by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© February 2014, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            When one follows a nutritional balancing program, one has to overcome resistance and confusion from various sources.   These include:


1. The mass media.  The televison, radio, internet, print and other common sources of information repeatedly tell people to be sure to eat fruit, for example.  Other articles warn people against coffee enemas and other procedures that I find are completely safe, when done properly, and are extremely helpful to rebuild health at the deepest level.


2. Friends and family.  Many times, I hear from clients that their family just cannot support them when they follow a nutritional balancing program.  This is to be expected, sadly, when the media and the medical profession are not supportive.


3. Physicians.  Conventional and even holistic and naturopathic physicians sometimes tell our clients not to take their supplements, or not to do coffee enemas daily.  Some doctors and nutritionists also warn people to be sure to take their replacement hormones and other drugs, at times, even though we find them unneeded if the healing program is done properly, in almost every case.

I maintain this is largely due to their ignorance, and, at times, fear of going against their licensing boards.  Most are not familiar with nutritional balancing science, at all.  It is very rare that I even get a phone call or email from a physician asking for more explanation as to the reason for our recommendations.


4. Government health boards and leaders.  The Food And Drug Administration (FDA), the surgeon-general, public health authorities and other government information sources are quite brainwashed, in my view, and still press for more vaccines, more x-rays, more water fluoridation, and other practices in spite of plenty of research showing the harm done by these outdated practices.  Meanwhile, they are often swayed by lobbyists to oppose such things as access to raw, unpasteurized dairy products, some food supplements, and other items that are extremely beneficial.


5. Other.  In some cases, a personÕs religion, spiritual group or teacher, or other source of information warns them against the diet, supplements or procedures that I find are so helpful, and often needed, today.


6. Fear due to retracing or healing reactions.  This also sometimes stops our clients from continuing on a program.  I wish we could eliminate these completely, and we are researching this at this time.  However, part of a deep healing program seems to be the flare-up of symptoms, at times, as they heal at deep levels.

This problem is made worse because very few doctors or family members understand retracing.  As a s result, doctors are fearful of these reactions, and do not know how to handle them.

For what it is worth, I have never had to send someone to the emergency room or to a doctor due to a healing reaction in over 33 years of offering nutritional balancing programs.  I believe this is because, in spite of vigorous symptoms, at times, nutritional balancing is very safe because balancing the body is central to this system of healing.


7. Financial considerations.  I wish nutritional balancing were covered by health insurance or government programs, but it is not.  Every effort is made by our practitioners and myself to keep the cost manageable, but it can be excessive for some people.  That is why we offer the so-called Free Program, and why the Center For Development, a foundation, may be able to help with the cost of programs for children and young women, as well.


8. New ideas.  Nutritional balancing incorporates a number of concepts that are not currently part of mainstream medical care or holistic care.  These include the stress theory of disease, yin and yang as applied to our food and health, general systems theory, cybernetics, chaos theory, fractal mathematics and other newer mathematical and physics concepts.

As a result, the programs can seem strange, and the recommendations do not always jive with what others are offering.


The result is that many wonÕt even consider a nutritional balancing program, or people who are doing well are talked out of a program.  This is unfortunate, but true.



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