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Merkaba is a Hebrew word that translates into the word chariot in the old Hebrew language, or as vehicle of light in some newer texts such as the Keys Of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak.  The word merkaba is mentioned 44 times in the Old Testament of the Bible.  It is not mentioned in the New Testament.

In the Bible, the merkaba is described as a type of chariot or vehicle that evolves or develops around a person as he or she advances spiritually.  It is shown as a series of rings or envelopes that protect the person from harm and extend the personÕs life.  Hebrew scholars have argued for years about the exact meaning of the merkaba references in the Bible, many of which are in the writings of Ezekiel, but include earlier and later references as well. 

This article discusses this important and rather sacred topic.  According to Wikipedia (2012), even Hebrew scholars knew that only the most advanced Bible scholars were to discuss merkaba science.  We hope this article does not offend them, as it is not meant to do this whatsoever, but only to clarify certain ideas about the merkaba.




According to what I have learned, the merkaba is real, and is a type of entity or energetic envelope that develops within each soul and around each physical body at a certain time in oneÕs mental and spiritual development.  It adds life to the body and to the soul, helps to perfect the body and the soul, heals all illness and prolongs life, possibly indefinitely.  This is the basic idea of the merkaba.


Soul travel. However, the merkaba also has other functions or abilities.  For example, the merkaba envelope or entity allows the soul to travel and take the body with it.  This is quite remarkable, is it not?  This is sometimes called the process of ascension, or flying. 

It is a type of soul travel in which the body is literally dissolved into fine matter particles, moved to a different dimension, and then reassembled at the destination.  This allows a person to move freely anywhere in this universe, and at times in others, without needing a physical space vehicle or spaceship.  It is an amazing ability that is reserved for those who are more advanced in their mental and spiritual development.


Prolonging life.  The merkaba adds a certain energy to the physical body and to the soul.  By so doing, it enhances health and prolongs life for many years. 


The structure of souls. The merkaba has other remarkable effects upon the soul.  A soul is actually a composite being composed of 96 facets or elements – the elements of nature.  Ninety three of these have been identified by modern science, so far.  The other three will not be identified for a while because they are not physical, but they certainly do exist and have been written about by Mr. Leadbetter and Annie Besant around 1900, and well-described in an interesting recent book entitled The Rhythms Of Nature by Brian Andersen (1999). 

The soul is thus a sphere – very tiny in size, but exactly like a sphere with the 96 points of light upon it.  At times, the soul is damaged, and in fact all souls are damaged somewhat.  Since they are damaged, they are in need of repair.  The soul carries the memories of all lifetimes on this planet and others, and the person carries these memories with him or her whenever one takes on a body. 

This is burdensome for the person, as these are traumas that impede oneÕs life, often lead to disease, disasters and death, and otherwise interrupt the progress of life in many ways, leading to unhappiness, strife and other problems.  The merkaba is able to help speed up the repair the soul, and this is another of its remarkable capabilities.




The structure of the merkaba is complex.  It is composed of layers of energetic tetrahedronal structures that intertwine around each other in a complex array or form to make a tight matrix.  This is needed to perform its functions. 

It forms into many layers, which can be counted by someone who can see them.  Each layer is offset a little from the ones below and above it.  Until it is about 50 layers thick, it is very difficult to see in the personÕs energy field.  After that, it is easier for others to see, and it appears as a more or less spherical circle of light around the person.  As more layers develop, it becomes more spherical until it really is a sphere of light around a person, about 6.5 to 7 feet in diameter, that gives the person special abilities described below.

The first layer is the hardest to make, and after that the other layers form much more easily and quickly.  It can take years to form the first layer.  After this, however, if all the requirements are met, the other layers can form within days until it has thousands of layers.  With these layers come special abilities and powers for the person.


The six-pointed star of David and the flag of Israel.  The most basic structure of the merkaba is two tetrahedra with one facing upward and one facing downward.  When viewed from the side, this looks like a six-pointed star or Jewish star.  Indeed, this is the hidden meaning of the six-pointed star symbol used by the State of Israel.  The Israeli government may not realize this, but I do not know.  However, it is a powerful symbol because it is a true symbol of spiritual development of a human being.

The six-pointed star is often recognized by people as being among the most powerful symbols.  It actually gives the people who use it a certain authority and power, which is often resented by others who do not or will not use this symbol.


The five-pointed star of Bethlehem. The five-pointed star of Christianity is related to the merkaba as well, as the merkaba takes on this likeness at a certain point in its development.


The symbol of the cross.  The cross used as the symbol of Christianity is also a meaningful symbol that has nothing to do with crucifixion.  A mark in the shape of a Christian cross actually appears in the aura of some people who do good work on earth.  This has little or nothing to do with crucifixion, but rather with a peculiar pattern of light interaction in the aura that comes with doing good works, mainly.  I am told, however, that the decision to pick the cross as the symbol of Christianity was no accident, as it is a valid symbol like the Jewish six-pointed star.




The requirements to form the merkaba are:


1. Physical and emotional maturity and balance. Children do not form merkabas, for example, except in rare cases.  The child Jesus had one, but very few others.  The Buddha had one at an early age as well.  Few others in this earth time have had them except perhaps for a few of the great sages like Moses and Ezekiel.

The merkaba also requires a certain amount of knowledge, or accuracy of thinking, and a certain amount of self-awareness and mental savvy.  This means that if a person believes that the earth is flat, or believes that God is dead, or that the welfare state is a good thing, for example, or that Communism is good, the merkaba will not develop.  This is quite a critical factor, and is a reason that Jewish people, for example, emphasize study in their religion.  Unfortunately, they study the Torah, which is complex and confusing, and they ignore modern works such as Adam SmithÕs, The Wealth Of Nations, which is a more important book today than one may think.  

They also ignore modern biochemistry and nutrition, which would help them immensely, and instead they tend to trust the medical profession, as do too many Christians and everyone else.  This is also a mistake.  So learning and study are important, but even more important is what you study.  The Bible is a fabulous moral guide and if more people were honest and trustworthy they would advance much faster.  But more modern writings are needed, too.  A list of a few of these is at the end of this article.


2. Good works and/or intent to help others.  This usually means work in the world, but it could be caring for family or friends.  It is cumulative over time, so one could come into this lifetime and apparently not do much, but still have this quality.

Good works means something else, namely the intent to help others.  This, in fact, greatly speeds up the development of the merkaba.  God helps those who help others, in other words.  The mere intent to assist others is a form of good works, even if the works themselves are lacking in some way.  Of course, it is best if your good intent is coupled with competence and understanding of how to help others in the best way possible.


3. Decent health. The construction of the merkaba requires a certain level of physical, emotional, mental and soul health.  Unfortunately, most people do not have this today.

Nutritional balancing science can help immensely with the physical and emotional health aspect of merkaba construction, slowly restoring the nutrition of the body and brain, and removing toxic substances from both the body and the brain.

Other nutritional approaches will not do this as much, in my experience.  They may heal symptoms and diseases, but merkaba science is about mental development, and not the healing of physical symptoms and diseases.  So do not be misled by miraculous symptom removal methods, please.


4. Specific minerals. These must be present in large amounts for the merkaba to develop.  They include specific forms of selenium, zinc and manganese.  At this time in history, these are found in the highest amounts in sardines, blue corn, mustard, a little in meats, and in very few other foods.   Yellow and white corn are okay as well.  Eating these foods on a daily or every other day basis can help speed up merkaba growth and development.


5. Love and will. A certain amount of development of two qualities of a human being are also needed in an absolute amount.  Love, in this article, means a quality of caring for others more than you care about yourself.  It is a maternal type of quality, a sacrificing quality, a caring and compassionate quality that all human beings must develop at some time or they will not progress beyond a certain point in their mental and spiritual lives.

Will is the other half of love.  It is the quality of being able to push oneself along, even if it does not feel good.  It is the quality of being able to push through obstacles, for example, finish projects, keep your word when you donÕt want to or it is very inconvenient or costly to do so.  Development of the will is related to the words commitment, conviction and follow through.

The Jewish religion and the Old Testament of the Bible are most concerned with development of this quality in a human being.  In the old Bible, the Hebrews were constantly attacked and told to bow to the pagan gods or die.  They were told they should not bend to the oppressors, and it was better to die.  I donÕt know if this is always wise, but it definitely develops the quality of the will.  See the articles about Will and the WarriorÕs Creed on this website for more on this important quality.


6. Certain practices help develop the merkaba faster.  These include the Roy Masters meditation exercise, in which one moves energy downward from the head to the feet.  This is related to the Hebraic practice of davening and the Tefillin.

Another helpful practice is pulling the neck a little as one takes a deep breath in, popping the toes and other joints to release tensions, the use of chiropractic techniques to free up the spine, and others.  These can be essential to free up various energies that are bound up in the body or flowing incorrectly.


7. An overall quality of balance.  The six-pointed star is all about balance.  The merkaba is also all about balance.  The human being is fundamentally a finely tuned machine that must be brought to balance and maintained in balance at all times.  Otherwise the merkaba does not develop very quickly.


More about the merkaba will be added to this article later.



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