by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Having healthy children is absolutely vital to our future.  Also, many wonderful souls wish to incarnate today.  Yet many young women do not want to have children, or they are not able to have children for various reasons. 

This article outlines suggestions to assist young women and their husbands to bear many healthy children with minimal discomfort, and without compromising their own health in any way.  In fact, this program improves the health of the mother with each child that she carries.




            The main goal is to produce happy and healthy children.  There is also a need for more babies, particularly in the USA, and in Western Europe.  Other parts of the earth still have high birth rates, but in these areas the birth rate has declined, and continues to do so. 

The most important thing to do is to follow a complete development program.  It addresses many aspects of producing healthy children, including:


1. Improving overall health of mothers-to-be.  Today, many young women are weak, tired and malnourished.  As a result, their children are born with more birth defects, more autism, and many other problems.


2. Improving fertility.  Many young women cannot even become pregnant, so poor is their health.  So improving fertility is also important and always occurs as part of following a development program.


3. Women need to have very flexible tissues in the entire pelvic region.  This is much more important than one may think.  If a young womanÕs tissues are flexible enough, labor and delivery will go much faster, with much less pain, and the entire process will be much safer for her and her baby.

In addition, the baby will not suffer nearly as much trauma from the process.  This is because it will be over much sooner, and because the baby will pass through the birth canal much easier with less possibility for damage.  If surgery is needed, having very flexible and healthy tissues is also much safer for both mother and child.

Nutritional factors that promote flexible tissues include anti-inflammatory nutrients such as the omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and zinc.  However, these must be taken as part of an integrated program.  Just taking them by themselves is less effective, in my experience.


3. Women need to have small, and healthy babies.  Anyone who has had a baby knows that the smaller the baby, the easier it is for the mother, provided that the baby is healthy.  We are finding that mothers-to-be that follow a development program often have babies that are much more yang – meaning compact and smaller – than those of other mothers.

These babies are usually in the range of about five pounds, which is much smaller than average in Western nations today.  Babies born to mothers who follow a complete development program are also healthier, and score higher on the Apgar scale.

Doctors may think a five-pound baby is too small, but if the mother is on a complete development program, then a five-pound baby is not at all too small.  Please keep this in mind when you think about getting pregnant, because having a small baby is a real blessing for any woman.


4. Mothers to be need to have wider hips and not have a lot of scar tissue, adhesions or fibrotic tissue in the pelvic area so that the pelvis will expand more easily during childbirth.  This can also be helped by a development program.


5. Practice the Pulling Down Exercise every day. Mothers-to-be can start practicing this as soon as possible, even as teenagers, because it takes time to learn it and do it powerfully.  Done during labor and delivery, it can shorten the time of labor, reduce pain and discomfort, and may greatly ease the delivery of the baby.  To learn how to do this, please read The Pulling Down Exercise.


6. Exercises to open the hips. 

1. Hip opener. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and feet pointed straight ahead.  Shift to the left, placing all your weight on the left foot.  Now twist your hips to the left, as far as possible, while staying comfortable. 

Now, without twisting the body back to a central position, gently move to the right, shifting all your weight completely to the other foot.  Now twist the pelvis to the right, as far as possible, keeping all the weight on the right foot.  Then, slowly and gently move back to the left, shifting all your weight back to the left foot, and begin the exercise again. 

Do this exercise for 10-20 minutes each day.  It will slowly and safely improve mobility of the hips and pelvis, and gently relax and open the ligaments and tendons of the pelvic area. 


2. Deep breathing.  This is a standard three-part breath:

A. First breathe deep into your pelvis and abdomen to the count of 3.  The abdomen should bulge out forward as the air fills it. 

B. Continue to inhale, breathing into the rib cage or mid-chest to the count of 3.  The ribs should move out to the sides, widening the chest as you inhale.

C. Continue inhaling and breathe into the upper chest to the count of 3.  The upper chest and breasts should rise up a little as your do this.  Hold your breath for a count of 3, and then slowly exhale.

Do this exercise daily for at least 15 minutes, or longer.  You can do it sitting, lying down, standing up, or while walking slowly.  It will add precious oxygen to the body for improved health, and it can also help open the pelvis.


7. The Spinal Twists.  These help loosen the pelvis and helps corrects many spinal imbalances.  It is part of all development programs, but bears special mention.


8. Vaginal coffee implants.  This is very helpful for anyone thinking of pregnancy.  It will help get rid of infections in the vagina that can be passed to your babies.  It also helps get rid of all trauma to this area of the body.  Many women report excellent results from this procedure.

9. Other.  Mothers-to-be need also strong abdominal muscles, and need to be well-rested.  In addition to a standard development program, newer procedures such as the kelp wrap and




An interesting method to reduce birth trauma for both babies and mothers is to induce labor and delivery a month or so early.  This method is controversial, to be sure.  However, some Native groups on earth practice it safely, so it is not unkown or unresearched.  Birthing a child about a month early has the following effects:

1. Less pain.  This occurs because the baby is smaller and fits through the birth canal easier. The motherÕs cervix and vagina need to dilate and stretch much less, in some cases. 

2. Less trauma and greater safety for the mother.  Less stretching and a shorter labor is much less traumatic for the mother.

3. Less trauma and more safety for the infant.  A shorter labor and less need for pushing is also good for the infant.  Of course, this must be balanced with the danger of an early birth if the child is not ready to be born.


Warning: Please observe the following cautions if you are interested in this option:

1. The baby must weigh at least 3 pounds and ideally about 5 pounds.  If the baby is smaller than this, the early birth option is not safe.

2. This option requires a doctorÕs supervision.

3. While not absolutely necessary, I strongly recommend that any mother wanting to do this should have followed a development program at least during her entire pregnancy, and preferably for several years before that.

4. Ideally, the mother ideally should not have a four lows mineral pattern on her hair mineral analysis.  The reason for this is that a four lows mineral pattern is a sign of weakness and thus labor and delivery may not be as safe.  This is a subject of current research.


The purpose of these warning is not to discourage anyone.  It is simply to reduce the possibility of any complications whatsoever.  In fact, an early birth of this kind can reduce many possible complications of childbirth such as protracted labor, the need for episiotomies, the need for anesthesia, and more.

With an early birth, the child may need to be placed in an incubator, although this is not ideal, at all.  Ideally, the infant will be sufficiently developed to breathe easily on his own, and to suckle on his own.  The eyes may or may not be open yet.

Ideally, the infant should be left with its mother to rest, and for the first month or so should be in close contact with its mother almost all of the time.  This can be done easily using a small back pack to carry the child on oneÕs back or on oneÕs front.

The motherÕs milk will adapt to the needs of the child if the mother is healthy enough.  ÔFormulaÕ should not be used, if at all possible, as it is quite inferior to breast milk.  If formula must be used, please use the natural formula (see Natural Baby Formula).  However, every effort must be made to breastfeed the child. 


Breastfeeding. These children should have breast milk from a healthy woman who is following a development program, and who ideally do not have a four lows mineral pattern on her hair mineral analysis.  Ideally, continue breast feeding for 3 years, not 1 year or even 6 months, as many doctors now recommend.  The doctors often recommend just a few months of breastfeeding because the mothers are so unhealthy that the breast milk is inadequate and tastes bad.  As a result, many babies reject it and demand other food after a few months of breastfeeding.  This problem is serious, in fact, if you want a healthy baby, and can be avoided easily, in our experience, if the mother will follow a complete development program.


Supplements for babies.  After about 4 to 5 months, most infants also need a few supplements.  These usually are about ½ of a Paramin tablet, ½ of a SBF tablet, and about 1 Limcomin tablet daily, divided and given with two feedings.  Mixing the powdered vitamins with a little breast milk or fresh cream is usually the easiest way to give the supplements.  Please do not give adult food or other supplements to babies without a hair mineral test to assess their needs.  For more details on this subject, please read The Baby Manual on this website.


Vaccines and medical drugs.  These are extremely toxic, and the worst possible method of care for babies.  Please do not give any vaccinations to babies!  Use natural methods and natural products for infections and other problems of babies, whenever possible.  Healthy babies do not get sick much, and respond well to natural healing methods.  For more on this, please read Vaccination – A Medical Abomination on this site.  Also read Beyond Antibiotics on this site.




This article is not about prenatal care.  However, the topic is relevant.  Prenatal care in the developed nations is extremely inadequate, in my view.  It is the worst of modern medicine!  This is probably the main reason why birth defects have doubled since 1950 in the USA, and why the infant mortality rate has increased, along with a drastic increase in both inherited and congenital problems of babies and children.

These include delayed development, autism, attention deficit disorders, seizures and epilepsy, learning disorders, infections, cancers and other common problems of children today.  For much more about this topic, please read Prenatal Care on this site.




More and more women today are frightened to have children.  The reasons are mainly related to the issues discussed above:

1) They know their tissues are weak and less flexible.  This tends to cause more pain and more tearing, and may require more anesthesia, episiotomies, and other unpleasant events and complications.

2) Their energy levels are very low.  This is not good when one has a newborn baby.

3) Their overall health is poor.

4) Some have a narrow pelvis, as discussed above.  This just makes labor and childbirth more unpleasant and less safe.

Carrying a child to term, and going through labor and delivery need not be so painful and traumatic if the program above is followed carefully.  This is my hope and goal for this program.



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