by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Ó August 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.




            The purposes of the news media are to:

1. Report the happenings of the day in an objective or unbiased way.

2. Reporting includes putting the news in the proper context so we understand its meaning.

3. Do investigative reporting.  This is where a reporter investigates a subject deeply to understand the truth about it, and then reports this on the television, radio or in print.

4. Editorialize.  This means to give an opinion about an issue that is in the news.  It should clearly be stated that it is opinion, and not fact.




1. At times, they tell the truth, as they are supposed to do.  Other times they do the following:

A. Spin the news.  This means they report it, but they say it or put it in a context that makes it look a certain way or makes it fit into a certain agenda.

B. Intentionally omit reporting some stories that do not agree with their point of view.

C. Intentionally lie, falsify or make up stories.

D. Intentionally mix up facts with their opinions.

E. Intentionally attempt to confuse and deceive people in many ways, such as having “experts” on their programs that support their views who don’t know the facts or who intentionally lie.  They also engage in character assassination, which means they bad-mouth people they don’t like so people will not believe what they say.

Propaganda.  All of the above are part of the concept of propaganda.  This means disinformation and misinformation designed to alter people’s minds and ideas to conform to a certain doctrine or set of ideas.




            It occurs because most media outlets in the world are owned and/or controlled by socialists, leftists, liberals and/or progressives.  These people use the media for propaganda purposes, namely to promote their agenda of world socialism.  The Rogues are behind all this.

The socialists habitually lie because if they told the truth, no one would support them.  They favor elitism – rule of an elite over the mass of the people.  Since this is an unpopular idea, they cloak their agenda in nice-sounding words such as liberalism, socialism, communism, or progressivism.




            First, realize that most of the mass media cannot be trusted to tell the truth.  This applies to the print media, television, radio and internet news sites.

            Second, one must seek other sources for truthful news, commentary, investigative reporting and editorials.

            Third, and more controversial, we believe the broadcast media should lose their broadcast license because they are no longer news outlets.  The print and broadcast media also should be sued out of existence for fraud.




            We seek the truth.  It happens that the conservative news outlets and commentators speak much more truth than the others, so we recommend and prefer their broadcasts rather than the others.

            In that sense, we are definitely politically conservative.  However, we are not ideologically conservative.  This means that we only seek for the truth, not for a particular theory or concept.




Below are preferred media outlets, and ones to avoid.  The recommended ones are not perfect, but they are much better than the others in terms of truth.



1. The 700 Club is a one-hour daily news show found on several Christian TV stations every day.  Hosted by Pat Robertson or his son, this is one of the best news programs.

Other news programs on Christian television are also good, as is Israel News, a program on some Christian stations.

2. Fox Cable Channel is a breath of fresh air among cable news, except for the Christian news outlets.  Fox is not perfect, but definitely better than NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, Corporation For Public Broadcasting and others.

3. Others.  Glen Beck TV is quite good, especially commentators such as Dana Lasch.  Another good one is the One America News Network.  Newsmax TV is also very good.

Avoid all other television networks such as CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, Link TV, Corporation For Public Broadcasting (Lehrer News Hour, for example).  These are much less true and reliable.  We suggest avoiding them totally, as the amount of truth they present these days is not worth your time.  They are okay on some issue reporting, but otherwise they will confuse you endlessly.



There are many decent and thoughtful talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Shawn Hannity, Lars Larson, Mark Styn, and quite a few others.  In fact, listening to conservative talk radio or reading conservative publications is often are the only way to learn what is really going on in the news.

One objection to almost all of these talk show hosts is they do not understand the horror of the conventional allopathic medical system and the critical importance of a diet of mainly cooked vegetables, the correct vitamin and mineral supplements, and the superiority of natural healing methods, in most cases.

Michael Savage, an unusual man, is the only conservative radio talk show host we know of who reports often on problems with junk food, medical drugs, vaccines, water fluoridation, unnecessary surgeries, and other problems of today’s medical care.  We may not always agree with some of his views, but at least he mentions the problems with the medical profession.

Dennis Prager.  He talks sense a lot of the time, but he confuses people.  He is weak on at least five issues:

1. Rape.  Mr. Prager does not understand the seriousness of the rape problem in America and elsewhere.

2. Liberalism.  Most people understand it to be synonymous with leftist thinking.  Mr. Prager redefines liberals as people who really love America but are duped into their left-wing ideas.  We think that is nonsense and pandering.

Liberals and leftists both vote for the destroyers - Democrats in the USA and for Liberals in Europe, and both are elitists.

3. Homosexuality. This is a horror according to the Bible and other writers, but Mr. Prager says that we should all be “compassionate” about it.  We disagree.  We help others by discouraging it and not by calling it “gay”, as Mr. Prager calls it.

4. The Bible.  Mr. Prager distorts the truth of the Bible as regards homosexuality and liberal values.  He says he likes clarity, but he is not clear on these values.

A web page that describes liberal well is  This web page, however, is missing the idea that conservatives follow Biblical principles, while liberals tend to oppose them.

5. The liberal press.  Mr. Prager condemns the New York Times in one breath, but reads from it almost daily.  That is the same as advertising for it.  That paper belongs in the trash.

Also, he says he disagrees with homosexuality, which the Bible calls an abomination.  But he often reminds his audience that he is good friends with homosexuals.  Does he also keep company with murders or others whom the Bible says to stay away from? 

6. Business.  Mr. Prager speaks badly about the morality of most big business.  This is not true, in our view.  Many large businesses are very moral do a tremendous amount of good in the world.  The rogues have invaded and taken over many of them, however.

7. The right-left spectrum.  Mr. Prager and some others also teach the left-right political spectrum incorrectly, as we understand it.  He says that the left is bad and the right is good.  However, the original understanding is that left wing means secular while right wing means religious in nature.

Extremes of either of these are tyrannical.  Extreme left wing includes liberalism, communism, socialism, progressivism, and leftism.  Extreme right wing includes present-day Iran and a few other nations ruled by religious fanatics.  Nazi Germany was considered right-wing because Adolf Hitler proclaimed himself the new Christ.

America is in the middle, which is called centrist.  This laws of this nation follow some Biblical teachings, but religious fanatics do not rule the nation and are not permitted to do so.  The nation’s laws are based firmly on Biblical principles.  However, the US Constitution forbids a national religion or theocracy – one in which high priests, for example, make all the major decisions.

We don’t mena to be too hard on Mr. Prager, who does a lot of good.  However, he claims often that he loves clarity and truth.  We think he needs a bit more of it in just these few areas.


All of the talk radio programs can be accessed via the internet so that you can listen at your leisure, even if your local radio station does not carry the program.

A note about NPR.  National Public Radio or NPR is very liberal or left-wing and is very slick propaganda.  Listening casually, you can think they are totally objective and just reporting the news, but they are not.

They do not report both sides of the story correctly, and they conveniently omit many very important stories.  They are not always “wrong”, but they do not give you the whole picture, so your mind is not educated properly by listening to their stations.  Unless you counter their “news” and other shows with conservative talk radio, you will remain brainwashed, ignorant and confused.



Washington Free Beacon

The American Thinker

Canada Free Press

Circa News

National Review

The Blaze

Conservative Review

PJ Media


Red State

Life Site

The Weekly Standard

The Federalist


The Daily Caller

The Daily Wire

The Gateway Pundit

Real Clear Politics

Tea Party Patriots

Cal Thomas


Convention Of States

Other Internet sites:







For great history – the true history – go to WWW.WALLBUILDERS.COM.


Magazines to avoid.  These include the mainstream magazines such as Time, Newsweek, and others.  These have a very liberal and left-wing or progressive slant that makes their news and coverage very unreliable.


Newspapers.  There are very few good newspapers left.  The Wall Street Journal is not too bad, but it is not great.  Some small home town newspapers are okay, but don’t count on it.

The New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and the Huffington Post are horribly slanted left.  We cannot recommend a national newspaper as a great source of information today.




Newspapers, in particular, and the media, in general, formerly offered in-depth or investigative reporting.  This was not just a program or two per month, but a daily activity of the mass media.  It was careful, factual reporting, with fact-checking at each step, and without much of a political agenda or ax to grind.  It was simply a search for the truth.

This kind of reporting is almost all gone today except by websites such as Breitbart, Drudge Report, and a few others.  Columns, blogs, website and books by Michelle Malkin and Monica Crowley and conservative talk show hosts are also good for some investigative reporting.

The Christian TV networks, on programs such as the 700 Club, also do some excellent investigative reporting, at times.

An excellent recent book about the media industry is Stonewalled, My Fight For Truth by Sharyl Atkisson.  Other good authors are Ann Coulter, Ben Shapiro, Andrew McCarthy and Mark Styn.

The few large newspapers that still remain are barely surviving, and they don’t have the staff or perhaps the inclination to do much deep investigative reporting.

When they do, their stories and investigations too often reflect a left-wing political agenda.  Therefore, they are not helpful and often the newspaper “news” is often little more than propaganda.



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