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Table Of Contents


I. Introduction



II. Movement And Hair Mineral Testing

Calcium shell

Sympathetic dominance

The Hill

The Bowl


III. Underpinnings Of The Movement Concept

Vector mathematics


IV. Movement Patterns Of Minerals










V. Implications



Societal Implications




Definition of movement in this article.  Movement, as used in this article, on this website, and in books by Dr. Wilson, has a special meaning.  It does not mean taking the body from place to place.

Movement is one of the most basic concepts of life.  It is composed of several parts:

- Fulfilling one’s genetic potential. This aspect of movement is pre-programmed into the genes or DNA material of each body cell.  It contains much more than just the color of your eyes and the shape and size of your body.  Over 97% of our DNA has not been decoded, and scientists call this the “junk DNA”.  However, it is not junk.  It is just more difficult to figure out what it means. 

In part, it contains the design for development.  Development may be viewed as the spiritual growth and unfolding of a human or animal body.  It can require millions of years to occur if one lives that long.  For details about development, read Introduction To Development.

- Within the genetic blueprint or patterning discussed above, we fulfill or express the desires and intentions of the director souls and the controller and other guide creatures that direct our lives.

This learning process may include experiencing traumas, accidents and other seemingly random events as one goes through life.

It also includes the cleanup, retracing or undoing of imbalances, illnesses, traumas and injuries at all levels of functioning.

It also includes the cleanup, retracing or purification of traumas and other problems that the souls brought with them to this body from past experiences.




For example, as one goes through life, at times things flow easily and favorably.  At other times, one runs into difficulties or blockages.  At times, it seems like life is moving one along quickly, while at other times it seems like nothing is progressing well.  These are examples of the idea of movement, as the word is used in this article.




A fascinating observation of Dr. Paul Eck and myself is that one can assess some qualities of movement that a person is going through from a hair mineral chart. 

Requires a special display chart.  The chart must be set up a certain way for this to work.  At this time, only the hair chart from Analytical Research Labs can show the movement patterns clearly.

Examples.  Some common examples of movement patterns are:


Calcium shell.  Here the movement is sluggish, or almost stopped.  The person is often hiding, in fact, and does not want to move ahead, or is suppressed or repressed emotionally for some reason.  Interestingly, the pattern looks like a high wall on the ARL calibrated chart, as though the person is stuck behind a wall.

Sympathetic dominance.  Here the person is pushing himself or herself hard.  Often, this leads to illness.  There is always some fear and anxiety with this pattern of movement.

The hill pattern.  This pattern is an accomplishment, joy and celebration pattern.  One has overcome, or “climbed the mountain”.  Interestingly, the pattern looks like a mountain on the calibrated ARL hair chart.

The bowl pattern.  Here the person is stuck, and feels stuck, in most cases.  Oddly, the appearance of the pattern is like that of a spider who is caught inside a sink bowl or toilet bowl and cannot get out.

I could go on with 50 different hair mineral patterns that relate to the psychological and even spiritual “mood” or movement that a person is experiencing at the time the hair test was performed.

To learn about the movement tendencies associated with various hair analysis patterns, please read Chapter 22 of Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis, 4th edition, 2010 and 2014 editions.  For each mineral level, ratio and pattern, I have included a brief section about the movement pattern associated it.

While this may seem quite complex, often, if one understands the basic concepts of movement described above, the movement patterns associated with each level, ratio and pattern are not often that difficult to understand.  Once one understands them, they are most useful part of the interpretation of a hair mineral test and clients greatly appreciate knowing their movement patterns and what to do to change them to a more balanced, harmonious movement.

The rest of this article is a bit technical, but will help you understand more about movement.






Movement patterns may be thought of as vectors.  A vector is an arrow that describes a direction and sometimes a pace or speed of movement.

The following are some of the major types of movement vectors or patterns:


Š           Straight motion in any direction.  This type I will call more ‘male’.  Male energy is more focused in one direction and usually is more single-minded, one might say.

Š           More circular motion.  This type I will call more ‘female’.  It is characterized by a more social, more roundabout, at times, and often more loving energy that surrounds and envelops and even caresses.  Rounded or circular movement can be felt, at times, by those who have more of the ‘female’ elements in their bodies such as copper.  It is often felt as a spacey or more non-directed and ungrounded energy that wishes to include others and is less selfish, but often very unfocused and unrealistic at times, as well.

Š           Inward, absorbing or centripetal motion. This is a more ‘male’ motion.  In traditional Chinese medicine, inward motion is called more yang.  It is more penetrating, more centering, and often more concentrated or focused, and therefore more powerful.

Š           Outward-looking, centrifugal motion. This is a more ‘female’ motion.  In traditional Chinese thought, outward or expanding motion is called more yin.  It is softer, more “scattered”, less focused in one direction, and often not as effective in an immediate way.  However, in the long term it is very effective in filling all space and time, and it moves along, but in a different way than the more focused inward, yang-oriented way.

Š           Speed. Movement can be very rapid, or sluggish.  There is always movement, however, in all particles.

Š           Movement that is ‘stuck’ in some way.  While all particles display movement, movement patterns or complex movement can definitely result in one feeling stuck or unable to move along in life.  This is seen commonly on hair mineral tests as patterns such as the bowl pattern, the four lows pattern, the calcium shell pattern, and others seen on hair mineral tests.

Š           Movement toward life and movement away from life.  These more complex types of movement are seen in the step down pattern and the step up pattern on hair mineral tests, respectively.

Š           Wave motion. All minerals also demonstrate wave phenomena.  This means that their movement is in waves or that they vibrate as they move.  This is a subtle property, however, that is less important for this article.

Š           Directionality upwards or downwards.  All movement is in a particular direction in relation to other forces such as gravity, magnetic fields, or even in relation to other minerals in the same vicinity.
            While movement can be in any direction, two primary directions are toward or into the earth and away from the earth.  In traditional Chinese thought, movement downward toward or into the earth, which is a centripetal or inward movement, is more yang or male, while movement radiating upward and away from the earth is more female or yin.

Š           Other primary types of movement on earth.  These include circling the planet, as in an orbit around the earth.  Another is skipping along the surface, as occurs with water and air currents.

Š           Sexual pairs. Due to the above directional qualities, minerals form what may be called sexual pairs.  That is, a straighter-motion mineral works closely with a more circular-motion mineral for some purpose in the body.

Š           More complex movement patterns.  The patterns above may combine in many ways.  For example, movement can become faster and then slower, and then faster again in an alternating way.  Movement can also be straight for a while, and then become more circular.  It may also be upwards for a while, and then downward or circular or tangential to the earth for a while.  Thus, the ideas become more complex.


Yin and yang summary.  More yang movements are downward toward the earth, straight and inward.  More yin movements of energy are upward away from the earth, outward or radiating and circular.




Minerals display interesting physics properties of all types.  One that is not discussed much at all may be called movement.  This is not the same as the spin of the atoms, or the spin of molecules due to their degree of heat energy.  These are well-known and well-understood in physics.

Instead, this article focuses on another aspect of minerals that is a bit more esoteric, but very helpful in understanding health and disease, at times.  It is also helpful for hair analysis interpretation.  Movement, as defined here, has to do with the way energy moves in the vicinity of the mineral.  The motion is basically in a particular direction, relative to gravity, the earth’s magnetic fields, and other directional forces on earth.

How the movement is determined.  This type of movement in a mineral is determined by the physical qualities of the mineral and how it interacts with other things in the body such as other minerals, foods, etc.

To some degree, this type of movement or motion is anthromorphic, meaning that one can attribute life-like qualities to an inanimate or lifeless substance such as a mineral.  However, there is also a direct physics quality that is present in all minerals.


The value of this concept. This concept will be found to be helpful for health practitioners because the properties of movement of minerals can and does affect our health.  If one’s minerals are in balance, health improves, in part because of the movement patterns and their combinations.  If less preferred minerals are present in the body, such as toxic metals, they create disharmonious and thus harmful movement patterns within the body.  This is the importance of this large topic.  Perhaps the easiest way to discuss it in more detail is to offer some simple examples, and how they affect our health.




Calcium is one of the most basic minerals on planet earth.  It is used in the body for nerve conduction and for structural strength, primarily, although it has other uses.  Its helps us move away from the earth, which is the yin direction, but calcium itself is not yin.

Straight, and more sluggish motion.  Calcium is a more male element because its motion is primarily in a straight line.  This has to do with its electrical conductivity properties.  Minerals that move in a straighter direction tend to be poorer electrical conductors such as calcium.

Its motion or movement tendency is also inward.  Inward moving minerals tend to build up the body and this is also considered more yang.

Calcium is also downward-moving in the sense that it is a grounding mineral.  This is also more yang in nature.  Calcium is hard, dense, stalwart or heavy.  It is very different, for example, from hydrogen or helium that are light and tend to float upward away from the earth’s gravitational field.

While this discussion may seem contradictory or complex, this is what is meant by the movement associated with a mineral.  Let us examine some other very important minerals and their effects on the body.




Magnesium, which I call the bright and shining mineral, has a very different energy or movement about it.  It is involved in millions of essential enzymes in the body.  Its movement is thus very fast, while that of calcium is more sluggish.

Circular. The movement of magnesium is also more female and circular.  This may seem odd.  However, it is the fact.  Magnesium, for example, is involved in the reproductive system of female animals more than in the reproductive systems of male species.  The males use more zinc instead.

The higher magnesium in their organs actually helps give the females some of their “feminine” qualities of mind, emotions and body features.  These are most easily seen, in fact, in human beings.  The women’s bodies are more curvy, softer, brighter and more sexy as a result.  Sex, it will be found, has even more to do with certain physics qualities than it does with hormones.  Hormones, of course, are just made of minerals, mainly.  The female hormones often contain a little more magnesium than the male hormones such as testosterone.  The minerals impart certain energies to the hormones.

Pairs.  Calcium and magnesium are an important male-female or straight and circular pair of elements and this is why they are given prominence on hair mineral analyses.




The motion of sodium is more linear or straight-line.  This would indicate that sodium is a more male element.  Sodium has to do with the adrenal glands, which are more male-oriented glands associated with the fight-or-flight reaction.  The concept of fight-or-run is more associated with male energy, and with sodium and the adrenal glands.  All this may seem a little abstract, but there is a system to it and if one studies the system a hair mineral analysis will begin to make more sense.

Sodium has a much faster movement pattern than either calcium or magnesium.  This is one reason Dr. Eck called it the volatility element.  Sodium has such fast movement that it is used in the body to disrupt or dissolve many other chemical compounds.  The ability to dissolve things is a quality associated with fast movement.  It is used in our bodies extensively to keep the other minerals of the body in solution so they do not harden up or form insoluble compounds.  When arthritis sets in, one reason can be the formation of hard compounds from a lack of this softening or dissolving male element.




Potassium is more female element with a more circular type of motion or movement.  Potassium is far more associated with the thyroid gland.  This gland, while important for both men and women, is somewhat more associated with women.  Women tend to have many more problems with thyroid disease, for example, for various reasons.  However, iodine, selenium and other minerals associated with the thyroid gland are slightly more female than male.  The hair potassium level, however, is affected by the adrenal glands as well, but less so than the thyroid gland.


A radiating element.  Potassium is also a fast moving mineral, a potent solvent, and it is a radiating mineral.  This means it radiates a strong energetic field.  I am told this will be discovered by scientists some day.  Potassium radiates a clean, clear and obvious energy into the universe that helps human beings know they are alive and well.  This is one reason why a very low potassium level on a hair mineral analysis indicates a fatigue condition, although this aspect of energy is far more subtle.  It is also why vegetables are so important to eat, as they contain plenty of potassium.  Other foods contain it, too, even some refined foods.  However, the form in the vegetables seems to function better in the body.

Potassium also radiates a very clear and present danger energy when things are not right.  This is its relation to sodium, which is the fight-or-run mineral.  Thus potassium and sodium are a pair, as are calcium and magnesium.




Copper is one of the most important of the female minerals for planet earth at this time.  Copper is discussed in separate articles on this website such as Copper Toxicity Syndrome.

For the purposes of this article, copper may be viewed as a very tight circular mineral.  This means that its circular motion is in very small circles, relatively speaking.  I am now speaking on subatomic levels.  This peculiar motion is enhancing female energy on the planet and spiritualizing the planet very quickly at this time.  Once again, I know this is a vague concept, but copper has an interesting property that it damages connective tissue, but in so doing can make way for the growth of certain brain centers that replace the tissue that has been destroyed.

Today, copper is very prevalent in the bodies of the people and even the animals such as dogs and cats.  Over half, and perhaps two-thirds of the hair mineral analyses we review indicate the presence of much too much copper in the person’s body.  Most of it is in a biounavailable form, but it still exerts an energy on the body that is related to its movement pattern.

Copper imbalance can contribute to many symptoms such as candida albicans and other infections, mental imbalances and afflictions such as exhaustion, depression and anxiety, connective tissue problems, all female organ disorders such as PMS, uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts, cardiovascular symptoms, cancers, spaciness, brain fog, headaches, skin rashes, digestive upsets, liver diseases, brain diseases such as epilepsy, and more.  These are among the most common disorders on the planet today.

Copper needs to be studied much more by modern scientists and nutritionists.  I have written about it for some 30 years, but I still find that most doctors and most hospitals are completely unaware of its role in many modern illnesses.




Zinc is a moderate speed, very straight-moving element.  It is also an inward-moving and downward-moving element.  This makes it very yang in its effect.  It is found in greatest quantity in meats and eggs, to some degree, which are more yang foods.  Red meats are most yang and usually contain the most zinc.

In fact, zinc is one of the straightest-moving elements in existence.  Perhaps this is one reason it is associated with gentle strength, steadiness and emotional stability.  Zinc is also a very balancing mineral in the body, acting like an adaptogen in most instances.  This means that it reduces that which is excessive and boosts that which is deficient.  Few substances on earth can do this.  A few herbs such as Rhodeola are able to do this, and not too many other substances.


Modern elements.  Zinc and copper are also more “modern” elements.  This means their importance is increasing in the modern world.  Some elements are “older”, meaning they were more important in the past.  Some elements such as selenium and silicon are more “future-oriented” because they will become more important in the future.  A book that describes some of the evolution of the minerals is called The Promethean by Joseph Scogna, Jr. 

Both zinc and copper, and particularly zinc, are absolutely needed today for nervous system development, growth and other vital body functions at this time.  This was less the case many centuries ago, I believe.  Unfortunately, obtaining enough zinc today is almost impossible from food alone.  This is why all nutritional balancing programs include some supplemental zinc.


Zinc and vegetarian diets. The most serious problem with vegetarian diets is their low level of zinc in many cases.  In the past, this was not so serious, but it is very important today.  I always urge people to avoid vegetarian diets, a mistake I made myself some years ago.  Zinc supplements, pumpkin seeds and vegetables often do not provide enough or the same quality of zinc as is found in meats, eggs and a few dairy products.  It is one of the main reasons I cannot ever endorse vegetarian, or even near-vegetarian diets.  They tend to shorten one’s lifespan, even if they “cure” various ailments.

The need for zinc is particularly important for Westerners.  Their food is seriously zinc deficient due to food refining, and their high stress levels require more zinc.  Their soils are also often more zinc deficient.  This is why books such as the China Syndrome that compare the health of Chinese peasants, for example, to that of Americans is not a valid comparison.  The Westerners need more zinc for their health.  In fact, the Chinese peasants often consume more zinc as they eat better, but the Westerners require more for their brain development and more mental and high-stress lifestyles.

Zinc and copper form a pair of minerals that both antagonize each other and work together.  We find that they should usually be taken together as supplements, by the way.




This important mineral has a primarily circular movement pattern.  This means it is a more yin or ‘female’ mineral that is concerned with blood sugar regulation, cholesterol metabolism and other functions.  It is not nearly as yin as copper, however, and is needed in larger quantity by almost everyone.  Many cases of diabetes could be avoided if it were supplemented regularly by most people.

It tends to decrease with age, a quality associated with all the vital minerals, but even more so with the yin minerals because as a body ages, it becomes more yin and the body may eliminate the more yin elements to try to keep it balanced.  This may account for some of the age-related diabetes, cataracts, vision problems, cholesterol problems and others.




This interesting mineral is both yin and yang, depending upon its compounds.  That is, its motion or movement pattern can be straight or circular in nature depending upon which other minerals and chemicals it is bound to.  In this regard, it is a far more complex mineral in its effects on the body. 

Selenium is essential for detoxification, for example, which is a more male or yang activity.  It is also essential for thyroid activity, a more female or circular activity.  It is also needed for cell reproduction and many other functions.  Its movement pattern tends to depend upon its use in the body.






            The concept of movement has more to do more with physics than with medicine.  However, it is directly related to healing in many ways.

Many people are stuck in negative or slow-moving movement patterns because they are ill.  When they follow a complete nutritional balancing program, their life opens up, movement speeds up, and turn much more positive for them.

This is an entire area of nutritional balancing science – how it affects creative movement in people.  One could say that a goal of nutritional balancing is to restore healthy movement, and it works!.




Studying the movement patterns found on hair mineral tests can also give health practitioners extra insights into their client’s situations, even if the client has little desire to talk about it, and even if the client is unaware of the situation.  In this way, practitioners can greatly assist their clients to live better and make better decisions.




            Some types of movement are more beneficial for a society than others.  For example, voluntary movement that occurs in a capitalist society tends to be much healthier than the movement that occurs in a socialist or communist society.  In the latter, the individual is not given as much power or control.  These societies often lead to idleness, boredom, and often violence in the end.  People become wards of the state, which is also a negative type of movement.

            In contrast, in a more libertarian and capitalist society, individual initiative, innovation, inventiveness and individual creativity are rewarded. This gives rise to far greater movement on the part of the souls of those in free market, capitalist societies. 

This is an important reason why capitalism has created much more wealth than any other economic system, and why I favor it very much over top-down government control that exists in socialistic and communistic societies, which also do not create nearly as much wealth for their people.



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