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I. Introduction

II. General Information

III. Healing The Dantiens

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The dantiens are extremely important spinning balls or spheres of subtle energy found in all living beings.  This includes humans, animals and plants.

They are found in coarse matter beings such as physical humans, animals and plants.  They are also found in fine matter beings such as elves, angels and trillions of other fine matter creatures and plants.


I am not aware of any word in English for these energy centers. The ancient Sanskrit word for them is the dantiens. I believe this word means the spheres or bubbles, which is their shape.

Other ways the same word is spelled in some books are dantian, dan t'ian, or tan t'ien.


The dantiens are not the same as the seven subtle energy centers discussed in the article The Energy Centers.  These energy centers look very different and are in the shape of funnels.  In the Sanskrit language they are called the chakras, a word that just means the funnels.  


The dantiens are located along the midline of the body in the head, the chest and the lower abdomen. 


Most people cannot see the dantiens because they are very high-frequency energy fields.  They can be detected with some electronic equipment, but this equipment is not permitted on earth at this time.


Shape. All are shaped like balls, about the size of a grapefruit or bowling ball in a healthy human being.

Spin. They all spin in a forward direction at varying speeds depending mainly upon one’s health and development level. As one develops, they spin faster and have a brighter color.

Color. They are a gold color when healthy. When one is not healthy, they have a darker, murky color.

Organizing energy. All of them are involved with and absolutely required to maintain life. They are an organizing energy that is able to move physical matter into special compounds and special positions in space needed to create life.

Storing and transmitting subtle energy. They also store and transmit subtle energy throughout the body.

Time. The dantiens are also involved with time and the length of the lifespan, which is a time concept. This is quite complex. For some details, read the Rewind Science article.

Aging and the three centers. As one ages, the three centers become smaller unless one develops at least to about Big Stage 1 and Little Stage 300. When the dantiens become too small, one cannot sustain life. Only development keeps them large and bright.


1. The upper dantien is in the middle of the head, between and just above the eyebrows. It has to do with the mind and with Development.

Update 1/17/21- I am told that there are upper dantiens - the fourth through the seventh. These are located above the head and have to do with development.

2. The middle dantien is in the middle of the chest, at the level of the nipples. It has a lot to do with breath, the heart and with the emotions.

3. The lower dantien is slightly below the navel or belly button, along the midline of the body. It has to do with storage of subtle energy. In Japanese, it is called the hara or energy storage center.

Different from the seven physical energy centers.  The latter are also along the midline, and are also energy fields.  However, the seven centers are not spheres.  They are shaped like funnels.  For details, read The Seven Centers.



Most everyone has the following problems with their dantiens:

1. They spin much too slowly.

2. They are often a murky, ugly, darkish red, orange or yellowish color when they should be a bright golden color.

3. They do not spin perfectly straight forward. Instead, they spin a little to the right or to the left.

4. They become smaller as one ages. This is not correct. They should stay the same size and one should live much longer as a result.

5. They can become misshapen, bumpy and have other problems.


The following will go a long way to correct the direction of spin, speed up the spin and brighten the and make them bigger. of the spheres:

1. The complete development program.

2. Particularly helpful are the coffee enemas and the pulling down exercise recommended with all development programs.

3. Visualizing the centers spinning fast and in the proper direction can also help.

4. Loving oneself is very helpful.

5. Development, a unique deep healing process, greatly helps the three centers spin correctly. For details, read Introduction To Development.

6. The Hand Trance and the Bidet procedure are helpful.

Let us discuss a few of these in more detail.


This is one of the most important healing and development procedures. It can do a lot. However, running cold water on the anal sphincter area seems to stimulate reflexes that are extremely helpful for the dantiens. For details, read The Bidet Procedure.


Reflexes to the dantiens are located along the arch of the foot on both feet. Pressing or rubbing these reflex points helps the dantiens.

One can either press on the arch of the foot with one’s hand or an excellent method is to sit on a bed or couch, bend the legs so the feet are near each other, and use an electric massager all along the arch of both feet.

Another excellent method is to sit in a shower and run high-pressure water from a shower massager on the arch of the foot.


Alone. Lie down comfortably in any position, or you can sit or even stand up.  Preferably close your eyes and first locate the three energy centers:

The upper one is in the middle of the head.  The middle one is in the middle of the chest.  The lower one is just below the belly button in the middle of the abdomen.

Now imagine a grapefruit-sized ball or sphere of energy in each of these locations. Each one shimmers and is bright gold in color.

Now spin all three of them in a directly forward direction. This means that if you are looking at them from the right side of your body, they spin in a clockwise direction.

With another. For a much greater effect, do the visualization above with another person. The best is to do the visualization while doing Down Sex or Down Hugging or Down Kissing. One can also do it with others at a distance.

It will also work to some degree if you are just sitting or lying next to another person or if your visualize sitting or lying next to another person.

An older method - The finger spin. We include this older method, but we believe the methods above are more powerful today.

Lie down comfortably on your back on a bed or couch.  You can be fully dressed. Place your elbows at your sides. Raise the forearms and hands to a vertical position.

Extend the index finger of each hand so that the left index finger is over your chest and pointed directly to the right.  The right index finger should be pointed directly to the left and is over the belly button area.  The index fingers should each be about 4-6 inches above the body.

You should now have the left index finger over your middle energy center and your right index finger over the lower center.

Now move both hands, including the index fingers, in small circles.  The correct direction of movement is that when the hand and finger move downward toward your feet, they also move outward away from the body. 

When the hand and finger move upward toward your head, they move inward toward the body.  Do this in a circular motion, and do it as fast as you can.  They should move in circles that are about 3-4 inches in diameter.

If you do this right, you should feel a slight tingling in your chest and abdomen.

Spin the fingers and hands rapidly for about 1 minute.  Now move the left hand up to your head and spin the upper center in the same direction for about 1 minute.  This can be repeated several times daily.



The Christian concept of the trinity may relate to the three centers in the following way:

- The upper center is the generator (brain) and relates to the Father energy.

- The second center is a connector between the first and the third center and may relate to the idea of the Holy Spirit.

- The third center has to do with reproduction and children, and relates the concept of the Son in Christianity.


More information and drawings of the dantiens are found on websites such as, and in articles about subjects such as t’ai chi ch’uan and qi gung because they are known to some practitioners of these arts.

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