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One of the most important reasons for embarking upon and staying with a development program is to improve your genetics.  Doctors may tell you this is impossible. 

What they mean is that you cannot change your DNA.  However, many so-genetic problems are not due to problems with the DNA.  They are caused by problems copying the DNA to form RNA, or the production of your body chemicals from the RNA.




Here are some of the major reasons for genetic problems today:


1. Defective DNA.  This is actually quite rare.  It is not the cause of most of what doctors call “genetic defects”, even though that is what they will tell you.  The more likely causes are #2 below.


2. Problems making the chemicals the body needs.  These are also called biosynthesis problems.  Among the common ones are:


A. Deficiency of raw materials.  This is a common problem.  It  is definitely a nutritionally-caused problem that is correctable.


B. Toxins mixed in with the raw materials.  Toxic metals or toxic chemicals can get mixed in with the raw materials.  These will damage the copying process.  This is also common in many people.

This is analogous to having dirt or grease in your office copy machine.  It may not stop the copying, but it makes the copies imperfect.


B. Not enough electrical power to form the chemical correctly.  Chemicals are formed by an electro-chemical process.  This is explained in the article entitled Genetics – Basic on this site.


C. Slight damage to the quality of the DNA blueprint or Page.  The DNA itself is not broken, missing or ruined.  It is just not in top shape.  The tags or telomeres can be too short, for example, or there can be other slight damage.  This is also common, especially in older people.

Development is superb to help lengthen the telomeres.  In fact, it is one of the aspects of what is called on this website ‘development’.  As this is a large subject, for more information, read Lengthening Your Telomeres on this website.


All the above lead to imperfect copying of the DNA.  This is the most common cause of so-called genetic defects.  In genetic lingo, this can give rise to polymorphisms, which just means imperfect or defective copies of the DNA.




This is not a defective product or genetic defect.  However, it is a problem with biosynthesis in many people, even young people.

It means that the entire process of making your body chemicals is too slow.  As a result, not enough chemicals are made.  This slows all healing and slows development as defined on this website.  If it is severe, it leads to illness and premature aging. 

The main cause for it is difficulty in obtaining enough raw materials to make all the chemicals fast enough.  This is always due to inadequate nutrition.




Zinc is absolutely required for a number of steps in the copying of the DNA.  Two zinc-dependent enzymes that are part of the process are RNA transferase and RNA polymerase.  There are probably others, as well. 

All bodies tend to be low in zinc today.  This is because the soil is low in zinc, hybrid foods are low in zinc, and refining of food removes zinc in most cases.  Refining including milling wheat to make white flour, milling sugar cane to make white sugar, and milling rice to make white rice.

When zinc is deficient, copying errors are much more likely.  If a person is toxic with a zinc antagonist (such as cadmium, copper, lead, mercury or nickel), This can cause the problem as well.  It is also very common!

Development can help by correcting the mineral balance at deep levels.  It is often not enough to just take some zinc, although this helps.  One must also remove the toxic metals deeply.  It is a lengthy process that takes at least 10 years, in our experience.  Chelation is not good enough. 




Development helps get rid of ionizing radiation in the body.  Ionizing radiation from A-bomb tests, medical x-rays, natural radiation (radon), etc. always damages DNA.  There is no such thing as helpful ionizing radiation.  It tends to break the DNA strands randomly.  When they come back together, they are often damaged.  If the body’s vitality is very good, the body can sometimes repair the damage, but often the damage just multiplies.

This is actual DNA damage, which is different from problems copying the DNA to RNA.

Development helps by removing radioactive toxic metals such as uranium and others very deeply.

The extra procedures with a development program also drastically improve circulation, hydration, and oxygenation of the body, and enhancing its ability to heal itself.

The program may also help genetically by killing off weak, mutated, toxic cells faster.  This way they cannot reproduce and perpetuate their damaged DNA.

Other mechanisms may be at work, too, to repair the DNA in some cases, such as moving energy downward forcefully from head to feet.  This tends to have a reparative and restorative effect.

Making the body much more yang is also beneficial to remove radiation, which is an extremely yin toxin.

Also, the lifestyle I suggest is to avoid air travel, which exposes one to much more radiation these days – both at the airports and at high altitudes.

Other articles on this website related to genetics are Genetics – Basic, Genetic Testing and MTHFR Defects.



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