by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

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I. Introduction

II. Description Of The Robots

III. Finding The Fleshy Robots

IV. Getting Rid Of The Robots



One of the more advanced rogue technologies that are being built and used on earth are robots that look, speak, and behave very much like human beings.

We believe the current president of the United States and many other nations have been replaced by these robots, and they are found in other positions of power in the government, educational institutions, the media, rogue-owned corporations and elsewhere.


Weight. The robots are exactly the same size and appearance as human beings. However, they weigh about 300 pounds. Sometimes you can notice that carpeting, for example, deforms a lot when they walk on it for this reason. It is one way to detect them.

Structure. The robots are made of a very hard metal that the rogues call armor. In the areas that not covered by clothing, the metal is covered with a layer of actual flesh that is grown. As a result, the robots have a very human-like appearance. The eyes are not quite human-looking and have a stare.

Speech. The robots are connected to a communication base by a special tiny wire so thin it cannot be seen by most people. An operative who can be thousands of miles away can speak through them. Some have foreign accents, but many do not. They can speak any language the operator wants to speak.

Movement. The robots are slightly clumsy. However, the rogues have refined them a lot, and they move fairly well. They basically copied the design of the human body, so they move similarly to human beings.

Weapons. They all carry a lot of advanced electronic weapons.

Where they are made. I am told that some are made in underground bases at some of our universities. Some are also made off-planet and brought in. There is quite a lot of knowledge about robots on earth because they are used more and more in our factories such as car and electronics factories.

Other odd qualities. They have a pouch below the mouth so they can eat a small meal. Later, they regurgitate it when no one is looking. They have a small bladder-like structure that can be filled with a yellow liquid if they want to appear to urinate.

The males have a metal tube that extends and looks somewhat like a penis. They can use it to rape women if they wish. I don’t believe the females have a vagina and neither defecate.


As mentioned above, the robots weigh a lot. They are literally armored. At times, one can identify them because the floor underneath them deforms more than with other people. They usually wear heavy duty shoes, as well.

If you look closely, their mouth often does not move perfectly when they speak. Also, they are rather stiff or rigid looking. Also, they usually do not eat or drink a lot.

The robots don’t sleep, though they can fake sleep. However, they are often found working in offices at night. Anyone working in an office at night is now suspect. Note that the Sats also don’t sleep, so they may be found working all night.

The robots also have a peculiar smell, although they often wear deodorants to cover up the smell so it can be hard to detect unless you have a sensitive nose.

The forces helping the earth sometimes find the robots by shooting them with a tiny bullet. It bounces off and makes a “ping” sound.

The robots may have a fake aura, but they don’t have a true human energy field, which some people can see.

Rarely, someone can see the tiny wire that connects the robot to a communication base that is usually out in space.


They can be trapped like an animal, but they are very strong and they can defend themselves with their electronic weapons. They can also be inactivated by cutting their wire.

I am told there are several other ways to stop them. For example, they don’t like water and they don’t like electromagnetic pulse weapons which can inactivate their circuits.

To dispose fo them, they are usually sent to a high temperature incinerator.

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