by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Many people have conditions such as brain fog, depression, anxiety, memory loss, problems thinking clearly and other brain problems.

Medical science is often baffled by the wide array of brain disorders that afflict the people. Development science and hair mineral analysis can often help to identify and correct many brain problems.

This article discusses the chemical imbalances that affect the brain that we observe.  Many people have several of them.  When we correct all of them, which occurs with a development program, most brain problems go away, even if they are long-standing.




Glucose-starved brain (needs MCT oil).  This problem affects mostly people over age 50 or so.  It is also called brain diabetes because the person cannot move enough glucose from the bloodstream into the brain, for some reason.  This causes a severe dementia that will lead to death if it is not reversed quickly.  It is more common than one might imagine.

This condition is associated with some cases of metabolic syndrome, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and it may occur more often in those with blood type A.  For much more on this condition, please read Brain Diabetes and Dementia on this website.


The blood-starved brain.  This causes a dementia that is harder to reverse if caught late after cell death begins.  It is easy to reverse with various methods including herbs like Gingko and others if caught early.  It is rather common in the elderly and those with generalized arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis, or other cardiovascular diseases. 

Another possible cause is adrenal exhaustion, which can lead to low blood pressure and an inability of the heart to pump enough blood to the brain when one is in a standing posture.  This may cause dementia, or simply dizziness, fainting or other symptoms of postural hypotension.


The oxygen-starved brain, (but one that has an adequate blood supply). This usually is due to shallow breathing, lung problems such as COPD or asthma, anemias, or other illnesses that cause low oxygen transport to the brain.  It usually causes a slow, insidious dementia to occur.

Correction is not that difficult if one can supply more oxygen to the body and brain.  Method to accomplish this include deep breathing, correcting posture and breathing habits, correcting anemia, correcting lung and bronchial diseases, using a home ionizer/ozonator air purifier, and administering oxygen therapies such as hydrogen peroxide IV, ozone therapies, and others.




Undermethylated brains.  We find that most people are undermethylated.  One of the main areas affected is the brain.  The reason for the undermethylation is that the body must deal with a large load of toxins, and this uses up all the available methyl groups.  For details, read Methylation.


The dehydrated brain. This is quite common, although it is not usually severe enough to cause well-defined brain pathology.  For much more about this topic, please read Hydration, The Dehydration Diet, and Water For Drinking on this website.


The vitamin and other nutrient-deficient brain.  This problem is very widespread.  Almost everyone needs more omega-3 fatty acids, for example, and many people are also low in vitamin D, which also affects the brain.

Many people also require more B-complex vitamins, especially vegetarians and those on restricted diets.  This causes mild cases of pellagra and beri beri.  If they continue for years, they can do permanent damage.

Symptoms are vague and most doctors don’t look for nutrient deficiency diseases.  As a result, doctors regularly misdiagnose these conditions as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder or other psychological conditions.

In these cases, clients report feeling better and thinking more clearly within a day or two of changing their diets to a largely cooked vegetable diet and taking rather simple nutritional supplements.

Among the more common nutrient deficiencies that affect the brain are:


a) B12 deficiency.

b) Other B-complex vitamin deficiencies such as B1 and and B6 deficiencies.

c) Methylation or methyl group deficiency.

d) Zinc, magnesium, selenium, lithium, and perhaps other minerals or special forms of minerals that are needed in the brain every day.

e) Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency.

f) Vitamin D deficiency.

g) Many others that are subtle and related to dozens of nutrients found mainly in cooked vegetables.




Defective brain placement.  This is a common occurrence, and refers to exactly how the brain sits in the cranial cavity.  Birth trauma, accidents and other head trauma easily move the brain slightly within the cranium and can cause brain injury and alteration of brain functioning.


Shape problems. This may sound unusual, but the shape of the sulci of some brains is not correct.  As a result, they do not function correctly.  In fact, shape is an important component of brain functioning.

The reasons for shape problems are usually nutritional deficiencies and excess toxic metals and toxic chemicals.  Rarely, an accident, injury or other trauma is the cause.

A development program corrects most cases, but it can take at least a year, and often several years on a program for this to occur.  Mineral patterns that shows up on hair mineral tests when correction occurs are the Anchor And Pivot Patterns.


Cranial bone subluxations.  This means that the bones of the upper spine (C1 through C7) can be out of alignment with each other and with the skull.  When this occurs, it pinches the nerves that emerge between the vertebrae.  This reduces the functioning of these nerves, some of which affect the brain a lot.

Causes for this include accidents, injuries and other head trauma.

Solutions include chiropractic or osteopathic care and the spinal twist exercises and the rest of a development program. 


Cranial bone jamming.  This is quite common.  It means that the bones of the skull do not move around properly.  Often, the sutures, or joints between the bones, are too tight or sclerosed.

Causes for this are birth trauma, accidents, beatings, rapes, and nutritional imbalances.

Solutions include a development program and, at times, osteopathic, chiropractic, cranial-sacral and other therapies.




Viruses.  This is also common and can cause a wide variety of symptoms from seizures to cloudy thinking.  The source of the virus can be a vaccine, an ear or sinus infection, encephalitis, meningitis, arteritis, gonorrhea, syphilis or, for that matter, any viral infection anywhere in the body that slowly spreads to the brain.  The blood-brain barrier helps prevent some of these, but certainly not all of them.  For more about infections, please read Building Immunity.


Yeast overgrowth. Yeasts produce toxic chemicals such as alcohol and aldehydes such as acetaldehyde.  Yeasty brains cause a feeling of drunkenness due to the alcohol production, and fatigue due to the aldehyde poisoning of the body.  Alcohol also depletes B-complex vitamins and magnesium, leading to other brain disorders if the condition is chronic, as it usually is.

This problem is extremely common in young and older people on earth who:

A) Cannot get rid of their candida albicans and other yeast problems due to copper and zinc imbalance, mainly.

B) Complicate the problem severely by eating sugars of any kind, including fruit, fruit juices, rice milk, regular milk and other sweet foods and beverages.  These just “feed the yeast”, and cause flare-ups of symptoms.

C) Have yin bodies for any reason.  Most young people today are born this way, and it only gets worse due to a nutrient-depleted food supply, eating refined food, taking medical drugs, using marijuana, exposure to ionizing radiation, not enough rest and other reasons.  For much more about this topic, please read Yin Disease and Candida Albicans Infection on this site.


Parasites. Certain parasites such as trichina cysts or worms, Lyme disease and others can find their way into the brain.  The symptoms depend on where the parasites settle.  For more on this large subject, please read Parasites.




This is a very important cause of brain pathology.  Most children today are born with higher than ideal levels of toxic metals that are passed to them from their mothers through the placenta.  The only simple way I know of to avoid this problem is for the mother-to-be to follow a development program for a few years before becoming pregnant.  Other ‘cleansing’ or detoxification programs do not seem to work nearly as well.

Two groups of minerals cause many brain pthologies.  One is the toxic metals.  The other is called the amigos.  These are oxide forms of many vital trace minerals. 

The amigos are discussed under: Manganese Toxicity, and in an article entitled The Amigos.  The toxic metals, and how to remove them all from the body and brain, is the subject of an article entitled The Toxic Metals.


Aluminum toxicity.  Aluminum is a toxic metal that has an affinity for brain tissue.  I call it the soft-in-the-head mineral.  This is a slight play on words, because aluminum is a soft metal and it causes cognitive and memory problems, as well.  Aluminum toxicity is known to cause the neurofibrillary tangles that are diagnostic for Alzheimer’s disease.

A shrinkage of the brain tissue occurs, along with a type of dementia that is common in the elderly population.  However, I find cognitive effects of excessive aluminum even in teenagers today.  They complain of brain fog, sluggish thinking, memory difficulties and learning problems.  When the aluminum comes out of the body and brain with a nutritional balancing program, cognitive function improves, often dramatically.  For more on the sources and metabolism of aluminum, please read Aluminum.


Mercury toxicity.  Mercury has a strong affinity for, and ability to settle in the brain.  The blood-brain barrier has little effect upon it, (or on the other toxic metals).  Mercury is so widespread in the environment, food, water and air, that most people have too much of it in the body.

A very common brain condition associated with mercury toxicity is autism.  Vaccines are very commonly preserved with mercury.  In young children, especially, the amount of mercury in just a few vaccines, particularly when they are given together at one doctor’s visit, can be enough to completely derange the electrical circuits of the brain.  This can cause a child who is developing normally to regress and become autistic.

Mercury toxicity is also seen commonly in conditions such as attention deficit disorder, hyperkinesis or hyperactivity, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, irritability, multiple sclerosis and many other brain disorders.  Unlike aluminum, whose action is often diffuse, mercury causes different conditions depending upon where it settles. 

This is a vital topic in brain pathology, and one that must receive more attention.  On earth, the mercury problem is getting worse each day, thanks to more vaccines, amalgam dental fillings, and higher levels of mercury in ALL fish and seafood eaten on planet earth.  Mercury has been removed from some products, but not nearly enough.  For more, please read Mercury and Mercury Removal on this site.


Copper toxicity.  The effect of copper on the brain was a favorite topic of Dr. Paul Eck and one of his mentors Dr. Carl Pfeiffer.  Copper has a strong affinity for the brain.  All young children have a lot of copper in the brain, which causes them to be a little detached or spacey, and to “live in their own little world”.  If that tendency persists into adulthood, one becomes too detached or spacey, foggy in the head, schizoid or even frankly schizophrenic.

Copper imbalance in the brain is also associated with anger, fear and exaggeration of all the emotions because copper favors the synthesis of the biogenic amines – epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine.  Copper may also affect the levels of serotonin and other neurtransmitters and cause symptoms such as anxiety, depression, attention deficit with or without hyperactivity, autism, tics, Tourette’s syndrome, headaches, electromagnetic sensitivity, food allergies, yeast growth in the brain, and more.

For more on this topic, please read Copper Toxicity Syndrome and Copper Elimination Symptoms on this website.


Manganese toxicity.  Somewhat less is known about manganese toxicity in the brain.  However, it is common and may be associated with some cases of Parkinson’s disease.  I find it is also associated with some types of electrical or EMF sensitivity, and this just depends on where the manganese settles in the brain.

Often, the form of manganese that causes problems in the brain is an oxide.  I also call this amigo manganese.  This is because iron, manganese and aluminum are often seen together, like friends or amigos, on hair tests.

They can form oxides that are particularly irritating to the body tissues, and this includes the tissues of the brain.  Other minerals that can form oxides and deposit in the brain and elsewhere include calcium, magnesium, chromium, selenium, cobalt, lithium, molybdenum, boron, and vanadium. 

A development program is excellent to remove the oxide compounds of these important minerals from the body.  One can observe their removal on retest hair mineral analyses when a person follows a complete development program.  Often, as this occurs, symptoms of brain pathology decrease.  For more, please read The Amigos.


Iron toxicity.  Iron is another mineral that can accumulate in the brain.  Interestingly, if a person holds on to anger, iron often accumulates in the amygdala, a portion of the brain associated with feelings of rage.  Not surprisingly, high iron in this area is seen in those who have experienced rape, incest, and other traumas that often cause severe anger in the soul and body.

Iron is one of the minerals that forms oxides easily in the body and in the brain.  These are extremely irritating to the brain tissues.  The website, states that “Mismanaged iron in the brain has been observed in autopsies of people with neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer's, early onset Parkinson's, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and Huntington's disease”.  For more, please read Iron on this site.


The calcified brain.  This is extremely common.  Calcification occurs due to adrenal weakness, old age, psychological shut down, and trauma.  On many hair tests it can be revealed as a calcium shell pattern.  The Calcium Shell article explains how it arises due to low levels of the solvent minerals, sodium and potassium, and perhaps for other reasons, as well.

Brain pathology that can be associated with excess calcium in the brain include fatigue, depression, lowered awareness, sluggish thinking and memory loss.  Other symptoms, such as dementias, are also possible.  Calcium can also deposit in an oxide form, in which case it can be very irritating and interfere with sleep, for example, and cause anxiety.

In addition, if the hair calcium level is greater than about 400 mg%, we call it petrified pattern.  This is associated with deep fears and perhaps paranoia.  It may also have to do with a so-called freeze response to stress.  For more, read Calcium on this site.


Cadmium toxicity.  Cadmium is one of the most toxic of the heavy metals.  It commonly accumulates in the brain, where it can cause risk-taking behavior, violence, a short temper, fearlessness, and psychopathology.  Thisis a combination of a short fuse, fearlessness and a tendency for violence.  Cadmium in the brain is also associated with anxiety, irritability, attention deficit and learning disorders in children, and perhaps other symptoms.  It replaces zinc, a calming element that is also an important neurotransmitter substance, according to some health authorities.

Cadmium is found in cigarette smoke, marijuana, and junk food.  It is also associated with the development of cancer anywhere that it deposits in the body, including the brain.


Nickel toxicity.  Nickel is extremely neurotoxic, as are all the toxic metals.  Too much is associated with depression, suicidal thoughts, and an unusual attachment to others. 

Nickel is found in rooibos tea, tobacco and marijuana.  It is also found in hydrogenated oils such as that used to make margarine.  Metal-workers are often exposed to it, as it is used widely to make chrome-nickel steel and for plating.  A few people are nickel-toxic due to their nickel-plated costume jewelry. and rarely due to other exposures.


Arsenic toxicity.  Arsenic also affects the brain.  The effects are diffuse and symptoms include malaise, nausea, and general weakness.  If exposure continues, death can occur.

Arsenic is widely used as a pesticide on earth, and one compound called Rotarone, is still allowed in the poultry industry to fatten chickens.  Pigs are often fed discarded chicken parts and may obtain large amounts of it this way, which then deposits in the flesh of these animals.  To avoid much of it, eat only organically grown food where it is not permitted.  Also, avoid all pig products, even organically raised.




Thousands of toxic chemicals affect the brain.  They are grouped as:

Medical drugs and vaccines. Anesthesia drugs, tranquilizers, stimulants, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs, sleeping pills, lithium and many other prescription and over-the-counter drugs cause brain problems.

Recreational drugs.  These definitely accumulate in the brain including heroin, cocaine, marijuana, ecstacy, alcohol and others.  They can cause a wide variety of symptoms depending on which drug one has been exposed to, how much, when in life, and where the drug has settled.

Pesticides and insecticides. Most people are exposed to some of these.  They can settle in the brain, where they may contribute to any and all brain pathologies.

Congenital chemical toxicity.  Most, of not all the brains of the children born on earth contain some toxic chemicals passed on from their mothers through the placenta.  This is called congenital toxic poisoning.  It is an important cause of brain pathology, failure to thrive, attention deficit and many other brain pathologies, in some children.

Drugs have their own toxicity.  They also often cause nutritional depletion.  Recreational and psychotropic medical drugs also open a person to entity attachment and other problems.  As a result, symptoms may be due to entities and/or nutritional depletion, and not just to the drug itself. 

The solution is a complete development program.  This will remove toxic chemicals, although it can easily take several years.




            Cell-phones and cell-phone towers.  Radiation in the microwave frequency belt affects everyone today.  It comes from cell phones, cell phone and radio and TV towers (much worse), computer screens, and flat-screen televisions (worse than the old CRT screens). 

It also comes from all portable phones, wireless and wi-fi hookups, microwave ovens, so-called ‘smart’ electrical meters (not good), automobile electronics and spark coils.  If you travel by air, it also comes from aircraft electronics and fields given off by spinning gas turbine engines in most all of them. 

Other sources few are aware of include wirelessly connected spy cameras that are being used everywhere, and more and more wireless devices used in homes, businesses and everywhere else.  Cities are by far the worst places, as are newer apartment buildings.  For more on this topic, please read Electromagnetic Sensitivity.


Radionics, psychotronics and voodoo.  There is some overlap here with the psi weapons.  However, these are more sophisticated.  They are intricate frequency patterns matched to brain chemistry and physiology that can thoroughly upset and unbalance a person’s mind.

The beams and radionics are made much worse when a person has a lot of toxic iron and other toxic substances that resonate with some of these frequencies.  That is a secret of how to overcome some of them.  Sick bodies also resonate with other frequencies, such as that of viruses, fungi and yeast, and others.  Cleaning up the body with a nutritional balancing program, and not simply nutrition, is key to overcome some of these attacks on your sanity and humanity.  For more on this topic, please read Psychotronics on this site.


Homeopathic remedies. These are remedies that operate via a frequency method.  Unfortunately, they are toxic, although most homeopathic physicians will deny that.  They also make the body more yin and interfere with development.

For these reasons, we never recommend them, although they will cause symptomatic improvement.  For more on this topic, read Homeopathy And Other Therapeutic Methods.




            Many disorders having to do with improper copying of the DNA and protein synthesis problems affect the brain.  This is a large topic that is discussed in two articles on this site, Genetic Testing and Genetic Defects.




            These are brain problems caused by resonance or connections between people.  “Positive” examples include benefits to the brain that occurs when a person is either intimate with, or at least in close proximity with another, and the two like each other and get along well.  This can occur between friends, husbands and wives, and even parents and children.  It is a wave phenomenon, not just a psychological effect.

            A negative example is that there exist machines that can somehow connect two people for the purpose of mentally influencing one of them.  For more on this topic, please read    

Male-Female Blending on this site.




            A very important aspect of health is that there must be a flow of ether or subtle energy downward from the head to the feet. 

When this movement of subtle energy is reversed, for any reason, it impacts the brain in a very negative way.  For example, the brain should influence the body.  This is another way of saying that energy should flow downward, from the brain to the body.

In contrast, when a lot of consciousness or energy flows upward from the body to the brain, a person tends to be controlled too much by his emotions and bodily urges.  This can occur due to illness, trauma, depression or other reasons.  This important topic is discussed in the articles entitled Downward Moving Energy And Healing and Meditation For Healing.




            The brain is the center of the nervous system.  However, some imbalances that originate outside the brain such as some cases of very slow oxidation, very fast oxidation, autonomic imbalances and others definitely affect the functioning of the brain.  Nervous system difficulties can be of many types and can be caused by diseases, nutritional imbalances, toxicity, parasitic and other infections, and other factors.  An article that touches on this subject is Balancing The Autonomic Nervous System.




Brain allergies or hypersensitivity. Abram Hoffer, MD and Doris Rapp, MD, among other physicians, have written about allergic phenomena that specifically affect the brain. Exposure to the allergenic substance can definitely cause severe behavior changes and possibly other brain disorders.  The allergies or sensitivities or intolerances can be to any food or chemical substance.


Faulty thinking.  Many people today engage in faulty thinking and feeling.  This is due to poor quality education, lack of truth in one’s reading and life, shock, and trauma.  These can set up improper neuronal pathways inside the brain.

The solution is to correct one’s thinking.  Articles on this website are helpful for this, as is reading the Bible.


Reflex problems affecting the brain.  Some brain disorders actually originate elsewhere in the body.  For example, the colon has a system of reflexes that connect directly with the brain.  A blockage or other problem in certain parts of the colon will affect the activity of the brain.

Bernard Jensen, DC, ND and others have shown that a blockage or toxic buildup in certain parts of the transverse colon can damage the brain and even cause a brain tumor.

Cleaning the colon to remove parasites, blockages and infected diverticuli can lead to restoration of normal brain activity.  To read more about the colon reflex system, read Coffee Enemas on this site.


Imbalances in the energy centers, especially the sixth one and those above it. The sixth and seventh energy centers, and the ones above these, involve primarily the brain.  Imbalances in these critical energy centers such as reversal of direction and others too numerous to discuss here definitely can affect the structure and function of the brain.  For more on this topic, please read The Energy Centers on this website.


Leaky blood-brain barrier problems. This is a difficult situation to assess, because it might only affect certain toxic metals or chemicals, or even hormones, proteins, oxygen or other substances.  However, it occurs due to many possible factors including nutritional imbalances, toxicity, injury, trauma or other factors.


Too much ordinary sex.  Ordinary sex more than about once a week weakens the brain by depleting certain nutrients and by other means such as toxic metal accumulation. This is one reason that rapes usually damage the brain.

Down sex, in which little sexual fluid is lost, does not cause this problem.  In fact, down sex can heal the brain.


Entities. This is an unusual cause for brain pathology, but it occurs somewhat commonly.  Entities are souls without bodies.  Usually, they were inside a person who has died.  They can move about and can settle either in the brain itself, or near the brain in the energy field surrounding the brain. 

Entity attachment can be either partial or quite complete.  When it is partial, symptoms are often mild such as mild confusion or mild cognitive or memory difficulties.  When entity attachment is more complete, it is sometimes referred to as entity possession.  This is far more serious can cause schizophrenia, psychopathic behavior, dementia, suicidal thoughts and more.

A development program will help remove entities and prevent a recurrence.  It does this by strengthening the body and making it more yang in macrobiotic terminology.

Other methods are religious exorcisms, or occasionally with an electrical machine.  For much more on this topic, please read Entity Attachment And Release on this site.


Brain cancers.  These are less common, but are occurring more frequently, in part due to cell phone use.  For much more on this large topic and how to prevent cancer, please read Cancer And Alternative Therapies and The Cancer Pioneers



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