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I. Introduction

II. The Procedure

III. Cautions




The treadmill healing procedure consists of using a treadmill, or perhaps a stationery bicycle, while doing the pulling down procedure. We are calling it a separate procedure because it works so well, according to several of our clients.

This procedure is similar to walking while doing the pulling down procedure. However, there are some advantages:

Advantages – There is no need to worry about interference from passing cars, meeting people on the road, bad weather, hilly roads, or other distractions or dangers.

- Total privacy and safety of being in your own home.

Disadvantages – One must buy a simple treadmill, which is somewhat costly. One can buy a used treadmill to save money.

- Some like being out of doors, although one could put the treadmill on a sun porch or other area with lots of sun and light.

- Some people prefer to do the pulling down procedure while sitting or lying down.


Some of our clients have found that doing the pulling down procedure a lot is helpful to end the visits of the negs, crud, Satans or Rogues. The treadmill procedure just makes this easier and more enjoyable.

It is best to combine it with at least two coffee enemas each day and with a determined effort to do Thy Will in your life at all times.


The pulling down procedure is a wonderful healing procedure because it moves subtle energy properly through the body. This procedure is just a way to make it occur easily and more enjoyably.

The pulling down procedure also connects you with higher levels of reality or God, improves awareness, and relaxes the body and mind.


The pulling down procedure is required for rapid development. The more you do it, the faster you will develop. Doing it two hours daily is excellent.

For women, read the article Women And Development to understand more about unique issues for women regarding development. This procedure can help.


One can view the treadmill time as time with God. It is literally an active form of prayer.


This method of using a treadmill is part of the way we teach people to live. Every aspect of your life should move subtle energy downward. We call this the down lifestyle.


Materials. You will need a simple treadmill. These are somewhat costly, but you could look for a used one to save money. The machine need not be fancy. However, you must be able to walk slowly upon it.

Using a treadmill at a health club. This is possible. However, it is no as safe and not as clean. It is also much more distracting because other people are around.

The procedure involves walking very SLOWLY, not fast. It provides some exercise, but it is not intended as vigorous exercise. Walking fast will distract from doing the pulling down procedure and is not helpful.

Clothing. Dress comfortably. No special clothing is needed. A few clients like doing the procedure at home without clothing because clothing will block the downward movement of subtle energy to a degree.

Location. Position the treadmill so that you are facing South if you live in the Northern hemisphere. Face North if you live in the Southern hemisphere. This will make the procedure easier because you will align with the etheric flow of the earth.


Set the machine to a very slow speed. Then get on the machine and walk. While walking, do the Pulling Down Procedure. You will find that doing the pull down procedure while walking slowly is enjoyable and easy.

For how long. For the best effect, sessions need to be at least half an hour long, and preferably one hour or longer.

How often. We recommend doing the procedure every day. You can do the procedure more than once a day, which is excellent. We don't believe you can overdo on the pulling down procedure.

Cleaning. After use, it is important to wipe the handles and platform of the treadmill to keep it clean.


Reddish heat lamp. An excellent idea is to position a reddish heat lamp near you so that the lamp shines on yourself while doing the treadmill procedure.

Kelp wrap. It is possible to combine the treadmill with rubbing kelp on the skin on part or all of the body. When one does this, one must allow the kelp to be absorbed, so one could use the treadmill at this time.

Just rubbing kelp on the skin and using the treadmill would be messy. Wrapping the skin after putting on the kelp would be less messy.

Singing. For some reason, this can assist the procedure to work better.

The walking exercises. These add enjoyment and diversion to the procedure. For details, read Walking.

Music. You can play soft music with the procedure if you find it helpful.

Other. You could have a computer read an article to you.


I don't think this has been researched, but I believe it is possible to do the procedure with another person. The other stands either behind you or in front of you on the treadmill. Exercise care that you don't trip and fall.

Both people walk and pull down at the same time. Each will assist the other to move subtle energy downward. It is best if the other person is of the opposite gender to take advantage of down coupling. For details, read Down Hugging.


Stationery bicycle. One could use a stationery bicycle instead of a treadmill. We don't think it is as good, but it would work. An advantage is you sit down.

Walking a dog. One could do the pulling down procedure outside while walking a large dog. The dog provides some protection and would help one relax because the dog would alert you to some dangers while walking.


Children. The treadmill is fine for children providing they can hold on to the railings easily. Supervision is best with children.

Falling. This procedure is quite safe. However, any time one uses a treadmill, one must pay attention so that you don't fall down.

Fatigue. Don't become exhausted. That is not the goal and is not helpful.

Meals. We suggest waiting an hour after eating before doing the treadmill procedure.

Water. Be sure to drink enough water.

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