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The purpose of this article is to help women avoid rapes, molestation and other traumas. Women are programmed to reproduce and some of the suggestions in this article may seem to go against women’s instinctual desire to attract a husband and reproduce. This makes giving up some behaviors more difficult.

Here are tips for maturing for women, organized according to the 7 system:


Women are very sensitive to smells, touch, taste, sounds and sight. These are all sensual qualities.

What to do. Women need to go beyond sensual qualities and values and focus instead on higher level qualities and values such as integrity, honesty, virtue, joy, caring and more. Until women do this, they may be subject to rapes and other traumas. For details, read The Young Person’s Manual.


Women tend to be sexy without trying. This is to attract a husband. However, many women amplify the natural beauty of the their bodies with their clothing, hair styles, gestures and their thoughts. In other words, some women give their bodies too much of this kind of attention. This may set women up for rapes.

What to do. As difficult as it may sound, women need to understand clearly that looking and behaving in sexy ways is always bad. Women need to have short hair, baggy clothing that covers them up, no or very little makeup, and more. For details, read How And Why To Be Unsexy.


Many women harbor anger and sometimes hatred toward men and/or other women. In many instances, there are reasons for this. However, harboring resentments and anger for any reason is never a wise idea.

What to do. Women need to become aware of their anger and resentment. Then they need to let it go by practicing forgiveness toward everyone for anything and everything that has occurred in their lives. For details, read Forgiving and Forgiving Your Imperfect Parents.


Women are naturally social. It is part of the inborn desire to create families and babies. However, the desire for social contact often gets in women’s way because it can easily compromise a woman’s safety, dignity, virginity and more.

What to do. Women need to look carefully at all of their friends, their relationships and their social life. It is necessary to choose friends very carefully and to avoid and give up those that are unwholesome, no matter what they seem to offer. This needs to be an essential part of the training of young girls.

Also, women need to learn to entertain themselves and to have hobbies that do not require other people. This way a woman will be less ‘needy’ for social contact and more in control of her social life.


The fifth energy center has to do with expression. Too many women love their bodies and express themselves mainly through their clothing, speech, and behavior. This is not the highest form of expression. In fact, it is a rather low level.

The fifth energy center also has to do with partnerships and marriage. While some women are very clear about fidelity in marriage, some still want to be attractive to all men and “turn heads”. This is a type of marital infidelity and not wise, even if their husbands like it.

What to do. Women need to seek out other avenues of creativity besides showing off the body. They also need to realize the harm that looking and dressing in a sexy way does to their marriages and to the lives of other men and women.


The sixth energy center has to do with beliefs and moral values. Women (and men) need to live by high level values such as the Ten Commandments given to Moses and the Golden Rule.

We are sad to say that too many do not live up to these values. Instead they tell little lies, exaggerating what they want people to know about and ignoring other truths. Many are covetous, meaning envious of others.

Some women (and men), as explained above, have adulterous thoughts and even behaviors. Some do not care about their parents and many today do not believe in God or any higher power.

What to do. We believe that women’s moral values and thoughts need to be much more pure if they want to be protected from rapes, beatings, and other traumas. This means no lying, no exaggerations, no cheating in any way, no adulterous thoughts or behavior, and a strong belief in the one God of the Bible and not other “gods” such as money, friends, or anything else.


The seventh energy center enables a person to connect with one’s higher bodies and with divine guidance. Women (and men, too) need to activate the seventh energy center and improve their contact with the spiritual parts of themselves. This is the secret to a happy and fulfilling life.

However, most women are somewhat lazy about this. This is easier for women to get away with than it is for men. Unlike men, women can sometimes use their bodies and their natural charm to get whatever they believe they need in life. This is a kind of laziness.

What to do. Women can achieve whatever they wish through hard work and focus. This is a spiritual principle of life. It is true that by not dressing and acting sexy, women will lose some of the power they have that comes from using their bodies to get things. This, however, is a positive change, even if it causes some hardship. It forces a woman to draw upon deeper resources including the seventh energy center in order to succeed in life.

The seventh center is also about radiating energy outward into the world. Unfortunately, many women mainly reflect energy, just as the moon has no light of its own and just reflects the light of the sun.

However, all women have a light of their own and they need to shine it forth. As the Bible states, one must not hide one’s light under a bushel. Many women do this, however, out of laziness, mainly, and in some cases because they were taught this is how to behave.

What to do. All women need to be more like the sun – a powerful source of light and love. This attitude and behavior is also very protective for women. Instead of living in an unthinking way, women need to realize that the body is a communication device.

Women (and men) need to ask, What do I want to communicate? The answer is that we are here to live and teach about the fact of the Love of the Creator for all created things and beings.

Women are the embodiment of the Love of the Creator and need to radiate this fact. This does not mean one needs to put oneself in any danger. It can be done from the safety of your home.

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