by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Table Of Contents



New Tuning In Procedure

A Personal Story




1. Receiving Guidance Is Full Of Danger

2. Everyone Receives Guidance

3. Guidance Is Discussed In The Bible

4. Poor Health Blocks Guidance

5. Guidance Can Come Into The Mind Through Wires, Wireless, Or Chemical Messengers

6. Guidance Comes From Souls



Your Future May Seem Unusual

Blocks To Guidance

Visiting Psychics, Pendulums and Ouija boards

Minerals And Guidance

The Seventh Energy Center







Guidance, for the purpose of this article, is the process of receiving information.  The source can be spoken or written words, hunches, intuition, the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost in the Catholic religion, or via radio signals that some people call mental telepathy.

Telepathy.  This is very high frequency radio.  This is a natural ability of all people.  That is, all human beings are capable of learning how to receive information this way.  Some people are born with more ability to do this than others, and as one develops, the ability increases.

Development is the growth of the aura or energy field of a person and the unfolding of the genetic potential of a human being.  The healing programs we design - but not those of other program - are designed to cause rapid development of the body. 

Development is an ancient science that is not taught much today.  For example, the Bible contains stories of developed people who had special abilities and lived long lives.  However, the Bible does not use the word development.  For details, read Introduction To Development and Introduction To The Development Program.

The aura or energy field.  Everyone has an electrical field around the body that contains a lot of information about the person.  Some people see, sense or feel this energy field very deeply.  They can “read” people this way.  This is different from receiving information by telepathy.  For more details, read The Aura.

Medium or spiritualist.  This is a person who communicates with dead people.  It is important to know that if the body dies, the souls are freed and move on to their next assignment.

If someone says they speak to the dead, they just mean they speak with one or more souls that were in that person.  We advise staying away from mediums because most are not accurate.

Discarnate souls or entities.  These are souls of a person who has died.  They can also just be souls or fine matter creatures that live on earth.

They often give people “guidance” that is false and malicious.  For details about fine matter plants and creatures, read Bodies In Space.

Receiver, channel, intuitive, seer or prophet.  This is a person who receives information telepathically.

To some degree, this includes everyone.  We just seem to know something, and don’t know why.  Some people literally hear a voice in their head, while others receive information during sleep or while sort of daydreaming.  The Hebrew Bible identifies about 16 prophets, both men and women.

Trance channel, trance medium or trance receiver.  This is a person who deliberately goes into an altered state of consciousness in order to receive information.

A well-known example of this type of receiving was that of the late Mr. Edgar Cayce of Virginia Beach Virginia, USA.  Mr. Cayce would “go to sleep” and another soul would speak through him.  Afterwards, he would return to normal waking consciousness, but did not recall what he had said.  Someone else had to inform him as to what he had said.

Native healers and shamans often use trance states to receive guidance.  Some use rather dangerous methods to induce the trance.  They include swallowing psychotropic drugs such as LSD or “magic” mushrooms, heavy breathing, drumming, high intensity sound, fasting or other deprivations.  All these methods are dangerous.  Please do not do this, as death occurs, at times, with these methods.

We suggest the opposite method: Heal and develop the body and you can learn to tune in consciously.

Conscious or fully awake receiver.  This person does not need to “go to sleep” to receive information.  Instead, he or she just relaxes and either “hears” a voice or words, or uses some other method such as muscle testing or twitching of a body part such as an ear.  By this method, he or she “tunes in” and hears or perceives the transmitted information.

This method takes more training and usually requires a more developed soul.  Some readers have asked us about it, and we recommend a complete development program to slowly unblock certain brain centers, and slowly heal the body and brain so this can be done reliably and safely.


Judeo-Christian teachings.  The Christian religion teaches about the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost, a wise source of information.  It also teaches that many messages are from the devil or Satan.  They are absolutely correct!  Many messages we receive are from lying and harmful sources.




I am told that anyone can receive guidance from God, Holy Spirit or Source at this time. However, it is not easy! There is usually interference.

I changed the recommended tuning in procedure because I noticed I am doing it differently with better results. Here is the procedure:


1. Relax. The best position is to sit down comfortably. Make sure you are not hungry, thirsty, anxious or too tired. Uncross your legs, sit up straight and take a few deep breaths.

Be sure you are following the development diet and not others. Eating fruit, for example, is enough to mix up guidance.

2. Move your attention to a point a little below your feet.

3. Imagine turning around so that you imagine you are facing your body and looking up at your body, which is now above you.

4. While keeping your attention below your feet, pull energy downward to your feet from your entire body. It may help to imagine you have a large magnet or a large vacuum cleaner below your feet that is helping you pull energy downward.

5. (Now for the new part). Do the pulling down for at least 20 seconds. You will notice that your whole body settles down and it sort of feels like the entire body is now below your feet.

6. Spin subtle energy to the right.

7. This is the position in which you ask God, the Father in Heaven, or the Holy Spirit your question. I am told that asking Jesus for guidance is not as good as asking the Father, the Radiant One, Highest Level or Absolute Truth.

8. Be as clear, simple and direct as you can about your question. Rephrase your question several times, if needed, so you are clear you are asking the right question. This is very important. If you ask the wrong question, you will often receive bad guidance.

9. After clearly asking a question, wait for an answer. It will usually take at least 5 seconds to hear an answer. If you hear an answer immediately, it is usually the negs or rogues and is not correct guidance. If you hear nothing, repeat the question and again wait to hear an answer.

10. Repeat this process a number of times, especially if it is an important matter. It is good to wait an hour or a day and then ask again to see if the answer is consistent.

At times, I repeat the question a number of times in quick succession and I make sure the answer is consistent.

11. You can ask about anything and it is good to ask questions all day long.

12. Also, pray often the Lord's Prayer because this reminds you that you want the Will of God in your life.

12. If the thugs or rogues keep interfering, consciously tell them you are going to consult their boss – God – about this matter. Explain to them that this is not defiance and you are not a defiant person. But you need to talk to the boss.

They might say you may not tune into God and that they are the boss. They may give you a headache or make you nauseous or weak.

When this occurs, I ask God anyway, though I realize this may be too scary for some people. I also ask if it is okay to tune into God and I always hear – yes!


God is a radiance or energy that is Love. God is not a person on a throne who judges you. God is an intelligent love energy and you can tune into it and receive your orders. There is much work to do for everyone on planet earth at this time!

You have to ask “Father, what would you have me do?” all day long. It is not okay to just ask the question five times a day, or even ten times a day.

For example, if you are speaking on the phone, you need ask every minute or more: “Shall I stay on the phone?”, “Am I talking about the right subject?”, “Am I giving correct information?”, “Is my tone of voice correct?” any maybe more.

You have to follow through. God might say “I need you to go here or there right now. It is not okay to say, Well, I would like to help out, but I'm busy. If you think you cannot comply with what you hear, then ask more questions.

God's instructions may be unusual. For example, you might complain to God that your brain doesn't work well and that you need your brain. But you might hear that for some work on the planet you don't need a good brain. You might even hear that if you had a good brain, you would waste more time.

This is because you don't understand that the only purpose of your brain is to carry out God's orders. So until you learn to tune in and ask what to do many times all day long every day, it is okay to not have a good brain. For details, read Turning Your Life Over To God, Becoming God's Servant, Thy Will Be Done and How God Works.


The author has been interested in guidance since around age 25.  I read stories about people who had invented items or done other work that had come to them through hunches or feelings.

I consult4r psychics, but found they are often wrong and can lead one into harmful situations. Meanwhile, I began the development program and did the pulling down procedure every day for at least two hours.  I did it for health reasons and to improve awareness.

In 2002, I was told by an acquaintance that I was ready to receive guidance directly. I did not believe this, but I allowed the man to show me some techniques, which included using my fingers get yes or no answers to questions.

I tried it and was surprised that I could get repeatable answers. However, it was and still is quite difficult to receive reliable and repeatable information.

I knew a lot about hair mineral testing, so I asked a lot of questions about this testing procedure to see if the guidance was real.  If you know a lot about a subject, ask about it a lot to see if your guidance is consistent and makes sense.

I continue to follow the development program carefully to improve my health and cause the brain to function better.


Guidance is controversial because some people associate it with New Age religion and psychics, mediums, spiritualism and “channeling entities”.  Others think it is the same as witchcraft and sorcery, but it is not.  It is simply a human ability.

In fact, we all receive guidance from friendly souls.  People give it different names such as intuition, insights, flashes, revelations, hunches and so on.  So please read this article with an open mind.



We cannot emphasize this point enough.  Too many people go to their death by listening to bad guidance.  It occurs in the most advanced or developed people, as well as millions of less developed ones.

Part of the problem is that you must be very careful about what you ask for.  For example, women often ask for a handsome sugar daddy.  Smart women know that what you should ask for is a wise, truthful, super-high-integrity and protective partner.  This is definitely less sexy but much, much better. 

Men often ask for a “cutie” – another mistake.  They, too, need a wise, truthful, high integrity and protective partner. 

Guidance is often made sexy and appealing, and many people are easy to persuade.  Those who give guidance are often up to no good and love to confuse, confound and even destroy good people.

There are plenty of false prophets, rogues, devils, and discarnate entities that provide guidance to millions of people.  They often mix some truth with falsehood in order to confuse people.  They are dangerous and often subtle.

Here are suggestions to help evaluate the veracity of guidance:

1. Ask: Is this the absolute truth, in the light of Christ alone?

You must receive a yes answer!  If you get any other answer beside yes, do not listen to the guidance as it is likely totally false and possibly very harmful.  If you do not receive any answer, that is the same as a NO answer.

Many people today do not believe in absolute truth.  We consider this a horrible lie that is now taught in most colleges, high schools and in the media.

2. Pay more attention to your physical and emotional health.  This may seem unusual.  However, our brains are physical and biochemical organs, first of all.  For them to function properly, the body and the brain must be well nourished, well-rested, well-hydrated, and well-oxygenated.  Having enough of minerals such as zinc, selenium, chromium, iodine, magnesium and others are absolutely essential for proper brain activity.

Paying attention to one’s diet, drinking water, getting plenty of sleep and other aspects of physical and mental health are most important.  Ideally, follow a complete development program.

Include the daily use of a near infrared sauna for a few years, daily coffee enemas and the Pushing Down mental exercise, as these will help heal the body, and clear the mind and the emotions so that you can think clearly.

The Pulling Down Mental Exercise.  This is an important part of the development program and absolutely needed to develop the body and to learn to receive guidance in a healthy way.  It is basically moving subtle energy from your head to your feet with your mind.  For details, read The Pulling Down Procedure.

Also, avoid very yin substances.  These include fruit, sugar, smoothies, avocado, coconut, chemicals in your food.  These slow down development and usually interfere with guidance.  For details, read Yin Disease and other articles on yin and yang on this website.

3. Be especially vigilant to avoid all alcohol or drugs. These are well known to open people to very negative guidance from discarnate entities who seek to cause mischief or just to use people “to see what will happen”.

This is real and very dangerous.  It is one reason people do crazy things when drunk or ‘high’, and it is one of the main reasons to avoid drugs and alcohol, in addition to the damage they cause to your brain and other body organs.
            Marijuana and CBD (cannabinol) is one of the drugs that can open a person to negativity and harmful guidance.  Also, habitual use of prescription and over-the-counter medications such as sleeping pills, amphetamines, Ritalin, Adderal and many others can also open one up to negative entities and negative guidance.

4. Use your logical, conscious mind to check guidance any way that you can. Do not just settle for hunches and intuitions, if possible.  If you seem to receive guidance to avoid something, check it carefully using logical methods, where possible, to check it.

If you know a lot about a subject, ask about it a lot to see if your guidance is consistent and makes sense.

Also, you might discuss the guidance with someone who is open-minded, but very grounded and logical.  Ask if there are ways it could be checked.

This is not the same as trying to “debunk” or find fault with the information.  It is simply that some types of information can be checked logically.  For example, if someone tells you that a person cheated you on a purchase, go to your records and find out if it is true.  That is all this entails.

5. Ask that the information be repeated to you. Ask again and again.  Checking guidance many times is important and worth the effort.  Be sure you are not distracted, tired, hungry or otherwise out of sorts when information presents itself.  Asking for repetition many times can help prevent this problem.  And each time ask if it is the absolute truth, all in the light of Christ alone, as explained above.

6. Ask for the source of the guidance.  Always do this!  If it is not from God or Christ, reject it immediately and do not try again for a while.  And make sure that the next time you ask for guidance, you are well-rested, well-hydrated, well-fed and relaxed.  

7. If the information seems safe and passes all the tests above, only then should you even consider following the advice.

However, first ask yourself what is the worst that could happen if the advice is wrong, and decide if you can live with it.

In other words, do not do anything or try anything that could harm you or another person.  For example, do not spend a lot of money and do not go to a party or on a date with anyone you have not checked out carefully.

Another example.  Let us say you dream that you need to speak to a friend about her marriage.  Before acting on the dream, we suggest asking to have the same information repeated to you and waiting a few days.  Also ask in prayer if the dream is the absolute truth in the light of Christ alone, and if it is important.

Only if it passes these tests should you tell your friend you had a dream and thought you should mention it to her.

On the other hand, if one has a dream or is told to bet all of one’s money on a particular lottery ticket, this is much less logical.  Be very careful about doing anything about it, since it could just be a desire on the part of your unconscious, or it could be a mischievous entity.

You could test it by betting one dollar or even less, and see what happens.  However, true guidance should be logical and sensible.  Lottery tickets are not a good way to spend money!  To help you evaluate guidance, read How To Evaluate Advice To Make The Wisest Decisions.




This is the truth.  Many people say they get hunches, intuition, insights, flashes, dream messages, or “gut feelings”.  Some are more accurate than others.

The souls inside our bodies always try to communicate with us.  For an important example of this, read The Planning Souls.

Also, everyone receives guidance from a set of fine matter creatures that are around the body.  For details, read Controller Creatures and Other Guides.




A sick brain does not receive messages very well.  It is like a radio receiver with damaged transistors.  That is how most people’s brains are today!

Nutrition is the single most important need of most people.  Improving the brain’s receiving ability, or ability to tune in, is a major reason that we suggest following the development program in order to receive accurate guidance.  It emphasizes eating an excellent diet rich in well-cooked vegetables.  Just taking nutritional supplements or drinking nutrition powders will not work as well.

Most people’s brains also do not process information well.  As a result, many who receive guidance become fearful, arrogant or too emotional when they receive guidance.  This can cause depression, anxiety and other problems.

Many people also have an impaired memory.  As a result, they may not recall a message clearly, and it may become corrupted and altered.  This is dangerous, as the meaning and intent of a message can easily be changed or reversed by a bad memory.

So if you want to receive guidance and be able to evaluate it and use it wisely, first heal the brain with a development program, and not with just herbs, vitamins and other pills.  Also, strictly avoid marijuana, alcohol and other drugs and intoxicants.

On hair mineral analysis retests, a wonderful newer indicator of healing of the brain is the presence of anchors and pivot patterns.  For details, read Pivots And Anchors.




Some people believe that one should not discuss guidance because it is not Biblical.  We respectfully disagree.  Both the Old and the New Testament discuss the subject in some depth.  Here are just a few examples:

1. “Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you.  But if I go, I will send him to you.” -John 16:7-8

2. “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.” –John 14:26

3. “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.  And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him.  You know Him, for he dwells with you and will be in you.” –John 14:15-17

4. “And we are witnesses to these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey him.” –Acts 5:32

5. Daniel ate special food, while other Old Testament prophets went off alone and prayed for hours to clear the mind.

The Bible contains many other references to guidance, such as many stories about the prophets, who were excellent receivers of messages, and who are willing to share them.




Souls are the basic units of consciousness.  All living beings, including animals and plants, contain souls.  This principle is controversial because some people will say, “No, I get guidance directly from God.”

Our understanding is that God includes the souls, so saying that guidance comes from souls is not a denial of guidance from God.

The souls, in turn, may receive messages from other souls who are more advanced than they are.  However, souls can also receive false messages.

Some people do not believe in souls.  The main reason for this is we cannot see them, because they are very small.  However, souls are discussed in the Bible and other holy books around the world.

In these and other books, souls are acknowledged to be the rulers of the bodies, and the primary units of consciousness.  We won’t discuss souls more in this article because the topic is discussed in detail in a number of articles on this website, such as Soul Science and Soul Upgrades.




Let us examine each method in more detail.

Wires.  Every body has a silver cord.  It is the subject of a separate article on this site entitled The Silver Cord.  Some people can see it.

It functions as a Wave Guide.  This is the same idea as the coaxial cable used to bring television programs into people’s homes from the cable company, or from satellite dishes.  Wave guides can carry a tremendous amount of information.

In addition to the silver cord, our bodies may have other tiny wires that are much too small to be seen that transmit information between parts of the body and/or between bodies.

Wireless. A section in the textbook, Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis, 2010, 2014, 2016 and 2019 editions, discusses the idea that the brain is a tuning device, exactly like a radio receiver.  As a result, it is not surprising that we can receive guidance by wireless or radio.

Implants.  Brain implants are real, although some do not want you to know about them. In some nations today, you can buy an implant to keep track of your dog or even to help locate your child.  It is a tiny radio receiver or transmitter that is inserted below the skin.

Most implants, however, are not good.  For more details, please read Implants.






              This is a psychological fact.  Most people choose their past and don’t get too far in life as a result.

            This occurs because one does not have any memories or reference points for the future.  So in almost all instances, the only way one has to judge guidance is by one’s past experience.  This is okay, but often not good enough.

            What to do.  Realize this is the truth about our minds.  If you receive somewhat unusual guidance, do not just dismiss it.  Allow yourself to consider it.  If it meets the tests we have outlined above, including safety and logic, then check it out further.




Important blocks to guidance include:


1. Disbelief in guidance.  Many people have been taught that guidance is nonsense.  This is part of the “liberal”, secular and socialist mentality that cannot believe in spiritual or unseen goodness in the world.

It is also often part of what I call the anti-Biblical mentality.  The Bible teaches that there are angels, prophets, and the Holy Spirit.  However, today reading the Bible is banned in American public schools.  As a result, many younger people, especially, are unfamiliar with it.

2. Keeping one’s life too “full” of worldly or outer life. Millions of people have such busy lives that there is little time or energy devoted to quiet reflection and to listening to “the still small voice within”, as some call it.
            To really receive and act upon guidance, one needs to become as “empty” inside as possible in order to leave space and time for guidance to be received.  This means having an attitude that one does not have the answers oneself, and that by keeping a kind of empty space within oneself that “in one’s helplessness, help will come”.
            Try saying to yourself, “Empty of self, empty of striving, I am open to guidance”. One must then keep that open, unknowing, helpless or empty space inside of oneself.  Do not run out and fill it up with mental and physical activities.

For some people, taking a very slow, gentle walk and emptying the mind the whole time by moving everything downward from the head to the feet and out the feet, will produce the emptiness one seeks.  Then creative and important thoughts may easily come into the mind.  They may just be thoughts of things that need to be done, but there may be more.  Finally, always be very grateful for them.

3. Lack of gratitude for guidance. Being grateful for your guidance is a critical key to receiving it.  Always be grateful for any help you receive, from any source.  This is because the soul who sent it to you worked hard to bring it to you.

If you are grateful, he or she will send more, in most cases.  But if you are not grateful, or do not listen, or if you won’t at least check on the guidance as described above, then some guides will stop giving you guidance.  So be sure to always give thanks for your guidance.

4. Fear of guidance. Some are afraid of guidance.  They believe that God hates them, for example, or that they will learn that they are horrible, guilty people.  Others fear that they will be asked by God or the Holy Spirit or by the devil to do something awful, difficult or unpleasant.  Still others fear that an alien “devil” or demon will take over their mind if they ask for guidance.

These fears are real and must be dealt with.  Some ways to handle them are discussed in the sections below.

5. Hopelessness or victim thinking. Many people I meet have very negative attitudes about life.  They believe they are sick and cannot get well.  Many think they have few or no options, and they do not believe in the availability of much help.

Some believe that life is just a game of chance, and that they are just victims of life, in general.

This is all false, in our view, but victim thinking is what is taught in the public schools, often by the media, and even by some religious organizations.

The truth is that there is amazing help available to everyone.  Also, each of us is a sovereign, incredible, spiritual being who is here on earth to be the presence of the Love Of God.  We are all learning lessons and we are all learning to bless and forgive others. 

6. A stubborn ego.  A big or stubborn ego always gets in the way of guidance.  You must be humbled by guidance.  If you are not, you won’t heed it and you may take credit for it yourself, which is also not helpful.  Watch your ego if you want to receive excellent guidance.

7. Laziness. Many people receive wonderful guidance.  However, they are lazy, so they don’t listen well, and they don’t check it or act upon it.  This will also cause some guidance to stop, in all cases.

If you want guidance, set aside 30-60 minutes each day to write down your thoughts, your hunches and maybe your dreams.  Perhaps keep a diary or notebook of this information so that in a relaxed moment you can refer to it and consider it carefully.

Laziness can have to do with poor health, lack of rest, unhappiness or other problems.  If so, attend to these so they don’t get in your way.

8. Conflicts. Guidance may conflict with your belief system in some way.  This stops many people from listening to the advice.

This is not easy to overcome.  A few suggestions are to ask several times to make sure the guidance is consistent.  Try to check the guidance by other means.  Also, by reading this website, you will be exposed to new ideas that may help you to better understand what appears to be unusual or odd guidance.

For example, you may be told that the friends you like are not best for you.  This may come as a shock.  It can be difficult to see beyond your little world, but it is necessary to move some people along.  So consider the guidance, ask for more details, ask for names, addresses, phone numbers or any other details that would help you evaluate the situation.

Another common type of conflict occurs in very religious people.  They may receive guidance that they need something that is forbidden by their religion.  This is difficult, but listen carefully.  Most earth religions are older and every detail is not correct for modern times.

We have this problem with the development program.  At times, a recommendation we make conflicts with a person’s religion or beliefs, and it stops some people from getting well.  For example, just because red heat lamp saunas are not in the Bible does not make them bad.  They are just from a newer time period.

11. Inability, at times, to suspend judgments about oneself, about others, or about situations. This is similar to the problem above.  To receive valid guidance, one may need to avoid judging one’s own or someone else’s words or actions.  Otherwise, one may just discredit the guidance.

The ability to suspend judgment in order to discern the truth is a quality worth cultivating.  Another way to say this is Don’t judge the message by the messenger.

This is a mark of a more advanced soul or person.  So work on it.  Do not judge.  Rather, discern in the Light of Christ.  There is a difference.




Some methods of receiving and checking guidance are much less reliable, and best avoided.  These include visiting psychics, or using pendulums or Ouija boards.  These methods are easily influenced by negative beings, so beware.

We find that other methods of tuning in, such as using applied kinesiology or muscle testing, are often a little better.  However, they are still not too accurate in many people.




Our bodies require at least three dozen trace minerals, all in the correct forms and amounts, for optimum health and development.  In particular, three minerals have a lot to do with guidance.

These are iodine, zinc and selenium.  Everyone today is deficient in these minerals because the food is low in these minerals.  This is due to the activity of the Rogues.

Just eating natural foods and taking mineral supplements is not enough to replenish the correct forms of these minerals.  Restoring them requires an integrated program.  For details, read Iodine, Zinc and Selenium.




The seventh physical energy center, also called the seventh chakra in Sanskrit, is located at the crown of the head.  In some older books, it is called the crown center

It connects the rest of the body with other parts of one’s being, sometimes called the higher self or divine self.  These are energy centers numbers eight through twenty one. 

One needs a very healthy seventh energy center in order to receive high quality guidance.  To achieve this, we suggest the full development program described on this website, and not others.  For details about the energy centers, read The Energy Centers and Raising Girls.




Guidance is real.  However, beware that guidance can be wrong, harmful, and very destructive.  Getting false guidance can waste years of your life.  Becoming involved with false prophets, which include most teachers, gurus, religious and spiritual leaders today, is dangerous, costly and can take your life.

The list of mistakes that can be made is endless, from going on vegetarian and raw food diets or marrying the wrong person, to going into the wrong career, moving to a wrong location, or giving away all your money.  So please be very careful!

Always use common sense, and if possible, check guidance every way possible.

Guidance can, indeed, by very confusing.  Keep asking in prayer every day, and always ask for only the truth and “Thy Will be done”.


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