by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

Ó December 2019, LD Wilson Consultants, Inc.


All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


            Those who blame our problems on corporate greed, lust for power, or left-wing or right-wing politics are all incorrect.  What is really going on, in our view, is a rogue takeover of planet earth. 

The rogues are a large group of beings who are not from the earth, at least we don’t believe they originated here.  They have been on earth for at least 25,000 years.  For a summary article, read The Rogues.

            The plan.  The rogues have a plan for planet earth.  It is basically high-tech totalitarianism and slavery.  This article lays out many of the basic ideas.  Some, if not most of the ideas below are already in place in some nations.

The rogues don’t want to be blamed, so they make sure that authors, television commentators and teachers blame other groups or institutions such as corporations for the messes described below.

We firmly oppose the planned new rogue world and we urge everyone to take action to oppose it.  Several hundred articles on this website discuss each of the topics below in more detail.  Here are their main ideas:




            Government-controlled health care

            Forced vaccination – used to implant electronic devices and poison people

            Forced medical treatment

            Slight poisoning of all food, especially quality foods needed for the development diet.

Outlawing or curtailing vitamin, mineral and other nutritional supplements.

            Euthenasia, meaning legal murder if some one is old, ill or has certain birth defects or other conditions.  The rulers will decide who lives and who dies.

            No private health care

            Approved holistic therapies may include the bad ones, in our view - homeopathy, chelation, IV vitamins, some herbs, CBD and marijuana.  They may allow some holistic systems that don’t work well such as functional medicine, anti-aging medicine and others.

            All health care providers must be licensed.  Unlicensed people will not be permitted and will likely go to jail.

            Hair analysis will probably not be allowed, or the hair must be washed at the laboratory, which ruins its accuracy.  X-rays and CT scans are fine and are already being used more and more.

            Hospitals are now turning into prison-like places where people are forcibly drugged and procedures can be carried out against one’s will, and where one is not free to leave.




            Only government-approved churches will be allowed.  Islam will be approved, as will be some new age religions, Mormonism, and some Christian denominations, but not evangical denominations.

            Rape and murder will be permitted, as they are today in the Islamic religion.

            Rape will become “normal”.  From an early age, girls will experience it to get used to it.  They will be taught in school that it is really best for society.  It is fun, it is good to please men, and it gets rid of false modesty.  Today, for example, in the Arab world, rape is a standard punishment for traffic violations and other petty crimes.

            Women’s clothing that makes rape difficult or using radio pendants or other means of alerting authorities in the event of rape will be illegal.

Privacy will be seen as hiding from the authorities.  All privacy is likely to be outlawed.  This is already occurring with cell phone technology and much more, discussed below.

Homosexuality, bisexuality and perhaps bestiality (sex with animals) will be encouraged as fun and exciting.

Abortion will be legal everywhere, and post-birth abortion will be legal.  This means that even after a woman gives birth, if she does not want her baby, the baby will be put to death.  Post-birth abortion is already legal in the state of New York in America.

Polygamy (having more than one wife or husband) will be legal everywhere.




            This is an important area.  All media must be government-approved.  Censorship is needed to prevent untrue or simply unacceptable information from reaching the public.  This has already occurred with Google, Facebook, Youtube,, many newspapers such as the New York Times, radio and television stations and other large media companies.

Home schooling will be illegal.  All children will start school at age 2, as is already done in parts of Asia, and parents must go along or they will lose their children, and perhaps their lives.

History will be and is being rewritten from the perspective of “white privilege”, oppression and enslavement of people of color, and to give history the tone and feeling that the government wishes it to have.  Textbooks are being rewritten to be politically correct, with censorship boards standing by to make sure this is done in accordance with the desires of the rulers.

Websites, book publishing, article publishing, elementary, secondary and university education will be under strict control to make sure that people learn things “correctly”.

“Hate speech” will be severely punished and will include speaking about the Bible.  It is possible that a government-approved Bible will be issued and will be the only one allowed.




            The US Constitution and American state constitutions will be replaced entirely, or at least weakened, ignored or “reinterpreted” to water them down even more than they are today.

            Punishment for violation of any of the above rules will be very harsh, including rape, torture, mental re-education with drugs and brain-washing, and if that fails, loss of life.  This is necessary to keep order in society.

            Guns in the hands of individuals will not be allowed and all guns will be confiscated.  Anyone found possessing a gun will go to “reeducation centers” or perhaps put to death as a hazard to society.

            Local and community police forces will likely be abolished.  All police will answer directly to the national or world rulers.

“Hate crimes” will become even more prevalent and justice will be changed into “social-justice”, “environmental-justice”, “gender-justice”, “racial-justice” and other hyphenated words.  They all really mean no justice at all except what the rulers decide.

            Sharia law may become the legal system of the world.  This is a sham system that just turns all power over to the rulers.

            National sovereignty, and perhaps the entire idea of nations, will be abandoned.

            Instead, the United Nations will be given the power to override national governments, with the power to arrest people for “crimes against humanity”, environmental crimes, and so on.

            All nations are to be disarmed and the United Nations peace-keeping force will be the policemen of the world.

            Freedom of speech is seen as a dangerous idea, as is freedom of the press and freedom of religion.

            Freedom of movement will likely be restricted, as it is already restricted in nations such as Communist China.




            Socialism (government control) is the new economic model.  Communism or Marxism is also good.

Capitalism will be abolished and probably prohibited as discriminatory, too competitive, unfair to minorities and workers, etc.

            Economics books will be rewritten to reflect this change.  Many texts have already been changed.

            All money will be electronic or printed by a government agency.  Private ownership of gold and silver will likely be illegal and all gold will be confiscated, as was done by Franklin Roosevelt in the United States in the 1930s.     




Toxic detergents will be required to be used instead of old-fashioned soap.

New washing machines that don’t get the clothes clean will be required.  The older machines will be confiscated because they use too much water.  (Really, the reason is they wash the clothes better.)

Cell phones, cars, appliances and more will all contain tracking devices.  This is already being done and will expand.

It is also possible that everyone will be required to have a computer chip implanted in one’s hand which can be used as identification and perhaps for shopping, banking and other purposes.

Anyone who does not want to “take the chip” will lose many privileges in society and may be jailed and “re-educated”, meaning brainwashed and trafficked until they agree.  The chip may be implanted soon after birth, or even before using special technology.  It will be very hard to see on scans and x-rays.


If you don’t like this, get busy improving your own health with a development program and oppose their schemes in every way.



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