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Hugs or embraces are ways that human beings and some other animals acknowledge each other, massage or caress each other, and make contact with one another.

The verb, to hug, also means to stay close or near.  For example, one might say, “The boat hugged the shore”.  This means that the boat stayed close to the shore.




Down hugs are hugs in which the two participants deliberately push energy downward from the head to the feet at the same time they are hugging each other.  When done correctly, both participants will feel the downward moving subtle energy.

This will help them both to move more subtle energy downward faster and harder, in a cooperative multiplying effort that is fun and greatly speeds up development.  If you have never experienced this, try it.  It is quite wonderful.




To receive the full effect of down hugging requires an extended hug and must be between and woman and a man.  This advanced healing practice is a blending of the etheric energy fields of the two people.  It is an extremely powerful and quite mysterious healing method!

After about 5 minutes of lying down in a hugging position, one will feel a tingling sensation that will continue for about two and a half hours.  The participants can get up from time to time to stretch, use the bathroom and change positions.  However, they need to remain within about ten feet of each other at all times to continue the etheric body blending session.

The practice can be done about three times per week.  Doing it more often will not cause the tingling sensation.  One can wear light clothing during the sessions.  Heavy or synthetic clothing is not recommended and may interfere with the blending of the etheric energy fields of the two participants.

Differences in age and height between the two people are not important.  However, one will generally receive more benefit from the procedure doing it with a person older than oneself.  This is because older people generally have a more developed etheric energy field than younger people.

What about just sleeping next to another person?  This can work if they lie close together.  They need not hug one another all night.  It is one reason why many people like sleeping with a partner.




Hugs are helpful for people because:


1. Physical touch.  This is helpful for most people.  Many people do not experience enough physical contact with others, and crave it.  Hugging is a simple and usually non-threatening way to receive and give touch to another person.


2. Emotional and mental support.  Hugs usually feel good.  They remind a person that someone else cares about them enough to approach them in this way.


3. A spiritual connection. Hugs help remind people that God or the Creator loves them, no matter how they feel inside, and no matter what is going on in their lives.  This is a kind of touch that is quite effective and simple, once again.


4. Subtle energy blending.  Hugs blend the energy fields and energy centers of two people in very beneficial ways.  Specifically, they blend the energy centers 2 through 6 quite directly, especially if the two people are of about the same height.  There is less blending of the energy centers 1 and 7.

Hugging also blends the etheric energy fields or etheric subtle bodies of two people, to some degree.  They also blend the upper subtle bodies, to a degree, if a person has developed them.

When this occurs, defects in each person’s energy centers and energy fields mix and it helps heal the defects to some degree.


5. Therapy. 

A. For sexual abuse.  The reason for this is that hugs are a way to stay in touch with others, yet they are surprisingly non-threatening.  It is surprising because most hugs involve touching the more yin or more delicate side of the human body.

B. Healing.  This occurs due to relaxation and a circular motion of subtle energy from left to right.  Other reasons include the blending of the energy fields and the energy centers.  Feelings of peace and acceptance may also cause some healing.

C. Development.  This refers to down hugging, mentioned above.  Anything that helps move more energy downward causes more development.





- Ask if another person wants a hug, unless you know the person well.

- When hugging, plant your feet close to the other person, stand up tall and straight, and face the other person.

 - Ideally, move so that your heart sits right next to the heart of the other person.  It means that your head and neck will be to the right of the head and neck of the other person.  Energetically, this is a little better, though not too important.

- It is nice to turn your head to one side if the other person is taller than you are.

- Smile, think happy thoughts, and relax when giving or receiving a hug.




 - Do not lean in against the other person when hugging.  This is uncomfortable for the other person and could even cause him or her to fall backwards.

 - Ideally, do not just turn one shoulder to the other person.  The exception is if you do not want a sensual hug at all.   Women sometimes do this to protect their breasts from more contact.

- Try not to hunch over when giving or receiving a hug.  This can be difficult if the other person is much shorter than you are.

- Do not stare at the other person if your heights are similar.  It is better to move your head and neck so that it is off to one side of the head of the other person.

- Do not give “bear hugs”, which are tight squeezes by usually strong men.  They may include maneuvers such as lifting the other person off the ground, squashing a woman’s breasts, or sticking your body parts into the other person’s body.  These are viewed as obnoxious by most women.  So if you want a lady to like you, go easy and be gentle.

- Do not squeeze the other person so hard that he or she cannot breathe.  Some people love a little squeeze, however.

- Do not fondle or rub the bodies together in a sexual way.  This applies to the fronts of the bodies, but also do not rub or fondle the other person’s back or rear end with your hands during the hug.  This is considered very impolite.

- Add a kiss unless you know the person well and that he or she wants it.  This is much more invasive and more sexual.

- Slobber.  Rarely someone likes this, but most people do not like it.




This varies from person to person.  About 1 or 2 hugs daily is excellent for most people.  There are exceptions, however.

Some people need many more hugs, at least for a while.  These are people who have not had many hugs, and their bodies are not used to so much contact.  They enjoy hugs immensely, for this reason, and more is better for a while until they realize they are loved and don’t need the “reminder” of a hug.




Down hugging combines two critical concepts in development science:

1. Empathic healing. Empathic healing just means two people helping each other to heal and develop faster.  It is actually a very esoteric subject involving the very complex design of a human body.  However, essentially the energetic and mental energy fields of the two people blend together in unusual ways to cause healing. 

In physics language, empathic healing depends upon the processes of induction, resonance and entrainment that occur between people, especially when they are in close proximity such as when hugging.

Other examples of empathic healing methods include smiling at others, wishing people good luck, praying for others, down kissing and Down Sex.


2. Downward moving energy for healing. Our bodies are directional and polarized, with the head having a positive electrical charge and the feet having a negative charge.  Any method to increase this polarization will enhance healing and development.

Pushing or drawing energy downward with the mind expands a person’s energy field and spins the 7 energy centers faster and more correctly.  Standing, sitting or lying next to another while pushing or drawing energy downward from the head to the feet just increases these effects.  For more details, please read Empathic Blending and Downward Moving Energy And Healing on this website.




1. Whom.  You can down hug with anyone, providing that both participants understand what they are doing, and agree to do it correctly.  Parents can do it with their children. 

2. Height.  Down hugging with a person close to your height is helpful, but not necessary.

3. More than one other person?  For empathic effects, hugs are best between only two people. 

4. How long?  The effects of a hug require differing amounts of time to achieve.  For example, if you only want a hug to remind you that someone cares, then a quick squeeze is usually plenty.  More time might be misinterpreted as a sexual advance, for example.

Some empathic effects of hugs such as resonance and entrainment require that the hug last for at least 30 seconds.  Some people understand or feel this very acutely.  They wrap their arms around you and just hold on until they feel in rapport or “at one” with you.

Other people do not understand or feel this way with hugs.  In fact, some are quite uncomfortable with longer hugs.  They consider a long hug a sexual advance.  As a result, it is best to tell the other person that you like long hugs before giving one.

The down effects of a hug last as long as the hug lasts.  The longer the hug, the more they occur.  So if you want the down effects, plan a long hug.

This means sit or lie down rather than stand up, and make yourselves comfortable.  Brush your teeth if you will be staring at the other person, and make sure you smell okay.

If possible, make sure that other distractions do not arise, such as phones ringing or children wanting help with their homework.

5. Overdoing. Down hugging can be done for hours at a time if the two people desire it.  It cannot be overdone.  Be sure to move energy downward as forcefully as possible from the head to the feet the whole time.

6. Clothing.  Comfortable, natural fiber clothing is best, since synthetic clothing tends to block more of the subtle energy exchanged during the hug.  Disrobing may or may not work.  It feels very good, and is helpful for transmitting subtle energy.  However, in some people turns hugging into a more sexually-stimulating experience that some people cannot continue for long.

7. Back hugs.  A back hug occurs when one person stands, sits or lies in front of the other, facing the same direction.  For example, a child (or your friend or partner) can sit on the couch in front of you or on your lap while you watch television, read, meditate or talk.

This kind of hug may be best for balancing the 7 physical energy centers of two people.   It is also even less sexual, especially for the person in front, and that is another advantage.  Also, sitting this way on a couch, for example, is quite comfortable – much moreso than facing another person on a couch that requires twisting the bodies.




1. Be careful whom you hug. Some people hug everyone.  This is a mistake.  For example, hugging can send a message to a man or woman that you are very attracted to him or her, that you want to have sex, or a similar message.  For women, giving a man a hug could even lead to rape if it is misinterpreted.  I suggest not to give hugs unless you know a person quite well.      

A handshake or just a nod or a smile is much better if you don’t know the person well.  Even a handshake or a smile is occasionally misinterpreted as a sexual gesture.

2. Be careful how you hug.  Unless you know the person well as a friend, a powerful hug can easily be misinterpreted as a sexual advance, whether it is by a man or by a woman. 

3. It is possible to pick up diseases from hugs.  This may sound paranoid, but it is true.  So once again, be careful whom you hug and how you hug.

A reason that disease transmission is possible is that hugging puts your face in close proximity to that of another person.  The other person may give you a kiss, even a simple one, and this definitely can transmit disease.

Sexually-transmitted diseases are extremely common today, and many people have herpes sores and others in the mouth and on the lips.

4. Acting too warm and cuddly with children.  Children are very sensitive to all touch.  Being too cuddly with children easily arouses sexual feelings in a child.

Children handled this way often grow up into sensually-oriented teenagers and adults.  This easily gets teenagers and young adults into unhealthy sexual relationships.  Too much touch can also lead to masturbation, in a few cases.

A similar effect occurs if parents do a lot of massage on their children.  Foot reflexology, however, feels good, is very therapeutic, and is quite non-sexual.  In fact, it teaches a skill that is quite invaluable for any child.

5. Overdoing hugs.  While it is not possible to overdo on down hugging, just superficially hugging people all day can be overdone.  Too many superficial hugs give a person too much “across energy” – person to person contact.  This tends to interfere with the connection between yourself and the divine – also called  “up and down” energy.

Unfortunately, this is a problem with all human relationships.  They tend to substitute more “across energy” for the “up and down energy”, and this is actually a detriment for development.  A balance is required.



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