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This is generalized infection and inflammation of the pelvic region of the body, especially the genital area and at times, the anal region and surrounding tissues.


The usual cause is sexually-transmitted diseases that spread from the vagina to the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. They may also spread to the outside of the vagina.

Sexually-transmitted diseases are an epidemic throughout the world today that is largely overlooked by doctors and other health authorities. One can contract literally dozens of infections from even just one sexual encounter. Rape is another common cause, especially repeat rapes. For more details, read Sexually-Transmitted Diseases.


Pain is a common symptom. It may come and go, or it may be chronic. It can vary from mild to severe.

Other common symptoms are abnormal vaginal discharges, abnormal uterine bleeding, pain during sexual intercourse, fever and painful, frequent or difficult urination. Hemorrhoids and difficulty becoming pregnancy are other possible symptoms.

Those with pelvic inflammatory disease often have pelvic syndrome, as well. This is tightness and adhesions in the pelvic area. For details, read Pelvic Syndrome.

Vibration. An unusual symptom that some women report is a very annoying and scary sensation of vibration throughout the body. See below for its correction.


Medical treatment consists of the use of antibiotics and perhaps other drugs. However, this is often of limited value because the infections that cause the condition are often viral or other unusual life forms.

The development program. Many women report that the development program has been the best solution for pelvic inflammatory disease they have ever tried. Correction requires several years, in most instances.

With the development program, be sure to do the Low Body Procedures. These are the genital bath, coffee enemas, the bidet, the vaginal coffee implant for women or the penis coffee for me, and the peroxide implant or peroxide application for men.


Other procedures to do along with a development program that we have found extremely helpful and often required are:

Pressing on the foot reflexes for the vaginal, uterine and ovarian areas of the body. These are found just beneath the ankle bone that sticks out on both sides of the ankle. These areas will often be very tender. Press on them several times daily. Also, do a general foot reflexology session along with this.

The spinal twists. These are extremely helpful. Some women have a vibrating sensation in the pelvis and elsewhere. The spinal twist, done vigorously for several weeks to several months, can end this annoying symptom.

Popping the knees. Our clients report that this is helpful. It moves subtle energy forcefully through this area of the body.

The leg kicks. These are also helpful to loosen the pelvis and improve circulation to the area.

Massage and Rolfing or bodywork in the pelvic area. This can help restore the pelvic tissues. Always wear a glove when doing this to prevent the spread of infection.

Drinking enough water is essential to keep symptoms in check. Deep breathing is also excellent for this condition.

The trances. These can be excellent. For details, read about the trances in the Accelerators article.


Other procedures that we believe can help pelvic inflammatory disease that we have less experience with are:

Down hugging. We have not tried it as yet, but we think it will help. Down sex would be excellent, but most who have this condition are not interested in genital sexual contact. For details, read Down Hugging.

Vibrasound table. This procedure is to play music or sounds at high volume aimed at the pelvis. One can just hold a loudspeaker against the pelvis. A fancier arrangement would be to lie on a table that has a hole in it with a loudspeaker mounted in the hold. The sound waves bring more blood to the pelvic area and perhaps have other healing effects.

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