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            Maintaining the integrity and honesty of elections is one of the most important challenges for any society.  Voting remains one of the best ways to choose leaders, although it is not perfect.  Tampering with elections is one of the oldest and simplest ways to control a society.




Most nations are not doing well in protecting the integrity of their elections.  This is by design and not because the problem is so difficult to overcome.  Certain groups simply do not want secure elections because they depend upon voter fraud to win elections. 

The worst offender, by far, is the group we call the rogues.  This group presently controls many activities on earth and wants to remain in control.  It is not conspiracy theory and it is true.  For many more details about them, read the Rogues.

In America, the rogues run the Democratic Party.  So it looks like it is the Democrats that seems to wage a continuous war against efforts to clean up voter records and make sure that elections are honest.

For example, the Obama Justice Department sued Arizona and other states who wanted to require photo identification in order for a person to vote.  Considering that the area is flooded with illegal aliens who should not vote, this is only common sense, but it was blocked on a number of occasions. administration, the




  Here are some of the more obvious ways it is done:


1. Fake voter registration.  Those who want to keep elections easy to rig have made voter registration much too easy, declaring the solid rules are “racist” or “hurt the poor”.  Both of these are pure lies.

It is not difficult in some states of America and in some other nations to obtain the Social Security number of a person who has recently died.  All one needs is an agent or operative who works in a Social Security office or a voter registration department of a state or county.

With this information, one can forge a Social Security card, driver’s license or other identification and give it to a person who is instructed how to vote fraudulently.

For example, ACORN, a former left-wing group, is famous for registering the same person 50 or 60 times.  People were and are paid to register to vote over and over again, with fake names and fake identification.

This scam was discussed on the television news about 7 years ago.  ACORN officially no longer exists, but really they have reorganized under different names and continue the same fraudulent activity.

How to have honest voter registration.  This would require three kinds of identification.  These could be a birth certificate, a driver’s license, and perhaps a water or telephone bill or other item that has your name, address and phone number, at least.  This does not discriminate against the poor or anyone.  Your photo would be taken when you register.


2. Fake identification on voting day.  The same people make sure their paid voters have real or fake identification to use on voting day.  Of course, with mail-in ballots, this is not even necessary.  These need to be outlawed, and this is one reason why (see below).

How to protect on voting day.  The proper procedure on voting day would be to present yourself in person (no mail-in ballots or early voting).  The clerk would compare the photo with the person and would also require at least two forms of identification.


3. Viruses and other problems with voting machines.  This is another easy fraud.  The machines can be implanted with viruses that disappear as soon as the polls close, so that finding them is practically impossible.  For this reason, these machines should not be used at all.


4. No receipt for your vote.  This is quite insane.  One gets a receipt when buying anything at the supermarket, and most everywhere else.  It usually gives the date, time, amount, how you paid, and the person who served you.  Surely voting is as important as buying a box of Kleenex!  Yet this author has never received a receipt for voting.

Indeed, the receipt should have the date, time, how you voted.  The law should require that one hold on to the receipt for at least one month after the election so that it could be presented in the case of a doubt about the true outcome of the election.

How to handle voting.  The best way to do this would be to have a person vote with a punch card, as was done for many years.  One punches out little holes in a card to indicate one’s vote.  Ideally, there should be three copies.  One for the voter, one to be counted, and a spare to be locked in a safe at the state attorney general’s office in case a recount becomes needed.  With three copies, recounts would be secure and it would stop the lawsuits that occur these days after every election.

The purpose is so that you can check and have a record of how you acted, in case there is any question.

It should be the same with voting, but it is not.  In a recount, you should be asked, “How did you vote?”  You would have to present your receipt, which is the proof that you voted and how you voted.  It is very simple and would be simple to implement.


4. “Losing” mail-in votes.  Mail-in votes, which are gaining popularity, are the easiest to negate or not count because they can simply go in the wastebasket.  There is no receipt given for them, so when you mail in your vote, you have no idea if your vote is counted. 

Mail-in ballots should be abandoned, in our view.  They are much too easy to tamper with.

Also, there should be no early voting.  Political candidates need the time to present their views on the issues.  Allowing people to vote a month early harms the integrity of the election.


5. Other methods to rig an election.

Implants.  People today are literally told how to vote by tiny electronic chips or implants placed in their heads and in other parts of the body.  This technology is well-established on earth.  For details, read Implants.

This is the same technology that one can purchase to keep track of one’s dog or even one’s child by implanting a tiny radio unit inside the body.

Beating, raping, bribing and more.  The rogues combine sophisticated ways to rig voting machines with more “standard” methods such as bribing, beating, raping, poisoning, murdering, and numerous other methods to influence people mentally, emotionally and physically.




(Washington, DC) – A book by bestselling author Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton warns that America may now be facing the greatest voter fraud danger in recent history.  It lays the blame for the crisis directly at the feet of President Barack Obama and his Justice Department.

The book – Clean House (to be released August 30 from Simon & Schuster/Threshold Editions) – cites examples nationwide of attempts by the Obama Justice Department to thwart efforts to clean up voter rolls, require voter ID at the polls, and prevent voter intimidation.  In a chapter titled “Voter Fraud – Stealing Elections – The Danger of Voter Fraud and the Fight for Election Integrity,” Fitton describes major legal battles to protect voter integrity in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, and Indiana.

The book’s explosive “Voter Fraud” chapter reveals that:

                              In Indiana, the Obama/Holder Justice Department opposed federally mandated efforts to clean up the voter lists – despite publically available information showing that “the number of people listed on voter registration roles in 12 Indiana counties exceeded 100 percent of the total number of residents of voting age in those counties.” – page 129

                              In Florida, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit in 2012 to stop the state’s efforts to comply with the National Voting Rights Act by removing “53,000 registered voters who were dead-as well as an additional 2,700 noncitizens.” – page 134

                              And in Pennsylvania, when the New Black Panther Party stood in a doorway of a polling place clad in black paramilitary uniforms, brandishing a nightstick, arguing with passersby, and shouting racial insults at poll watchers, “the case was abruptly curtailed and all but shut down by the newly appointed officials of the Obama administration.” – page 120

According to Clean House, America’s voter fraud crisis is both widespread and widely recognized. The book cites a recent Pew Research Center study revealing that “approximately 2.75 million people have active voter registrations in more than one state” and “20 million – one of every eight – active registrations in the United States are no longer valid or are significantly inaccurate.” And it cites a Rasmussen poll from August 2013 reporting that “only 39 percent of Americans believe elections are fair.”

“We have all heard about voter fraud and the attempts by liberal media organs like the New York Times and Ivory Tower academics to dismiss it as a nonexistent problem,” writes Fitton in the “Voter Fraud” chapter. “But is it real, widespread, and substantial to the point that it can decide elections. It also drives honest citizens out of the democratic process and breeds distrust in our government.”




            Another serious problem around the world, but particularly in Europe, is that most people don’t bother voting.  It is possible that one reason is that people realize that elections are tampered with and their vote may not count at all.

            Not voting indicates a cynicism and discouragement with the voting system and with their elected officials, perhaps, that is troubling.  Voting is not perfect, but it is a way to have your wishes represented in your government.



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