by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            A potent defense against brainwashing, and the only defense, at the deepest level, is to become a servant of God.  This article will explain this concept.




            When a person becomes brainwashed, the person essentially becomes a servant of his operative, operator or master, as he is sometimes called.  This is a pretty horrible state of mind, dominated by fear, loss, often terror at being raped again, and so on.

Often, one’s family has been threatened, one’s bank account has been attached, and one knows that unless one complies with the wishes of those who did the brainwashing, death, disability, severe pain and loss are inevitable.

            The answer, in these situations, is to decide that yes, I am a servant, but my real master will be God or Jesus or The Lord Of All, as some people call it in other languages.




            The way to do this is one must repent of all sins, one must agree to forgive everyone that ever hurt you, including of course the brainwashers, who might have been your parents or teachers, as it can be anyone.  Then one must give one’s entire life and heart and brain over to God Almighty, as some call it. 

            You must essentially throw yourself on the mercy of the Creator of all life on earth.  You must say “Take me, use me this day to do Thy Will”.  You may then say, “Thy Will be done, not mine, on this planet and everywhere in all the universes.  The reason for saying these things is that parts of your soul are scattered throughout the universe.  You may think you are all here, but it is not so.  By saying this, you speak for all your soul parts, or at least you make the effort to do so.

            Next, you must ask for your life to be spared.  You can ask for mercy, which is the same thing.  You can also say, “Take me and kill me if you like.  But I will, if left alive, serve you forever and will be forever yours”.  This is the same thing as asking for mercy, in fact.

            These are the essential steps.  If you do this correctly, with full heart and full mind, then usually a channel will open and your life will be spared.  You must have no other thoughts of selfishness or gain, other than to preserve your life, which is a selfish thought, but not if it is to truly serve others and to serve the Living God. 




            The human body and brain are built from thousands of tiny channels.  This is discussed in other articles on this website, such as the Reflexology article and others, perhaps.  These channels carry frequencies of energy that serve every purpose in the body, from preserving life to improving digestion, brain function, and so on.  These channels must be open or we die. 

If certain channels become congested, the person’s life force declines and death may follow.  Death can occur just from discouragement and humiliation, by the way.  Death does not require a physical accident or beating, or nutritional deficiencies.




A fascinating thing happens.  You no longer live your own life.  Instead, you become an agent of God or God’s little helper.  This means you are sent here and there, you are told to read this or that, and you mysteriously connected with this person and that one.  You may be told to marry or to stay single, to have sex with this one or that one, or to abstain from sex, and so on.  You may be sent to college to learn physics when you have no interest in the subject, or you may be told to stay away from schools, at least for now. 

In short, your preferences are violated badly!  You may seem to be thrown into constant confusion.  What is really happening is you are having your ego torn down so that you will be a better servant of God. 

By the way, one is never a servant of God, really, because God does not ever force anyone work with Him.  So it is really a servant role, not servantry, although the effect is somewhat the same if you want to stay alive.  For a little more on this, read Giving Up Your Preferences on this website.

Also, when you give up your preferences, your ideas, your beliefs, and your knowledge, it is replaced with God’s wisdom, knowledge, thoughts and ideas.  This is quite amazing, since there is a lot of untruth on planet earth, and you will begin to find your way through the morass of lies, deception, and half-truths that are everywhere on planet earth.




            As you work for God, you will realize there is a war for your mind and body going on out there.  Some want you happy and healthy, while many forces want you diseased, depressed, drugged and demoralized.  They want you humiliated and humbled, but in a negative way.

The Creator wants you humbled, too, but in a happy and grateful way.  So you essentially have a choice, and this is the only choice, really.  If you think you run your own life, you are wrong.  It is choice of which master you decide to serve.  The problem is that most people do not realize this.  They think they serve themselves, which is never true.  They either serve God or they serve the negative forces, sometimes called Mammon in the bible and elsewhere.  Mammon was the name of a pagan god.

The good guys and gals are winning a slow triumph over the forces of darkness, but it is far from over.  So nothing is safe, and the traps have been laid for your mind and body – so beware, especially young women.




They are really not that much more vulnerable.  It is just that they are so stupid, for the most part, that they walk into traps more easily.  Some get into automobiles with men they do not know.  Others just love to go to parties, where drugs are easily placed in their drinks.  Others love to have boyfriends, not realizing the danger from rape, sexually-transmitted diseases, pregnancy and the use of toxic drugs like birth control pills and worse, the birth control patch or IUD.  Others just like flirting, not realizing the danger here, either.



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