By Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© June 2017, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.


              All information in this article is solely the opinion of the author and is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


In this article, an agent is a person who knows what is what, and is out there changing people’s opinions to be more in line with the truth.  This is the full definition of an agent.  An agent is not just someone selling something, or someone who is working for a company or agency.  An agent is much more than this.  Remember this definition, as it is critical for understanding your role in the world.

              Becoming an agent is not only fun and profitable, but helps the world more than almost anything else at this time in history.  You see, there is a lot of lying in the world, and a lot of ignorance.  The real job of the agent is not to just talk to people and help people, but to wake them up to reality.




            Reality is how things really work in the world, what the truth is about health, healing, vaccination, medical drugs, and lots more such as UFOs, religion, God and more.  An important point is that reality is not about my opinion or someone else’s opinion.  Reality is what is.  This is important because everyone has an opinion, which is fine, but this is not the same as knowing and teaching reality.

            Reality is mainly about truth.  Reality can also be about the lies that are perpetrated by the government, the media and anyone else.  So reality is also about being wary of anything one reads or hears about, and learning to be discerning and critical in one’s thinking.

            Reality is more than this.  Reality is also knowing when not to venture forth.  So reality has to do with safety and caution, especially for women, but also for men, too.  This is an aspect of reality that is very important to teach at this juncture in history because certain places, especially large cities in California, New York and elsewhere, are not safe at all.  In fact, most cities are not safe for women, especially.  This is unfortunate, but it is an aspect of reality.

            Reality is also about knowing when it is better not to know something.  This may sound odd, but knowing certain knowledge can put you in a compromising situation.  For example, if you know that someone close to you has committed murder or even just having an affair with the neighbor, you could be killed because you are a potential witness against the person.  This may sound odd, but it happens a lot.  So, at times, it is best not to pry too much into other people’s lives, as too much knowledge can put you in danger.

            Reality is also sometimes knowing when to say stop to other people’s nonsense.  This has to do with the fact that when people “go off the deep end”, they endanger their lives, and often the lives of their children or other family members.  So reality is a kind of judgment in which, if you notice something going on, you speak up promptly and you tell the person you must stop this behavior or I will tell everyone and “crash your party” or “rain on your parade”. 

Many people are afraid to speak up to their friends or acquaintances or even strangers to tell them they must stop their illegal, immoral, or just plain nasty behavior or thought patterns or activities.  This could be as simple as telling someone that their job is killing them because of the long hours and stress level.  It could be telling someone that they must get out of an abusive relationship, or that a man must stop using his wife, or vice versa. 

If you have a strong feeling when hearing about a situation, please speak up to people.  The worst that will happen is they will think you are a busybody or arrogant and will ignore you, in most cases.  You should not speak up with anger, but with compassion and gentleness, always.  Speaking up with anger can land a man a fight, or can cause a woman to be raped in revenge, so don’t speak up with anger.  Just point out what you are feeling or seeing gently and carefully, without judgment.

            Reality can also be speaking up to children when you see them misbehaving.  This is also extremely important today.  It is never good to just let it go.  Bring it to the child’s attention gently and without judgment, but firmly.  You can just say that the behavior was rude or thoughtless or careless and it will not be tolerated.  Next time there will be severe consequences.  Children need this correction, or they literally grow up stupid and ignorant of manners, like little animals who will never get anywhere in life because no one bothered to love them enough to point out their mistakes in behavior or speech.  Sadly, too many parents and others don’t want to correct children today, for fear the child will not like them or will run away.  This is never a good excuse.  Just correct gently and firmly.




1. A certain quality of detachment or ability to just be present and witness.  This comes naturally when one practices the Roy Masters mental exercise daily.


2. A sense of humor(very helpful at times).  Also, a generally light-hearted, happy, upbeat, fun, relaxed and friendly nature.


3. Ability to be a little unusual or ‘kooky’, though not so much that you turn people off.


4. Ability to dress in a “normal” way that is comfortable.


5. Fairly healthy and preferably healthy-looking.


6. Avoids drugs, alcohol and loose sex.  These get agents killed easily.  Some agents can connect to others through relaxing at parties, bars or even through sexual episodes.  While this occurs, it is not nearly as safe today and not recommended.


7. Wise as a serpent, and harmless as a dove.  This means to be on the alert, always, and always use your head.  However, stay relaxed and happy at all times, as much as possible.


8. Must like people, and must be gentle to avoid making enemies, whenever possible.  Some people will not like what you are saying or demonstrating, so you will make some enemies, but hopefully few, since this adds danger.


9. Talks with a little enthusiasm, but do not exaggerate and do not become too emotional or enthusiastic.  Maintain your composure always.


10. Listens to others carefully, asks for questions, and answers them directly and simply.


11. Does not go on and on, especially if the audience has lost interest.  Stop after a time and leave your audience wanting more information.


12. Able to provide proof or support for what you are saying, whenever possible.




            The basic requirements for becoming an agent for good are:


1. Read the articles on this website.  Check it each month or so, at least, because about 10-20 new or revised articles will continue to appear each month.  Doing this will greatly broaden your knowledge of reality, so you can share it with others.  There is other excellent information, but this website will keep you focused on more truth, since most news and information sources are a mixture of truth and lies.  Often, the lies predominate and there is just enough truth to lure you in and keep you reading it.


2. Use your head at all times.  In other words, do not live unconsciously, ever, even more five minutes.  Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whomever you are with, keep your wits about you and remember you are ever an agent, not just a bystander, observer, “consumer”, or “free spirit”.  In this sense, an agent is always on duty.


3. Follow a complete nutritional balancing program.  This means to do the entire program, including the procedures such as coffee enemas, near infrared lamp sauna therapy, and the Roy Masters meditation exercise.   This is needed today because almost everyone is malnourished, tired, half asleep mentally, and we must rebuild the bodies so that you will have greater awareness, greater fortitude, and better brain power.


4. Relax with your newly found occupation and do your best to enjoy it.  It is a wonderful life and a rewarding one as well.



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