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Developing yourself involves more than just eating correctly and resting a lot.  It also involves moving energy properly through the body. 

The entire development program is designed to assist this process.  This is why altering or skipping the diet, the supplements or the detoxification procedures, or combining the development program with other nutritional programs, usually does not work.

This article discusses the seven basic movements of subtle energy that are at the heart of the development program.


#1. YANG


Philosophy.  Yang is a Chinese word that we use only because there is no good English equivalent.  It is a physics word and generally refers to particles moving at a fast rate of speed.  This causes things to be warmer, more active, and often more compact.

In addition, in the context of this article, yang also means energy that is inwardly-moving.

Development aspects.  The diet, the supplements, one’s lifestyle, one’s thinking and feeling, and the detoxification procedures of development must all help make the body truly more yang in macrobiotic terminology.

For example, raw food, smoothies, vegetarian diets, and all herbs and isolated vitamin may have benefits.  However, they all make the body more yin, so we avoid do our best to them.  The bodies require a few nutritional supplements, but we avoid most of them.

Energy medicine healing methods also may have benefits, but they, too, make the body more yin.  As a result, we find it important to avoid them, especially homeopathy.  These methods include homeopathy, tapping methods, yoga, kinesolgical methods, and most healing machines. 

Movement: Inward.

Vector diagram: A circle of arrows that all point inward toward a point in the middle of all of them.

Energy center: First or lowest energy center or center of the physical body.  The base of this center is located between the legs, inside the body, about an inch above the skin of the pelvic floor, between the penis or vagina and the rectum.  The center is funnel-shaped and opens downward.

Sexual orientation: Yang is the male principle.

Keyword:  Grounding, a yang attribute.

Key phrase:  Coming together with the earth.

Opposite: Disconnecting or coming apart, a yin quality.

Creatures or other beings associated with this center: Elves or the elementals.  They connect us with the plant and animal kingdom of the earth more than any other group.  For details, read Elves.




Philosophy.  This is a more complex concept because it is not a simple direction such as up or down, left or right, in or out.  Instead, it is a combination of two directions that produces a spin or twist.

This is the quality of centers # 2, 4, 6, 8 and so forth.  These are considered feminine in nature.

The second center is sometimes described as taking sides, or aligning oneself with a point of view.  It is a bit involved, so don’t worry if it seems unusual.

This center also has to do with a kind of motion of the personality that we call emotion.

Development.  For fast development, all of the energy centers should spin to the right.  We only use foods, nutritional supplements, detoxification and healing procedures that tend to move subtle energy in the energy centers to the right.

One’s thoughts and emotions also influence the spin of this center very much.  This is why this website contains articles about thinking, economics, politics and other subjects that may seem unrelated to one’s health and development.  These articles are also included on this website because development is not complete unless one also learns maturity and wisdom.

We are aware that chemically-produced vitamin and mineral supplements that we require for the program at this time do not all spin only to the right.  They contain both right and left-spinning molecules.  However, we need them at this time and we are researching how to avoid using any chemical or method that does not spin the centers only to the right.

Movement: Spinning to the right or left.

Vector diagram:  An arrow pointing to the right and a second arrow below the first, pointing to the left.

Energy Center: Second energy center. This is located in the lower abdomen.  Its shape is that of a double funnel.  The base of both funnels is a point inside the body, near the spinal cord.  One funnel opens more or less straight forward about two inches below the belly button.  The other funnel opens straight out the back, roughly at the level of vertebra L2.

This subtle energy center is associated with emotion and close or intimate relationships.  It is located near the sexual organs and problems with it often affect these organs. 

In terms of vectors, a left spin is more sexy and superficial, whereas a right spin to this center is much more mature and wholesome.

Key word: Spin or twist

Sexual Orientation: Spin is a more feminine principle.

Key phrase: Close or intimate relationships

Opposite: Divided or not involved

Creatures or humans associated with this center: All wild animals tend to have this center functioning well.




            Philosophy. Down is a simple direction.  It is related to the concept of yang, meaning movement inward toward a center such as the center of the earth.  On the body, it means moving from head to feet.

            This movement of subtle energy is very critical to sustain life, for good health, and for development.  For this reason, it is an important focus of development programs.

When one becomes upset, tired, hungry or traumatized in any way, one tends to move energy the other way – upward from the feet to the head.  This is an attempt to leave the earth because one feels uncomfortable here.  If done enough, this sickens the body and will cause death.  Most, if not all poisons have this effect on the subtle energy system of the body.

            The pulling down exercise is a way of compensating for the tendency to move energy upward whenever we feel uncomfortable or threatened.  This is why we recommend it and we say stay away from all other meditations and mental exercises that do not move energy in this way.

            The channel system.  Our bodies also have a very subtle energy system we call the channel system.  It consists of millions of very tiny tubes that run vertically from the head to the feet and conduct subtle energy downward from the head to the feet.

The pulling down exercise helps clear blockages and heal these channels.  As more of them open, one develops.  If more of them close, life ebbs and finally stops.  Many poisons affect the channels.  For details about the central channel, read The Central Channel.

Development.  Most all the food, nutritional supplements and procedures used in development programs cause subtle energy to flow downward - from the head to the feet.  If we must use a food, supplement or procedure that does not move energy downward, we strictly limit the amount to only what we must use.

For example, raw food, vegetarian diets, eating fruit, eating sweets, and taking many nutritional supplements cause the body’s subtle energy to flow upwards to some degree.  So we avoid or strictly limit these.

One might say, but don’t we need the nutrients that are in fruit?  The answer is no.  Other foods supply them very well.  In fact, fruit is mostly sugar and water.

The basic development procedures.  The Pulling Down Exercise, and very few other mental exercises, moves energy downward forcefully.

A Sauna Therapy, especially with a lamp sauna, moves energy downward.  Coffee Enemas, as well as the Vaginal Coffee Implant, also move energy downward.  Other types of saunas and detoxification procedures do not move energy downward nearly as well.  This is an important reason why we only recommend a red heat lamp sauna, and only the coffee enemas and vaginal coffee implants at this time.

Movement: Downward, from the head to the feet.

Vector diagram: A set of parallel arrows, all pointing downward.

Energy Center: Third energy center. This is located along the midline of the body, in the upper abdomen, several inches above the navel.  It is associated with basic mental functioning, and ego power and control.

Sexual Orientation: Male (a simple direction)

Key word:  Control

Key phrase: In control

Opposite: Disempowered or put out of control

Creatures or humans associated with this principle: Earth human beings




Philosophy.  This is another rather complex direction or vector.  It is somewhat inward and downward.  For example, think of the phrase “calm down”.

This aspect of the 7 system is not just about relaxation.  It is also about non-intimate friendships, family, and the rhythm of give and take in relationships.  It also has to do with the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system.  This branch has to do with relaxation and regeneration of the body.

Development.  Most people spend too much time in a sympathetic state (fight or flight).  This is due to nutrient deficiencies and toxicity.

Development programs are designed to help the body move into and remain in a parasympathetic state of body chemistry.  For example, this is why we do not suggest much exercise.  No matter what benefits exercise offers, it tends to activate the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system.

Many foods, herbs and supplements also make the body more sympathetic.  Often, they have a stimulating effect.  We use a few supplements of this type, such as adrenal and thyroid glandular supplements.  They seem to be needed for many people.  However, we avoid most stimulating foods, stimulating herbs and other stimulating supplements.

Movement: Somewhat downward and inward.  It is light, soft, and relaxing.

Vector diagram: several arrows that are curved and moving in a circle to the right.  We are less sure of the shape of this vector diagram.

Energy Center: Fourth energy center.  This is located in the middle of the chest.  Its shape is that of a wide double funnel connected at the closed ends.  One funnel extends outward in front of the body and the other extends outward from the mid-back.

The fourth energy center is a transition and balancing center that needs to be relaxed to function properly.  It is involved with one’s relationships with others such as family and friends, and general interactions with the world around us.

Sexual orientation: Female.

Key word:  Casual or relaxed

Key phrase: Give and take

Opposite: Social isolation

Creatures or human beings associated with this principle: Earth human beings.




Philosophy. This is a back and forth motion of the etheric energy field.

The motion is gentle and rhythmic when a person is healthy.  When one is unhealthy, the back and forth pulsing motion usually diminishes.  In a few cases of illness, the motion becomes exaggerated.

This motion has to do with a person’s interaction with the outside world, which is a rhythm of moving outward toward the world followed by a retreat for rejuvenation.

Development.  Certain aspects of a development program support the rhythmic back and forth movement.  Food such as almond butter and sesame tahini are helpful, for example.  Cooked vegetables are also helpful.

Movement: A slight backward/forward wobble.

Vector diagram: Two parallel horizontal arrows, one close above the other, with their arrowheads pointing in opposite directions.

Energy Center: Fifth energy center. This center is located at the Adam’s apple, around the middle of the throat area, near the thyroid gland.  Its shape is two narrow funnels that are joined at the closed ends.  One funnel opens forward at the level of the thyroid gland.  The other funnel opens from the back of the neck and extends behind the body.

The fifth center is associated with work, business activities, and creative expression such as speaking, writing, dancing, and all other creative forms of expression.

Sexual Orientation: Male (a simpler movement, and the fifth energy center is more associated with male traits).

Key word:  Expression

Key phrase: Pebbles dropped into a pond.  When a person expresses himself or herself, it is like dropping pebbles into a pond.  One’s words, thoughts or deeds spread out in little ripples or vibrations all around oneself.

Opposite: Suppress

Creatures or human beings associated with this center: Artists, musicians and engineers. They are concerned with the expressive arts such as painting, music, sculpture, writing, dance, building things, and others.




Philosophy.  Impact is quite a complex type of movement.  The main difference between it and the earlier ones is that it starts and stops.  It is also sharp in its motion, rather than gentle.  It involves developing the mind and the will.

Development. Development programs promote or encourage the use of the will, a mental quality that is sharp.  It is needed for the discipline of the program regarding one’s diet, taking supplements and doing the procedures.

For example, enhancing brain chemistry occurs with every development program.  It makes a person smarter and mentally clearer.  It also enhances the ability to concentrate and focus, which are qualities of the will.

Another example is that the Pushing Down Exercise specifically develops the control of the mind over the body.  It is also about developing the will.  In contrast, many other mental exercises that we do not recommend such as mindfulness meditation and TM mainly relax the mind.  Please avoid these meditative exercises.

Movement: A hitting movement.

Vector diagram: Two vertical arrows, one directly above the other, both with their arrowheads pointing toward the other one.

Energy Center: Sixth energy center. This is located between the eyebrows, or just above them.  This center is associated with knowledge, wisdom and will.

Key words:  Knowledge, wisdom, will.

Sexual orientation: Female (a more complex movement and the sixth center is associated more with women).

Key phrase: How far can you radiate love and wisdom

Opposite: Projection.  This is subtle.  However, the idea is that we should extend love, and not project fear.  In other words, we are always radiating something, even if one is not aware of it.  The question is, what do you radiate?  Projection is the opposite of radiating love.  If one projects, one “throws out” aspects of the personality that one does not like, such as violence, anger or shame.  We all do this from time to time, but it is not a healthful practice and it usually brings back upon us that which we deny and project.

Creatures or other beings associated with this principle: The Jeshuas, a group of advanced souls.  One visited the earth about 2000 years ago named Jeshua Ben Joseph, also known as Jesus of Nazareth.




            Philosophy. This is another simple or two-dimensional vector or motion.  It is another wobble or bounce that is observable by those that can see the human energy field.

This vector or motion is how the physical body communicates and stays in touch with guides, Masters and others who feed each person mentally and spiritually.  It is the way the “conversation” or “banter” is done.

Development.  Most everything in a development program should enhance the slight up and down motion of the etheric energy field or subtle body.

Methods that build this vector or motion up and down include a diet with a lot of cooked vegetables to supply the alkaline reserve minerals.  Healthful minerals, in general, have this vibratory quality.  Also, balancing the oxidation rate and the sodium/potassium ratio on a hair mineral analysis are very helpful.

However, some foods dull the mind and interfere with this communication.  This includes eating too much meat – more than about 8-10 ounces daily.  Eating sugar - even fruit and too much juice, which are rich in sugar - also dulls this ability.

Other practices that interfere with this communication include having sex with orgasm more than once a week, drinking too much water, or taking a bath more than twice a week.  Other habits that interfere are lack of rest and sleep, using alcohol, or using ANY drugs including marijuana.

Movement: A slight up and down motion of the entire energy field.

Vector diagram: Two parallel vertical arrow, close to each other, with their arrowheads pointing in opposite directions.  This is the same as Center #5, except the arrows are vertical, not horizontal.

Energy Center: The seventh center, located at the crown of the head.

Key word:  Spiritual banter

Sexual orientation: Male (a simpler motion, and the seventh center is associated with a male quality)

Key phrase: Tuned in

Opposite: Cut off

Creatures or other beings associated with this principle: The Fathers.  These are older, wiser souls who guide us, comfort us, and sustain us spiritually.  They are spoken of in the Bible, and in other religious texts around the world.


This article can be extended to levels 8 through 21 and beyond.  However, the 1 – 7 levels discussed above are the most important.




Vectors are a mathematical concept having to do with the nature of space.  They are also a way to talk about moving energy in specific directions.

Technically, a vector is a quantity that has magnitude and direction, but not position.

If one wants to diagram a vector, one uses arrows.  The arrows always have magnitude (length) and direction (the way the arrow points).

The importance of vectors in development science is that there are seven basic directions or vectors that are healing and promote development.  These are described below.

In addition, if one connects the tops of the bar graphs on an ARL hair chart, they form line segments that, in fact, are vectors.  Movement patterns, a more advanced aspect of hair analysis interpretation, also involves vectors.

A companion article to this one is Vectors.



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