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It is a relative term for a man or woman who has achieved a certain level of development and maturity.  Usually, one must be at least at Big Stage 5 to be considered a master.  This requires about 30 years or more of following the development program described on this website.  For details about the stages of development, read Stages Of Development.




The life-path of development is a wonderful focus and path for any woman or man.  It is lengthy and requires that one undo all of one’s traumas and imperfections.

However, the effort brings great rewards in terms of health, much longer life, and the growth of special abilities that are quite remarkable.  For more details, read Introduction To Development.




The purpose of this article is to let women know that developing yourself is not unusual in any way.  In fact, it is an ancient way for women to succeed in the world that is better than anything you can possibly imagine.

Unfortunately, this life-path is rarely taught.  It is certainly missing from the colleges and universities of the world, where it truly belongs.

All women need to know that developing oneself is easier today with the methods discussed on this website.  In addition, any woman who wishes to develop herself will receive much help from more developed women who very much want to “graduate” more women masters.




The path of development is open to all women.  It is best to start young – even as a child.  However, even a middle-aged woman can develop enough to sustain her body and go on to more advanced development.




At least one hundred thousand women have achieved this status, but many are not on earth at this time for reasons of safety.  Few of us are known, however, because we work quietly and we don’t want a lot of attention.

Thus, our names are not household words.  However, they include Kwan Yin, Lilith, Leto, Lotus, Magda, Mother Mary, Lady Nada, Pallas Athena, Pele, and Portia.

Some people refer to some of us as ascended masters because some of us can fly through the air using our merkaba as a vehicle.  This is a little esoteric, but completely true.  For details, read The Merkaba. 

For example, a commentator on Catholic television a few years ago reported that when Mother Mary made appearances to the children of Fatima and elsewhere, she would arrive inside a bubble of light.  This is the way a merkaba appears to those who can see it.




Among the Catholic saints are many women.  Some, though not all of them, are women masters.  The most famous of these is Mary, mother of Jesus.  However, at least 50 other women saints are masters, as well.




A woman who wishes to develop herself as rapidly as possible needs to do the following:


1. Rest a lot and care for yourself very well.  This means follow the healing program described on this website – the diet, the nutritional supplements, and the procedures.  Do this as well as you can.  Following the program very well will move you along rapidly toward becoming a master.

Caring for yourself also means dressing very modestly and thinking about your safety at all times.  Unfortunately, all women must consider their safety at all times.  Make this a top priority.

If you can, stay inside most of the time because a developed woman is definitely a target of the rogues.  One rape will set a woman’s development back for years.

As a woman develops, she becomes even more attractive and this is another reason to stay home most of the time.  Developed women draw men much more than other women.  This is definitely a problem because most of this attention is not helpful and it is all somewhat dangerous for developed women.

Also, cut your hair short.  Some call this a boy-haircut.  It is still pretty, without a doubt, and we find you will heal and develop much more rapidly with short hair.  We are not sure why, but it is true.

2. Resolve traumas.  Send out the thought to the universe or to God that you want to retrace and resolve all of your old traumas.  Most women have experienced traumas.  The faster they are gone, the more quickly you will develop.

You can just say “God, please help me resolve all my old traumas as rapidly as I can.”  Say this at least 10 times a day out loud.  You may be surprised what happens next.

3. Think lofty thoughts at all times.  If you find yourself thinking about things that are not spiritual or elevated, immediately reach for a spiritual text such as the Bible or something else to change your thinking.

This is most important.  Many women think mainly about their friends, their animals, money, boyfriends and husbands.  Others spend a lot of time worrying about their appearance, gossip, social standing, popularity, and how to look better.  Still other women focus much too much on their clothing or their gourmet food and drink.  Many women also fantasize about sex, food, animals, and other topics that are not particularly spiritual.

Also, do not get involved with family arguments, gossip, social media and the like because most of this is also not elevated thought.  Make this a priority.

Instead, think about God, higher love, grace, faith, hope, service and development.

4. Be careful with casual sex and marriage.  Ordinary casual sex mainly spreads disease.  It can also cause unwanted pregnancies, reduces your self-esteem and tends to wear out the body.  It is also the most dangerous type of sex for all women.

Marriage or a thoroughly committed relationship is better in some ways.  However, it usually binds you to a man who does not understand development.  Soon after, the children arrive, and your life is soon taken over caring for the children and for your husband.  This leaves most women little time to follow the development program.

The only exception is if you find a husband who also wants to develop and will follow the program.  He must also assist you by not demanding ordinary sex.  Also most helpful is if he will participate with you in Down Sex Or Down Hugging three times each week providing he is following the program.

Otherwise, we suggest avoiding intimate relationships with men until you develop to a high degree.  When you achieve this, you will be given a partner, assuming you want one.  These men, and these alone, usually make the best husbands.

The topic of men and marriage trips up many women who say they want to develop rapidly.  So be careful here.  Many wonderful women would love to share their lives and receive the support of a good man.  However, wait until you develop because too often, marriage slows development and worse, results in pregnancy that ties up the woman for 20 years or more.

Children when you are developed.  Women who develop often have children later – when they are several hundred years old.  We know this sounds unusual, but it is true.

Having children once you are developed to a significant degree means waiting.  The wait is well worth the effort as it will bring you great joy and is a true privilege of development.

The children will be born developed and will be more advanced and much healthier.  They are truly a joy to raise, unlike the much less healthy children of those who are not developed.

5. Joining a religion or spiritual group is not necessary and may slow you down.  Very few of them understand or practice the development program on this website.  They can provide social and other types of support that some women like, but they can take up your time, which is not helpful for development.  Instead, spend your time doing more procedures on the development program.

6. Entering a convent is not necessary, and may also slow you down.  While convents have some advantages in terms of support, safety, privacy and discipline, very few of them understand the newer development methods discussed on this web site.  Some are also rather depressing places.

Many of earth’s women masters were raised in convents in centuries past.  However, many convents were better in the past.  Today, many have sadly become corrupt and even dangerous.

7. Stay happy.  This is important for women.  Following a full development program will help with this.  However, women often feel restricted in what they can do compared with men.  Also, women tend to feel depressed more than men for other reasons such a their slower oxidation rate.

Depression can also occur because, in the beginning, progress is slow and one can think that nothing is happening and that it will take forever.  This is not true, but it can feel this way.

For help, read the article on Depression.  The article entitled Women And Development may help you understand why this occurs.  However, if you find yourself very depressed, be sure to seek help.  For example, you may find a women’s study group or other group that can help.

8. Pray often and ask for guidance.  All of the women masters guide beginners.  A few specialize in helping those who are just starting the wonderful journey of development.  They listen to prayer and, in every case, they answer.

For example, you can pray, “Advanced women masters, please work with me and guide me each day and each hour”. 

Beware that help may arrive in unusual ways.  A stray cat might show up at your door or a friend might need your help for a project.  Do not presume that help must come in a certain form or way.




We want to tell you a little more about ourselves.  Most of the women masters on earth are so busy that we have little time to write, or we would write volumes about ourselves.  Here are just a few tidbits:


- Who we are.  We are of every race, color, and nationality.  There is no special color, race or nation on earth.

- Our age.  Most of us are between 1000 and 10,000 years old.  This probably sounds quite outrageous, but it is true.  Development extends the life of the body because one learns to bring in enough subtle energy or ether to sustain the body for a very long time. 

- Appearance.  We look very good.  As one develops, the body rejuvenates.  Every one of us looks between 25 and 40 years of age, even though we are much older.  Even women whose bodies were not that attractive before development become much more so with development.  All undeveloped women are somewhat smelly and most are much less attractive than we are.

A hidden truth is that development makes you beautiful.  So please don’t spend your time in front of the mirror checking your wrinkles and other imperfections.  Instead, follow the development program and you will become beautiful.

- Languages.  We speak most of your languages fluently because we have lived a long time and have had plenty of time to learn them.  We love the languages of earth.  They are a treasure.

- Our work.  We work hard and long hours, but we love it.  Among our most common tasks are to guide younger and less developed women mainly through telepathy, a gift that all of us begin to have as we move along the path of development.

We also do many kinds of healing on human beings, animals, plants and the planet herself.  We are also involved in what are called councils.  These are planning meetings where we discuss how to proceed with the cleanup of the earth.  It may not seem like it at this time, but the earth is being cleaned up.

- Our living arrangements.  Many of us live in small groups hidden away on earth or on other planets.  A few live in massive palaces, but most do not.

- Marriage.  Most of us marry once we are developed.  We choose marriage for support, safety and companionship and we are helped to find a suitable partner.

A few of us prefer to remain single for various reasons that usually have to do with our work. 

Developed women are in short supply compared to developed men because women develop more slowly.  As a result, there are many developed men from which to choose. 

We mention this because some women think they are doomed to celibacy or being single if they choose the development path.  This is not true!

- Our mission.  We are writing this article because we want to assist many more women to develop themselves.  This is sorely needed on earth at this time.  Women have had a very difficult time and they are needed to balance our planet and to promote its healing.  Please help us by following a development program in full, knowing that you will receive help if you do this.



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