by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. The Procedure

III. Cautions

IV. The Kelp Procedure For Babies

V. Related Topics

The Kelp Procedure For Partners

Psychodrama During The Kelp Procedure

The Enhancement Or Kelp Trance



Putting kelp on the skin is an ancient healing procedure that quickly improves the nutritional state of a body. It is an example of feeding the body through the skin. This procedure is wonderful to nourish the body faster and can speed up development.

We formerly recommended the kelp procedure only when one begins the development program.  However, we now find it will speed up healing and development at most any time. It one of the Accelerator Procedures of the development program.

Much of the information in this article can be applied to placing other foods on the skin to enhance nutrition. We are researching placing a puree of cooked vegetables on the skin and ground meat, as well.


When beginning a program.  Most people are quite malnourished when they begin the development program.  This is due to improper diet, weak digestion, intestinal infections, improper intestinal flora and, at times, other conditions that affect the intestinal tract.

Correcting the diet is essential.  However, due to weak digestion, even if one begins to eat correctly, renourishing the body is slow because one does not absorb enough nutrients due to weak digestion.

The kelp wrap is another way to move nutrients into the body quickly, safely and easily.


Where to do it. This procedure is somewhat messy.  Possible places to do the procedure include sitting or lying in a bathtub or spreading a plastic shower curtain on the bathroom or other floor.

Kelp massage. If you have a partner of friend to help you, a kelp massage is excellent and very enjoyable. Couples report loving this procedure!

This can be done on a bed or a massage table by spreading towels to catch the kelp.  Towels can be reused and do not need to be washed after every use. 

Staying warm.  Towels will also be needed to cover the person up once the kelp is applied or the person will become cold.  An alternative is to position a few red heat lamps over the body to keep the person warm.

The light sleep state.  Covering up with towels seems to assist one to go into a light sleep during and after the application of the kelp.  This greatly speeds up healing and development.  We discuss this interesting occurrence at the end of this article.


1. Powdered kelp. A few sea plants are sometimes called kelp. A very good one is Ascophyllum Nodosum. This is from the north Atlantic Ocean. It is sometimes called rockweed or Norwegian kelp.

Another variety is Laminaria Japonica. This is found in the Pacific Ocean and is native to Japan. Other names are Algue Brune, Brown Algae, Brown Seaweed, Hai Dai, Kelp, Kombu, Kun Bu, Laminaire, Laminaire Digitée, Laminaire Japonaise, Laminaria digitata, Laminaria japonica, Laminariae stipites, Limu, Makombu Thallus, Sea Girdles, Seagirdle Thallus, Thallus Laminariae. It may not be quite as clean, but is okay.

Fucus. This is a related species of sea vegetable.

For one wrap, you will need about one pound of powdered kelp. Brands of powdered kelp that are acceptable include Frontier Herbs, Starwest Herbs and Monterrey Bay Herb Company ( in the USA, which is the least costly, I believe. Other brands of powdered kelp are probably okay, as well, but these are definitely very good.

2. Water.  You will also need six cups of water for the boil method or about four cups of water if you pressure cook the kelp.  You can use tap water, spring water or distilled water. I am told that distilled water is best. However, at this time (December 2022) use distilled water that you make rather than store-bought distilled water. The store-bought water may contain a toxin.

3. A mat and sheet. These are to go on the floor. The mat is for comfort. The sheet is to lay over the mat to catch extra kelp.

4. Reddish heat lamps. These can be used to warm the room and your body during the kelp wrap. A red lamp can also be used to charge the kelp.

5. Optional – plastic food wrap. This is used only if you want to wrap the body after applying the kelp. It is not required.


Cooking the kelp is important to kill any bacteria and other micro-organisms that may be mixed with the kelp.  Cooking also balances the kelp in subtle ways, including making it more yang in macrobiotic terminology. This greatly enhances its effectiveness.

Two method of cooking.  You can either boil the kelp or pressure cook it.

Boiling kelp: 1. Bring about four cups of water to a boil.  Then turn down the flame to simmer.

2. Slowly add about one pound of kelp powder. Stir it in slowly.

3. Adjust the flame on the stove and allow the mixture to simmer for twenty minutes. Check it from time to time, stirring so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot and burn.  Break up any lumps of kelp. Add a little more water if it gets too dry.

Pressure-cooking kelp:

1. Put about three cups of water into a stove top pressure cooker.  (At this time, we do not recommend the plug-in electric pressure cookers.  Some are damaging the food.)

2. Heat up the water until it boils without closing the top of the pressure cooker.

3. Add about one pound of kelp powder to the boiling water and stir until there are no lumps.

4. Close the pressure cooker and allow the pressure to build.

5. When the cooker reaches its operating pressure (usually the top vibrates or moves up), set a timer for about 26 seconds.

6. When the timer rings, quickly depressurize the cooker by tilting the top (or there may be other procedures for some brands of pressure cookers).


Use a paint brush. This is the fastest and most even method of applying the kelp. For this to work the kelp must be the consistency of paint

Where to apply it. You can apply kelp to the skin of the whole body, or just to the legs or other parts of the body.

For example, the iodine in kelp is excellent for breast health, so applying some to the breasts is an excellent idea.  It can be applied safely inside the ears, on the hair, and even inside the vagina. In fact, it is very healing for all of these areas.

Be sure to wear shoes such as flip flops to avoid slipping if the floor or your feet have any kelp on them.

Warmth. As the kelp dries, you may feel cold. So it is helpful to warm up the room. An excellent way to do this is to shine a few reddish heat lamps in the room. These provide warmth and also have a healing effect.

How long? Once the kelp is spread on the skin, let it stay there for at least one hour. You can leave it longer if you wish.

A wrap. If you need to move around, or just for cleanliness, you can put clear food wrap over the kelp.  This method is used at some health spas. You just wrap the food wrap around your legs, arms and trunk.


1. Down sex or down hugging. If you have a partner, these procedures are excellent. Full sessions require two hours, so they can work well while the kelp is on the skin. For details, read Down Sex and Down Hugging.

2. One or two coffee enemas, the pulling down exercise, and/or red heat lamp therapy. This is also a very efficient use of time! Spread a vinyl shower curtain liner on the floor of the bathroom, or on a yoga mat, or wherever you do coffee enemas. Apply the kelp first. For neatness, you may not want to apply kelp on your buttocks.

Then lie down and do one or preferably two coffee enemas back to back, as this is more powerful. At the same time, do the pulling down procedure, spinal twists and position a red heat lamp to do the red heat lamp therapy.


The downs. Women and, at times, men may experience what are called jolts or downs. While it sounds unusual, these are a type of reversal of standard orgasms. They are very good for one's health.

Basically, the body shakes a little and the shaking begins in the head and moves down the body. For details, read Jolts Or Downs.


After an hour or more, brush off the kelp or use a spoon or spatula to collect it.  Put it in a container, and place it in the refrigerator to reuse it the next day.

To reuse the kelp, put it back on the stove and warm it up to near body temperature.  You can boil it quickly to kill germs if it is contaminated or sweaty. However, do not cook it more.

You can reuse the kelp for about one week if you do a kelp wrap every day.  It might last a little longer if you use it less often.  However, do not keep it more than about two weeks.

How often.  So far, we find that one can safely do the kelp procedure daily for up to several years or longer. Kelp is a sea vegetable and contains some mercury, as do all products from the sea. However, kelp is rich in alginates that protect one against mercury. This is a subject of research.


Babies and children. We have less experience with the kelp procedure in children. However, it appears to be safe for babies and children, and excellent for them.

Iodine. Kelp is a vegetable and quite safe for the skin. Some say it is unsafe because it contains a lot of iodine. We have not had any reports of problems due to its high iodine content. Most people are low in iodine and kelp is very helpful for this reason.

Mercury. Kelp contains some mercury. However, the alginates in the kelp seem to contain the mercury and so far we do not find the mercury a problem.

Pregnancy. At this time, we don't have experience with the kelp procedure during pregnancy. However, we believe it is safe to do during pregnancy.

Slippery. Wet kelp is very slippery. Be sure to wear flip flops in the bathroom when you do the kelp procedure.


Many babies love the kelp wrap.  They love rubbing the warm, mushy kelp all over themselves and they love the nutritional effects.

Materials needed.  If you do the kelp wrap on the floor, you will need an old vinyl shower curtain to spread on the floor.  If you do it in the bathtub, you will need 3 or more rubber yoga mats to cover the bathtub so it is soft and non-slip.

You and baby will remain for a while, so you will need to bring toys or games for the baby.

You will need the kelp itself prepared the same way as for adults.

Location. An easy place to do a kelp wrap on a baby is in the bathtub. An alternative is to spread a vinyl shower curtain on a carpeted or other soft floor.

If you use a bathtub, you may want to pad the bathtub with a bath mat or towels, especcially if the baby will stand up and might fall down.

The baby could also sit on a low stool.

To begin. Make sure the bathroom is warm.  You can leave a diaper on a baby or remove it. If a parent gets in the tub with the baby, wear a bathing suit or underwear.  We don’t recommend getting naked with babies!

After preparing the kelp, carefully put the baby in the tub and start rubbing the kelp on your baby.

Once applied, we believe the kelp needs to remain on the baby’s skin for about one hour and perhaps longer. So now it is playtime.  The baby may also want to nap with the kelp on.  Breastfeeding with the kelp on is also fine, although a bit messy for mother.

When you are done. After about one hour, it is time to finish up.  Kelp can be reused several times, so to save money you may want to collect the kelp that you can and put it into a bucket or other plastic container.  Using a few large plastic spoons to gather up the kelp is helpful.  These are sold as beach toys for children.  Gathering up the kelp can be fun for a baby, as well.

Problems. Fussy babies. A few fussy babies may not like getting all ‘dirty’ with kelp.  However, our experience is that most babies are fine with it, especially if mother or father does it with them.

You may have to begin slowly the first few times until they are comfortable with it.  It is basically “playing in the mud”, something most babies enjoy.

Throwing the kelp.  A few babies may want to throw the kelp around the room.  The bathtub is better if this occurs.  Kelp is easy to wash off the walls, but less easy to wash out of carpets, for example.

Effects. Babies will look better, calm down, behave better, learn faster, and heal their eczema and other problems faster if you are willing to take the trouble to do kelp wraps with them.



Couples report that doing the kelp procedure together is very good for a marriage. It can be made fun and sexy. We recommend that each person have their own kelp to avoid the possibility of spreading disease.


The kelp procedure can be used very effectively to help undo beatings, rapes and brainwashing. One sort of duplicates a traumatic situation, but in a way that is safe and fun.

This method is called psychodrama. To understand this better, read Psychodrama.


Several clients have observed that a person who receives a kelp massage often feels sleepy and can easily go into a light sleep or trance state. When one does this, one heals and develops much faster! We call this the kelp trance. It is very exciting.

Caution. In this sleep state, one may not be able to speak, and this can feel scary. However, it is safe.

If one wants to end the session, one can signal the other person by raising an arm or moving a leg. Then the other person shakes the one receiving the kelp massage a little and he or she will wake up easily. We are continuing to research this interesting occurrence.

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