by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. The Extended Development Program

III. For Malignancy



In many cases of chronic illness, it is best to add certain items to the regular development program. We call this the extended program. It is more powerful than the regular development program and consists of the following additions:


1.Remove all root-canal filled teeth. This is imperative! Have ALL root canal-filled teeth removed as soon as possible. I know this may be costly and drastic, but it can save your life. You would be surprised how toxic most root canal-filled teeth are. The only solution I know of is to have them removed, at once.

2. Do 4 coffee enemas daily. Do two coffee enemas TWICE DAILY. They must be done correctly according to the procedure on this website, and not other procedures. Even better is to use about 8 tablespoons of coffee daily. For details, read Coffee Enemas.

3. Do the neck pull at least 20 times daily.

4. Deep breathing. Do this every day for at least one hour.  It is superb to bring more oxygen into the body. We recommend the three-part yoga breath described in the Deep Breathing article and not other breathing methods.

5. Use an ozonator/ionizer air purifier in your bedroom.  This is less essential, but very good. To read more about these machines, click here. To read more about oxygen, read Oxygen Therapies.


1. No red meat or eggs. Avoid red meat and eggs completely for at least six months, until we say it is okay to add these foods back to the diet. This is primarily because of the high iron content of these foods.

2. No glandular products. Avoid all thyroid and adrenal glandular products, as these might increase estrogen. Renamide or a kidney glandular product is okay, however.

3. Increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) to 2000 mg daily of the combination of EPA and DHA.  We like fish oil as the source.  This is usually about 6 capsules daily.

Do not use Nordic Naturals brand or Carson brands of fish oil. These do not seem to work well.

4. DO NOT replace dental amalgams when there is an active cancer. Wait until the cancer is in remission. The reason is the mercury removal process releases some mercury into the body. This can flare up the cancer and kill you. Also, never have more silver amalgam dental fillings placed in your mouth, as they are quite toxic.

5. Peau d’arco tea.  This is very important. We like tea from the website  Traditional Medicinals brand is okay, too, but use two teabags with each cup.  Drink 4 cups every day.

3. Use a red heat lamp sauna for at least 1.5 hours and preferably 2 hours daily. Do not use other types of saunas and do not just use a reddish heat lamp.

Break the time into two 45-minutes sessions daily or three 30-minute sessions daily. No exceptions!

4. Amino acids. These are costly, but needed in a few cases for a short time only. We recommend Premier Research Labs Essential Amino Acids – 3-3-3. Be careful with other brands of amino acids because they often don't work as well.

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