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The Physical Body

The Astral Field

The Etheric Field



The Upper And Lower Small Spheres

The Blue Tube

The Causal or Oval Bodies

The Whole Body Or Culmination Body






Human beings are not just physical bodies!  We also have what are called subtle energy fields or subtle energy fields.  These surround our physical bodies and can be viewed using a process called Kirlian photography.

Some people can see the subtle human energy fields without needing special equipment.  Also, everyone can feel the subtle energy fields, at times.  People use words such as “warm”, “bubbly”, “intense” or other words to describe a person’s energy that are really descriptions of the person’s subtle fields.

This is ancient knowledge!  However, it is not taught much to people in the Western world because scientists cannot easily see the subtle energy fields.  Also, sadly, some people in positions of power do not want us to know how amazing the human being is.  They prefer we think of ourselves as just a bag of dust.

If people understood how amazing they are, they would care for themselves much better and they would probably not vote for things like abortion on demand, which is the destruction of much more than a hunk of flesh.

This article introduces the seven energy fields or “bodies” of a human being.  This is actually basic knowledge that we hope some day will be widely taught.  It is also necessary in order to understand the reasons for and the effects of the healing programs offered through this website.




The internet contains many articles about the human aura or the subtle human energy fields.  However, most of them just discuss the seven or more layers of the astral body. 

The astral body is just one of the subtle human bodies.  It is the easiest one to see and it is the one that most people have developed to the greatest degree.

In fact, there are other subtle human energy fields that one can develop if one improves one’s health.  This is the goal of the healing programs offered on this website.  A few non-technical websites discuss these, such as:






We need not spend much time describing this body because it is the one we all know about.




Location.  This field is found in the same area as the physical body.

Shape.  It is roughly the shape of an egg sitting upright.  In women, it extends out further in front of the physical body than in men.

Size. In some people, it is very small in size, barely fitting over the area of the physical body.  However, in other people, it is very large, as much as five times the size of the physical body.  These people are more controlled by their emotions.  They live much more in their emotions than in their intellect, for example.

Women have larger astral fields.  Women, and even female animals, have larger astral bodies than men and male animals, in general, though not always.  This probably has to do with having more copper in their bodies and less zinc.

Color.  The color of the astral field varies depending on a person’s mood and which emotions a person harbors the most.  It varies from a deep tan or grey in those who are very emotionally depressed, to a light green or even blue or purple in those who are healthier on the emotional level. 

It can vary from moment to moment and from day to day.  Before the menstrual period, for example, the astral field of most menstruating women shifts from green to a more reddish color.  This is due to more emotional disturbance at this time of the month that most women feel.

This actually has to do with more estrogen and more copper in the tissues at this time of the month.  While it may seem strange, by observing the aura of the astral body or field, one can tell quite a lot about a person’s nutritional state in this manner. 

Most people have a dominant color of their astral body.  The most basic interpretation of the colors are as follows:

- Red indicates anger and lying.

- Orange indicates less lying, but still a low level of integrity.  Orange is also associated with anger, but less than if the emotional field is reddish.

- Yellow indicates more acceptable emotions, including some love and gratitude.

- Green indicates some higher emotions such as love and compassion.  Green is associated with some growth of the fourth energy center or heart center.

            - Blue indicates a more spiritually-minded person.  It is not too common on planet earth, but it is becoming more common.

- Indigo (light purple) indicates even more spiritual development of a person.  It is fairly uncommon.

- Violet indicates that emotions of love, gratitude and compassion are well-developed.  These individuals are gifts to humanity.


            Brightness of the emotional energy field.  A healthy person will have a bright emotional energy field.  If the field is dim or muddy looking, it indicates impaired health, low energy or illness.




Location. The etheric field develops around the physical body.  When a person develops, however, it becomes much larger than the physical body.

Shape.  This field is shaped like a human being, except that the arms and legs are somewhat shortened.  It also has no facial features and no genitals.

The etheric double.  In fact, two etheric energy fields develop as one becomes more mature and spiritually oriented.  One is right side up and the other is upside down.  They cross at a point around the knees.

Size.  When it first develops, the etheric field is about the same size as a human being.  With continued development, each of the two etheric energy fields grows to about one mile or about two kilometers in height from head to feet.

Color.  This field should be a light bluish color, similar to sky blue.  As it develops further, it turns to a beautiful gold color.  If it is darker, it indicates impaired health.

Other.  This field does not develop until around age 25-30 in most people.  Rarely, it develops in a child, and very rarely before age 10 or 11.  To grow the etheric energy field, one must have the seventh physical energy center open to a certain degree.  In some people, this presents a problem and delays growth of the etheric field.  For details about the energy centers, read The Centers.

The etheric body marks the beginning of the spiritual ascent of a human being.  Most animals and plants, for example, do not develop much of an etheric energy field.

Brain centers.  The etheric field reflects the growth of some higher brain centers.  These help one control one’s emotions and support the impulses of goodwill, compassion and overarching emotions associated with advanced spiritual truth such as we read about in the great teachers and leaders in the Bible.

If one reads the Bible or other spiritual texts, the etheric body will develop much faster.  This is an excellent reason to attend church or synagogue, and read the Bible.

Hair analysis indicators of sluggish etheric field development.  A recent finding is that a hair mineral analysis in which the hair has not been washed at the laboratory may reveal problems with the etheric field.  Indicators for sluggish etheric field activity in an adult over the age of about 40 may:

- A sodium/potassium ratio greater than about 25.

- An iron level below 0.8 mg%.

- A copper level below 1.0 mg%.

All of these have to do with excessive emotions.

Combines with the astral field.  The color of the etheric field mixes with the astral field, so it is confusing and difficult to tell the two apart.  The combination also produces color variations, such as a combination of blue and yellow, producing a greenish color.

Pulsing of the astral and etheric bodies.  The etheric body pulses bright to dim once every two to four seconds.  The pulsing of the etheric body corresponds to the pulse of the genital orgasm.

Advanced etheric development. In most people, the etheric body does not become very large.  However, if one follows a development program faithfully, and does the pushing down exercise every day for at least an hour or more, the etheric body grows very large (both tall and wide).

 The developed etheric field has some other strange qualities, such as that it is always upright with respect to gravity, even when a person is lying down.  The reason is that the etheric body is not tied to the physical body nearly as much as it is tied in to the gravitational field of the earth.

Monadic development.  The etheric energy field marks the beginning of the development of what some call the monad or independent spiritual human being who is less dependent upon the physical plane of existence.

Energy centers of the etheric field. At first, the etheric field develops its own set of seven basic energy centers.  When fully developed, however, each etheric field has only one energy center located in the heart area of each of the etheric fields. 

The shape of this energy center is a star tetrahedron.  A star tetrahedron is two interlocking tetrahedrons.  A point on one of them faces upward, while a point on the other faces downward.

This joins to the physical body through a connector or tube of energy that goes from the middle of the head of the physical body upward to the heart of the upper etheric field, and downward to the heart of the lower etheric field.




The three lower fields or bodies are the physical, astral and etheric.  These are the most common ones people develop earth.

However, there exist four other energy bodies or fields that one can develop.  Various books use different names for them.  They are:


4. The two ovals or causal fields.

5. The blue tube.

6. The top and bottom small spheres or mental bodies.

7. The whole body or culmination sphere.


Together, they represent the development of the full genetic potential of a human being.  They can enable one to have abilities that one reads about in books such as the Bible and in the Life and Teachings of the Masters Of the Far East by Baird Spalding, Autobiography Of A Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, and some others.

These levels of development, however, are difficult to achieve for people in the Western nations, and indeed everywhere on earth, because the health of the physical bodies is poor.  There is simply not enough nutrition to allow the full genetic potential to occur. 

Other problems that interfere with upper field development are pollution of the air, water and food with toxic metals and toxic chemicals.

Still other problems are the use of cell phones and other devices that give off strong and harmful electromagnetic fields.

More advanced evolution of a human being.  Most people will not develop these energy fields.  However, anyone who follows a development program with one of the Approved Helpers listed on this website can develop them, at least to a degree.  This does not occur, however, by following most health and nutrition programs.

Most people are unaware when they develop the upper energy fields.  The only indication may be a feeling of increased solidness or sturdiness of the body. 

Souls all have some upper energy field development.  This tells us that souls are indeed capable of advanced thought and action.


IV. THE TWO OVAL ENERGY FIELDS (also sometimes called the causal body)


Location.  One of the oval bodies sits just atop the head of the upright etheric energy field.  The second oval body is located just beneath the head of the upside down etheric energy field.

            Shape. Each of the oval energy fields is a horizontally elongated sphere or an oval.

Size. When fully developed, each oval body is about 1700 feet or about 520 meters high and about 2200 feet or 670 meters wide.

The size of the oval bodies depends upon the size of the etheric energy field because the outside edges of the oval fields are the same width as the outside edges of the etheric energy field.  As the etheric field grows larger, the oval fields also grow larger.

Color.  The ovals are a grayish color until they develop fully, at which point they turn a bright white color.

            Meaning.  The oval bodies are sometimes called the causal body because they cause many types of abilities and powers to develop in a human being.  These include the ability to communicate telepathically, to be able to see the aura to a degree, and others.  They also confer a longer and healthier life.

When this subtle energy field fills completely, a person is more at peace, more powerful within, more centered and grounded, and more in tune or attuned to guidance and the truth about the world and about all things.  These are among the many benefits of developing the causal field or oval energy body.




Location. This energy field forms around the two etheric energy fields and around the oval energy fields.  The inside of the blue tube touches the outer edges of the two etheric energy fields and the two oval fields. 

Shape.  The shape is that of a round tube.  It is vertical in relation to the earth, even when a person sits or lies down.  In other words, it aligns with the earth’s gravitational field, as does the etheric field.

Size.  The size of the blue tube depends entirely on the size of the etheric energy fields and the two oval energy fields.  When these first form, they are not much larger than the physical body.  As a result, the blue tube is also not much larger than a physical body.

As the etheric field grows in size, the blue tube that forms around it also grows larger until it is several miles or more in diameter and ten miles or more in length.

Color.  The color of blue tube stays a pale blue throughout and after its development.  This is due to the nature of its vibration, which is highly refined.

Meaning.  The blue tube is the gateway to higher development.  That is, it is needed in order to develop the more advanced fields or bodies.  It is still rare upon planet earth, although the number of people developing it is increasing on earth.


VI. THE TOP AND BOTTOM SPHERES (also called the mental body by some researchers)


            Location and shape.  This field consists of two large spheres.  The bottom of the upper sphere just touches the top of the upper oval field.  The top of the lower sphere just touches bottom of the lower oval field.

Size. Each of the spheres is usually about 10 miles or 16 kilometers in diameter.  However, they can grow a lot larger in some people.   

Color. When the top and bottom spheres first develop, they have a pale yellow color.  When fully developed, they have a deeper yellowish or golden color.

Meaning.  The top and bottom spheres confer greater mental abilities for a person.  These include more memory capacity, the ability to think faster and clearer, and others.




            Location and shape. This body or field is one very large sphere.  It is located exactly around the physical body.  The inside of the whole body just touches the outside of the two spheres that are above and below the blue tube.

Size. The diameter of the whole body is at least 100 miles or 160 kilometers in diameter.  During more advanced development, it grows much larger.  Eventually, it reaches deep into space.

Meaning.  The whole body is so named because it is all encompassing.  It helps a person live a longer, healthier life and facilitates communication, among other activities.




First octave (age 0-7).  The physical body and the astral energy field grow at this time.  By age 7, the astral field is usually almost as large as the physical body.


Second octave (age 8-14).  During this time in life, mental and emotional activity increases.  In some children of this age, the etheric field begins to develop at this time.  In other children, the etheric field does not develop until later.


Third octave (age 15-21).  At this time, the physical body reaches full size.  The astral field also reaches full size.  The etheric field may begin to develop at this time, although in most people this does not occur until later.


Fourth octave (age 22-28).  Emotional and mental maturity normally continue at this time unless the body is so malnourished that the brain does not function well.  In many people, the etheric field begins to develop at this time.


Fifth octave (29-35).  If the etheric field has not already started to develop, it often begins to develop at this time in life.

Everyone must pass through an astrological milestone called the Saturn return around age 28 to 30.  One is often forced to review one’s life to this point and make important decisions for the future.  This can help the etheric field to develop.


Sixth octave (36-42). Etheric field development should continue, or it may just begin at this age.  Many people today are in such poor health, however, that in some of them development of the higher energy fields stops at this time and does not resume ever during this life.

Some call these people grannies because they are somewhat old before their time.  They become mentally stuck.  Many of them already have chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or adrenal exhaustion.  It is rather sad to behold, since the chronological age is not advanced.


Seventh octave (age 43-49).  Etheric development should continue here, but it has often stopped and there will be no more development during this lifetime.


Eighth, ninth, tenth and the octaves beyond (age 50 and beyond).  Etheric development, and the development of the other subtle bodies should continue, but today this is uncommon.  The physical bodies, and in some cases the souls, are too damaged by improper food, not enough rest, infections, nutritional imbalances, and poisons in the air, water and food supply.

As a result, most people have “passed their prime” by this time, and the rest of their lives is a slow downhill spiral leading to death of the physical body.  This is sad and very avoidable if one follows a development program.  This program, but not most others, will nourish and detoxify the body properly.  This allows the etheric energy field to resume development.  This tends to prolong life and cause much improved health.  It also opens the possibility of development of the blue tube, the two ovals and the other higher energy fields.


This is a brief introduction to a large subject of what is sometimes called esoteric anatomy and esoteric physiology. 

For more on the stages or octaves of life, please read Life Stages on this website.



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