by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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We observe that some older methods of healing are not working well today, especially for development.  In fact, they are gettingin the way. These therapies include:

1. Herbal medicines, especially Oriental herbal medicine such as Ayurveda and traditional Chinese herbal medicine.  For more on herbs and their proper usage, read Herbs on this website.

2. Yoga.  This has some benefits, but causes many soft tissue injuries that are not helpful.  Also, many yoga instructors suggest vegetarian diets and other things that we find harmful.  A separate article discusses this topic, Yoga And Its Dangers. 

3. Acupuncture.  Our guides tell us that so far, all the acupuncture taught on earth is not of good enough quality to recommend it.  For details, read Acupuncture.


Reflexology is discussed in a separate article entitled Reflexology As A Healing Modality, so I will not cover in depth in this article.




            The basic problems are that they:


1. Do not go deep enough.

2. Do not stress nutrition and lifestyle enough.

3. In some cases, such as yoga and herbs, they can upset the body in very subtle ways that are hard to explain and even harder to reverse later. 

4. Toxicity.


Let us explore these problems in more detail.


1. Alteration.  Over time, acupuncture has been altered.  Some will disagree with this statement, but this is what we are told by some very experienced acupuncturists.  This includes the dietary suggestions, the qualities of yang and yin, some of the meridian points, and more.

2. They do not stress lifestyle, diet and nutritional supplementation enough.  The state of the people’s health is due in large part to their abysmal dietary and living habits.  Older healing arts did not need to stress a healthful diet and lifestyle because most people, until perhaps 100 years ago, ate only unrefined natural foods.  They also lived generally more healthful lifestyles in traditional family settings that were generally much healthier than how many people live today.

They also lived in a world that moved ahead slowly, and was not filled with all of the modern distractions, electronic gadgets, all-night movies and television, and so on.  This, in essence, forced people to just sleep and rest more, and the pace of life was far slower than it is today, especially in the cities of all nations of the world.

Another difference is the degree of pollution of the water, air, food, oceans and so on.  This is not discussed enough in the older healing arts because it simply was not the case and there was no reason to include it.  Today, it is a major health factor, as is electromagnetic pollution from cell phone use, portable phone use, computer use and more.  These health factors are critical in some cases.

Another problem with the older therapies is they do not take into account the far poorer nutritional content of even the finest organic foods, compared to their nutrient content 100 years ago, for example.

Today, most food is hybridized and fertilized with superphosphate fertilizers that damage it.  A lot of it is sprayed with intense poisons, shipped long distances, and then processed and refined.  It is simply not the same food, even if a carrot still looks identical to a carrot of 100 years ago.

3. They can unbalance the body in subtle ways.  This problem applies to yoga and acupuncture.  For details, read the articles on yoga and acupuncture.

4. Toxicity.  This applies to all herbal therapies today, especially those from the Orient, but also Western herbal therapies.  The cause may be that our planet is far more toxic than ever before in history.  Also, most herbs have drug-like actions, although a few are helpful for development.  The article referenced at the beginning of this article about herbs discusses which ones these are.



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