this, but the body prefers to survive with its armor than die from the stress, at least most of the time.  It is like walking around all the time wearing a heavy suit of armor that impairs your senses, your thinking, and your motion.  This is a crude analogy, however, because the effects can be much more subtle and horrible.

            Just a few of these health effects are reduced strength and stamina, low energy, depression, cloudy thinking, impaired motion of the spine, and others.

A more exotic effect of some layering is called the Stockholm Syndrome, described in a separate article on this site.  In this syndrome, the mind of a tortured victim twists the situation around and begins to think that evil is good, while good people are bad.  It does this as a defense mechanism because this shift in their perception reduces stress on one who is being tortured in some way.

However, this is just one example of how layering may affect the brain and body.

In some cases, layering is a rather random process or apparently so.  Parents, teachers or others put pressure on babies and children, and the young respond by layering or armoring themselves for protection.

In other cases, such as brainwashing, layering is the goal and it is done very carefully and consciously and often diabolically.  That is, it is designed to convert a normal person into what is called an operative or a slave.  Those who do it keep it a secret, although there are books on the basic principles and basic techniques, which can be quite amazing and involved.  Let us discuss these two ways layering occurs.




 First I will mention random ways that the body manifests layering when it occurs randomly in childhood, often.  Most young people have some of this today due to stress and poor nutrition, which weakens the system:


1. Muscle tension.  Boys use this method more than girls, perhaps because boys and men are more muscular to begin with.   This method causes tight muscles and often bad posture.  It also causes the blood flow to be squeezed away, which causes serious diseases, at times.  These include thyroid problems from neck tension, abdominal cramps from abdominal tension, and so on.  

2. Adhesions. These are of many types, and discussed below in more detail.  The concept is important, however, because it means making the tissues sticky in some way so they bind together in abnormal ways, breaking the normal cohesion and slippery or more flexible nature of the tissues of the body.

3. Sclerosis or scarring.  This is also seen commonly.  It is the result of injury, in some cases, or the body can cause it without specific injuries.  Sclerosis is a general fibrosing or scarring phenomenon that occurs with some diseases in response to weakness in the area, or for some other reason.

There are sclerotic diseases, but this is somewhat different than multiple scleroisis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, scleroderma and other neuro-muscular or connective tissue diseases.  Instead, I am speaking of a general scarred sort of appearance of the body that is a type of stress response.

4. Infections. Certain types cause layering in the body.  Most are viruses, but some are bacteria that cause a type of sclerosis or hardening of the tissues.  These also cause disease and interfere with the flow of nutrients.  These infections may be caused by stress, or the body may respond to some stressors by contracting certain infections that effectively ‘harden’ the body.

5. Parasites. Certain types, namely round worms, secrete substances that harden some of the tissues.

6. Calcium shells.  This is basically a type of calcification that is harmful in the extreme, but it strengthens, binds up, protects and numbs the tissues to help them survive, in some cases.

7. Copper accumulation.  Imbalance with this mineral, in particular, interferes with connective tissue strength and flexibility and has other layering effects in the brain, female organs, and throughout the body.  See the Copper Toxicity Syndrome article for much more on this common layering agent.

8. Extreme sympathetic dominance.  This is an autonomic nervous system imbalance that is quite common.  It sets up a separate will that pushes a person in certain directions, often to try to save their life and/or dignity, and to move them forward spiritually and in other ways.

9. Cadmium and certain other toxins.  These  literally harden various tissues of the body.  Cadmium is a hard mineral used in the metal plating industry, just for this reason.  However, it can also displace zinc, which causes hardening.  It has other effects on the mind, where it causes a person to have violent and even murderous thoughts.

Some lead, arsenic, and aluminum compounds also act in this way.  Minerals like manganese, in toxic forms such as Mn +6 found in our auto fuel or gasoline, does this and is widely used in the United States as a poison of the people.  Even lithium, a mineral thought to be very helpful for the brain, can harden the body when used in a toxic form.  I just read that Arrowhead Water Company adds lithium to some of its bottled water.  One could call and ask if this is so, as it is quite bizarre.

Women may use toxic metals more than men to layer themselves.  Perhaps this is because women, in general, are a little more toxic with copper and even cadmium, and lower in zinc and selenium, which are protective. 

10. Mental dullness.  This may not seem like a form of hardening, but it is.  Mental hardening is helpful, especially for women and children.  They do not understand the stupidity and cruelty of adults who abuse them and vampirize them incessantly, until many ‘crack’ and just give up, which is the goal of brainwashing and horror.  Toxic metals accumulate in the brain, usually, or certain nutrients are used up or “burned out” of the brain due to stress, and this leads to mental dullness, apathy, cynicism, neuroses and even psychosis.

11. Certain types of learning or training.  The military “harden” all its recruits, to prepare them for battle.  It does this in a planned way that mainly works, but sometimes it backfires and a man lashes out and kills others, or commits suicide because he cannot take it.  This is one of the drawbacks to layering and one of its problems.  That is, it can damage the body, especially the nervous system or digestion, perhaps, and this can have catastrophic results, at times.

The military, in the USA and elsewhere, is ridiculed today by our media and others who do not like the country.  In fact, it is one of the most spiritual forces in modern society. It is not like the military of the Roman empire or others that were cruel, that raped and pillaged and burned whole towns and cities.

Today’s US military, in particular, is among the most well-behaved and peace-loving forces on earth.  They must be prepared for anything, but they do not use force indiscriminately and they build roads, bridges and schools more than all the “infrastructure projects” combined in some poor nations.

Stop hating the military if you are smart.  Without them, we would be overwhelmed by negative forces, such as the communists, in a few weeks.  That is a stern warning to the liberals and others who don’t like the military.  Anyone who wants to limit or disarm America or other Western powers is not your friend.  The same is true of the gun control advocates.  They are enemies – all of them.  As with our money, guns are much safer in the hands of the people than in the hands of the government, in most cases.


            These are some of the major ways layering occurs or manifests in the body and brain.  It occurs in most children today to survive.  It is worse or more is necessary, usually, if the child is malnourished, as are almost all children on earth.  Unfortunately, it makes them stupider and clumsier, and these are signs of brainwashing, as some people know.




Brainwashing works, in large part, by creating layers of insulation and isolation inside a person’s brain.  Brainwashers use this to create basically a schizophrenic or schizoid state that can make a person do things he or she would never ordinarily do such as murder or rape another.  It also can be used to make another think in ways they would not ordinarily think, such as adoring communism, which is just a new name for the old might-makes-right system of control over others. 

Brainwashers are adept at finding ways to stress a person that cause these effects.  The methods include beating, raping, humiliating, starving, and other methods of torture.  It is just the same as some of what children have to contend with, but on a much harsher level so it will produce results faster.

Raping, for example, is used commonly, especially upon women.  It “hardens” a woman, increasing her cadmium and lead levels as these are found in most men’s sperm.  Even if a condom is worn, it disrupts her delicate system in a way that hardens her as a whore and a filthy lady.  Once the armor is in place the person cannot think clearly and the brainwashers can easily inseminate or fertilize her with new thoughts and tactics, and often murderous ideas, communist ideology, etc.  She will carry this knowledge and attitude in this layer of her body and brain, and it influences her for the rest of this lifetime unless she is deprogrammed somehow.

            The men are often beaten around the groin, and penis-whipped, and it does the same thing.  Some are raped in the behind (sodomized – from the bible story) and this works well, too.  It is so horrible it sets up a layering in the brain and this, works, too, to separate the person from reality, allowing the rogues to play their tricks on us because it makes their subjects or operatives do things that are cruel and destructive that no human being would normally do to another human being, even under pressure.

In this sense, layering is different from putting another under unbelievable pressure.  Brainwashing is truly a schizophenic act and process that separates a person from reality - through the process called layering that is the subject of this article.  Please understand that the communists among us understand everything in this article perfectly.  They understand biochemistry, food science, mental science and much more.  And they are after your soul, your mind and your body. 

In Christian terms, they are the devil incarnate and please do not be afraid of this concept or think it is old-fashioned.  It is not.  This is the tribulation period spoken of, and they don’t want you know it, or you might step up, let go of your television remote control and do something about it, starting with yourselves and your families.




            Many methods are needed.  Nutritional balancing works by undoing layers.  This is a great secret of this healing method.  I will explain just a little in this short article, which will be extended in the future.

            Other methods of healing, including “modern” medical care, holistic care, naturopathy or even just chiropractic alone – do not work for this purpose.  Please understand this well.  It is not a criticism of these methods, which may have their place.  But they don’t work to unlayer a person because they are not powerful enough.

            Here is how nutritional balancing does what it does, in part.  I say, in part, because we are still learning how it works:


1. The supplements and diet are needed to renourish the tissues so they can separate properly.  Otherwise copper occupies too many connective tissue binding sites and causes and continues the sclerosis and adhesions.


2. The nutrients are also needed to fend off infections of all sorts that are hardening the tissues.


3. Calcium and magnesium are for the muscles and the tension in them that is often intense.


4. Sauna is for circulation and hydration and oxygenation needed to undo some layers.  The light rays, in particular, also help unlayer a person.  Other types of saunas do not work nearly as well.  The brainwashing deprogrammers know this and they all use it.  Start using the rays today, please, everyone.


5. The coffee enema is superb.  That is all I can say about it, no matter how odd it sounds.  Coffee is a unique herb that can seek out and repair damage throughout the body, not just in the colon or liver or small intestine.  Please view the diagram of the colonic reflex system, as it is real.  Please use the coffee enema daily, or you won’t get fully well.


6. Removing toxins, of course, is needed at the deepest level.  Balancing the mineral levels and ratios and oxidation rate allow the body to go very deep with this.  Chelation won’t do it, nor will just saunas, or just colon hydrotherapy, or herbs, or baths, or clay, or other methods.  This is not a critique of these methods, but we’ve tried them.  So stop trying them again and again, wasting your time and often making yourself worse in the process.  All the methods work a little, but not enough to delayer the body even if your cancer goes away or you feel wonderful.


7. Limiting sexual intercourse if it results in orgasms and particularly if it results in fluid loss, men in particular.  This is important and of course the rapists and brainwashers know all about it.  They know that sexual fluid is special and if you waste it, or remove it from the body through rape, mainly, you permanently weaken the person.  So stop wasting your fluids.  Rub them back on the body if you lose them, at least, men in particular.  Women can often reabsorb some in the vagina, and even some on the bed sheets, in some cases, but men must work at reabsorbing some.  Best to limit all sexual activity at this time, sorry to say.  No fun - I know.


8. Use of animals, especially dogs.  These animals will help heal the body at deep layers, as will others such as horses.  This is not new and is well known among those who treat troubled and autistic children, for example, and even among the military people who have used mascots for millennia, knowing they help the men recover from battle fatigue or “shell shock” as they used to call post traumatic stress disorder.

This will be mentioned more on this website as we learn how and why it works so well.  Meanwhile, get a dog and you must feed the dog cooked meat and plenty of cooked vegetables – never feed dog food, please, unless you want a nutritionally crippled dog.  See the dog article for more information.


9. The Roy Masters mental exercise.  This is perhaps the most powerful of all methods used in nutritional balancing, but most people skip it.  They figure it is not needed, or they will just pray a lot, or they prefer other mental or concentration exercises such as meditations, affirmations, prayers to God or Jesus, and so on.  They are not the same.  This is not a criticism of them, as all have a place.  But they do not do the same thing. 

The Roy exercise, especially with my subtle modification, is more powerful and you need powerful today or you may not make it.  The modification is to focus on moving subtle energy downward – bring heaven to earth and not the other way around, or bring thy will to earth.

This is the most powerful way to undo certain tensions in the spine and muscles, for example, though it is very slow, unfortunately. 


10. Making the body more yang is a wonderful technique that literally squeezes the poisons and many infections from the tissues.  It is necessary to add this  feature or the Paul Eck programs from Analytical Research Labs and anyone else’s lab won’t work nearly as well.  The bodies are all too yin due to ionizing radiation exposure, toxic metal poisoning and toxic chemical exposure, as well.

Yin, as used here, is the best word to describe a condition in the bodies characterized by entropy and disintegration.  It is not quite the same as the Chinese medicine definition, so please be careful, as some want to analyze it and take herbs and certain other vitamins and substances, and they defeat themselves.  All supplements and herbs are yin, so be very careful of all of them, even the best Tibetan, Chinese, European and Ayurvedic herbs.  To read more about this topic, please read Yin Disease on this website.


11. Balancing the mineral ratios and the hormones, in particular, which occurs as a consequence, helps balance layers involved with these.  This is particularly important for women, whose hormones, today, are often low and out of balance with too much estrogen, for example. 

Do not take estrogen-lowering drugs or foods or supplements, however, such as soy, which many people do and this causes worse problems.  The program must be integrated or yang, and soy is very yin.  Try not to second guess everything, as it has been worked out over years and you are not likely to improve it, although now and then someone comes up with a new helper such as TMG (trimethylglycine), a recent addition to all the nutritional balancing programs that is wonderful, so far, but still being researched looking for problems.

It appears that our modern poisons particularly attack the methylation process and TMG neutralizes this attack, though one must take it daily for a few years until the body recovers its ability to methylate.


12. Carrot juice.  But not much juice, please!  Carrots seem like another special food today, though I don’t know all the reasons why.  They are helpful for dogs and horses, too, for some reason. They must contain a very bioavailable form of calcium, or something else that is greatly needed today. 

Organically grown carrots are definitely best.  A little of the juice is very good.  Too much – more than about 12 ounces daily for adults and less for children – is not helpful, however, as it is too yin.  So have some every day or at least every other day.  You can buy it, if you don’t want to make it yourself, although fresh is best but not necessary.


13. Other special foods besides carrots.  These foods are called special in nutritional balancing science simply because they contain something we all appear to need more of.  These, so far, seem to include lamb, some chicken, eggs soft cooked, sardines, blue corn, and perhaps arrowroot, mustard, ginger, garlic, onions, and the root vegetables and cruciferous vegetables, in general, and the greens.

Those foods to avoid are fruits – all of them – including vegetables that are really fruits such as squashes, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, okra, eggplant and all that contain seeds.  I know this is hard on many people.  These are more yin and don’t work as well.  For one thing, they all take up the toxic potassium found today in the N-P-K or superphosphate fertilizers that today blanket the earth and are not that good.

The brainwashers know all about this and they insist their rape victims eat some fruit daily, as it keeps them weak and yin and unable to break their layering.  The evil vegetarians also know this, and suggest eating lots of fruit, too, in most cases.  Stay away from all vegetarian and raw food diet if you want to heal!


14. Avoiding all toxins as much as possible.  This is difficult and painful in some cases, but necessary and not really that difficult if it becomes a habit.  Bring your spring water with you to work and to play.  Wear natural fiber clothing, mainly, and skip the pesticides, medical drugs, over-the-counter remedies, nail polish, chemical hair dyes and hair sprays, fancy smelly shampoos, soaps, lotions, anti-perspirants, and other poisons people regularly slather all over the body.  Eat organically grown food whenever possible, do not overeat, and keep toxic carpets and other toxic products out of your homes and work places.  It is not difficult as there are plenty of tricks and plenty of natural products that are not costly today.  See the Toxic Metals, Toxic Chemicals and others articles on this site for more information.


15. Foot reflexology.  This is one of the shortcut methods that most people don’t want to bother with, even though it feels good most of the time.  Please do it on each other – families, husbands, wives, children.  Also, please do it to your friends. 

Just do it for five or ten minutes at a time, usually.  I overdid it early on and it stopped working, but it is valid, as are the slippers and insoles you can buy that have little rubber projections on them that tickle the reflex points whenever you walk.  This is also why walking and even running (not recommended at all!) are helpful for many people.  They massage the feet correctly.  Much more can be said about this quite amazing methods.  For more, read Reflexology on this site.


16. Spinal twist and/or quality chiropractic care.  Keeping the spine loose, as all chiropractors and real osteopaths know, is a key to life.  The spine holds the spinal nerves in place, and if even one is pinched, nerve energy to that organ or space in the body is cut down and life cannot progress normally.  The nerves are critical, in other words, and keeping the spine limber and flexible is essential. 

            The brainwashers and thugs know this, too.  So when they rape professionally, they usually bend the head back and twist it to damage the spine in ways they have learned thoroughly.  This blocks the flow of nerve energy and other energies called etheric, and this cuts down the life force of the person, causes brain fog and other problems for her, usually, and moves their brainwashing layering process forward much faster.  This is why many who are raped or beaten have headaches and neck aches, and many cannot think well afterwards, and many know that something was done to their necks and spines.  It was!

            By the way, raping someone always twists up the spine, often to such a degree that most chiropractors don’t want to even touch it, and even if they are willing to try to help, they cannot untangle the mess.  This is the origin of the slang phrase “knocked up” the spine.  Fighting, beating, even just chasing after a person can do this.  Even emotional beatings do it, such as yelling at a child, beating the child by spanking him or her, and other stupid parental acts that damage the delicate human body, especially that of women.

            You may wonder why I focus on women.  It is mainly because they are in worse shape than men, overall.  Also, if they do not become more healthy, even more children in America and elsewhere will be born weak and susceptible to autism, attention deficit, and dozens of other serious conditions that now plague our population.  I believe this is a plan of some who favor a weakened and sick population that is easy to control. 

They are sometimes helpful, however, because they may force us to stop eating junk food, stop listening to the “health authorities” who tell us that fluoride is fine, chlorine in drinking water is good, that vaccines are necessary, and that medical drugs such as antibiotics are often needed.  None of this is true! 

In fact, natural antibiotic substances are often just as good, less costly, and much safer.  These include colloidal silver, vitamins A and C, Echinacea, astralagus, coffee enemas, and a product called Limcomin from Endomet Labs.  Please watch out for your own brainwashing on this subject.

It is important to know that doctors are threatened with loss of their licenses to practice medicine if they stray from the party line concerning drug medicine.  The licensed naturopaths and holistic medical doctors are the same – they may lose their licenses if they stray from their symptomatic correction methods and their brainwashing, sadly.  Their methods do not remove layering very well at all.


17. Deep breathing.  This, too, is part of nutritional balancing science.  It is a must for women, who don’t breathe deeply enough due to tight sexy clothing and because they don’t want their stomachs to stick out when they breathe.  Please lay down or sit comfortably, loosen your belt if it is tight, and do this at least half an hour daily.  I do it when I arise in the morning, lying in bed, and if I remember, during the day, too.  More is better in this case only.


18. Remedies.  Nutritional balancing uses a few of these such as the Budwig protocol and Cantron or Protocel in some cases.  These help eliminate cancers and infections in some people.  However, in general, all remedies damage the body, as this is the definition of a remedy.

A remedy is, by definition, a substance or procedure or action that does not involve the whole body system.  Since the body is one system, all remedies tend to upset the body.  If one uses them a lot, they always kill, even though they may produce spectacular quick-fix results.  So please be careful.

Too many people fall into the remedy trap, as I call it, thinking that there are shortcuts to real and profound healing when they are not.  Do not be guided by symptomatic improvement only, and I know this is a difficult subject to comprehend.


19. Body work like Rolfing, in particular, can be helpful.  Even deep massage is good, but Rolfing and structural integration are even better, though they are painful, costly and slow.  Some must have it or they won’t delayer or it will take decades, which we do not have.


20. The next generation.  Nutritional balancing is particular concerned about the children and the young women because we must help the babies being born to be healthier.  Prenatal care is a joke in America, and I say this with profound sadness.

Adult cows and dogs are treated better than adult young women, because farmers and dog breeders know, not think or believe, that feeding the parents correctly and giving them vitamins (not a prenatal vitamin tablet) is essential to have healthy babies.

Please stop believing the lie that prenatal care is good or adequate.  It does not even begin to approach what is needed to reverse the trend toward yin degeneration in our Western societies.

The brainwashers, of course, understand all of this perfectly.  When will you come to understand it?

For more on this, please read Prenatal Care on this website.



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