by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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Walking slowly can be an amazing experience that will help you heal and develop rapidly.  It calms your mind, is relaxing, tones your muscles and promotes good circulation.

Walking gently moves your entire body, stretching the ligaments and muscles, a little, swinging the spinal column, and adjusting the entire body.  It is grounding and centering like few other exercises.  Walking is also automatic Foot Reflexology, which is wonderful.

Walking also allows you to focus on yourself without becoming morbid and depressed, even if you are ill and the body hurts or is stiff or tight.  It heals the mind and the body and is truly a wonderful exercise.

This article is called down walking because it is about using walking as a method of speeding up development.  This article is not about:

- exercise, although you will get enough exercise.

- getting your heart rate up to 120 (which is not needed for development)

- seeing how long you can go before becoming exhausted.  Never go anywhere near exhaustion, please!  It is not needed, and it just damages the body.

- walking fast - so-called power walking, sprinting, lunge-walking, or anything like that.  Those tend to tense up the body and move energy upward, the opposite of what we desire.


Famous walkers.  When you walk, you will receive development assistance from the famous walkers.  These are groups for which walking is a central part of their culture.  They include the Bushmen of the Kalahari, the Australian Aborigines, some Tibetan masters in the Orient, The Hebrews who walked with Moses, and the Hunza tribe in Asia.

All of them understood the principles in this article, and use or used walking as a method of healing and development.






Head.  Hold your head up straight and high, as though supported by a strong wire that attaches to the crown of the head.  The crown is not the top of the head.  It is a little further back. 

If you imagine a wire holding up your head at the very top, it will tilt your head up, which is not correct.  The imaginary wire needs to attach at the crown area and then your head will remain level, with eyes facing directly forward.

The rest of the body.  This should hang down from the head, exactly like a an old-fashioned puppet that is mainly held up by a string at the top of the head.

Use only enough energy to keep yourself erect.  Do not tense anything.  This is a challenge and you will get much better at it.

Mistakes: Common mistakes are tensing up any parts of the body and especially holding the shoulders up.  Instead, force them down.  You won’t like the look, at first, but it all evens out.  It hides the breasts a little, which is actually good. 

Eyes.   Your eyes should look straight ahead or a little downward, but not upward or too much downward.  Looking a little downward is good, as it helps you not to trip and fall.

Relax and sort of defocus the eyes, as this is very relaxing for them.  If possible, look at something far away or imagine something far away to relax the eyes even more.

You can close the eyes a little if you wish, but no more than half way.  Otherwise you can run into objects and it is not safe.

Mistakes: Closing the eyes too much or rolling the eyes upwards into your head.  Please never do this!

            Arms.  They should be dropped and loose, like a puppet.  Focus on relaxing the fingers, the thumbs, the wrists, forearms, elbows especially, and the upper arms.  Shoulders are discussed below.

            Mistake: Tensing the elbows.

Shoulders.  These should drop and be loose.  Many people keep them up near the ears.  At first, you may need to drop them down with some force to counteract the tendency to keep them elevated.  This is fine.  Ask a friend if your shoulders are up, if you are not sure, or look in the mirror.

A way to move them downward is to pretend your arms and hands are very heavy and are gently pulling your shoulders down as you walk.

Mistake: Keeping your shoulders up and tense.
            Chest and back.  Breathe deeply with the three-part breath (see below).  However, also relax your chest and allow your chest and back to flatten.

Mistake: some people walk around with their chest puffed out or the back somewhat puffed out.  This is an upward movement of subtle energy and not desirable.

Pelvis.  Many people have imbalances in the pelvis.  Little by little, as you walk and relax, you will become aware of these and can correct them.  The correct posture – as though you are hanging from a wire connected to the crown of the head, also helps the pelvis.  Here is more about the pelvis.

Forward-backward tilt.  The pelvis should be straight up and down, meaning not tilted forward or backward.  Tilted forward makes you look and feel a little like a dog with his tail between his legs.  Tilted backward is called a sway back.  It accentuates the lumbar curve of the spine and is not healthful.  Either way tends to block the flow of subtle energy through the body from head to feet.

Side to side tilt.  The pelvis should be even across, meaning not tilted to one side.  You may notice that you lean to one side, and this, too, can be corrected.

Twists.  A common imbalance is a twist of the pelvis to the right or to the left.

Too closed.  This is common.  The two sides of the pelvis are somewhat folded up in front, like a clam shell that is partially closed.  Your buttocks will look sort of flat and not as attractive if the pelvis is closed.  A more closed pelvis can be the result of molestation or for other reasons.

Opening the pelvis.  This will take some years on the development program, as it is usually quite adhered or stuck.  Don’t worry about it.  Breathing into your pelvis, down walking, doing the Spinal Twists daily and Foot Reflexology daily, the rest of the development program and chiropractic or Rolfing will slowly correct this condition.

A pelvis that is too open in quite rare.  However, if this is the case down walking can help this, too.

 Mistakes: Holding tension in the pelvis.  This is very common.  Also, tilting the body and pelvis to one side is a common way some people stand. 

Checking your pelvis.  You might look in a mirror or ask a friend to check your pelvis.  To check for side-to-side tilt, see if the hip bones that stick out (the iliac crests) are at the same level.  

To check for backward or forward tilt stand sideways in front of someone or in front of a large mirror.  Your buttocks should not stick out too far.  However, you also should not look like you have your tail between your legs.

Another way to check:  Look at the lumbar or lower curve of your spine.  If you have no lower back curve, or very little curve, your pelvis is tilted forward.  It will look like your low back drops straight down.  This is not normal, though some people think it is normal.

Sway back.  This is a very large curve in the lower back.  The cause is that your pelvis is tilted backward.  This is a sexy look that makes your belly button stick out a little.  It is not healthy and will cause back pain and arthritis, eventually, so correct it now.

Twists.  You may notice that your pelvis is turned a little to the right or to the left.

A closed pelvis.  This may be more difficult to see in a mirror.  One way to notice it is the buttocks seem a little flat in back.  You may also have pain from tight muscles in the front of the lower abdomen.  The muscles are pulling inward and closing the pelvis.  Breathing hard into the lower abdomen helps undo this.

Exercises to relax the pelvis.  The pelvis needs to be totally relaxed or dropped.  This is hard for some women and men, especially if you have experienced rape or molestation.

The best exercises to get help with this are the baggy pants exercise and the bucket of water exercise below.

Legs and feet.  Relaxed, with knees slightly bent.  Aim the feet straight ahead or slightly inwards. 

Tongue.  It should lightly touch the top of your mouth.

Breathe quietly at first and do not focus on breathing, at first.  It is just too much and not nearly as important as the pulling down exercise.  However, read the breathing exercises later in this article.




- Walk on the 3 nails: ball of the foot, middle outside of foot, and heel.

- Allow your arches to fall with each step.  Pretend you have a suction cup on the bottom of each foot that you push the suction cup deep into the pavement with each step.

- Walk very slowly.  This is needed in order to do the pulling down exercise as you walk.  Walking fast defeats this completely.

- Let your arms go limp and they will swing to the rhythm of the walk.  Help them swing freely, but there is no reason to exaggerate the swing.  They should keep a perfect rhythm with your feet.  When you begin a walk, the arms may be tense and out of sync with the feet, so just gently correct this until they swing back and forth correctly with each step.


Foot problems.  If pain in your feet keeps you from walking, here are suggestions:

- Begin a development program if you are not already doing this to heal the entire body.  The feet often accumulate toxins due to gravity and impaired circulation.  As these are cleared, many foot problems disappear.

- At times, pain in the feet, including what is called plantar fasciitis, is an indication that you need to do foot reflexology.  Even though it may be painful at first, often the pain subsides with continued rubbing.   It may take a few foot massage or reflexology sessions to lessen the pain.  The pain is just stuck energy in this area.


Bring a notebook.  Often, you will remember things you need to do or say to others during your walk.  If this occurs, preferably write them down in a small note book or piece of paper so you do not need to think about them and recall them later.  It will help you relax.  I call this the “review”.  It usually occurs in the first 15 minutes of the walk.






This must always be your first concern in order to relax and benefit from your walk.  Men can often walk alone with reasonable safety if the area is safe.

Young women and girls should never walk alone on the street, even in a familiar neighborhood.  Some options for women are:

- Walk with someone else.  It could be a friend or spouse.  A man is preferable for safety, although two or better three or four women is much better than walking alone.

If you walk with others, the other person must be willing to 1) walk very slowly, and 2) must agree that you are not going to talk much.  You want to do the pulling down exercise and the other walking exercises in this article, not talk.

- Walk with a gentle, medium or large-sized dog.   Walking with two dogs is even safer as long as they won’t want to stop too often to smell things.

- Weapons.  We suggest women bring a loud whistle that you wear around your neck.  If you have a firearm, you can bring it along.  However, if your area is not safe, just having a weapon does not make it safe or enjoyable, and walking should be enjoyable.

- Treadmills.  A home treadmill is much safer for women.  We do not recommend using a treadmill at a health club.  They tend to be filthy, even if they look clean.  Also, health clubs are never safe for women, or even men.  Predators love to come there to “check out the merchandise” and worse.

Have your treadmill at home.  Thrift stores often sell used treadmills very inexpensively if you don’t want to pay for a new one.  Even if it is dirty at the thrift store, you can clean it up with soap and peroxide and it will be like new.


Always stay alert.  The idea is not to space out too much, and this should not occur with the pulling down exercise if you do it properly.  You will be focused inside the body, which may cause you to space out a little.  For safety, you need to be aware of auto and bicycle traffic if you are near a roadway.  Other hazards are stray animals and uneven sidewalks or objects in your path.

Hiking in the woods. We do not recommend hiking in the woods.  It is fun, but you have to put a lot of attention on your environment just to avoid tripping or losing your way.  The goal of down walking is development and you will need to focus most of your attention on doing the pulling down exercise and the other exercises in this article.

It is better to walk on a road, a sidewalk, in a mall, a dirt track, or somewhere else with a smooth surface and few obstacles or distractions.

Clothing. Women and girls, and ideally  also men, need to be covered up, even if it is warm outside.  Do not wear shorts or sleeveless tops.  Otherwise, you may attract danger.

Clothing should be loose fitting and comfortable so you can stretch and move easily.  Wear a hat if the sun is hot.  If it is cold outside, wear gloves, scarves and warm clothes so you do not become chilled.  A chilled body does not relax properly.

Footwear. If possible, walk with bare feet or wearing thin shoes or sandals such as Birkenstocks.  This puts you more in touch with the ground.  Thick socks and running shoes are not ideal, although you can use them if it is cold outside or this is the only way you feel comfortable.




Any time of the day is fine.  After work is nice because you are usually more relaxed and winding down your day.  However, the morning is good, too.

If you live in a warm area, walking in the midday sun is usually not best.  Better to wait until the sun is low or down.  If you live in a cold climate, morning will be colder and afternoons warmer.

Don’t walk right after a meal.  Wait at least an hour after meals.


Walk for one hour.  If possible, walk for an hour.  This also helps the mind to calm down.  If you need to walk longer to calm the mind, that is okay, but don’t become exhausted.  This is not the same as calming the mind. 




A good way to begin your walk each day is to take some deep breaths, and perhaps stretch gently.  Then look around, focusing the eyes far away.  This is especially helpful if you work all day at a computer, or do writing, or something else where you must focus your eyes continually at close range.  You could do a few eye exercises, if you wish, to relax the eyes.  This way to start will be found very relaxing and uplifting.




The Pulling Down Exercise will do more than anything else to promote healing and development.  Do not become distracted with al the exercises later in this article and forget the pulling down exercise.  For details about development, read Introduction To Development.


Be sure to focus on your feet when you do the exercise.  Focusing on your head is a common mistake and causes tension, headaches and improper movement of subtle energy.


Energy must move inward and downward at all times. With each step, continuously pull energy downward from the feet, even from several feet below your feet.


Say “down” or sigh with each step.  An excellent idea is to say the word “down” with each step.  Another excellent idea is to sigh and relax your entire body with each step.




1. The post or the vertical tube. Move as if you have a single vertical post or tube extending from the top middle of your head (not the crown) straight down through the base of your first energy center.  This is found between the vagina and the anus on women, and between the scrotum and the anus on men.  The post or tube then continues downward into the earth.

Walk around as if you have this rigid tube or post keeping you upright and aligned, and guiding your motions.  This is actually an excellent exercise.  Also imagine the downward flowing energy flowing down the tube, lighting it up with energy.


2. The drain.  Pretend you have opened up large holes in the bottoms of your feet, palms of the hands and in the perineum – between the penis or vagina and the rectum.  Feel energy or even water draining out of you, emptying you so you can be filled with the Spirit.


3. Giving everything away.  Gladly give all your anxieties, fears, desires, hopes, and all else to mother earth through your feet.


4. Identifying as the energy.  This is actually quite important.  It is not enough to just move the energy downward.  Eventually, try to identify yourself with the energy itself, no longer as a body in space and time, but this massive flow of etheric energy moving down through the bodies of the earth people.  If there are others nearby, you can imagine yourself as the energy moving through that person, also.

            This will cause a type of emotional and mental detachment that may feel strange and unusual, at first.  With practice, however, it becomes a more familiar feeling, and it will move you forward faster.


5. The backward circle underground. As you step down, feel energy moving down the front leg and foot into the ground.  It goes in a circular motion underneath the ground and comes up your other foot and leg as you step forward.  In other words, it is a backward-moving circular energy flow.


6. The magnet. Pretend there is a magnet under the earth that is pulling you along from your lower dantien, and pulling you downward.


7. Heavy feet.  Pretend your feet weigh 1000 pounds each.  When you take a step, each foot sinks deep into the ground, at least 100 feet into the earth.


8. Suction cups.  Pretend you have large suction cups on the bottom of each foot.  With each step, you press down and compress the suction cup on that foot.  You feel like you collapse the arches of the foot.


9. The beach ball.  Move as if sitting on a beach ball.


10.  In water.  Move as if you are in water up to your chest or even up to your neck.


11. Tai chi stepping.  This is a powerful exercise taught to students of tai chi.  First, crouch down a little by bending your knees only.  Then put all your weight on one foot.  While keeping your weight on one foot (the back foot), move the other leg ahead and place it gently on the ground. 

Now, slowly and deliberately, shift your weight to the other leg completely, without raising your head.  When your weight is completely on the front leg, then you can take another small step forward with the leg that has no weight on it.  This is tai chi walking. 

The idea is to keep a very firm connection with the earth.  Cats are particularly good at this, although all animals use this method, if you observe them closely. 

A Visualization that helps is to move energy downward with each step.  Also, keep your head level and don’t bob it up with each step.  Also, always move from your lower dantien first and the rest of the body follows.  For details about this, read The Dantiens.

This exercise is not a natural practice for most people, so it takes some practice.  It is excellent to learn in order to be sure-footed and not trip on uneven ground, for example.  This is how the animals walk.  Once you have mastered it walking forward, you can learn to do it walking backwards and walking sideways, as well.


12. Momentate.  Momentate the arms and legs.  This means to move the arms and, if possible, the legs, as though they are pendulums that can move and flow freely like a pendulum on a grandfather clock that moves gently back and forth.


13. Carrying water.  Pretend you are full of water up to your waist, and walk so you don’t spill any water.


14. Pulled forward from or at the navel.  Pretend there is a string coming out of the belly button that is pulling you forward.  The rest of the body follows.


15. Loose shorts.  Pretend you are wearing a very loose pair of shorts and your hips just dangle loosely as you walk.


16. Arm swing.  Gently and slowly swing your arms in rhythm and opposite direction with your leg movements.  Do not swing them wildly or fast.  Just in rhythm with your leg movements.  Some people will have difficulty doing this at first.  When you achieve it, however, it feels very good and coordinates your left and right brains.  If walk with another, do not hold hands or move arms together.


17. The waterfall.  Pretend you are walking under a waterfall and feel the water move through the body from head to feet.


18. Hot mud.  Visualize hot mud coming down from above and drenching you, from head to toe, oozing through every pore and saturating every organ and bone and crevice of the body.  For some reason, some people love this feeling.  The mud moves downward faster and faster, burning the tissues as it passes by and scrapes the tissues, but it feels good.


19. The vacuum cleaner or wind tunnel.  Pretend there is a powerful vacuum cleaner or 500 mile-per-hour wind tunnel under your feet.  It is pulling you downward and emptying everything out of your body.  This one is very intense. 

Feel your nose and your ears being pulled off.  Feel your eyes being pulled downward out of their sockets.  Feel your hair being pulled out, downward.  Feel your arms and legs being pulled out of their sockets.  Feel the fingers and toes severing from the body.  Men, feel the penis and testis being pulled off.  Ladies, feel the sucking energy out the vagina and anal region.

Feel your skin being sucked off downward.  Even feel your organs and your blood vessels being sucked out through your feet, and your bones sucked out, too.  Very intense and most helpful to learn power.  


20. Head exercise.  Whenever you walk, keep your head at the same level.  Do not bob or move the head up and down like a chicken.


21. The relaxation.  When walking, become aware of your shoulders and relax them.  Then become aware of your elbows and relax them.  Become aware of your wrists and relax them.  Become aware of your waist and relax it.  Become aware of the hips and relax them.  Become aware of the knees and then the ankles and relax them.


22. Pushing down.  Just do the pushing down exercise, becoming aware of the right hand and moving the tingling sensation from one finger to the next, to the next, etc.  Then move the energy to the other hand.  Then move it to the right foot, and then to the left foot, and then to all at the same time.


23. Chiropractic/yoga.  Do some chiropractic twists while walking.  You can twist the neck forward, back, right and left.  You can bend to each side and forward from the waist, and you can adjust the knees and elbows and wrists by shaking them out, as though you want to shake them off the body.


24. Mom and dad.  Let go of mom through your feet and bring in Dad through the top of your head.  This is more important than you may think, and has to do with maturing.


25. Scattered and shattered.  Many people will become aware that the physical body is somewhat scattered and shattered, like a piece of broken glass.  The walking and moving energy downward will slowly reform and fix the shattered feeling.


26. Rocking.  Feel the spine and the whole body gently rock left/right and back/forth as you walk.  This is very real and very helpful for healing.


27. The sculptor.  As you walk, pretend that you are a beautiful, but somewhat rough block of marble.  Feel the truth that God, or Jesus, or the High Self is a sculptor who is chipping away at you.  It happens from above as the energy moves downward, removing all that is not beautiful, true, and of God.

At times, the blows will hurt.  Maybe memories will come up, emotions will surface, fears will rise up within, and more.  However, you understand well that they are necessary, like exposing a part of the marble that needs to be removed so you can shine in your full magnificence.


28. The cookie cutter.  Pretend you are a little mushy, like cookie dough.  As you walk and move energy downward, God, or Jesus, or the High Self forces himself over you like a cookie mold or cookie cutter descends over the dough – molding you into a beautiful new shape and form.


29.  The golden light.  As you walk and move energy downward, feel a lovely, warm, golden light enter your body from the top of the head.  Soon it makes your entire body light up from the inside.  Pull it down harder and harder to shine more light into you, so you can, in turn, shine it out to the world.  This is exactly what is happening, at one level.

It is important not to move the golden light around the body.  Just move it straight downward, please.  It will fill all of you and down beyond the feet, as well.


30. Radiating light bulb.  In this exercise, you imagine a light bulb in the middle of your chest, and it radiates light into the world in front of you, in back of you, and on the sides of you – in every direction.  You make it radiate stronger and stronger each time you take a walk.


31. The quick sand.  You are sinking into the quick sand as you walk, and with every step you go down, down, and down some more in an ever-accelerating downward motion.  Somehow, you stay level on the road or surface, but the feeling is one of going downward and downward.


32. The big sucking mouth.  Some people enjoy this visualization.  Imagine a large creature that is under the earth with its mouth facing upward.  It starts sucking you into its mouth.  Harder and harder it pulls.  It takes all your strength to keep from sinking into it.  This exercise can be rather sensual, but that is okay if it helps you move energy downward more forcefully.


33. The thumbs.  Simply visualize moving energy from your head into your thumbs, as you walk forward.  This will help keep your hands, elbows, shoulders and the entire body focused downward.


34. The donuts.  As you walk, imagine hundreds of donuts coming down around you, moving from your head to your feet.  You are in the hole in the middle of the donuts.  They squeeze your body as they move downward from your head to your feet.  You can also have the donuts spin with the inside of the donut hole moving downward and the outside of the entire donut moving upward, if you wish.


35. The single donut.  Imagine a single donut that is lying horizontal, about 3 feet below the surface of the road or surface upon which you are walking.  It is spinning, but not left to right.  It is spinning so that the inside of the donut hole is moving downward and the outside of the donut is moving upward.  This can help move energy downward from your head to your feet.


36. Grow the body.  In your mind, as you walk, grow your body until it is huge – up to 1000 feet tall, like a 100 story building.  This will take some time and practice, but it grows your etheric body.  This body looks somewhat squat.  The arms and legs are short, relative to the size of the trunk.  Also, there are no sexual organs and no breasts on the etheric body.


37. The dantiens.  Put your mind on your 3 dantiens.  These are balls of energy about the size of a grapefruit.  One is in the head, one in the chest and one slightly below the level of the belly button.  Spin them forward, evenly, and as fast as you can.  You can read about this in the article entitled The Dantiens.  The most important of these to spin for most people is the lower one.  This is a very powerful exercise for healing.


38. The energy centers.  Put your mind on one or more of your seven energy centers.  Help it spin more evenly, faster, and in the right direction, and properly inward or outward.  Also, correct its color. 

If you are not sure how each center is supposed to spin and look, please read the article entitled The Energy Centers on this website.


39. The merkabah.  This is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible.  As you walk and move the energy downwards, visualize the growth of your merkabah, a Hebrew word that means the vehicle of light.  It develops in the middle of the chest.  It looks like two tetrahedrons, one right side up and one upside down.  They spin in opposite directions - left to right and right to left.  It will grow to be 6 feet in diameter and even larger.  To read about this, read The Merkabah on this website.


40. Toning.  This is the use of sounds that stimulate the development of the subtle energy centers of the body.  It is an advanced topic, but one that can be done easily while walking slowly.  You simply pronounce a sound while visualizing the spinning of the corresponding energy center.  It is like chanting or praying, but is actually simpler.  Here are the basic sounds:

First center (between the legs): the sound is AH (as in Torah).

Second center (just below the navel): EE (as in eel).

Third center (at the solar plexus): OH  (as in alone).

Fourth center (the heart center, middle of the chest): OM (as in home).

Fifth center (near the thyroid gland in the throat): OO (as in loose).

Sixth center (between the eyebrows):  I (as in eye).

Seventh center (comes out of the crown of the head): A (as in hay).


41. The Neck Pull.  While walking, one can pull the chin back and down, which stretches the neck a little.  Keep the shoulders down. 

When this is done correctly, all of a sudden one will feel a slight pop from the vertebrae in the neck.  This is called the neck pull.  It moves a lot of etheric energy downward from the head to toward the feet and this is beneficial.  For more details, read The Neck Pull.




1. Toe breathing. This is the main breathing exercise.  Eventually, do it all the time, while walking and while doing everything else.  It will speed your progress a lot.

Simply breathe in and breathe out through your toes only.  Feel the breathe come up from your toes as you inhale.  Feel the breathe leave the body downward through the toes as you exhale.  Do not add anything else to this exercise.


2. Counting your breath.  Breath in from your toes to the count of 3 or 4 steps.  Then hold for a count or two.  Then breath out down to your toes to the count of 3 or 4 steps.

If you do this for a few minutes, you will soon be able to increase the number of counts for the inbreath and the outbreath.  Often you can increase to 10 steps or counts.  This will help you relax and increase lung capacity easily.


3. Bone breathing.  This is a powerful exercise, and is a little more advanced.  It is the most yang breathing exercise.  It must be done carefully so you are still moving the energy downward.  As you breathe in from your toes, feel the bones expand a little.  As you breathe out down to your feet, feel the bones contract a little.  That is all there is to it.  This develops people faster, for some reason.




1. Born again.  Imagine that the Real You is not the person walking around the road or walkway.  That is the physical you with its imperfections.  As you move the energy down more and more forcefully, the Real You begins to descend from the heavens and slowly fills your body as you empty the ‘Old You’ out your feet.


2. The bride of Christ.  As you walk slowly, breathe gently, and move energy downward, feel that you are actually being joined with Jesus or God, who comes into you from above.  This can be seen as a marriage ceremony, which it is.

It could also be felt as a sexy encounter, if you prefer.  Men can do it too, just imagining yourself as “feminine to God”. 

This could even be a more violent “anti-rape” if you like.  It is a complete reversal of the rape experience. 

The “anti-rape”:

- penetrates you from above

- does not overwhelm you too much

- does not bring disease

- does not cause a physical pregnancy

- instead, you become “pregnant” with God’s love and wisdom

- leaves no wounds or traumas

- heals everything in your life and your body

- can safely go on for a long time

- you can have this experience anytime and anywhere you wish

- you will have God’s ideas imprinted into you, which are the best of all worlds.

- his golden fluid fills you and heals you


3. Bringing heaven to earth.  This is what human beings do, in part.  The body is the temple of the living God, and we bring God’s will down to earth.  You can imagine this as you move the energy downward from the head to the feet.


To understand why we suggest the pushing down exercise, and not any other, please read The Pulling Down Exercise on this website.



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