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This simple procedure may sound unusual, but several men who have used it reported benefits.  Here are a few emails I received:


“The penis coffee wrap caused a reduction in excessive sexual desire.  This reduced my fantasies and negative attitudes and behavior.  The procedure always makes me feel relieved and forgiven.  It gives me a sense of a fresh start.  It is also helping me overcome cannabis addiction (an ongoing battle)”.

- C.A., USA


“After only a week of the penis wrap, an infection in the area cleared, even though I have been on a development program and doing coffee enemas for 7 years.  I also feel cleaner in this area.  I’ve been married three times.”  – R.L., USA




Making the coffee.  The coffee-making procedure is the same as for doing coffee enemas. Use ½ to 1 tablespoon of an organic, medium or dark-roast, preferably South American coffee.  Use 1 cup of spring, distilled or carbon-only filtered tap water. 

Cook coffee for 12 minutes or for 14 seconds in a pressure cooker.  Then let it cool until you can put a finger in it comfortably.  You can filter the coffee through a coffee filter paper or small strainer.


Method #1. Lie down, with pants off, and with a towel under your mid-section to catch drips.  Dip a wash rag in your coffee solution until it is almost saturated but not dripping.  Then carefully place the wash rag over the penis and testis, folding it over so it covers well.  One person used the coffee filter papers he used to remove coffee grounds instead of a washrag, saturating them with coffee and then laying them over the penis and testis.  This worked well, also.  Relax for half an hour or longer.

To finish up, just remove the wash rag or coffee filter papers, wipe the area clean, dress and resume your activities.

Method #2.  Put the coffee in a mug or large cup.  Sit comfortably, open the pants or take them off, and dip the penis and testi – as much of it as possible – in the cup.  Leave it there for 30 minutes for best effect.

This is less comfortable than lying down.  Also, it is more difficult to combine it with a coffee enema than when using method #1.




1. All the benefits of coffee.  These are many and include nutritional benefits, vibrational or homeopathic benefits of neutralizing toxins and harmful energies, and more.

2. Moving energy downward along the front of the body.  This is one of the most important benefits of the coffee implant.  For more on this, please read Downward Moving Energy And Healing.

3. It may help open the central channel.  This is very helpful for improving anyone’s health and well-being.  Opening this channel of energy helps a person to feel much more independent, centered and self-contained.  It helps a person to feel “in the world, but not of the world”. 

For details, read The Conception Vessel Or Central Channel.

4. Can help open the side channels or governor channels of energy.  Opening these channels is also most helpful for one’s health and well-being.  See the article above on the Channel System for more on this topic.

5. Can help correcting and balancing the first and second energy centers.  These are located in the lower abdomen and groin, and are often deranged and spinning backwards, especially in some boys, teenagers, young men and anyone who has experienced abuse, particularly sexual abuse.

   For more on the centers, please read The Energy Centers.  For more on rape, please read Rape and Healing Rape.

6. Can help the spin of the lower dantien.  This is also located in the lower abdomen.  For more on this topic, read The Dantiens.

7. Help with infections of all kinds in the pelvic area.  These are very common today.  Coffee has a unique ability to neutralize certain negative energies in the body and get rid of some infections in ways that other remedies cannot duplicate.

8. Help balancing the body through the genital reflex system.  This is more esoteric. The penis has a reflex system.  It is similar to the idea of the reflex system present in the colon, the feet, the hands and elsewhere on and in the body. 

This is part of the fractal and holographic nature of our body’s design.  For example, the tip of the penis corresponds to the head.  The bottom of the penis corresponds to the spine.

9. Helps one retrace old relationships or traumas and let them go more completely.  This helps self-esteem and future relationships.

10. Some other benefits as occur with a coffee enema.  These are discussed in detail in the Coffee Enema article on this website.




1. The coffee has a slight astringent action on the skin.

Other effects of coffee are nutritional and herbal, and are quite complex.  It helps get rid of infections, removes toxins, and more.

 2. Some coffee is absorbed mainly into the lymph system.  This can also help with infections and toxicity in the groin area.




Some men have wondered if it is dangerous for a little coffee to find its way up the urethra.  So far, this has not occurred and is not a problem. 

Be sure the coffee is at a comfortable temperature.




            The answer is no.  They are very different.  The differences include:


1. The coffee retention enema benefits the colon and liver much more than the penile coffee cleanse. 

2. The penile coffee wrap pulls energy down the front of the body even better than a coffee enema.  The penile coffee wrap also is much better to get rid of infections in the genital area than the coffee enema.


We suggest the coffee enema is more basic and addresses liver toxicity, which everyone has.  The penile coffee wrap is not as central to a development program, and is for problems specific to this area of the body.

Coffee enemas and penile coffee can be done at the same time.   Both can be repeated up to 4 times daily.


            Please give us feedback on this newer procedure, at Contact Us.


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