by Lawrence Wilson

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The body has many levels of energy channels or flows.  Among them, listed from the deepest to the most superficial, are:


The main channel system.  These are thousands of very tiny vertical tubes through which flow aether.  The central channel, the subject of this article, is part of this system.


The dantiens.  These are three sphere-shaped balls of energy located in the head, the heart area and the lower abdomen.  For details, read The Dantiens.


The 7 physical energy centers or chakras.  These are funnel-shaped swirling bundles of subtle energy.  They are the best known of the subtle energy systems of the body.  For details, read The Centers and Girl’s Centers.


Other energy centers.  In addition to the seven main physical energy centers discussed in the paragraph above, the body has many others that are smaller, but still very important.


The merkaba.  This is spoken of in the Bible.  It is a spherical shell of subtle energy whose diameter is about the size of the physical body.  It grows as one develops.  For details, read The Merkaba.


The meridian system.  These are lines of subtle energy that flow all throughout the body and conduct subtle energy.  This science of acupuncture places needles and burns moxa on certain points along this system.




This is actually a group of very tiny vertical energy channels that run from the head straight down to the toes.  They are located in the center of the body, along the midline if one views the body left to right.

The importance of the central channels is that they “feed” or support all the other channels in the main channel system.


Blocked Channels.  In almost everyone, the central channels are largely blocked or ‘closed’.  This means that little subtle energy or ether flows through them.   Often, there are just enough open channels to sustain life.  This is the cause of most disease, aging and death of the body. 

The bodies are born with many blocked channels.  Toxicity from food and other sources damages and closes some channels even more.  Fortunately, it is possible to repair the damage.  This will heal all illness and extend the life of the body.




This is the goal of a development program and what distinguishes a development program from all other holistic, nutritional, naturopathic and medical therapies.

We use at least a dozen methods of unblock, rebuild, heal and open the central channels and later the side and other channels.

The methods include:

- Proper food, especially plenty of the alkaline reserve minerals found only in cooked vegetables.  The food must help the body to be more yang, supply many nutrients, be easy to digest, and be fairly toxin-free.

- A wholesome lifestyle, and specifically retention of most sexual fluid and plenty of rest and sleep.  Healthy thoughts and emotions are also important.

- Very specific supplementation that makes the body more yang, supplies missing nutrients, moves energy downward and not in other directions, supports digestion and elimination, balances the oxidation rate and the sodium/potassium ratio, and keeps or makes the body more parasympathetic.

- Deep breathing.

- The Pulling Down Exercise.

- Avoidance of toxins of many kinds

- Coffee enemas

- Foot reflexology

- Red lamp therapy and sauna therapy

- Making the body much more yang.

- Making the body more parasympathetic dominant.

- Twisting the spine

- Pulling and popping the joints so that energy will flow through them more easily.

- Other procedures such as the neck pull, down sex, the trance states and others.




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