by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


Four Definitions of zombies. 


1. People who do not think clearly or independently.  Instead, they appear hypnotized or brainwashed.  They think and act strangely, often according to standards or norms set up by someone else.  These standards or norms are often bizarre, or at least do not make good logical sense.

2. Zombies are sometimes seen on television or the internet - horrible beasts dripping blood and carrying a bloodied ax or knife.  This is not the zombies I refer to in this article.

3. According to the Webster’s dictionary, a zombie refers to an effect of African voodoo conditioning or programming.  The soul of the person has left, so the person is sort of dead.  However, he or she comes alive again, inhabited by an entity instead of by his or her soul.  The person walks around in a kind of dazed state of mind, and usually commits bizarre acts and says bizarre things guided by a different and usually a sick soul. 

4. A very ill person who is kept alive either by a special electronic implant in the head, or by using a special machine that maintains life.  This type of zombie is described in an article entitled The Living Dead on this website.


This article focuses on people who just do not think clearly and independently.




Causes that I observe are:

1. Very poor nutrition that affects one’s ability to think.  Please read the article entitled Everyone Is Toxic And Depleted.  This one, and many others on this website, document the horrible effects of junk food diets, skipping meals, lack of cooked vegetables, and other bad nutritional practices. 


2. Unhealthful lifestyles.  This includes inadequate rest and sleep, breathing impure air, and even dehydration.


3. Victims of psychological warfare.  Many people become zombies due to careful and deliberate use psychotronics (beaming vibrations), and/or implant science.  The latter is the injection of various poisons, and also tiny electronic circuits that are often radio transmitters, into people’s bodies, usually without their consent or knowledge of it.  This may sound like science fiction, but it is not!  It is here today.


4. The result of carefully targeted violence such as rape and beatings.  To read more about this topic, please read the Rogue Section of articles on this website.


5. Victims of medical drugs, vaccines or recreational drugs.  This is becoming more and more common as the numbers of toxic drugs and vaccines increases, and as more people use marijuana and other recreational drugs.


6. A result of a very faulty educational system.  Our educational institutions, from elementary school through college, are today infected with false ideas that confuse students endlessly.  The zombie creators, as I call them, must laugh daily at the nonsense that is taught in colleges, in particular, whether it is left-wing politics, junk food propaganda, false Marxist economics, and so much more.


These conditions lower millions of people’s energy level, and lowering the energy level is essential for producing zombies.




1. Very low adaptive energy.  Some are obviously tired.  Others may seem to have energy, but it is a stimulant-driven or adrenal-based energy and not a truly high energy level.


2. The bodies are not healthy.  Some look healthy enough, especially the young ones.  However, none of them are really healthy and vigorous.


3. The bodies are often very yin.  This important condition today is called Yin Disease.  It is discussed in a separate article on this website.


4. Very prone to depression and anxiety.  This is directly related to a low level of adaptive energy, and their yin disease, in many cases.


5. A strange look about them, at times.  They can seem distant, preoccupied, or just spacey and with brain fog, which most of them have.  Over half of our clients report brain fog, which the medical profession does not even recognize as a standard diagnosis today.  One reason for this is they don’t have any answers for it.  Nutritional balancing will correct it, however, often rather easily.


6. Odd speech, at times.  This is related to their health condition and to their thinking, primarily.  In other words, it is not a physiological condition, but rather a mental situation.


7. Tattoos, body piercings, and dark-colored clothing.  This is more common among them than among the general population.  I am not sure why, although many have a calcium shell pattern on their hair mineral analysis which makes them less sensitive to the pain involved in getting a tattoo or a piercing.


              8. Drug use.  A large number use marijuana, and sometimes heroin or other drugs, mostly to relieve their symptoms of depression, anxiety and malaise.


9. Loose sexual behavior and attitudes.  Some of this is because many of the women have experienced rape.  Some, however, have just been conditioned to think this way by their faulty school teachers, and their music, movies, books, and other media.


10. Strange thinking and behavior, in general.  They often think and act somewhat strangely, and often according to standards or norms set up by someone else (though they may not realize this).




1. Often, a very slow oxidation rate.


2. Usually, a low or normal sodium/potassium ratio.


3. Often, a sympathetic dominance pattern.


4. At times, a four lows pattern.


5. At times, a bowl or “stuck” pattern.


6. In some cases, a Dead or Serious Pattern or the Shut Down or Flattened Pattern.  You can read about both these patterns on the Read Articles page.




              This is not always easy.  However, a complete nutritional balancing program can often help.  It may take a few years, so do not give up, and do not give in.  Stay with the program, and do it properly. 

Be sure to work only with one of the Approved Practitioners listed on this website.  Otherwise, you will not be on the correct program and it won’t work at all, or it won’t work well.






Politically correct thinking is a common example.  This is just a euphemism for lying under certain circumstances so as to avoid embarrassing or insulting certain chosen groups, but not others.

Social justice is a false intellectual concept that has nothing to do with justice. 

Group rights is another strange concept, especially in America, a nation that is supposed to cherish individual rights, and not favor any one group over another.

In fact, many common behaviors make little sense today.  For example, many people spend money they do not have, hoping that somehow they will win the lottery or something similar in order to pay their bills.  Indeed, entire cities today in America and elsewhere overspend, figuring that someone will bail them out when the city totally runs out of credit.

As a doctor, it is bizarre that millions of Americans and others around the world think they can be healthy living on mainly junk food.  It is also totally bizarre that doctors and public health officials, are so ignorant or stupid in the area of nutrition and its relationship to health.

Many people engage in self-destructive sexual behaviors, apparently not caring if they contract sexually transmitted diseases.  Others act as sexual predators, another strange and awful behavior.  Others deprive themselves of sleep, thinking they can get away with little rest, and then wondering why they are ill and cannot think clearly.

While I could go on and on, just one final behavior that I find amazing is how easily some people lie to themselves and to others.  This is seen mainly in the political sphere of life, when politicians go on television and say things they know are untrue, just to win votes or to placate the people.  While I may understand their motives, the sheer nonsense that comes out of their mouths makes me wonder if they even have a brain, or are just spouting someone else’s agenda like a robot.




A cause of zombie behavior, though some may disagree, is the subtle or not so subtle denigration of Judeo-Christian ideas and Christian thinking.  True religious thinking is clear, direct and correct.  The manipulators and zombie creators cannot have that, and still maintain their control.




1. Hating them.  The first temptation is to become furious and ‘hate the zombies’ among us.  However, this is often one of the goals of those who specialize in producing the zombies.

They want us to be off balance, full of hate and anger, and thus distracted from living our lives with grace and love.  This way we are unable to really grasp and correct the deeper problems of society that cause the walking dead or zombie phenomenon.


2. Thinking you can fix them easily.  Another temptation is to think we can fix the zombies easily.  This, in my experience, is not the case.  For example, some people decide to become public school teachers to raise better children.  Others decide to work for the government, where a lot of the zombie behavior originates.

However, most of these good people ‘burn out’ after a few months or years because they are overwhelmed by the silly rules and regulations of systems that have become extensions of the ‘walking dead’ world out there.  They would be better off starting their own schools, and their own private businesses to help and really serve people.


3. Thinking that more government is the answer.  A final temptation is to ask the government to arrest, fine, imprison, or maybe impeach the zombie leaders and others of their kind in society.  While this is a good thought, and necessary to get the worst criminal elements off the streets, it, too, can be a wrong direction.  The reason is that while it helps a little, more zombies are being created daily, all around us.  We need to go to the cause, not just work with the effects.

Know that the current governments in most nations have been instructed to allow and even promote the junk food, the marijuana, the rapes, the homosexuality and other habits that weaken the people.  So turning to these governments is a total waste of time, although they profess to want to help us all.


4. Believing you understand the problem well.  Don’t be fooled.  I believe those who are creating the walking dead or zombies know exactly what they are doing.  Their technologies are amazing and highly advanced.  So do not think any of this is an accident, or that it is simple in any regard.  It is not simple.  For much more on this topic, please read The Rogues on this site.



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