by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is solely the opinion of the author and for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            This article discusses an important principle of development that is not a feature of most healing systems.  It is that as one continues on a development program that is properly designed, the benefits tend to build upon one another, and the speed of healing increases.  This article explains some of the reasons this occurs.




            When most people begin a development program, they have many symptoms, often including both mental and physical ones.  In addition, the organs of elimination are not working well, the body is malnourished, and it is toxic with heavy metals and chemicals.  In addition, the autonomic nervous system is often out of balance, the adrenal glands are usually depleted of nutrients, and often the thyroid gland is underactive, as well.  In addition, most people have a dozen or more chronic infections that they are silently battling at all times.  Also, the person’s energy level is usually horrible, slowing progress.  This may be due to an imbalanced oxidation rate, or something else.

            While symptomatic remedies may give fast relief in this situation, really deep or profound healing is often slow in this situation.  It is impeded by all of the above imbalances, which are bad enough by themselves, but they also compound or feed upon each other.  For example, the body cannot eliminate the toxic metals because: a) the organs of elimination are sluggish, b) the adrenals and thyroid glands do not provide enough hormones and energy, and c) the nervous system may not be able to handle the stress of a major shift in the body chemistry if elimination proceeds too quickly.

            The slow pace of deeper healing can be frustrating, especially in certain cases.  While some people feel better quickly, others must struggle along for a few months, or even for a year or more until their bodies have done a “basic cleanup”.  Then deeper healing proceeds more easily.  Sometimes I liken this to trying to flush a lot down a toilet that is already clogged up.  It is difficult to do until the toilet is working again (similar to the eliminative organs), and then flushing the toxins away becomes easier.  Getting through this process is what I call getting over the hump.




            Another stumbling block at the beginning of a development program can be one’s thinking and emotions.  Negative thinking, defeatism, pessimism, fear and anger can slow or stop one’s progress mightily.

Sometimes the mental or emotional issues are primary and due to a trauma, for example.  Many of them, however, are actually related to nutritional imbalances, at least in part, according to my experience.  The brain and nervous system simply are not working correctly, and this causes anxiety, depression, panic attacks, mood swings and more.  I know the cause is mainly nutritional because the symptoms go away when the diet is corrected and the correct supplements are given.

In addition, many people who are ill in any way have developed negative attitudes as a result of their illness, especially if they have been ill for a few years or more.  One of my teachers, Bernard Jensen, said that when a person is ill he actually has three diseases – the original problem, and his anger and his fear about the condition.

By the time I encounter most people who have a chronic illness, they have tried many programs and been to half a dozen or more doctors, nutritionists and others with little success.  As a result, many are discouraged, depressed, angry and disappointed.  Many are hopeless, having been told there is little that can be done by several doctors or even “specialists”.

            In addition, people can be set up for failure by the media, which contains many ads, pronouncements and “news” of the latest medical breakthroughs and promises.  This public relations is no accident.  I believe it is carefully choreographed by the medical profession and their allies, the drug companies.  The purpose is to keep the research money flowing and keep the people wedded to the idea that the perfect drug or operation is just around the bend, or better yet, waiting for them when they become ill.  As a result of this propaganda, many people become extremely disappointed, frustrated and angry when they cannot get well using the standard drugs and procedures.  I have been through this, as have most of the clients I work with.

            All of these factors engender negative attitudes that slow down healing, especially at first.  They all contribute to the “hump” that must be overcome.




            It takes several months to several years to overcome the initial blocks to healing discussed above.  This is a critical time for many people on a development program.  They must have the fortitude and persistence to move through their toxicity, their infections, their negative ideas and emotions, in order to move to the next stage of healing, a much faster phase.

            Just as a person’s health problems and imbalances feed off each other and compound each other, as health begins to improve, the improvements also compound and feed back upon one another.  Better adrenal and thyroid activity provides more adaptive energy to help with toxic metal and toxic chemical elimination.  Better eliminative organs also help this process, which, in turn, allows all the organs and glands to function better.  Better physical functioning also usually helps with one’s mental attitude and helps correct some causes of depression and anxiety.  This, in turn, clears the way for faster overall healing.  In this way, progress on a development program, unlike most healing programs, speeds up with time.




            In addition to better organ and gland function, another change that occurs after being on a development program after a few years is that the etheric energy builds in the body.  This is a subtle energy that must circulate for a person to be in good health.

            We are all born with a certain amount of etheric energy reserves.  This slowly runs down as we age, until death intervenes.  We can conserve the etheric energy we are born with, and we can obtain more etheric energy from various places.  These include high quality food, good drinking water, deep breathing, living in a good location, and a mental concentration exercise that is part of every development program.

            When one is ill, the body can no longer absorb as much etheric energy from the environment, so health deteriorates even faster.  As health is restored, the body becomes much more able to absorb etheric energy from the environment and the food.  This fact also compounds the speed of correction as healing on a development program proceeds.




            One of the most important goals of a development program is to make the body more yang.  This is a slow and important process discussed in other articles such as Yin Disease and Yin And Yang Healing.

            However, when beginning a program most people’s bodies are much too yin.  This seriously impedes progress in healing.  As the body becomes more yang thanks mainly to the correct diet of mostly cooked food, and the correct supplementation, healing proceeds much more quickly.




            For all the reasons above, the deeper process of true healing using development science is much slower at first, and then speeds up the longer one remains on the program.  After a few years, it is moving quickly, although this may not always be obvious.  This is when the program becomes more fun, because the benefits become more apparent with better physical, emotional and mental performance.

            Finally, after a few years of physical rejuvenation, the more important benefits of development and actual reversal of aging begin to take place.  This is a separate subject discussed in articles on this site such as Introduction To Development and Life Extension With Development.



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