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            Merkabah is a Hebrew word found in the Old Testament of the Bible that means vehicle or chariot.  The merkabah is described in the Hebrew Bible.  It is an energetic “envelope” or protector that develops around one’s physical body at a certain time in one’s mental and spiritual development.  It adds life to the body and to the soul, helps to perfect the body and the soul, heals illness, and prolongs life, possibly indefinitely.

            The merkabah is also the real human being.  This means that as it grows, a person becomes more and more of himself or herself, and less a creature of the environment, the parents and friends, the educational system, and other aspects of society.  These gradually melt away as the merkabah grows, leaving just the individual, without the societal “baggage” or burden that all people carry through their lives.

There is some controversy about the merkabah passages of the Bible, even among Hebrew scholars and rabbis.  I hope this article does not offend anyone, as that is not its intent.  I will present a scientific view of the merkabah passages.  Also, as with all the articles on this website, this article focuses on the merkabah as it relates to your health and mental development.




Merkabah is an ancient Hebrew word that means a cart, a chariot or a vehicle.  The word translates as vehicle of light in the more recent metaphysical text, The Keys Of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak (1977).  The word merkabah is mentioned 44 times in the Old Testament of the Bible.  It is not mentioned in the New Testament.

The word merkabah appears in the Hebrew Bible 44 times.  It is discussed at some length in the book of Ezekiel.  Here it is described as a type of chariot or vehicle surrounded by four angels, each of which has four faces.  It is all quite mystical-sounding, and Rabbis have discussed it for several thousand years.  In fact, a mystical school or branch of Judaism grew up about it called Ma’asei Merkavah.


What does the symbolism mean? In this article, I hope to show that the symbolism is not needed, but was put there to keep people from knowing a simple truth that might put the Hebrew people at even greater risk of harm than they are today around the world.

I believe the symbolism refers to the structure of the merkabah, which is discussed below.  It is a tetrahedronal structure (like four angels with four faces) that develops around a person as he or she advances spiritually.  Here are more details:


Structure.  The merkabah is composed of layers of tetrahedron-shaped energy fields that intertwine around each other in a complex array to make a tight matrix.

If it forms in a person, it slowly grows from a tiny speck in the aura of a person into a light or misty spherical shape about 6 to 7 feet in diameter around the body.  Then more layers are added to it.  These can be counted by someone who can see them.  Each layer is offset a little from the ones below and above it.  Until it is about 50 layers thick, it is very difficult to see in a person’s energy field or aura.  After that, it is easier to see for those capable of seeing the energy field of a person. 


When does it form?  If it forms at all, it usually does so after the age of about 35.  However, today it usually does not form much at all for several reasons:

1.  The health of most people is far too poor, especially their nutrition.

2.  It requires a level of integrity and honesty that many people simply do not have.

3.  Several other requirements must be met for it to develop.  These are discussed later in this article.  Many of them are the same as following a nutritional balancing program.


Size.  As more layers develop, the merkabah becomes more spherical until it really is a sphere of light around a person, about 2 feet in diameter larger than the height of the person.  This means that for an average-sized person, the merkabah is a sphere about 6 to 7 feet in diameter.

Further growth of the merkabah. After about one year of development, the merkabah begins to grow in size. Its shape first changes to the shape of a large egg that is standing on its vertical axis.  The reason is that the merkabah elongates along the vertical axis to about 20 feet in diameter. 

With further development, this shape changes to a sphere that is about 20 feet in diameter.  This size remains for about another year or so, after which it grows again to about 30 feet in diameter.  If a person follows a complete nutritional balancing program, the merkabah will grow a lot faster.


Qualities.  As stated earlier, the merkabah cannot be seen with the naked eye, unless a person has special abilities to see the Aura or energy field.  This is quite rare in Western cultures.  If a person can perceive it, it appears as a whitish globe or sphere when fully developed.




1. Safety. A merkabah helps a person to stay safe.  It does this in at least three ways:

a. Protection from entities (which are souls that can attach to human beings).  Once your merkabah grows about 100 layers, souls cannot easily penetrate it.  This is not a guarantee of safety from entities, but it helps a lot.  To develop this amount of merkabah usually requires faithfully following a complete nutritional balancing program for about one year.

b. Some protection against physical assaults.  This is because the merkabah actually is a somewhat protective shell around you.  This requires at least 10 years of doing the pushing down mental exercise, and often more.

c. Some protection against other attacks, such as harmful electromagnetic fields and disruptor blasts.  This also requires at least several years of the pushing down exercise and a nutritional balancing program to become effective.


2. Travel.  The merkabah can be used to transport the body from place to place.  This is somewhat esoteric, but it is discussed at some length in the Hebrew Bible.  Some of the Hebrew patriarchs used this method to ascend, which means to take the body with you when you leave planet earth.  I discuss this aspect of the merkabah in more detail below.


3. Healing and regeneration.  The merkabah is able to help regenerate the soul and the physical body.  This healing begins to occur soon after the formation of the merkabah, and continues for many years.  Some people will feel nausea, pain or tenderness in the liver area, and perhaps other sensations, as this occurs.  This is never a cause for alarm, and the sensations usually pass within a few days.

The healing mechanism. As the merkabah expands and grows, it encounters the etheric envelope or etheric double around a person.  It interacts with the etheric field or double in an unusual way that has a healing effect upon it. 

Then, as the etheric field heals and strengthens, it exerts a powerful healing effect upon the physical body, as well as all of the souls within it.  This is the most powerful example of etheric reset, an important principle of nutritional balancing science.  For more information about this topic, please read Etheric Reset on this website.


4. Prolonging life.  The healing effect of the merkabah, as described above, can prolong life, even indefinitely.  This may sound outrageous and impossible.  I am told it is the truth.


5. Signaling.  The merkabah carries souls with it that communicate easily with other souls in other locations.  In practice, this means that a merkabah can be used as a communication device that has special properties.  These include:

a. One can communicate over very long distances.

b. The communication is very difficult to interrupt, corrupt or stop.


6. Sensitivity.  Development of the merkabah tends to increase a person’s sensitivity to all sensations.  This has positive benefits, but it also can be annoying.


7. Joy. People with a developed merkabah are usually happier people.  This is due, in part, to their improved health and higher energy level.  They have earned this joy and they usually express it in some way.


8. New abilities.  As the merkabah grows, a person may develop new strengths and abilities.  These can range from a better memory, to mental telepathy, ability to bring in souls to oneself, and many other abilities.


9. Better broadcasting.  This website discusses the idea of broadcasting energy by developed people.  The merkabah helps this ability tremendously.  For more on this subject, please read Broadcasting on this website.





Oz. Anyone who has seen the very popular older movie, The Wizard Of Oz, has seen a Hollywood version of a merkabah.  In the movie, the good witches always show up in a whitish bubble of light that is slightly larger than their physical bodies.  The bubble transports them from place to place.  This is the merkabah!


Miri.  A television program I recently watched discussed an appearance of Mother Mary (her real name was Miriam), the mother of Jesus, as she appeared to worshipers at Fatima.  She slowly floated to them in a “whitish bubble of light” that surrounded her body.  When she ‘landed’, the bubble dispersed, leaving her standing in her glory, just as with the white witches in Wizard Of Oz.


The halo and the merkabah.  Most readers are also familiar with the halo that is depicted over the head of most of the Christian saints, including Jesus of Nazareth.  This is also due to the presence of a merkabah.  The developed merkabah interacts or blends with the aura of the seventh physical energy center or funnel (chakra in Sanskrit).  The combination is an almost round ring of more dense light over the head, nearer the crown, and tilted backwards a little bit. 

It will have a slight coloration that depends on a person’s level of mental and spiritual development.  This is also depicted in some paintings of the Christian saints.




The six-pointed star of David and the flag of Israel.  The most basic structure of the merkabah is two tetrahedra with one facing upward and one facing downward.  When viewed from the side, this looks like a six-pointed star or Jewish star.  Indeed, I believe this is the hidden meaning of the six-pointed star symbol used by Hebrew people throughout the world, and used by the State of Israel on their national flag.  It is a powerful symbol because it is a true symbol of spiritual development of a human being.

It actually gives the people who use it a certain authority and power.  This is often resented by others who do not want to develop themselves mentally and spiritually through study and other methods.  This may be one secret origin of anti-Jewish sentiment around the world.


The five-pointed star of Bethlehem, and the symbol of the cross. The five-pointed star of Christianity may also relate to the merkabah as well.  The merkabah takes on this likeness at a certain point in its development.

A mark in the shape of a Christian cross actually appears in the aura of everyone who do good work on earth.  This has nothing to do with crucifixion, but rather with a peculiar pattern of light interaction in the aura that comes with doing good works.  I am told that the decision to use the cross as the symbol of Christianity was no accident, as it is a valid symbol, as well.




The requirements to form the merkabah are:


1. Good health. The construction of the merkabah requires a certain level of physical health, and health of the millions of souls within the body.  Most people on earth do not have this level of health.  This is due to:

a. Our nutritionally depleted food supply causes widespread nutritional deficiencies, even if one eats the best organically grown food.  Food processing that removes vitamins and minerals makes this problem much worse.

b. The sun is not providing the right frequencies to produce enough vitamin D.  Unless one takes a vitamin D supplement of 4000 to 5000 iu daily, a serious deficiency develops in most people. 

This weakens the immune response, and weakens overall health.  This is why everyone on a nutritional balancing program gets a vitamin D supplement of 5000 iu daily, unless one will eat 3 to 4 cans of sardines weekly, another good source of vitamin D.  Sunshine itself is never enough to provide the vitamin D the bodies need today.

c. Specific minerals must be present in adequate amounts for the merkabah to develop.  They include precise forms of selenium, zinc and manganese, among others.  At this time, these are found in the highest amounts in cooked vegetables, sardines, kelp, blue corn (as in blue corn chips), mustard, and in meats such as lamb.  Eating these foods on a regular basis is absolutely required today for merkabah development.  In fact, this is the reason they are the “special foods” in the Nutritional balancing diets.


2. Desire to FULLY heal the physical body.  Many or even most people are content to just “feel okay”.  Instead, one must want full healing of the physical body, even if you think it is in good condition.


3. Emotional requirements: balanced emotions and emotional maturity.  Children, for example, rarely have a merkabah as they are not mature enough emotionally.  Jesus of Nazareth (Jeshua Ben Joseph, in Hebrew) had a merkabah as a baby, but this is very rare.


4. Mental requirements: Certain knowledge, accuracy of thinking, and wisdom. This means that if a person believes that the earth is flat, or believes that God is dead, or that Communism is good, the merkabah will not develop. 

This is quite a critical factor, and is a reason that Jewish people, for example, emphasize study in their religion.  It is also sadly a reason that more Jewish people do not develop merkabahs, because many have politically liberal ideas that are simply incorrect.  Nutritional balancing emphasizes certain political and social ideas for this exact reason.  So please do not ignore these articles on this website.

In terms of nutrition, higher education either ignores it or teaches people to listen to their doctors.  This is another big mistake today, since the doctors are not well-informed on this subject.  The nutritionists and naturopaths are also not well enough informed to direct people properly.

In addition to studying texts such as the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, a wonderful and free publication about economic and moral matters is called Imprimus, published by Hillsdale College at  They also offer wonderful free online courses about American history, the Constitution, and other topics.  Another excellent source of political and economic truth presented in 5-minute courses is


5. Social requirements: Good works and the intent to help others. Good work usually means work in the world, but it could be caring for family or friends.  Good works also means the intent or desire to help others, and not just live selfishly.  This can help speed up the development of the merkabah.


6. Spiritual requirements: Love and will. A certain amount of these are needed. Love here means a quality of caring for others more than you care about yourself.  It is a maternal personality quality, and a caring and compassionate quality that all human beings must develop at some time or they will not progress beyond a certain point in their mental and spiritual lives.

Will is the ability to push oneself along, even if it does not feel good.  It is the ability to push through obstacles, finish projects, keep your promises and push yourself through whatever you are doing.  It must exist at all times, and it must be able to carry you through, even when you don’t want to or it is very inconvenient or costly to do so.  Development of the will is related to qualities of commitment, conviction, discipline, and follow through.  See the articles about Will and the Warrior’s Creed on this website for more on this important quality.


7. Spiritual practice.  Merkabah development also requires spending at least one to two hours daily doing the Roy Masters meditation exercise with my modification of it.  This is an important reason this particular mental exercise – and no other - is included in all nutritional balancing programs.

This mental practice is ancient, and has been taught to aspiring students of spiritual science for thousands of years.  For more about it, please read The Pushing Down Exercise on this site.


8. Freedom (but not license).  Freedom here means a certain amount of control over the body, and control over one’s actions.  License, by the way, means the power to harm others without obvious consequences.  This is a very harmful quality to the one who has it, in most cases.

The reason for this requirement for merkaba development is that if a person is a slave, he or she is not likely to be able to follow the protocols necessary to develop a merkabah.  Even if one’s master or leader permits or even forces one to pursue the development of a merkabah, it will not occur at all, or it will require a long time to develop.  This is one reason it does not develop earlier than the age of about 30 in most people.


The requirements above amount to a complete nutritional balancing program.  Other health regimens appear to be much less effective.  They may cause one to feel better, but the merkabah will not develop at all, or if it does, it does not occur nearly as rapidly.


Healing methods to avoid if you want to develop your merkabah.  These include all hormone replacement therapy unless the gland has been destroyed surgically or by some other method.  Others are chelation therapy, homeopathy, almost all herbal programs, raw food diets, and vegetarian diets.  One must also avoid other methods, therapies and products discussed in the Warnings Section of the articles on this website.




Travel using the merkabah, also called translation, is a method of travel in which the body is literally dissolved into fine matter particles, moved through space, and then reassembled at the destination. 

This allows a person to move freely anywhere – even another planet - without needing a physical spaceship.  This amazing ability is reserved for those who are a little more advanced in their mental and spiritual development.




According to the Hebrew Bible, the patriarchs Enoch and Ezekiel took their bodies with them to Heaven.  In other words, their bodies did not die on earth.  Instead, when they were ready to leave the earth because they were old, but not ill, they simply used the merkabah to move the body off planet earth and went away in this manner.

Let us digress for a moment and discuss the interesting concept of heaven.


Shamayim. This word means the heavens in Hebrew.  Heaven or really the heavens, I am told, are real.  This is asserted by Jewish and Christian people, but denied by the secular humanist community.

The word shamayim in Hebrew is pleural, denoting there is more than one heaven, although Christians and many Jewish people do not acknowledge this.  I am told there are at least seven heavens, some of which are described in the Hebrew scriptures.

Sometimes the word shamayim in English is capitalized, to denote that it is a holy place.  I have just italicized it, however.  The word shamayim is found in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, and in the Queran, as well.  Buddhists and Hindus do not use the same word, but have an equivalent and know about the seven planets or seven heavens whose access is restricted to those who have lived a blessed life on earth.

The heavens are located far from planet earth, and they are places of reward and love.  Good and loving people can visit there, only if authorized by more advanced beings, in at least three ways:

1. The soul alone can go there while the body sleeps, or when it leaves the body after the death of the body or if the body is in a trance or coma.

2. One can also visit with one’s body intact, but only if one has a merkabah capable of taking one there safely.

3. One can tag along inside the merkabah of another person.

In #2 and #3 above, the merkabah functions as a very small space ship that permits fairly safe space travel.




This word means the taking of the physical body with oneself when one leaves planet earth.  Many books today confuse the idea with uplifting of the mind or spirit.  However, ascension is a physical act, as well.

The merkabah is the vehicle that is used, in most cases, to achieve ascension.  This is a complex subject that is beyond the scope of this article.  However, demonstrations of it occur in movies such as The Wizard Of Oz, and others, as well.




The merkabah, at one level, is the radiant body or light body spoken of in some religious and mystical traditions.  Inded, it has a light around it that is a special type of radiance.  It is a whitish color, and it grows even more white as the merkabah thickens.



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