by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            In order to follow a development program, one has to overcome resistance and confusion from a number of sources.   These are:


1. The mass media.  For example, television, radio, internet, social media, and print media often tell people to fruit and salad.  Other articles warn people against coffee enemas and even sauna therapy that we find completely safe, when done properly.

Still other malicious articles warn people against eating cooked food and against eating meat.  We suggest avoiding most media.  For suggestions, read The Mass Media.


2. Medical input.  Conventional and even holistic and naturopathic physicians sometimes tell our clients not to take their supplements, or not to do coffee enemas daily.  Some warn people to be sure to take their drugs and hormones, even though we find them unneeded and the hormones cause cancer in many cases.

None of them understand retracing, so they scare people when consulted about what is really a purification reaction.  This is due to ignorance, and, at times, fear of going against the desires of their licensing boards.

Dr. Wilson has a medical background.  However, it is very rare that we receive a phone call or email from a physician asking for more explanation as to the reason for our recommendations.

Our policy is to never tell people to completely avoid medical treatment.  Some clients are in a hurry to quit their drugs.  We often tell them to reduce drugs slowly and monitor their condition.  This is very important with thyroid replacement hormones, insulin, blood pressure medicine, anti-depressants, tranquilizers and some others.

We do warn people about Surgery, Medical Hazards, Dangerous Drugs, and Your Doctor’s Priorities, Chelation Therapy, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Homeopathy, Herbs and more.


3. Government agencies.  The Food And Drug Administration (FDA), the surgeon-general, public health authorities and other government information sources are quite brainwashed and corrupt, in our experience.

They often push for more vaccines, mandatory vaccination, water fluoridation, more drug therapy, and more government control of health care, in spite of plenty of research showing the harm done by these ideas.  They also pass regulations that make food supplements more costly or unavailable, when these are extremely beneficial.  They also sponsor phony studies of hair mineral testing and then scare the public about it. 


4. Friends and family.  Often, family members oppose a person following a development program, although the diet is far superior to what they were eating before.  This problem is often related to #1 above – bad information from the media and the  medical profession.


5. Fear due to retracing or healing reactions.  We wish these did not occur, but they do, and rarely they are vigorous.  They are part of deep healing and development.  the most problematic, we find, are often the emotional reactions.

Emotional healing reactions.  At least once a week a client reports that when they follow the diet or do the procedures, or take certain supplements, they become angry, irritable or very anxious.  When we check, it is usually not a “food allergy”.  Instead, it is an emotional healing or purification reaction.

This is benign and will pass.  However, it is unpleasant enough that some people stop the diet or another aspect of the program.  Stopping the supplements or procedures for a day or two is fine, but the emotion will come up again when one resumes the program until the issue or trauma has cleared, and this can take time.

Lack of understanding by medical people and family members makes this problem worse. 

As for the real danger of these purification reactions, about 7 or 8 times in 38 years we have suggested a person go to the emergency room due to dehydration or due to extreme worry.  If cancer is present, we often also like people to work within the mainstream system. 

The actual safety of the program is remarkable to us, given the poor state of health of most people.  I think this is because balancing the body is central to our method.  For details, read Retracing and Trauma Retracing.


6. Financial considerations.  We wish development programs were paid for by health insurance or government health systems, but it is not, even though they will pay for heart surgery and sex change operations.

We try to keep the cost manageable, but it is too much for some people.  For these people, we offer:

- This website free of charge.

- Some free email and telephone support.

- The Basic or Free Program.

- Scholarships for some children and women up to age 30 through The Center For Development, Inc. a foundation.

- Some of our Helpers will give discounts to people who need it and request it.


7. Time considerations.  The program requires some cooking, and the procedures take at least two hours daily.  This is burdensome for some people.  However, we find that if a person wants to do the program, they often can find the time by reducing other activities such as unnecessary shopping, time on the phone or socializing.


8. Newness of the ideas.  Development programs depend upon many concepts that are not well known.  These include the stress theory of disease, the oxidation types, yin and yang as applied to diet, the 7 system, general systems theory, cybernetics, chaos theory, fractal mathematics, mineral testing, correcting subtle energy fields, and more.  For details, read the Theory Of Development.

As a result, the programs can seem strange.  Our recommendations often do not agree with what others suggest.


9. The appearance of this website.  The simple appearance is for a reason – it makes updating articles very fast.


10. Other.  In some cases, a person’s religion, spiritual group, guru, or another source of information warns them against the diet, supplements or procedures that we find are so helpful, and needed for the toxic bodies today.



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