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1. Articles. The 1800+ articles on this website are continually updated. It It is a full-time job because we continue to do a lot of research. A fairly complete list is on the Read Articles page. We recently added a list of all internet articles arranged alphabetically by their URL. It is periodically updated.

2. Longer articles. This website contains a number of book-length articles including Rape, Copper Toxicity, Coffee Enemas, Iron Overload, The Pulling Down Procedure, The Twists, Pops, Pulls and Kicks, and others.

3. The New Earth Newsletter. This is a daily-updated online newsletter with short explanations on many health topics. It is found at this link: The New Earth Newsletter.

4. Books by Dr. Wilson. There are four printed books: Development Science And Development Programs, Sauna Therapy, The Real Self and Legal Guidelines For Unlicensed Practitioners. The new edition of The Real Self is available for reading on this website at The Real Self. To view all books, go to Books.

5. Interviews and audio programs. These are somewhat older and available for listening at Audio Programs.

6. Source material. Development Science draws from many sciences. Many references are listed within the website articles.


We have trained practitioners for a number of years. We regret that we are not training new Helpers at this time for several reasons. We will announce on this page when training resumes.

In the meantime, anyone wishing to learn development science and to learn how to supervise others please read the website articles and listen to the audio programs. We encourage this very much.


The following is somewhat outdated. However, some people find it helpful so we list it here.

Older Editions of the book Nutritional Balancing And Hair Mineral Analysis by Dr. Lawrence Wilson (1991 or 1992 and updated in 1998 and 2005.) This is somewhat outdated, but still a very valuable book if you can find copies. This book was translated into the Italian (Phoenix, S.R.L) and Korean languages.

A complete rewrite of the above book with the same title occurred in 2010 with updates in 2014 and 2016.

The current edition of this book, published in 2019, has been retitled Development Science And Development Programs and contains up-to-date information. However, the website articles are even more updated.


Dr. Paul Eck was one of the early pioneers of modern development science. Dr. Wilson worked closely with him for 14 years. Together they presented mineral balancing seminars from 1983 to 1995.

The information in these seminars is now older and some is quite outdated. However, some find these older seminars quite fascinating. They may still be available on compact disc from Analytical Research Laboratories.

This same laboratory may also still sell an older book, Toxic Metals In Human Health And Disease by Dr. Paul C. Eck and Dr. Larry Wilson (1989). They may also still sell another older book, Energy by Colin And Loren Chatsworth, Healthview, 1985.


Some others claim to offer training and other information about nutritional balancing, mineral balancing or development. Some of them trained with Dr. Wilson and some of their material is okay.

However, beware that some of it contains malicious lies designed to confuse people and stop development. For example, some are teaching the lie that coffee enemas, red heat lamp therapy and/or kelp are not needed or are harmful.

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