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            Balancing and strengthening the body chemistry of mothers-to-be is one of the best ways to enhance the safety of pregnancy and birth.  It will also help create a much happier, healthier generation of children.

            Many problems of newborns and babies are directly attributable to nutritional imbalances the babies are born with.  A recent study showed, for example, that low birth-weight babies are increasing in incidence.  This is a shame as it leads to extra cost and health problems, in most cases.  In my experience, many problems of babies such as infections, inability to feed, delayed development, ADD, autism and many more can often be completely avoided with a nutritional balancing program for the mother before or at least during pregnancy.

            For the doctor, avoiding birth-related problems with a nutritional balancing program may reduce legal liability for problems that are today common in babies. 




            One of the greatest benefits of nutritional balancing for mothers-to-be and their unborn children is to avoid congenital problems in the baby.

            The word congenital means something that one is born with, but not a genetic defect.  In other words, one’s genes can be fine, but one can still be born with many problems due to nutrient deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity and other imbalances that are passed along from mother to child through the placenta.

            Congenital problems are almost universal today because so many mother-to-be and even the fathers-to-be are not in excellent nutritional condition.  It does not matter if the mother is very attractive or “feels good”.  The fact is that most young women do not eat correctly and even if they do, their food is not of excellent enough quality to provide all that they need.

Also, the environment is loaded with toxic metals and toxic chemicals.  These are all passed directly through the placenta from mother to child, burdening the baby with these from his or her first day of life.  This is often the cause of infections, growth and development problems, learning disorders, ADHD, autism and much, much more.  I know this because hair mineral tests of newborns who have never touched food or perhaps even water, often reveal high levels of toxic metals.  These can only have come from the mother.

Preventing congenital problems, or correcting these problems after the baby is born, helps produce a much healthier child.  For more, please read Burnout Babies and Super Babies.




            Another reason why all mothers-to-be would benefit greatly from a nutritional balancing program is to help reduce the chances of a genetic birth defect.  The birth defect rate has doubled in America and increased around the world since 1950 or so. 

            The likely causes are excessive toxic metals and toxic chemicals, and more radiation exposure.  Every young woman should make every possible effort to minimize exposure to these if one wishes to have healthy children.

            A nutritional balancing program helps a mother-to-be to remove all toxic substances from the body, and this may reduce the chances of a birth defect.  It takes a while to detoxify the body, so the time to begin is NOW, ladies and teenagers.  Do it preferably before you are even thinking about becoming pregnant.

            To read more about this, please read Prenatal Care, Genetic Defects and Genetic Testing on this website.




            Another reason for a nutritional balancing program for all mothers-to-be is to avoid complications of pregnancy, some of which can be life-threatening for both mother and child.

Copper And Morning Sickness.  Copper imbalance, for example, causes morning sickness in some pregnant women.  Nutritional balancing can correct this imbalance, along with many others, and can offer a woman a much healthier and easier pregnancy and birth.

            Also, in my experience with many pregnancy cases, the babies are born happier, healthier and they have far fewer problems after they are born. For more about this, please read Copper Toxicity Syndrome on this site.


Diabetes and Nutritional Balancing. Some women develop what is called “gestational diabetes” during pregnancy.  It is a type of diabetes that only appears during pregnancy.  It is unpleasant and can threaten the mother and child’s health.  Nutritional balancing is often helpful to both avoid this complication of pregnancy, as well as to handle it if it arises.


Pre-Eclampsia and Eclampsia of Pregnancy.  Some women develop high blood pressure, swelling of the legs and other related conditions as complications of pregnancy.  They can be life-threatening and often require bed rest for the mother, or even hospitalization.

These conditions are also usually related to nutritional and other biochemical imbalances.  I have found that women who followed a nutritional balancing program never experienced these frightening complications of their pregnancies.  Ideally, one should begin a nutritional program early, as it takes time in many cases to reverse nutritional imbalances.




Other benefits of a nutritional balancing program before and during pregnancy are many:


1. Screening for many biochemical imbalances that are otherwise hard to identify.  These might include heavy metal toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, thyroid and adrenal imbalances, blood sugar imbalances, dietary imbalances, hidden lifestyle problems, an imbalanced oxidation rate, imbalanced vital mineral ratios, intense but hidden stress patterns, a reduced immune response, possible emotional difficulties that could affect pregnancy, and trends for at least 30 to 40 important medical conditions.


            2. Improving a woman’s overall energy level and her health level, so that she will be better able to care for herself and breastfeed her baby for at least three years, ideally.  Many women are so depleted their babies do not want their breast milk after a short while, or the mother’s develop difficulty breastfeeding that prevents them from continuing it long enough.  The healthiest “primitive cultures” routinely breastfeed the babies for several years, often exclusively, to give a child the best possible start in life.  This is only possible, however, if the mother is extremely well nourished and knows well how to care for her body.


            3. Improving a woman’s mental and emotional health so that she can better cope with pregnancy, delivery and raising a healthy child.


            4. Teaching a young woman how to eat and live correctly, so she can pass on the knowledge to her child, rather than learn incorrectly from the media or even from ignorant doctors and nurses, sad to say.




            When I first began doing nutritional balancing, I did not know if a nutritional balancing program was safe during pregnancy.  The nutritional supplements are safe.  However, I wondered if the program would cause toxic metals to be released from the mother and find their way into the baby. Even if this did not occur, I wondered if the release of toxic metals could affect the baby in some other way.

After 34 years of offering nutritional balancing programs to pregnant women, I have found they are extremely safe.  In fact, it is much safer to be on a program than to attempt pregnancy without one.  That is how depleted and toxic almost all young women are today. 

As of June 2014, one problem of pregnancy has been reported to me by a mother who followed a nutritional balancing program during her entire pregnancy.  At around 8 months, the baby inside of her apparently kicked the umbilical cord and it ruptured, causing a miscarriage that was very sad for the mother.  This is the only incident reported so far after having worked with at least 500 pregnancies in which the mother followed a complete nutritional balancing program.

Many of these women reported that their “hair analysis baby”, as some call it, is much brighter, healthier and happier than their previous babies.  Therefore, I have no hesitation at this time recommending the program for pregnant and/or possibly pregnant women.  A few simple modifications of the programs are needed, and discussed below.




1. Nutritional supplements.  In addition to the recommended supplements on your individualized nutritional balancing program, a few women require:

A. About 30 mg daily of chelated iron or preferably 3 or 4 tablets of dessicated liver daily to supply extra iron.

Note: The iron is usually only needed near the end of the pregnancy, and not during the first trimester.  If a woman is eating correctly and digesting her food well, it may not be needed at all.

B. If a woman is in a four lows pattern or in fast oxidation, I suggest adding one tablet of Megapan daily to supply folic acid and many other extra vitamins.

C. I suggest skpping the prenatal vitamin recommended by her doctor.  It should not be needed.  Most are not that good quality, and even if they are, they are not individualized and usually contain minerals and vitamins a young woman does not need.  They can even be toxic for her and her child.  This topic is discussed below.


2. Diet. This is very important.  The standard fast or slow oxidizer diets are very adequate.  Be sure to eat plenty of cooked vegetables daily – about 3 cups per meal, three times daily.

As the baby grows larger, the mother may need to eat a little more, in some cases, to be sure she gets enough nutrition for both her and the baby.


3. Lifestyle. Pregnancy, while not a disease, is somewhat stressful.  Be sure to get plenty of rest, ideally do some mild exercise each day, and to observe all the other good habits outlined in articles on this website such as introduction To Nutritional Balancing Science.

            Also, positive, happy thoughts are important during pregnancy because developing babies are extremely sensitive to their mother’s moods and thoughts.  They will react to them.  For the happiest baby, watch your thoughts and emotions carefully and take action such as reading uplifting books or watching inspiring movies, if needed, to keep them positive and uplifted.


4. Coffee enemas during pregnancy.  I am often asked about this.  So far, doing coffee enemas  during pregnancy are completely safe.  Late in pregnancy, getting up and down off the bathroom floor to do an enema may become difficult or at least cumbersome for some pregnant women.  An assistant is helpful at this time, or do the enema on a bed or massage table, instead of the floor.

Some women develop hemorrhoids late in pregnancy, and in a few cases this can affect her ability to do coffee enemas.  Mild hemorrhoids go away on a nutritional balancing program.  Severe hemorrhoids are best handled with galvanic current treatments, in my experience.


            5. Saunas during pregnancy. For thousands of years, traditional saunas of the type found in health spas have been used in Europe during pregnancy with no apparent ill effects.  This is well-documented in the medical literature on saunas.

Infrared saunas are more powerful.  I do not recommend near infrared light sauna therapy during pregnancy.  I have allowed some pregnant women to use a near infrared sauna for up to 10 minutes during pregnancy if the woman really wanted to do so.  So far, in just a few cases, there has not been any problem at all. However, I do not recommend it.


6. The other procedures during pregnancy.  The Roy Masters meditation, the spinal twist, 10-12 ounces of carrot juice daily, and daily foot reflexology are all superb during pregnancy.




The insanity of “modern” prenatal care.  When a young women becomes pregnant, she gets a simple blood test, and perhaps a lecture or a few handouts about her diet and drug use that, in my estimation, is far too little, far too late.  After all, by the time she sees the doctor, she has been pregnant for at least several weeks and up to two months.  This is the most critical and delicate time of her pregnancy - when the baby is forming.

She is also usually given a prescription for a low quality prenatal vitamin that is rarely enough or individualized for her body type and needs.

This, folks, is prenatal care in America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia today.  As I write this article, at least 1 of every hundred children born in America will become autistic, and at least one in five will have a learning disorder.  Hair analysis makes it very clear the reason for this epidemic is the babies are born malnourished and toxic.  Unless the present system of prenatal care changes drastically, I wonder if all children will soon be born with serious biochemical and other defects and problems.


What today’s insane prenatal care also allows young women to do:


Š          Eat lots of junk food that is devoid of nutrients and loaded with questionable food additives.  The diets of teenagers and young women, in particular, whether at school or while working, are among the worst of any group.

Š          Stay up late and live on many fewer hours of sleep than they need.  Most today live on caffeine and sugar just to get through the day.

Š          Have sexual intercourse long before they understand it well or are in committed relationships.  As a result, most of the sexually active ones contract sexually-transmitted diseases while still teens or in their twenties.  These can interfere with a healthy pregnancy, not to mention their effect upon a lady’s self esteem and attractiveness for finding a wonderful mate.

Š          Use hundreds of toxic chemicals found in hair sprays, hair dyes, nail polish (one of the worst), soaps, lotions, cosmetics such as lipstick, rouge, chapsticks, synthetic clothing worn against the skin and more.  Many of these products should be banned, as they are quite toxic.

Š          Many today are told it is okay to live a loose moral lifestyle that causes depression and discouragement for them.  Treating teenage girls as if they are adults is a grave mistake, in my experience.  They are children, not adults, and most do not know how to control their lives and how to live healthfully.  This can affect them for the rest of their lives, and particularly their attitude about becoming a mother and how they will treat their babies.

Š          Many take drugs, including over-the-counter and prescription drugs that are highly toxic.  These include birth control pills and patches (the worst), steroid creams, antibiotics, and all sorts of ‘drug remedies’ for their PMS, acne, headaches and so on.  Few parents or others explains to these young ladies that all drugs leave residues that remain in the body for years.  Some will pass into their babies during pregnancy, perhaps causing birth defects, delayed development, autism, ADHD, and so on.

Š          Women’s liberation has also educated young women to believe it may be okay to “experiment” with alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana and other toxic substances, just like the boys do.  This is pernicious and a lie!  It is not okay for the boys, but at least they do not bear the next generation of children.

Š          Use hot tubs and swimming pools.  Unfortunately, these usually contain bacteria and viruses that are easily spread, causing pelvic inflammatory disease or sexually-transmitted diseases, even if one has not had sex.  Please avoid these.  I know this is hard, but it is worth it for young women.  The worst are public pools or those in hotels, resorts and other places where many people use them.  Your own backyard pool is better if you don’t have a lot of friends over to use it.  Hot tubs are the worst, and are best avoided completely.


 More on prenatal vitamins. Here are several reasons why prenatal vitamins, while helpful in some ways, often do not address most women’s real needs:


1. They are started much too late.  Usually, the baby has essentially already half formed by the time a woman figures out she is pregnant, gets an appointment with a doctor, and fills her prescription for a prenatal vitamin.

In contrast, many primitive tribes start preparing young women for child-bearing as soon as a young woman reach puberty.  At the very least, one should begin prenatal care when one gets married or begins to be sexually active, since one never knows exactly when pregnancy will occur thereafter.


2. Most prenatal vitamins are extremely deficient in many nutrients, if they contain them at all.  Among the important nutrients that are low in these vitamins are zinc, selenium, magnesium, manganese, chromium, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, iodine and possibly others.


3. They are one size fits all.  No testing is usually done, yet some women need far more of certain nutrients than others.  For example, certain prenatal vitamins are very high in copper, containing several milligrams of it in one tablet or capsule.  This helps some women.  In others, it throws their body chemistry further out of balance, and can cause acne, headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety and other difficulties.  I will give just one example from my own nutritional balancing practice.

The Depressed Young Mother.  A young woman consulted me for depression soon after she had given birth.  I asked if she was taking her pre-natal vitamin and she answered yes.  I told her to stop it immediately.  She returned to my office in a week with her husband, who was a local physician.  He told me to write up her case because it turned out she was beating her baby because she could not handle the baby crying.  Within a day or two of stopping the prenatal vitamin, her depression and her inability to cope with the baby’s crying both stopped.




Š          Statistics indicate that home births are usually much safer than hospitals or even birthing centers.  Make sure, however, that a car or other methods are available should you need to be moved to a hospital. 

Š          Try to have a midwife or doula help you with any pregnancy.  You may also have a regular doctor, but statistics again indicate better outcomes when these birthing professionals are also involved.

Š          If you go to a hospital or birthing center, make sure someone watches over you and over the baby at all times so your wishes are carried out and no mistakes are made.  This is very, very important today.

Š          If you end up in a hospital or birthing center, do not spend any more time there than is absolutely needed.

Š          Pregnancy should NOT be treated as a disease with a lot of drugs.  However, some women are in bad shape after the birth, and medical care is required for them.

Š          Babies should never be given “formula” at the hospital or anywhere else.  Make sure of this with your baby.  Breast milk is far better.  If a baby gets ‘hooked’ on formula, breast feeding may be difficult later.

Š          I strongly suggest strenuously avoiding all vaccines in the hospital and everywhere else if you want a healthy baby.  Read up on vaccines now, before you have a baby, and preferably before you get married so it does not create a fight with your spouse.  Vaccination, in my view, is the worst abomination of the medical profession and causes far more suffering than it could ever prevent.  Natural methods of care can prevent and treat all diseases for which vaccines are given.  The medical and pediatric “establishment” lie regularly about vaccine statistics to their members, so most doctors are ill-informed.  Besides, if they told patients the truth, they might lose their medical licenses, so they just follow “the party line”.  You must do your own research and read both sides of the story.  See the article Vaccination on this site for more information.

Other articles on this website with more details include Prenatal Care, Pregnancy and Everyone Is Toxic And Depleted.



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