by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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            Secrecy is a key ingredient in the activities of the Rogues, especially activities such as rape.  Here are the reasons:


1. Danger for the rapist.  Allowing women to talk about their rape opens the rapists to much more police investigation and possible arrest.


2. Easier and safer setup.  It is easier and safer to set up rapes, bring in assistants, and do other things needed for a rape if all is done secretly.


3. Effectiveness of brainwashing and conditioning.  Secrecy increases the effectiveness of conditioning that takes place during rapes and beatings.  Reasons for this are:

A. Events such as rape donÕt work as well if people know a lot about them and are forewarned about them.

B. Simply talking about traumas tends to break the programming or brainwashing that the rape or other trauma was designed to instill in the person.

            C. Surprise.  Secrecy increases surprise, which increases the effectiveness of a rape.

D. Horror.  Secrecy increases horror, which increases the effectiveness of a rape.

E. Mixup.  Secrecy increases mixup, which means a womanÕs confusion about a rape, which increases the effectiveness of a rape for brainwashing and other purposes.

F. Fifth center damage.  Forcing a woman not to talk about her rape damages the fifth energy center, which has to do with expression.  Damaging the energy centers is a goal of rape.


            Why Christians are somewhat safer from rape.  One of the main reasons, if not the major reason, is that Christians often talk about their rapes.  This puts the rapist much more danger and reduces the effectiveness of the brainwashing. 


For much more about rape, read Rape and Healing Rape.



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