by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© August 2021, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


              This article offers a new definition of virginity.  We think it is better for womenÕs self-esteem and much better for their health.  It is also better for men, who are often deceived by marrying someone who has an intact hymen, but is actually quite unclean in this area of the body.




We will define virginity as the condition of the genital area of the body when it is free of all infection and other disease, both inside and outside.




1. It helps womenÕs self-esteem.  Some women are very upset that the hymen was broken early in life, no matter what the reason.  We believe this attitude is very misguided.

In fact, among many advanced people and civilizations, breaking the hymen is a common practice.  While it damages the body a little, it also helps a woman mature.  It is actually somewhat akin to circumcising a man or boy in some ways.

Both practices take away some protection of the genital organs.  Both practices also change the central energy channel of the body and by doing so they encourage a person to work harder to restore the energy channel.

Both practices also cause subtle changes in the body that often lead to greater maturity.


2. By this definition, very few girls or women of any age or condition qualify as virgins.  The same is true of most men.  The reason is that contracting infections in this area of the body is extremely easy.  They can come from toilet seats, swimming pools, hot tubs, dirty underpants of other clothing, scratching the area, or just rubbing up against any unclean surface with the body unclothed.  Sexual activity is not required.


3. By this new definition, many girls and boys have not been virgins from the day of their birth.  This is because they picked up genital infections during their birth as they passed through the birth canal.


4. ANY woman or man can become a virgin and enjoy the feeling inside and the benefits.  It does not matter if one has experienced thousands of molestations, rapes or anything else. 




            The only way we know to become a virgin according to the new definition is follow a full development program.  This includes the diet, the nutritional supplements and at least the basic healing procedures.  These are the Pushing Down Exercise, Coffee Enemas, Near Infrared Lamp Sauna Sessions, Foot Reflexology and The Spinal Twist.

            In addition, it often requires the Vaginal Peroxide Implants or Peroxide Implants For Men.  For women, also read The Vagina.

            Also, one must avoid all casual sex and most kissing.  For details, read Sexually-Transmitted Diseases and Kissing.

            Also, one of the most pernicious lies on earth is that if you have contracted a sexual disease, you are now free to Ôfool aroundÕ all you want.  This is absolutely untrue.

There are over 100 sexually transmitted diseases.  If you have one or even several of them, each sexual experience will add more and make you much more sick!  Do not make this mistake and stop all casual sexual activity now.

In addition, in our experience all other medical, nutritional, holistic, naturopathic or herbal programs wonÕt work.  Therefore, we would not waste time and money on them.

            In addition, one needs to learn how to keep this area of the body clean, including oneÕs dress, bathing habits, sexual hygiene and general lifestyle.

Cleaning up chronic infections usually requires up to 20 years on a development program.  This may seem like a lot, but the program is a long-term project or life path.  Twenty years goes by quickly.



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