by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction


II. Problems With Regular Sex


III. Solutions





Regular sex.  This is the most common way that heterosexual people have sex.  The theme of this article is that regular sex is not the preferred method.  There is another method that is much gentler, and much healthier for both men and women.

Down sex.  This is not well known on earth.  The difference between it and regular sex are:

- It is much gentler

- It goes on for up to two hours.

- There is little movement of the penis.

- There are no orgasms

- The participants can be clothed

- The energy centers do not spin backwards

- There is much less blending between the man and the woman.

- Very powerful healing occurs with this method that does not occur with regular sex.

- Subtle energy moves more in a downward direction (from the head to the feet).  With regular sex, subtle energy tends to move in an upward direction.




There are numerous problems with regular sex.  Some affect both men and women, while others just affect women.

The reasons regular sex is harmful, while down sex is very healthful, are:




1. Disease.  Contracting sexually transmitted diseases more easily (both men and women).

2. Fluid loss.  Regular sex causes much greater loss of vital sexual fluid inboth men and women.

3. Physical trauma. There is usually some tearing and scarring of the vagina with regular sex.  This does not occur with down sex, and does not occur in men because their sexual organs are less delicate.

4. Other danger (women only).  Women  normally go out of control a little with regular sex.  This can easily turn to rape.  With down sex, the woman can be fully clothed, which reduces the danger somewhat.




1. Embarrassment.  Any time a woman disrobes completely, there is often some embarrassment.  In contrast, with down sex a woman can remain fully clothed or almost so.

2. Sadness (mainly women).  This is subtle, but is the result of all the problems in this article.

3. Little love.  Regular sex is not as loving as down sex.

4. Opens the second center.  Regular sex opens the second center on women.  This is harmful if the woman is not married.  She develops a look that says “I am available – come and get me.”




1. Addiction to orgasms (both men and women).  The orgasms of regular sex are powerful.  They deplete nutrients and mix up the mind, and as a result are often addictive.

2. Disempowering.  The reasons why regular sex is disempowering for women are:

a. Attachment.  Regular sex attaches women to men much more than does down sex.  Men do not attach to women during sex nearly as much.

b. Out of control.  Women easily go out of control during regular sex when they have orgasms.  This does not occur with men.

c. Physical position.  Women are usually pinned down by the much larger and heavier male body.  Also, this causes women to be often passive participants in regular sex, which is also disempowering.




            1. Fluid loss and orgasms.  Both men and women become somewhat mixed up by the fluid loss and the orgasms of regular sex.  The orgasms spin all seven of the energy centers in the wrong direction and slow down the spin of the three centers or dantiens.

These problems work against personal creativity and cause other problems for both men and women.  These problems do not exist with down sex.

2. Attachment. Regular sex attaches women to men in a powerful way. This tends to reduce the women’s creativity.  The problem occurs less with down sex.




            Regular sex teaches both men and women that men are in charge of sex, and women are mainly sex objects.  It teaches that the women are also basically passive when it comes to sex.




            Too much stimulation of the first energy center that occurs with regular sex damages the seventh energy center and causes both men and women to lose their connection with the Holy Spirit or Higher Self.




1. Do down sex or avoid all sex, but do not do regular sex.

2. Follow a complete nutritional balancing program to replenish nutrients and balance the body.

3. Do the vaginal coffee implant or stuffing procedure to help eliminate infection and other effects of regular sex.

4. Perhaps do other vaginal healing such as peroxide baths and massage to reverse damage to the vagina.  For details, read The Vagina.




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