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Definition. Chiropractic is a healing science that maintains that an important cause of disease is reduced nerve energy going to the vital organs due to slight misalignments or subluxations of the spinal vertebrae, and also of other bones in the body.

Chiropractic employs a set of techniques to gently manipulate the bones of the body, especially the spine and other joints and bones, as well.  This includes the cranial bones, and joints such as the knees, ankles, wrist and others.  The goal is to realign them, reduce tension and pressure on nerves, and thus increase nerve energy going to the organs of the body.

Chiropractic also employs other methods in addition to manipulation, at times, to improve the functioning of the body structure and the nervous system.


History.   Manipulation of the joints is an ancient healing art practiced everywhere in the world.  In the USA, chiropractic began officially in 1895.    Chiropractic is also somewhat related to osteopathy, which began in the USA in the mid-1850s.  The internet contains much more information about the history of chiropractic around the world.


Politics.  The American Medical Association (AMA) does not officially recognize chiropractic as a healing art and has bitterly opposed its use since its inception.  A number of years ago, the AMA lost a lawsuit filed against it by the chiropractic association.  The AMA was forced to sign a paper admitting that illegal and other methods have been used by the AMA to denigrate and ruin chiropractic in the eyes of the American people.

Since the AMA and a few other medical groups control the hospital and medical system of education in America, chiropractic, like advanced nutritional science, has been actively suppressed and neglected.  Even today, its use is forbidden in most hospitals and clinics.  This only hurts the patients, and no one else.  However, it maintains some of the profitability of the drug companies, who would prefer people take a drug for every ache and pain than to correct mechanical causes of their pain.


Chiropractic and development programs.  We recommend chiropractic care for everyone.  In fact, it is one of the few mainstream healing modalities that blend very well with a development program.  We find that:

1. Most people have structural imbalances that are negatively influencing their health.  This is especially true of anyone who has been in an accident, had surgery, or sustained an injury of any severity.

2. During a development program, most people will experience shifts in their structure.  When these occur, pain or other symptoms can occur that can be relieved completely by chiropractic adjustments.

3. Chiropractic can be used with a development program in other ways to increase mental capacity, open up special abilities and greatly speed up development.  This is a more advanced use of certain chiropractic techniques to open certain energy channels.




Development science views chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation as a major healing modality.  Most chiropractors and their clients are only concerned with pain relief.  However, much more can be done with chiropractic techniques.

Subtle energy or aether, which must flow throughout the body in order to have optimum health, often has the most difficulty moving through the joints.

Pulling, twisting, and ‘popping’ the joints is extremely helpful to relieve stagnation and congestion of subtle energy that occurs at the joints.  Everyone can benefit greatly from this type of release of tension and stuck energy every day. 

A few chiropractors understand this, but not enough of them.  In addition, the tension should be released every day, and ideally several times daily. 

Since it is impractical to visit a chiropractic office this often, and few chiropractors understand the issue, we recommend a series of simple exercises to do at home, ideally twice daily or even more often.  For details, read The Twists. 




This is a specific technique that can be learned by anyone that is similar to the Neck Pull described on this website.  However, the cranial lift is done by another person.

We mention it because we believe it is safe, and rather simple.    For more information and to find a facilitator, go to



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