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Definition Of Activation

Why Become Activated

Moses And The Israelites

Why Most People Are Not Activated



Activation And The 7 System

Program Challenges

The Time Factor








Definition.  Activation, as we use the term on this website, is an increase in awareness to the point that the person understands their full potential.




Thousands of people on earth are advanced souls who should be helping to uplift and heal our planet.  However, very few are working at anywhere near their full capacity.  Here is why:

-  Most are quite ill, even if they donÕt realize it.  Their energy level is very low.  Many also cannot think clearly.

- Some are in harmful marriages and other relationships that are harming them.

- Some have been misled or are distracted by the glamour of the world.  They are spending their time in jobs and other pursuits that may pay well, but do not assist the planet.

- Many advanced souls are beaten, raped or otherwise trapped by the rogues and are captives and slaves.  Thousands of women are literally enslaved and even work as prostitutes for the rogues.  Some men are also forced to work as thugs, murderers, and criminals of all types.




            The Book of Exodus in the Old Testament of the Bible describes the activation of the Hebrew people during their walk through the desert of Sinai.  Most began the journey unhealthy physically and emotionally as a result of 400 years of slavery in Egypt.

They went through a process of purification, healing and education that was needed to heal them and mature them.  Many people today need to go through a similar healing and activation process.




The problem today is a concerted effort by the Rogues to dominate planet earth.  This requires that they inactivate, neutralize or disable many people, especially those who are more intelligent and more spiritually-oriented.




These can be explained based on the 7 system:

1. Physical level.  Most, if not all people on earth need healing of the body and brain.  This is clear if one understands hair mineral testing.  Blood tests do not reveal the problems of nutritional depletion, toxic metal excess and a myriad of biochemical imbalances that beset most people.

The healing usually requires a number of years on a full development program.  Standard medical and holistic or naturopathic healing programs will not suffice.  In fact, most of them make the body more unhealthy, even if they relieve symptoms.

2. Emotional level.  Healing also often needs to occur on the emotional level.  Many people are emotionally stuck, full of fear, anxiety, grief, anger and even hatred.  A sick body and brain does not help.  Fortunately, nutritional healing of the body and brain greatly assists one to let go of negative and out-of-control emotions.

3. Mental control.  Activation involves learning self-discipline as a step toward self-empowerment.  Activation also requires letting go of some ego traits that get in the way of becoming aware of oneÕs full potential.

4. Social level.  Some people need to make changes in their social and/or family situation.  For example, it might require letting go of friends who hold one back.  Activation may also involve learning new relationship skills.

5. Work or creative level. At times, activation requires a change of occupation, a different work environment, or learning new job skills.  It might also involve a divorce, for example, or change in a relationship.

6. Ideational level.  Activation requires learning the truth about many things.  This gives rise to new perspectives, and much greater understanding and wisdom about oneself and about the world.

7. Spiritual/religious level.  Activation may require new religious or spiritual understanding and it usually requires a better connection with God or higher realms of consciousness.




- Some people require an entirely new identity as they activate.  This requires more adjustments of the personality and often oneÕs lifestyle, friends, careers and more.

- Periods of feeling strange, uncomfortable or even ÒlostÓ may occur.  This occurs because one has few if any memories or reference points concerning the activated state of being.  These odd feelings diminish as one spends more time in the activated condition.




These include:

- Activation may require a lot of time and effort if the body is very toxic with AGES, Aldehydes or the Amigos.  Very nutritionally depleted bodies also take longer to rejuvenate.

- The Rogues, who have a lot of control over planet earth, do not like activation and may actively oppose it. 

- Even if one knows what needs to be done, changing habits can be challenging.

- Retracing often occurs that can be upsetting and causes some people to stop the program.  For example, very scary or hateful thoughts and feelings that were buried for years may come to the surface of the mind for processing and release.

This occurs commonly during the development program.  It is actually a cause for celebration because it means that one is healing at the deepest levels.  However, it does not feel good when one is in the middle of one of these flare-ups or purification reactions.

- One may be faced with difficult choices such as whether to change careers, end relationships and others. 

- In reality, one begins a new life and a certain amount of disorientation will occur.




            Due to the factors above, activation can be a lengthy process, although it need not be.  It often goes through stages of confusion, followed by excitement and joy mixed with sadness, and then perhaps more confusion as one activates more completely.  Factors that speed up activation are:

- Freedom from ties that bind one to the past such as harmful relationships, family ties and other attachments.

- Enough financial means to be independent.

- Someone to explain activation in a way that one trusts and understands.  We hope this article and the ones listed at the end of this article will help with this task.






            It is most helpful to want to activate, even if you donÕt know what that means or requires.  This article is an introduction and may be sufficient to kindle a desire to activate.  Reading other articles on this website is also extremely helpful.

We particularly recommend Introduction To Development, Introduction To The Development Program, The Lightworkers, Become An Agent, The Society of Loving, Light-Hearted Warriors, Letting Go  and My Past Is Perfect.




            This is acting upon your desire.  An excellent method is to begin either the basic or ÔfreeÕ development program or begin a full program with one of the Helpers listed on the Find A Helper page.

             A slower method is to continue to read more articles on this website.  Hopefully, this will motivate you to begin a development program.  Most people need this to activate their brain centers and improve their health.




            Once you are on the path of activation, one must allow the truth to surface about everything in your life.  This is not always easy, but one gets used to little surprises, some of which are very pleasant.

For example, you may learn surprising knowledge.  You may meet new and interesting people.  You may receive offers of work or relationships that are unusual.

However, always use common sense because the rogues will try to stop your activation.




            While getting started is often the most difficult, activation actually continues for a long time.  As one heals and develops, one becomes aware of even more possibilities and potential.  As a result, one moves through a process of letting go of past ideas and opening oneself to greater ones.




By activating yourself, you are riding a new wave of history.  The alternative is to be dragged into the future, perhaps kicking and screaming because things donÕt make sense and old ways of thinking and doing things wonÕt work any more.  It is much more fun to ride the crest of the wave.

Know that activation is the most wonderful gift you can give to yourself and to the world.  You will be helped at every stage of the process.  Pray for help and guidance often and your prayers will be answered.



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