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I. Introduction

II. Problems Of The Channel System

III. Healing The Channel System







The energy channels of the body are thousands of extremely tiny tubes that run vertically from the head to the feet.  The channels are everywhere in the body.

Subtle energy or ether flows through these tubes.  The health of the channel system is one of the most basic aspects of life.  

The meridians.  The science of acupuncture is intimately involved in the channel system.  In this science, some of the main energy channels are called the meridians.  Some of these are described below.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend most acupuncture.  We donŐt believe the science is taught well on earth at this time and while it can provide symptomatic relief, often it is only symptomatic and upsets the energy system of the body.  At this time, we prefer other methods of assisting the channel system that are described below.

The central channel (also called the conception vessel in acupuncture).  This is actually a group of vertical energy channels located along the midline of the body.  It runs from the middle of the top of the head down to the genital area.

These are very important channels because they support or ŇfeedÓ all the other channels in the channel system.

The side channels (also called the governor channels in acupuncture and jin shin jyutsu).  This is a group of very important channels that are on either side of the central channel, about halfway between the central channel and the outside of the body.

The side channels begin in the area of the ears and flow down the sides of the neck, through the nipples, and down to the leg creases.






              All human bodies are born with many of the energy channels blocked or poorly developed.  This is due to nutritional problems in the mothers, toxicity of the mothers and lack of development of mothers.  This greatly impairs the health of babies today.

It may also be due to missing souls in the body.  This can occur due to problems during pregnancy or to traumas that occur during or after birth.  In rare cases undeveloped channels is a genetic birth defect.




Everyone has some blocked or congested energy channels.  This is due to nutritional deficiencies and toxicity from poisons in the air, water and food.  This damages and closes some channels.

Other causes are traumas of all kinds and severe accidents and injuries.  Surgery can also cause blocked channels.

Undeveloped and blocked channels are an important cause of disease and almost always shorten oneŐs life.

Fortunately, it is possible to repair the damage to the energy channels.  This is one goal of the development program.  This tends to heal all illnesses and extend the life of the body.




This is an important goal of every development program that we set up.  It is one item that distinguishes a development program from other holistic, nutritional, naturopathic and medical therapies.

A development program uses at least a dozen methods of unblock, rebuild, heal and open the energy channels.

The methods include:

- Proper food, especially plenty of the alkaline reserve minerals found only in cooked vegetables.  The food must help the body to be more yang, supply many nutrients, be easy to digest, and be fairly toxin-free.  For details, read Food For Daily Use.

- A wholesome lifestyle, and specifically retention of most sexual fluid and plenty of rest and sleep.  Healthy thoughts and emotions are also important.  For details, read Healthy Lifestyle.

- Very specific supplementation that makes the body more yang, supplies missing nutrients, moves energy downward and not in other directions, supports digestion and elimination, balances the oxidation rate and the sodium/potassium ratio, and keeps or makes the body more parasympathetic.

Specific healing and detoxification procedures.  These include:

- All the Low Body Procedures such as the genital bath and coffee enemas.

- Deep breathing.

- The Pulling Down Exercise.  This directly forces more ether through the channels and helps them open.

- Avoidance of toxins of many kinds

- Foot reflexology.  This method works directly upon the channels of the body.

- Red lamp therapy and sauna therapy

- Making the body much more yang.

- Making the body more parasympathetic.

- Twisting the spine

- Pulling and popping the joints so that energy will flow through them more easily.

This website has an article about each of these procedures, or read The Procedures Handbook for a brief explanation of each procedure.

- Other recommended procedures are the neck pull, down sex or down hugging, the trance states and a few others.  We call these the Accelerators. 


What to avoid.  Equally important is to avoid other diets, incorrect nutritional supplementation, most herbs and all homeopathy.  Also avoid some detoxification methods that we find harmful such as chelation therapy, fasting, detox foot baths, the biomat and far infrared saunas.




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